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The Club - A Fantasy about a special night on the town

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?Damn! It?s been a long week and it just got longer!? You groan to yourself as you walk into the house. You have every right to be a bit steamed! You arranged to have the kids at a friend?s for the night so you could enjoy a little adult recreation. But just before you left the office you got his email canceling your plans.

?That bastard better make this up?.? You stop in mid-thought, because you notice all the lit candles in the living room and that the light switch you just hit, clicked uselessly. Panic grips you as you realize that someone has been in your house. Then you see a small black box sitting on a chair in the middle of the room. On the box is a small piece of paper. You relax just a little because this has, ?That Bastard? written all over it!

To be safe you know you should hit the door, run to a neighbor?s and called the cops. But your curiosity and the little twinge you just felt between your legs convinced you to walk over to the box and see what the hell is going on. A few quick steps and you?re at the chair. You pick up the tiny sheet and read,

To your room for a nip, a steam and a costume change.

Only after that, can you return here and open the box.

You have 60 minutes!

?That Bastard has been watching too much Survivor! Tonight could be interesting after all!? Those thoughts pass through your mind as you head down the hall with a devious smile on your face. The first thing you hear when you enter your room is the shower, already running and steaming up the vanity. On your bed are a large garment bag and a shoebox. You turn the corner into your vanity area and see an ice bucket with a bottle of bubbly and a crystal champagne flute on the counter. The glass is full. You take a sip. It?s icy cold. ?He must have just poured this. Where is he?? You wonder. You consider calling out for him but decide it would be more fun to just see how things play out.

You quickly shed your work clothes, empty your glass and jump in the shower?.

40 Minutes Later?..

Looking into your full-length mirror. Hair. Check! Make-up. Check! Time to see what?s on the bed.

You unzip the garment bag first. What you see is a small package of black tissue sitting on another garment bag. You gently open the package to reveal a simple but beautiful black leather bra and panty set. After slipping into these you check the shoebox. Oh my! A pair of gorgeous lace up ribbon pumps in black. You pull them out and place them on the floor. You slip into them. Perfect fit! You finish lacing up the delicate satin ribbons that reach almost to your knees. Before you bounce over to the mirror to sneak a peak you check the other garment bag.

You unzip this bag to find a full-length trench coat. In black of course! You pause a moment to wonder where this is heading but stop yourself and decide just to trust. You step in front of the mirror with your coat hanging open and you have to admit that it makes you feel very sexy. You cinch up the coat, pour yourself another glass of champagne, drain the glass it in one sip (you need to settle your nerves!) and head into the living room.

On your way down the hall you remember the note said you had 60 minutes. You check the clock over the fireplace and notice that you have about 10 minutes to spare. So far, so good!

You walk over to the chair and look at the black box. Reaching down to open it you notice that your hands are shaking just a little. With the lid up it?s still hard to see its contents because the room is so dimly lit. You reach in. You touch something cold and hard. Wrapping your fingers around the object you lift it from the box and get a better look. You?re a bit stunned once you realize that you are holding a leather choker with a six-foot chain. Shaking off your amazement you reach back into the box and find another piece of paper. This one reads, Decision time!

Put it on, sit down and wait for the hour to finish.


Put it back into the box, go back to your room, take off your coat and wait for me on your knees.

Ten minutes later the front door opens and ?That Bastard? strolls in. Dressed (can you guess?) all in black. A smile, maybe more of smirk, appears on his face as he notices you on the chair, collar around your neck and the chain coiled up in your lap.

Without saying a word, he holds up one hand and motions you forward. You surprise yourself by standing and walking towards him without hesitation. Looking past him you see a black stretch idling at the curb. When you reach him his hand is extended and you know what he wants. You place the leash handle into his hand knowing that you have just relinquished total control. Another twinge between your legs because you know that you are now not responsible for whatever happens. An incredible feeling of freedom sweeps over you and you are suddenly anxious to see what happens next.

He leads you out the door at the end of your leash. Normally you?d care that a neighbor might see you but for some reason you just don?t give a fuck!

The driver, an older gentleman, is holding the door open, trying very hard to maintain his composure as he watches his clients climb into his car. ?That Bastard? climbs in first. Tonight he is not a gentleman. He is your master. You follow when your chain is gently tugged.

Without a word to the driver the limo pulls away. You glance out the window and stare at your front door wondering if this is really happening. You look back to see him opening another bottle of Champagne. He still has not said a word. He pours each of you a glass.

Finally, ?Do you trust me?? he asks staring, right into your eyes. All you can do is to nod your consent.

In a near whisper he says, ?Good. Now, any time you feel that we need to stop or you want to go home. Just say Candlelight.? You answer again nodding, ?Candlelight.?

The rest of ride is in silence, both of you sipping your drinks and staring out the window at the passing landscape. Sometime later, you can?t tell how long, the car stops. The driver opens the door. He climbs out and again gently leads you out by your collar. You are in front of a very plain building. You approach a single door with a smartly dressed young girl standing to one side. She greets you both with a smile as if it was totally normal to see a tall dark man leading a petite white woman around by a leash. He answers her greeting with a number, ?Seven, nine, six, four.? She whispers something into her lapel, waits a moment, and then opens the door as she says, ?Enjoy your evening.?

