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"The Gift"

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Several years ago, my Master, gave me a birthday I will not forget. He took me out that evening to my favorite restaurant. I was dressed to please him in a tight lycra sheath. No underwear, garterbelt, nylons and 5" heels. My everyday collar which displays a D/s emblem for those who recognize it. While we enjoyed an after dinner drink, he presented his gift to me. It was a dainty ruby ring for my little finger, I loved it. I still cherish that ring and it reminds me of the night he gave it to me. He caressed my naked pussy and said it was time we went home. He knew that I agreed by how wet my pussy was.

When we arrived home I got a glass of wine for myself and a cold beer for my Master. I had removed my dress as soon as we got home, he prefers me that way. I knelt in front of him with my legs parted and waited. He caressed my face pulled me to him and kissed me. As he kissed me his hands examined his slave. I was thinking of all the delicious things I hoped he would do to me. He instructed me to go to our bedroom, light some candles, put on some music and select a whip for him. I did as instructed and waited, kneeling with the handle of the flogger in my mouth. In a few minutes he entered the room and had me stand facing the bed. He secured my ankles to the end of the bed. He took the whip from my lips and kissed me. I wanted his cock in me now but knew that I must wait. The whip struck my ass. It stung, I could feel my ass warming. He struck several more times and I said, "Thank you Master." "What else do you wish for your birthday," he asked? As he continued to flog my ass. "A slave wishes to be fucked Master, to feel your cum," I said. I was shaking and already on the verge of cumming as he felt my pussy. I dripped into his hand. He blindfolded me. He felt my hot ass and rubbed it. There was a knock at the front door. Damn, I thought. He instructed me to play with myself and keep my pussy as wet as it was for his return.

I did as he instructed. It was very wet. I wanted to cum but knew I'd have to wait. I could hear voices in the front of the house, but couldn't make them out over the music. It seemed like forever before I could hear him returning to the bedroom.

The bedroom door opened. I said, "A slaves pussy is very wet Master." He approached and I awaited his touch. I had not removed my hand from my pussy. I had not yet been instructed to. I could hear him removing his clothes. A buckle, then a zipper. I thought he's ready to fuck me good! He kissed the back of my neck and spanked my ass. He pushed me into a kneeling position, I kept my legs parted. I felt the velvety skin of his cock brush my lips. I opened my mouth and took him in. His cock began to grow rapidly as I sucked him. Less than a minute and I could barely get my mouth around it. This was not my Master. This mans' cock was the same length but at least twice as thick. It was a very nice cock and I did as I had been trained. I licked, kissed and sucked his cock to the best of my ability. As I took his balls into my mouth he groaned, I thought he would cum. He took his cock from me and placed me kneeling on the bed. He bent me over and entered my pussy from the rear. I was glad I was so wet as that thick cock stretched my pussy. As he fucked me harder I began to moan. I had been on the verge of orgasm so long I could hold it no more. I came, and came again quickly. I was shaking uncontrollably as I screamed, "God yes, fuck me!" He groaned and I could feel his hot cum pour into me. As he withdrew I could feel some of his hot cum drip on my leg.

Another cock filled the void in my pussy and began fucking me slowly and exquistely. Teasing me, letting me know every inch of it. It was my Master. My Master was fucking me exactly how I long to be fucked. As he continued to fuck me I felt someone else get on the bed. I thought ah, Mr. Thicks' cock wishes to fuck my mouth some more. His cock brushed my lips and I kissed it. I licked it, and the velvety skin encased the head of it. This man was not circumisized, it was a new cock. He was about 8" long when fully erect. The head was not that big, it got thicker as I got closer to its' base. I sucked him well, it was a good fit for my mouth. Ah, someone was sucking my left breast, and doing an excellent job of it. I could taste his pre-cum, it was sweet and salty. I thought what a slut I am. Give me your cum, I want it. He bucked and started to fill my mouth with cum. Four, five pumps, it overflowed my lips. I swallowed and cleaned his cock with my tongue.

My Master pulled his cock from my pussy and wet with my juices placed it in my ass. As he got it all in me I felt his balls hit me and I came. I exploded with a great orgasm and thought I would faint. He continued to fuck me, soon he was filling my ass with his cum. I was shaking uncontrollably. My ankles were released and I was placed on my back. No one had spoken a word to me but my Master. The sexy moans had said it all. I wondered who these men were who had been fucking me so well?

Someone got on the bed and was straddling my chest. I could feel a cock laying between my tits. His hands played with my nipples and squeezed my breasts. Oh my, my pussy was on fire. Someone was eating my cum filled cunt and was an expert at it. As I moaned I grabbed the cock on my chest and brought it to my lips. I placed both hands on it and as I sucked it continued to grow. This cock was enormous, I knew this man. His name was Bill, he was a photographer I had posed for. His cock was 13" long and when fully erect I could not get it in my mouth. I could only stroke, lick, and kiss it. He had fucked me once before. He has the largest cock I've ever seen. My Master had let Bill photograph me. My Master knew when Bill showed me that cock the slut in me would fuck it. (I had, without permission, and been severely punished for it. But that's another story.) Bill fucked my tits until I came again from the tongue at my cunt.

Bill took his massive cock and placed it in my pussy. He gently fucked my aching cunt until he got all of that big cock possible in me. I felt like I was stuffed. He was holding my legs in the air as he fucked me. Bill is one of the few men with a really large cock who knows how to use it. As Bill made me cry out from the pleasure another cock brushed my lips. Cocksucker that I am, I readily opened my mouth to receive it. I was lost in the sensations. Loving the cock in my mouth, and moaning as Bill fucked me. A cock filled my left hand and I stroked it. Another filled my right as I grabbed it. I pictured the slut I am being filled with cock. I loved it. Again my mouth was filled with cum and I greedily swallowed it. Someone has been drinking beer, I could taste it in his cum.

Bill removed his cock and turned me over. Someone got under me and they sat me on his cock. Big, but an easy fit after Bill. I was bent over, another cock filled my mouth as I was fucked. Again I had one in each hand. A well lubed cock was gaining entry to my ass. It was huge. Bill was putting that massive cock in my ass. It must have taken him 10 minutes to ease that cock in my ass. Cock everywhere, my holes were filled. I felt so much stimulus it was hard to think. I started to cum again and again. Multiple orgasms. I screamed, "Fuck me, fuck me." I could feel Bill cumming in my ass. Someone shot cum on my tits. The man fucking my mouth started pouring hot cum down my throat. My pussy was being flooded with cum. As I screamed, repeatedly cumming, I fainted.

When I awoke I felt weak. My blindfold had been removed and I was covered with a blanket. At first I thought what a dream, but my hand was sticky with cum. Cum was on my face, in my hair and my tits were covered with cum. I could feel cum oozing from my pussy and ass. I realized my Master was watching me. He touched my face. "Happy Birthday," he said. I rolled over and kissed his engorged cock. "Yes Master, a very Happy Birthday." He laid me back down and entered me. As he began to thoroughly fuck my ass I asked him, "How many were there?" "Six besides myself," he said. "Bill was here wasn't he," I asked. "Yes," he said. "Who else was it Master," I asked? "That you will never know, he said. Although you know each of the men who had you tonight. Over dinner, drinks, lunch, at work, you'll wonder has he fucked me? Does he know what kind of a slut I am?" To this day I still don't know. Five men have poured their cum in me and I don't know which ones. I still wonder.

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