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The Game, 1992

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She was a beautiful woman, with the classic hourglass figure, in the prime of her life. Her long, light brown hair reached the middle of her back despite the perm. She was 31 and smack in the middle of her prime sexual years. You know, the time in a woman’s life where she is beginning to put ‘the guilt of sex’ behind her and starts to open up to the pleasures of the flesh. She worked as a bank teller at my bank, which is how I met her. It always amazed me how this sexual creature could look so unassuming in her role at work. She was a master at disguising the beast within. Later in our relationship, she would take her lunch and come down to my office where we would spend the next 45 minutes behind the locked door of my office, fucking and sucking. It always tickled her to know I couldn’t scream with pleasure as I came in her mouth and had to remain quite so my fellow workers couldn’t hear. For some reason orgasm is always better if you can scream.

I always liked to be’ in charge’ in the bedroom and she was more than happy to comply. She would spend weekends with me, and one Thursday I told her I had a surprise for her on Friday night when she came over. She asked what it was but I only told her it was a sexual game that I had invented and she would have to wait until Friday night to see. I knew the ‘wheels’ would be turning in her head. I called her at work Friday and said I couldn’t wait till that night. I knew she was building up, that build-up of sexual tension, especially when you KNOW it’s going to be good, that feeling you get in your loins. I had played this ‘game’ once before with another woman, but this was the first time I had mentioned it to Veronica.

She arrived at my house about 7pm Friday night. She walked in the door and kissed me hard. I knew she was ready for a night of hot sex. I hadn’t seen or fucked her since Sunday and was about to burst myself. I took her by the hand and lead her to my bedroom. My bedroom was large, with a king-sized waterbed in the middle. I stood her at the end of the bed, and told her to stay there. I turned and brought out a scarf, and as I placed it over her eyes, she remarked how soft it was. I told her that from now on, she would be my ‘property.’ She could not speak and she had to do exactly as I said.

There she was, fully clothed and all mine. I knew she would play this game well. I knew I could do anything to her. For the first time in my life, I had a sexual slave. Yes, I had played this game before, but not like this. This was different. I felt myself change. My heart was pounding so hard I could hear the beats. I could FEEL my heart beating. I was doing this for her, to see HER reactions, but what it was doing to me was undeniable.

With her eyes blindfolded, I slowly began unbuttoning her top. I remember it well-- it had 8 buttons. I moved slowly, one after another until her top was lying open. I slipped it off and released her tits. Her breathing was heavy. I lightly touched both of her nipples, rolling them between my thumb and fore fingers ever so lightly. Veronica was one of those fortunate women that could climax simply by breast play. She was already close to cumming, but I stopped and told her that I wanted her to remain horny. I saw her horniness as a benefit to my pleasure and she would soon learn that an orgasm was a pleasure she would have to earn. As I slowly began removing the skirt, I noticed her fingers were moving. She was being the best of slaves doing what she was told, standing there, blindfolded with her arms at her side, but the sexual tension was so great inside her she could not stop her fingers from moving, almost twitching. With the skirt on the floor I realized I wasn’t the only one with a surprise that night. She was wearing black nylons held up with a black garter belt. It was a beautiful sight; her standing blindfolded with nothing on but her garter belt, black nylons and 5 inch black high heels. This sight took my breath away.

Her instructions were to not make a sound and to not move until she was told to. I moved close to her, I wanted her to sense my closeness. I wasn’t touching her at all, but she could feel my breath. She could sense that I was only inches away. I told her to take my clothes off and guided her hand to my shirt buttons. I could feel her hands trembling as she scurried to take of my shirt. I lightly held her hands, not to stop her but savor the moment and to slow her down. Next were my pants, and she was pulling at my belt, wanting to release my cock. As she guided my pants to the floor, she was kneeling in front of me. I slipped my fingers through her hair and grabbed tightly, close to her head. With her hair in my right hand and my cock in my left hand, I rubbed my cock over her face. When I brought it close to her mouth, she opened it. I pulled back telling her NOT to do anything until she was told to. I then told her to open her lips slightly. By this time I had a drop of pre-cum on the end of my cock. I promptly wiped it on her mouth and told her to lick her lips, then without warning I plunged my cock deep into her mouth. I HAD to. I was trembling. My cock is large and thick. I could feel the head of my cock hitting the back of her throat. Her hands were at her side--she was being the perfect slave as I held her head with both hands and face-fucked her hard. The pleasure was immense. I stroked her mouth 15, maybe 20 times, then pulled back. She went limp--she was gasping for breath. The air MUST have felt cool as she breathed so deeply.

I picked her up and told her to stand. She was trembling--her hands were still moving. I reach for her pussy, and she was wet. As I looked down, her pussy was dripping down and soaking the tops of her nylons.

I told her to bend over. I was rock hard. As I entered her pussy she moaned. I pulled my cock out and told her ‘if I hear one more sound you WILL NOT cum tonight.’ I promptly entered her pussy and began fucking her again. After 20 or 30 strokes I gave her permission to ‘ask’ for an orgasm. “May I please cum?” she asked weakly. I didn’t want to deny her anymore, “Yes,” I said, and quickly sped up the strokes I was giving her. Her orgasm started slow and intense. She was bent over and facing the mirror on my vanity. I could see through the mirror that the look on her face was one of ecstasy, her mouth was opened, and she started to ‘meet’ my thrusts. Her moans became screams, and I could tell she felt as if she was losing control. Her legs began to shake. I reached up and again slid my fingers through her hair, pulling her head back as she entered deeper into her orgasm. I was in control and there was nothing she could do about it. I slid my hands from her hips to underneath her stomach to support her. I asked if she wanted me to pull my cock out. “No,” she begged, “please keep fucking me.” To her this was not a ‘game’ anymore, she had to cum. Her pleads for an orgasm where real. Her words begging me to fuck her took ME over the edge. That was when MY orgasm took over my body. We both collapsed in a very hard, earth-shattering orgasm. I filled her pussy with my cum and she thanked me for it. We were spent, and I held her for what seemed like hours.

This night was a turning point for me. What surfaced was my desire to be in charge, my desire to dominate. We enjoyed many nights exploring our newfound game. How do you go back to Vanilla? From this night on I viewed the world differently. It wasn`t until years later that I found my cravings had a name. BDSM Thus began my travels through this word of Dominates and submissives.

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