You pass through a dimly lit foyer and reach a flight of stairs. He stops you at the base of the first step and looks you in the eye. You realize he is giving you a chance to say the word. You surprise him by climbing the first stair. He smiles. You know he loves that you are so fucking nasty.

At the top of the stairs, another young girl greets you. This one is dressed a bit differently. She is only wearing thigh high, red patent leather boots.

Smiling she says, ?Your table is ready. Please follow me.? Once at your table she asks, ?May I take your coats??

?Oh!? Escapes your lips as you watch him quickly shrugs his off. Sure, he?s not half naked under his. You?ve come this far! You slide yours off and hand it to Miss Red Boots. She looks directly at him and asks, ?May I?? ?Of course.? He answers. Before you can interpret what the hell that was all about, she bends towards you and kisses you gently on lips and walks away.

Before you can catch your breath you feel the pressure of the collar as he tugs the chain towards your chair. There are already cocktails on the table, a cosmopolitan for you and bourbon for him. Before you take a drink you take a look around. There are several other tables although they are spaced generously apart to give the illusion of privacy. Some of the tables are occupied with couples. There is a statuesque redhead to your right who is dressed in a Tuxedo and her male companion is the one who is barely clothed and sporting a similar collar.

To your left is a female couple. They?re in their mid-forties and both are dressed in blue leather corsets and matching knee high boots. Looking around at the other patrons has helped to calm you and you suddenly feel a bit less self-conscious. As your gaze pans back to your drink you notice the all the tables are arranged around a red, tent like curtain in the middle of the room. You throw a questioning glance his way and he just smiles devilishly back at you.

You decide to relax and enjoy your drink and see what?s next on his agenda. He sits back sipping his bourbon, looking you up and down. The leash is still in his hand. He tugs towards the ground and you understand that he wants you off the chair. He gently directs you to your knees. He goes back to sipping his drink and does a bit of people watching. He absently reaches down and begins to caress the top of your breasts. He is enjoying the soft fullness of you tits. You notice that of the other tables are paying attention to the activity at your table. Instead of staring, it seems that he?s helped to break the ice and the other couples respond by starting their own fun and games.

The Tuxedoed Amazon has slipped out of one of her pumps and has placed her barefoot on the table. She?s tugged her man?s leash and he understands her command. Leaning forward he runs his tongue along the sole and finds his way to her toes. He then sucks on each digit, very tenderly, but very thoroughly. The redhead?s eyes roll back in her head as she enjoys the attention.

The female couple is sharing long slow kisses. Stopping every little while to look into each other?s eyes. You find yourself staring and you also notice the heat rising between your legs. While you look from table to table, becoming more excited, a beautiful brunette dressed in a black silk kimono and pushing what looks like a dessert cart approaches your table. She stops and addresses your master. You can?t really see the top of the cart from you position on your knees but you can smell the sweetness of the treats there. He?s pointing to a few things and the girl is serving them into tiny china bowls. She places the bowls in front of him and leaves the way she came.

A few moments later she returns. This time she is rolling a black velvet futon. It almost looks like a massage table but it is much lower to the ground. You are completely mystified. She positions the table next to you, looks at him for approval. He nods and she removes her robe. She is stunning and she takes your breath away. She is clean-shaven and has rings in both nipples. She lies down on the cushioned table facing up. He stands, picks up one of the bowls and begins to drizzle something in and around her belly button. Before putting the bowl back on the table he dips a finger and then moves it to your mouth. You try to lick his finger and he pulls it away leading you to the girl?s tummy. Only when your face is hovering over her belly button does he let you sample the first ingredient. It is the most delicious caramel you have ever tasted.

You know what he wants. You glance at her face; she is lying there peacefully, smile on her lips and looking forward to serving you. You don?t want to keep her waiting any longer. You bend and begin licking the tasty treat from her body. Your tongue darts into her navel and she moans softly. You feel him behind you and even though you can?t see it, you can just imagine the look on his face as he watches you lick this beauty clean. Some of the candied syrup is just below her pubic line; your tongue wanders down licking and nibbling. You can smell her pussy; your head spins for a moment. You want to keep going and just as you?re about press your lips at the top of her sex he pulls back gently on your leash. The caramel is gone and your lips are sticky with the gooey confection. You wish they were sticky with her juices! A bit disappointed, you resume your kneeling position. (How quickly you learn!)

He stands and looks her over apparently deciding on the next course. He picks up a second bowl. Holding it in one hand, he reaches down with the other and pulls on each one of the nymph?s nipple rings. The girl lets out tiny whimpers with each tug. You can see her nipples harden almost instantly. Now he dips a spoon into the bowl and applies a dollop of something light and fluffy onto each nipple.

