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The Hitchhiker

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A car seared past me and I cursed under my breath. I looked down the road and found it deserted yet again, but I still kept my thumb up for good measure. What a great beginning to my day. I had been driving to work in the morning when my car’s engine unexpectedly shut down. I was stuck all alone in the middle of Kansas, my phone battery out and the nearest town twenty miles away. All in all not one of my best days. I had decided the only thing to do was hitchhike, although I was normally very against it. After all, you never know what kind of creep would pick up a damsel in distress. But I had no choice, so there I was: standing on the edge of the dusty road under the blazing sun with my thumb up for what felt like eternity. My respect for hitchhikers was growing rapidly, seeing what they have to put up with. I was already starting to lose hope. I looked absolutely ridiculous standing there with my work clothes on, starting to get hungry and desperate enough to start thinking of walking that 20 miles in the blistering heat. I squinted into the distance and saw a car slowly coming towards me from afar. Could this be my saviour? I crossed my fingers and kept my thumb up visibly. The car was getting closer and closer, and just when I was beginning to lose hope it started slowing down. The car was a small, dark red, reasonably clean looking Volvo.

“Do you need some help, ma’am?” The man driving called out after rolling down the passenger window. He looked to be in his early forties, with dark bushy hair, a matching beard, a hint of a beer belly and eyes the striking colour of olive green. He was wearing an old looking button up shirt and stained jeans, and his hands were calloused and big, very manly. “Where you going?” He called again when I had failed to respond to his previous enquiry. “Claymond”, I said, still not feeling confident.

“Hop in then,” He said, pushing open the passenger door. “That’s where I’m heading too.” I glanced at his backseat quickly, and once seeing that he had a child’s car seat fastened to it I got in. After all, how bad could someone with kids be?

The car took off and I started feeling better. The man looked like a very normal middle aged man, and I would be at a towing station in no time at all.

“Thank you so much for helping me.” I said to the man. “I was in a bit of trouble back there. What’s your name by the way?” The man chuckled.

“No problem at all.. It’s my pleasure helping pretty ladies like yourself. Name’s Tom. What about you?” “Lisa” I said, but then fell quiet. For some reason this man was starting to freak me out. For one he had a huge bump in his jeans that kept growing and growing. Tom kept glancing at me, grinning a smile that was nowhere near friendly. I leaned against the window and looked outside at the passing fields, hoping the journey would go as quickly as possible. I leapt up as I felt a hand on my thigh. Horrified, I glanced at Tom and noticed him looking at me. The hand started to slowly move up and down, up and down, hoisting up my knee length skirt.

“Please stop it.” I said quietly, feeling extremely uncomfortable and scared.

“I don’t think so pretty lady” Said Tom, still grinning. Unexpectedly, Tom turned the car to a smaller dirt road.

“We’re making a little detour.” He said, his hand firmly on my crotch now. I was shaking and terrified. I had nowhere to run, since opening the car door at this speed would have been deadly. I closed my eyes and prayed to God I would get out of this alive. Tom grabbed my hand and positioned it on the bump on his pants.

“aaaahhhmm” He moaned, while rubbing my hand on his hard lump. I could feel his huge swollen cock underneath, rock hard and growing. I pulled my hand away, disgusted by the feeling.

“So that’s how you wanna play it.” Tom snarled, pulling up to an abandoned motel far away from the main road. I was stricken with fear as Tom turned off the car engine and got out of the car. Before I could do anything he was on my side of the car, forcefully pulling me out of it. I resisted, but Tom was a big man. What with his height of 6 ft. 4 and 200 pounds, he could easily control my 5 ft. 2 frame. Tom dragged me to the nearest room, kicked open the door and threw me on the very old and foul smelling bed. The bedspread had a layer of dust on it, and the foul smell from the bathroom made me want to vomit. Tom got on the bed himself and started opening the belt of his pants and pulling them off altogether, after which he ripped off his shirt. His bulging penis was barely visible under his beer belly, but I could see it was much bigger than the average mans’. I felt grossed out, like my life had ended and this was the hell I had ended up in. Tom ripped off my shirt, exposing my naked breasts. He groped at them greedily, a hungry look on his face. Tom forced me on my knees and stood up himself. His big cock was pressing against my mouth, and I reluctantly opened it and felt the hot organ slide in. Tom groaned audibly while holding the hair on the back of my head to not let me get away. The cock slid back and forth with him fucking my mouth, and I could feel it swelling bigger and bigger the whole time. Tom’s hairy beer belly blocked my view of anything else, and I had the impulse to choke as the cock slid far into my throat. I knew he was coming as I tasted the salty discharge and felt the hot cock start pulsating uncontrollably. Tom let out a low, manly moan as he released a large amount of hot liquids into my mouth. He pulled out suddenly and emptied the rest of his load on my face, clearly enjoying seeing himself on me.

“Stand up” Tom ordered me, after recovering from his orgasm. Tom sat himself in an old wobbly chair by the bed and looked at me with lust. “Take off your skirt and thong” He ordered, keeping his eyes on me. I did as he wanted, though feeling dirty and awkward the whole time. I slipped off my skirt and thong with him watching the whole time, his cock already starting to twitch up a little. “Now give me a lapdance” He said. “and you better make it good.” Shuddering and shaking, I started slowly moving my hips from side to side, and sliding my hands up and down my body at the same time. I walked closer to him and waved my breasts in his face. I knew he wouldn’t be able to control himself much longer. I leant down to almost touch his full grown cock, before coming up again quickly, teasing him. Just as I had expected, Tom’s self control wasn’t the best kind. He threw me on the bed once more, on my stomach this time, and jammed his big, hard cock into me from behind. I groaned as it sank in deeper and deeper, never before had I had a cock this big inside me. Tom moved in and out quickly, fucking me as hard as he could. He was moaning and panting loudly, and with his rock hard penis sliding against me, rubbing me, I started feeling like coming too. With one more loud groan Tom came deep inside of me, pressing his whole body against mine as the moan escaped his lips. He kept coming and coming, and I couldn’t hold it any longer. I came violently, screaming and shaking uncontrollably. Tom rolled off me, leaving me panting for all the air the dusty old room could give me. I wanted to go home. Tom made me feel dirty and slutty, after having almost r*ped me. I could feel him grope my breast again, and dirty thick fingers slide into my slit. I looked over and saw Tom’s gleaming green eyes staring into mine, and suddenly I was scrambling to get off the bed. I was already running towards the door when Tom caught hold of me.

“You can’t go until I tell you to.” He snarled in my ear, before throwing me on the bed once more. Tom held me down as he forced his way into me once more, leaving me wincing in pain due to my tight muscles. Tom was enjoying himself, bucking on me fast like a horse and panting hard. I could feel his balls slap against me as he made his way in and out, time after time again. With one last yell he forced himself into me, and I could feel hot fluids burst deep inside of me. Finally Tom let me go, and I quickly got up and walked towards the bathroom, his semen dripping out of me all over my thighs. I cleaned myself up the best I could, without daring to look in the mirror. I walked into the main room and saw Tom waiting there, and something joyous burst in my mind as I saw him putting his pants back on.

“Get dressed and in the car, slut.” He said without glancing at me. I dressed as fast as I could and climbed into the car, happy to get out of there alive. Tom dropped me off at the same road he had picked me up on, and I ran out of his car as soon as the door opened. After he sped away I noticed my only option, yet again, was hitchhiking. As I lifted up my thumb I hoped to dear God I would be more lucky this time. A car stopped and a man in the front opened the passenger door. I smiled sweetly and asked, “You going to Claymond?”

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