He looks at you and nods once. Licking the last of the caramel from your lips, you lean towards her tits. Sticking you tongue out to sample a taste. Lemon meringue! How original. You start nibbling away tiny portions of the topping, getting closer and closer to the little buried treasure. An ancient lollipop slogan pops into your head, ?How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop? A one. A two. A three. Ummmmm.? You?re smiling as you finally take a hard nipple into you your mouth. Pursing your lips you pull back slowly and catch the silver bobble in your teeth and give a little pull. She arches her back slightly and another whimper escapes her lips. You lean a bit further to reach her other nipple. Your breasts are pressing against her side and you wish you weren?t wearing anything so she could feel your own hard nipples against her skin. He pulls the chain gently to signal that you are done for the moment. You start to resist but he just increases the force of his tug. You reluctantly pull back.

The last bowl! Kneeling near her head he whispers something into her ear, she immediately turns over to lie on her tummy. You notice a small shaving-cream style brush in the bowl. He swishes the bristles around the bowl, leans forward and begins to lightly dust her bottom with whatever is on the brush. She squirms just a bit and you see the muscles in her thighs flexing, trying to scratch the same itch that?s been building in your panties.

You tear your eyes away from her luscious cheeks and look at him waiting for the green light. He grins because he knows what you want. He always knows what you want. Or maybe it?s more accurate to say, he always knows what you need!

Still grinning he steps towards you, chain in hand, and drops it directly in front of you. The chain is now dr*ped between your tits with the excess a puddle at your knees. Stepping behind you he bends down and you suddenly feel his hand sliding between your thighs as he reaches through to recover his leash handle. Positioning his chair so it is directly behind you hear him say one word, ?Go.? Without hesitation or before you can think too much about the chain, you move forward to taste the final course. You start by planting little kisses all over that lovely ass. Her skin is cool and the powdery substance turns out to be confectioner?s sugar, sweet and simple. She responds to your touch with little squeals of pleasure. She is squirming noticeably and you can?t think of a better compliment. Inspired, you begin to lick and nibble away every tiny white fleck. Suddenly the chain is pulled taught and you feel this instant pressure between your legs. You can feel the cold steel through the leather of your panties. You think it?s time to stop. He whispers, ?Stay.? You continue to explore this gorgeous ass. He relaxes the tension on the chain and then pulls it tight again. This time the whimper you hear comes from you. After a few tugs, you start to rock your hips in time with his motion. The chain is digging deeper and deeper into your slit. You can feel your lips spread to form around the hard metal. Damn that feels good. Your hands are now kneading your lovely?s ass cheeks as you bury your tongue between them searching for the source of the heat your feeling against your face. Sticking your tongue out as far as you can, you tickle her asshole. She?s moaning loudly now very much enjoying your attention. The chain is driving you over the edge. Rocking back and forth, back and forth, and just as you are about to cum he stops cold. In your head you scream, ?WHAT THE FUCK!?

Another tug on the chain and this time he whispers, ?Stop.? You take a deep breath, steadying yourself against the tiny mattress then return to your position. Goddamn! You were so close. You think if someone just breathed on your clit you?d have one mind-blowing orgasm! Your legs are trembling and you realize that you are panting lightly.

He taps her lightly on her shoulder and the girl begins to stand. Always the gentleman, he holds her robe open and she slips it on. You know she?s leaving and you are more than a bit disappointed to see her go. Before sending her back to wherever the hell she came from, he signals for her to kneel directly opposite of you. Her face is now only a foot or so away from yours. Standing between the two of you but off to one side he reaches down and picks up the chain.

In one easy motion he brings the leash end of the chain to her lips and places a section into her mouth. The handle still in his hand he begins to pull and glide the links through her mouth. He slows down when he gets to the section he knows was between your legs. The look on her face tells you that ?she?s tasted you. Her eyes roll back in her head as she hungrily sucks on the chain. He quickly removes the chain from her mouth and guides her to you. You open your mouth and lock onto hers. You feel her tongue sliding over yours and you can taste yourself on her tongue and lips. That did it. You feel your body rock with orgasm. She senses it and throws her hands around your head pulling you in closer, smothering you with her mouth.

She gently pulls away. Smiling, she stands and leaves your table.



You watch her walk away, still enjoying all those amazing flavors. Once she?s out of sight you feel the, now familiar, tug. You turn back to him and he?s holding out your chair. Taking your seat you are surprised to find two little silver covered trays next to your cocktail glass. You lift the lid of the one closest to you and a bit of steam escapes. Inside is a neatly rolled hot towel. What else! You do feel a bit sticky! You use the towel to clean your hands and face thinking that you?ve never had an appetizer or dessert quite that yummy. Replacing the towel you check the next tray. Your lipstick and a small mirror! That Bastard thinks of everything. He gives you a wink.

Now that you?ve freshened up you pick up your drink and think to take a look around. Things are finishing up at the nearby tables. The Tuxedoed Mistress has her companion lying on the ground in front of her. His skimpy black shorts are pulled down around his thighs and his cock is sticking straight up. She has been giving him a very enthusiastic foot job. She sees that he?s about to cum and speeds up her motion. He arches his back and shoots his cum all over her feet. Within seconds another Hostess (Hostess? Good a name as any) appears. This one is blonde with huge tits wearing nothing but a black thong. The blond drops to her knees and begins to lick the cum from the Redhead?s feet and toes. You watch, hypnotized by what you?re seeing, as the blonde finishes with the Mistresses toes and checks the male companion. She licks his cock and stomach clean. She helps the Mistress back on with her shoes and leaves as quickly as she came.

The whole scene seems so surreal but you can?t help but feel right at home here. The sexual energy is completely intoxicating. You sip your drink and look over at him.

He?s wearing that annoying grin again!

From the middle of the room you hear the clinking of silver on crystal. Looking in that direction you see that a single chair and small table have been placed in the middle of the room next the red curtain. Seated there is a very tall and rubenesque brunette wearing a black gown made entirely of black vinyl. Her legs are femininely crossed exposing just a bit of black nylon covered shin and calf. She is wearing 6? black patent leather stilettos and black gloves that run past her elbows. Satisfied that she has everyone?s attention, she lays down the silver swizzle stick that she was tapping against her cocktail glass and picks up a cordless microphone.

She begins, ?Welcome to ?Vie Secrète. My name is Miss Sophia and this is my sanctuary.? Her voice is gravelly and there is a bit of an accent. Continuing she says, ?You came here to indulge your most intimate fantasies, fulfill your most secret desires, and to discover levels of pleasure you weren?t sure existed. My servants and I are at your disposal. Most of you have arrived with Masters who have provided instructions beforehand and I can see that some of you have already had an opportunity to sample my quality staff.? She smiles as she finishes her sentence and looks directly at you. You return the smile; a little embarrassed you quickly look away reaching for your drink.

?This part of the evening is always my surprise.? She announces as she stands and waves her hand toward the curtain.

On cue the curtain is raised exposing three large, luxurious beds arranged in a sort of a triangle. Each bed is covered in red satin sheets with several comfy looking pillows tossed about.

She begins walking around the tables as she continues her circus barker monologue, ?Tonight I will select one guest to participate in my surprise. I have been watching all of you since you arrived and have been very impressed at how marvelously nasty you all are. My selection for the evening will be difficult but I?m sure everyone will be pleased. My selection is always based on criteria I choose ahead of time and tonight?s pick is based on originality. With that in mind I would like to reward the Master who reminded us that not only is it important to have good taste but to taste good!? Her wanderings have led her to your table and she punctuates her last remark with a quick spin. This pirouette leaves her facing your Master. She extends her free hand and you watch amazed and a bit horrified as he places the leash handle into her hand.

All of the other guests are applauding and before you know it Miss Sophia is leading you to the middle of the room. What?s more amazing is that you are actually following her!

What the fuck have I gotten myself in to? You ask yourself. For a moment the word - - CANDLELIGHT- flashes in to your head but you dismiss it and again decide to trust ?That Bastard?.

Miss Sophia once again takes a seat. She sets the microphone back onto the table and dropping the leash she pats her lap gently signaling you to take a seat. Not knowing what else to do you sit down.

?Are you alright?? She asks. You nod your head.

?I enjoyed watching you play with Alex. I enjoyed it so much it made my dick hard!? Taking your hand she guides it between her legs and places it on what feels like huge cock. You reflexively begin to squeeze and stroke it through her gown. At this point you?re not sure what to think but you can?t ignore the tingling between your legs.

She moans softly, ?Yes. That?s very nice. Your Master tells me how good you are with your mouth. Before we get started with my surprise will you show me and all our guests just how good you are?? Her hands are squeezing your tits as she makes this request. Making your nipples stand out against your leather bra.

?Well?? She asks again softly.

Without hesitation you slide off her lap and onto your knees. You?re not sure what she has under her gown but you know that you want it in your mouth. She stands and you notice a zipper that runs from the hem to her waist. You reach for the tab and open the zipper all the way exposing thigh high stockings and big black strap-on. You take the long black cock in both hands and place the tip into your mouth. You glance up as you slide her latex cock between your lips and see Miss Sophia grit her teeth as she says, ?Oh yes, that?s very good. Do you like sucking my big cock??

?Umm hum.? You murmur around that big black dick.

This is so fucking nasty. You think to yourself as she places both hands around your head and starts to really fuck your face. You know that everyone is watching but at this point you just don?t give a fuck!

After a few moments she slows her pace and finally stops, gently pulling away. She reaches down to help you to your feet. Leaning down she breathlessly says, ?Thank you.? Before kissing you gently on the lips.

Stepping back she tucks her member away and zips up her skirt. Returning her attention to you she asks, ?Are you ready for my surprise??


Again, all you can do is nod your consent. Miss Sophia looks towards your Master and he waves his hand as if he?s saying, ?Go ahead.? With that she reaches for and unclips your leash from your collar. She commands, ?Please wait here.? Then walks briskly to his table where she hands over the chain. She bends to whisper something in his ear as she reaches between his legs to give him a quick squeeze. He whispers something back and she nods like she understands and walks back to where you?re standing.

Watching her touch him sends tiny pangs of jealously through your body, but then you catch yourself and realize that you?re not the only one here to have a good time.

Strutting back in your direction, she grabs your hand on her way by and leads you to the beds. Both of you are now standing in the middle, surrounded by the three beds. She snaps her fingers and a male host dressed in black suede chaps sprints towards her from somewhere back stage. He approaches her and asks, ?May I?? She whispers, ?Yes.? And he places a small lapel microphone on her gown, hiding the mini transmitter in her cleavage. She turns to you and says, ?I like my hands to be free!?

Turning in the direction of the other guests she begins, ?On each bed is an envelope and in each envelope is a piece of paper upon which is written a single word. This word, once revealed, will be somewhat self-explanatory and will be the inspiration for our game. Our nasty little wench here will have 30 seconds to choose a bed. Starting now.? With that said, she looks at you and lightly slaps you on the ass to get you going!

Without realizing it you?ve completely turned yourself over to this moment. All other facets of your life seem so far away. It?s time for the next step?

Looking from bed to bed you realize that it?s just a roll of the dice ? You have no idea what could be in those envelopes and quite frankly you don?t fucking care. You just want to get to it! You step towards the bed closest to where you?re standing and pick up the envelope. As you begin to tear you notice that your hands are shaking again and you feel your pussy getting wetter and wetter. You finally get it open and slip the sheet of paper out. As you begin to unfold it you feel Miss Sophia?s breath in your ear as she whispers, ?Last chance.? You pause for a beat understanding that right now you can drop the paper onto the bed, do an about face and head for the door. Tossing that silly idea out the window you flip open the sheet and the word written in beautiful calligrapher?s stroke is:


Some recent memory of surfing your favorite porn sites pops into your head. You had come across terms like Russian, Greek and French and were curious enough to do a little research. Russian meant tit-jobs, French obviously oral, and Greek was in the ass.

More tingling between your legs and you can?t help yourself; you reach down with your free hand and give a little pat to your clit. Before you can do anything else Miss Sophia asks you what the word is. You hand her the message and she reads it out loud, ?GREEK!? Another round of applause.

Man this is fucking weird! Once again she looks at you and asks, ?Are you ready?? You answer obediently, ?Yes Mistress.? Just like in the movies! Strolling back to her table she picks up her drink and swizzle stick, she takes a dainty sip and then clinks the glass. Four naked bodies appear from backstage. Two gorgeous young bucks, sweet Alex and the blonde you saw with the Redhead. The guys wheel away the two unpicked beds and the two girls position themselves on each side of your bed. Miss Sophia steps to the foot and holds out her hand inviting you to lie down.

You obey wordlessly. Lying in the middle of the bed with your head comfortably on one of the down filled pillows. The girls bend over and open hidden drawers near the bottom of the bed retrieving secret tools of the trade! They each grab an arm and slide a metal bracelet over your wrists. Each cuff has a long chain disappearing below your view and attaching near the ground. The girls adjust the cuffs and the chain so that your arms are loosely outstretched at right angles to your body. Happy with their work they grab your legs and proceed to bind those in a similar fashion.

The girls disappear and there you are half naked, and trembling with anticipation. Miss Sophia turns her attention back to you and as she stares straight into your eyes she says, ?Lights.? The house lights dim and the only area that is illuminated is your bed. Next she says, ?Music please.? Evanescence begins to play over the house sound system. Her gaze never leaves your eyes. She steps to the right side of the bed and to you it looks as if she just glides wherever she wants to be. Looking into her eyes you can see that she is totally lost in the moment. Her focus is crystallized upon your body. She reaches out and cups one of your tits in her hand, gently squeezing and kneading. She?s rewarded with a little moan from you.

?You have beautiful breasts Slut.? She says to you. Her voice is lower, huskier.

You whimper, ?Thank you Mistress.? She?s now pinching and pulling your nipple through the leather. You close your eyes enjoying the mix of pleasure and pain, ?Uh, uh.? She commands pulling hard on that nipple, making your eyes fly open as you squeal from the jolt. ?I want you to see everything. Understand??

Again, ?Yes Mistress.?

A question now, ?Are you enjoying your visit so far?? She asks this as she slides that hand down to your crotch and under the elastic band of your little leather panties. She finishes her question just as she slides a finger into to your wet hole. Oh God that feels good! The sensation rocks you and you can?t answer so you just nod yes struggling to keep your eyes open.

She retrieves her hand and holds it up in front of her eyes, the gloved finger she had inside you is sticky and wet, ?My, my. I?d say you are having a good time!? She says before bringing that finger to her lips, she sticks out her tongue to taste your juices, she slowly pulls the finger away and you can see a thread suspended between her tongue and her finger. The other guests who have been silent thus far moan in unison as Miss Sophia sticks the whole finger into her mouth tasting you. The look on her face is like she has just sampled the sweetest chocolate or the finest wine.

Watching her, you feel your body start to tense and shake. A voice inside your head shouts, ? Are you fucking kidding me?? as you feel the tremors of an orgasm sweep over you. You can?t help it, your eyes roll back in their sockets and you lose yourself in the feeling.

Catching your breath you look back at your Mistress, the look on your face must be one of disbelief because Miss Sophia has a look you recognize from, ?That Bastard? - - Smug Satisfaction. What the fuck ever, that was hot! Announces that voice in your head.

?Well now. You?ve sucked my cock and I?ve sampled your beautiful body. I?d say we?re adequately acquainted to get started!? She states a matter-of-factly.

Once again the look on your face inspires a smile from your Mistress. You can tell she loves the element of surprise as much as he does.

Smiling she bends and reaches for one of those hidden drawers in the bed frame. She straightens and in her hand is the biggest pair shears you have ever seen and they look extremely sharp. Without hesitation she leans towards you as she asks, ?Is your Master good to his Slut?? Before you can answer she slides the bottom blade under the band of your underwear making two snips, one over each hip. She tugs on the leather triangle of your panties freeing them from under your bottom. After she tosses these to the side she lightly slaps your mound, ?Slut. I asked you a question.?

You stammer, ?Yes Mistress. Very good to me.?

?Is he a good fuck?? She asks like she?s asking does he do a good job mowing the lawn.

You answer more quickly this time, ?Yes Mistress.?

?Slut. One last question, does he give good head?? She asks with a bit of a smile on her lips.

?Oh yes Mistress. I love when he eats my pussy.? You reply a bit surprised at how easily you are having this conversation.

?Hmm.? Seemingly content with her little Q and A she once again leans forward with her shears. This time grabbing the leather just over your nipple and cutting cleanly through the material, you gasp as you feel the cold steel brush harmlessly across that hard little nub. She repeats this process on the other side. You can now see your nipples poking through the holes in you bra. She gives each nipple a tweak for good measure!

After returning the scissors to the drawer she leans down taking your face in both hands as she places her mouth on yours. You part your lips letting her tongue explore, licking your teeth, your lips and your tongue. You have never been kissed so passionately, you feel your hips thrust as she continues her kiss. All too soon she pulls away. Your breathless and you want more. Your restraints keep you from reaching for her. She?s a bit breathless as well and it gives you some satisfaction to see the effect you?re having on her.

Sliding off the bed she stands next to the bed. Looking towards the seated guests, she points and summons someone to her. The lighting makes it hard to see to who has her attention, but in a moment you see him walk out of the shadows. He heads straight for your Mistress and when he reaches her he grabs a handful of her hair and pulls her to him. In a split second you watch Miss Sophia change roles and become the subservient one. Pulling her head back he leans in and gently bites her on the neck. You can?t see her face but you know she?s enjoying this.

A moment later he spins her around so she is facing you. He stands behind her and begins to unfasten her gown. You hold your breath as he releases her gown to puddle at her feet. Holding his hand for balance, she steps of gown. You stare at Miss Sophia. She was nude under her gown and her tits were as big as yours but milky white with large, dark aureoles surrounding her nipples. He unclips the strap-on and you now see a closely clipped black patch of hair that tops her pussy. She is stunning in her stockings and heels. He bends to her ear and whispers something that you can?t hear. Instantly Miss Sophia lies down next to you. She begins to kiss and nibble on your cheeks and ear. You can feel the length of her body presses against your side. Her hands are roaming over your breasts, your tummy and your snatch. Closing your eyes you lose track of time. Her breath is hot and her kisses are like fire on your skin. She turns your face to hers and again you find yourself locked in another sizzling kiss. Forgetting all about him. Until you feel her again pulling back.

Opening your eyes you see that he?s removed his clothes and is standing there with a huge hard-on. Subconsciously you lick your lips. Breaking the silence, he speaks to her, ?Ask me.?

Miss Sophia looks down at you still running her hands all over your body, ?May I enjoy Slut?s mouth again??

?Where?? He replies.

Still looking at you, she sheepishly answers ?My ass please.?

?Another nasty little bitch!? He exclaims excitedly ?Let?s warm you up first.? With that he positions her so that she is bent over you with her meaty ass hanging over the side of the bed and her head laying on your right tit. Without hesitation he begins to spank her ass. Softly at first but hearing her moan softly after each swat he begins a livelier stroke. Her moans are getting loader, she?s turned and buried her face into your tit and you feel her lips wrap around your nipple. It feels exquisite. Every time he strikes she bites down gently sending tiny shocks straight to your pussy.

He begins slowing down and easing up, returning to the tempo he began with. He finishes by rubbing her cheeks and whispering, ?Your ready.? As she pulls away, you notice her eyes are glassy and it takes her a moment to clear her head before she obeys his direction.

Miss Sophia crawls onto the bed and over you. She?s kneeling facing the foot of the bed. Her pussy is just a few inches above your face and you can smell her musky scent. Her hands are on your hips and she slowly leverages herself down towards your mouth. You are dying to taste her, you stick out your tongue and finally feel it touch her lips. She jerks away. You think you?ve done something wrong and then remember her request. She straightens her back adjusting the angle so that her tight little asshole is in view. Once again she starts down and your tongue meets her ass. You hear a moan and you?re not sure if it was her or you. You start licking and probing. She?s whimpering softly as she begins pushing down trying to draw your tongue deeper into her ass. You can feel her cunt dripping on your chin. You have to taste her, reading your thoughts she bends at the waist and slides her pussy up your face and onto your mouth. Your tongue slides deep inside her and she bucks her hips in response. In your fantasies you always imagined taking your time, examining another woman?s sex closely as you delicately kissed and nibbled on her most sensitive parts. But this, this has gone beyond your fantasy and all the self-control and poise you imagined you would have is nowhere to be found. All you want is to satisfy her and make her cum. You want her to cum all over your face. Fucking her with your tongue and then pulling back to wrap your lips around her labia, sucking on them hard and making her squeal like the slut you want her to be. Finally you find her clit and squeeze it between your lips sucking on it gently as you hear her moans hit a familiar rhythm. Miss Sophia is grinding her snatch on your face as you keep working her hard little clit. You can feel her wetness running down your face.

Your Mistress begins to shake and whimper, ?Yes, yes?.. Keep going??.Oh God??.Oh God???..PLEASE DON?T STOP!? She?s now mashing her cunt onto your face and with a final groan you feel her whole body convulsing before every one of her muscles clenches as she rides out her orgasm. Releasing her clit you allow her to slowly drift back to earth. Whatever song was playing is ending and as the music fades all you can hear is ragged breathing. Yours and Miss Sophia?s!

After a few moments you hear her say, ?Yes. That one.?

This makes no sense to you but you suddenly remember he?s here and realize she was responding to something he was showing her. She is still on top of you and now she lays across your body, you love feeling the her weight pressing down and feeling her bare skin against yours. You feel a hand cupping and squeezing your pussy. A finger slides inside and you close your eyes. You can feel her breath on your inner thigh as she pulls her finger out and begins to work it further south. She?s lightly rubbing her finger around the ridges of your tight asshole, taking her time before she applies just enough pressure to pop her digit in. You realize you?re holding your breath and once you feel her finger inside you let out a raspy sigh. Working her finger around, and in and out she starts to nibble on the skin near your clit. Making little sucking sounds, as she gets closer to your button. Finally she pulls your clit into her mouth as she slides a second finger into your ass. You feel your ass pumping towards her fingers. You want more!

Without warning she removes her fingers leaving you feeling a bit unfulfilled but not to worry. Miss Sophia has bigger things in store for you! Before you can even prepare yourself your Mistress plunges a big dildo up your ass. You wait for the pain but it never comes. Instead that sweet full feeling takes over as she starts to work that cock in and out of your butt.

This is too much, your orgasm is close; you will her to keep fucking and let you cum! Of course that would be too merciful! She slows her stroke and lets you regain control. Happy that she?s held off your climax she slowly slides the toy all the way in, stopping every few centimeters to let your ass get used to its size. It feels fucking huge but it feels so fucking good!

Hands are reaching under your thighs and you feel straps being tightened against them. You hear a few snaps and then Miss Sophia flips around and straddles your tummy. The toy is being held in place by some type of harness but before you can give this too much thought your Mistress is bending towards you. She begins to kiss and lick your lips, cheeks and neck. She?s moaning again as she begins tasting herself all over your face. She looks up from what she?s doing and whispers, ?It?s time to reward your Master.?

You feel someone else climb onto the mattress behind your head and looking up you see him kneeling over you. He takes your face in his hands and leans down to kiss you. He presses his full lips against yours. His kisses always make you wet and you feel your cunt responding. You also discover if you move your hips you can feel that big rubber cock slide in and out of your ass just a little. Enough to give you happy feelings!

He breaks away and sidles forward with his knees on either side of your head. Looking up you see his scrotum dangling tantalizingly close to your face. You notice that he has again surprised you and is completely clean-shaven. Miss Sophia begins to squeeze your tits and pinch your nipples reminding you that the 3rd player you fantasized about is finally on the field!

Watching you and Miss Sophia together must have driven him crazy, you can?t imagine how he kept his hand off his cock!

Apparently he can?t wait any longer, he slides his knees out to the side lowering his ball sack into your open and waiting mouth. Closing your lips around his balls makes him shudder and he moans loudly loving your attention. You begin to suck and tug on his balls. First the right one, then the left. Licking and kissing his sack. Miss Sophia has inched up your body and is nibbling on the head of his cock. She starts licking down the shaft and meets you at the base for another girlie kiss before moving back to his tip. She reaches out with one hand and gives him two or three firm pumps as she stares at the head; a tiny bit of sticky fluid appears and she sticks out her tongue and delicately licks it off.

?Yummy!? She says as she comically smacks her lips. Now she?s tasted both of you.

He subtly shifts his weight and swings a leg over repositioning himself to one side. He reaches down and turns your head to face him and he rudely stuffs his cock into your mouth. You know he loves fucking your face and you never disappoint your master! You?ve been waiting for his cock because you have a new trick of your own! He begins pumping the shaft in and out and because you can?t use your hands you?re using your lips and moans to urge him deeper. He gets the message and slowly pushes forward, you feel his cock slide down your throat; this makes your eyes are water a bit but the look on his face is worth it.

He continues fucking your face and now Miss Sophia sits up and starts to lick and bite his nipples. You can?t see his face but you?re sure this is taking him to the edge and you expect to feel hot jets of sperm shooting against the back of your throat. But once again his control amazes you; he slows down and gently pulls away. Again he bends down and licks your lips and says softly, ?You are so fucking nasty.?

Sitting up he whispers something to Miss Sophia and begins to kiss her deeply. His hands are on her voluminous ass pulling her closer to him. You can see her huge tits mashing against his chest. She?s straddling you as she?s kissing him and you can feel the heat of her snatch against your skin. He breaks their kiss.

Sliding off you and to one side Miss Sophia produces a tiny key, almost out of thin air, and begins to remove your binds. He has stepped to the head of the bed and is now stroking your hair with one hand and stroking his cock with the other. Watching him do that is almost hypnotic and without realizing it you begin to gently grind your hips again feeling the toy in your ass move ever so slightly in and out.

Both your hands are free and you reach up to take hold of that dick. Miss Sophia is working on your legs now and you?re hoping this doesn?t mean the show is over. Rubbing his cock with one and cupping his balls with other you especially love the satiny feeling of the head.

He kneels so his head is almost level with yours and he can speak in a whisper, ?We?re going to fuck you now.? He says this so a matter-of-factly like he was saying, ?We?re taking you out to lunch now.? Whatever! All of this attention has your body primed for some super fucking climaxes. You nod your head and mumble, ?Okay.?

Miss Sophia is finishing by removing the straps that are holding in the dildo and now he moves down to the level of your hips to help remove the appliance. He bends and gently presses his tongue flat against your pussy as he reaches down and slowly slides the phallus from your ass. ?Oh fuck!? Escapes your lips as your head jerks back and you struggle to hold off that orgasm.

Even after he?s removed the dildo, he continues to gently lick and nibble on your clit. You love the way he eats you. You reach down and grab handfuls of his hair pushing his face into your pussy. That orgasm is right there and he knows it. Every time he feels you tense he backs off just enough. ?THIS IS FUCKING TORTURE!? Screams the voice in your head???but you love it.

Suddenly there?s something pressing against your lips. Opening your eyes you see that your Mistress has reacquired her manly appendage and is demanding some lip services as well. Opening your mouth you allow her to slide it in. She moans so loudly it almost makes you jump. Your not sure how sucking on a rubber cock can bring her that much pleasure but at this point who fucking cares!

He?s moving now and you feel his hands gently coax you into rolling onto your side. You adjust your body, careful not loose control of the cock in your mouth. He slides in behind you, pressing his body against yours. He reaches around and starts to squeeze and rub your tits as he kisses and nibbles the back or your neck. The entire time she?s sliding that cock in and out of your mouth.

His cock sliding against your pussy now and he begins rocking his hips; creating just enough friction to keep the fire burning.

In one sudden and smooth movement he pulls back, and as he lifts your leg slightly, gets his cock right at your asshole. You moan around the rubber cock in your mouth as you feel the head pressing against your sphincter. Hearing this inspires him to rock forward and you feel his cock slide into your ass all the way to his balls.

Your head snaps back to get that cock out and you nearly scream, ?OH GOD! FUCK ME! PLEASE FUCK ME!?

Now it?s all about you. He begins pumping his hips and driving it in and out of your tight ass. His hands are squeezing your tits and his lips seem to be everywhere as he licks and nibbles your neck, ears and back. This is way more than you can handle and you start coming. He keeps fucking you and you keep coming. You reach back and grab his ass pulling him in as deep into you as you can. You lose count of your orgasms. You don?t want him to stop but your body is already trembling uncontrollably.

He?s slows his pace. You take advantage and catch your breath. He stops completely but his cock is still buried in your ass. He?s reached both arms around you and he?s clutching you as tightly as he can. It?s so comforting and so nasty all at the same time.

Satisfied that you?ve recovered enough, he shifts his weight, twisting his body and taking you with him. Now he?s on his back and you are lying against him. He managed this without having to take his dick out of you. You feel like complimenting him but realize his head is already too big already!!

It finally dawns on you what?s coming next! Your mistress now climbs onto the bed and kneels between your legs, the business end of her strap-on inching towards your dripping wet cunt. Leaning down she kisses your lips then whispers, ?Put it in for me.?

Reaching down with one hand you take her rubber cock and guide it your pussy lip. Reaching around with your other hand you grab her ass and pull her in. After the first few inches she can?t hold back and rams it home. The suddenness catches you off guard and you grunt loudly taking all 8 inches. You have never felt so full.

She begins sliding it in and out at the same time; he?s starting to fuck your ass again. At first it?s clumsy and the timing is way off. You almost chuckle as you think to yourself, ?Well, well. He?s not an expert at everything!? That thought is short lived as they both seem to catch their stride and begin to fuck you in earnest.

She leans into you and now her tits are in your face. You take a nipple in your mouth and bite down as your first DP orgasm rocks your body. The three of you are moving in rhythm now the sensation of one cock sliding out of one hole as the other cock plunges into the next is amazing.

More orgasms, more screaming, more moaning??

From far away, ?Teri. Teri. Are you okay??

Your eyes fly open. Your hands are between your legs and the corner of your pillow is between your teeth. Thank god the covers are still on you as you look up to see your sister standing next to your bed with a very concerned look on her face.

?Are you okay? Were you having a bad dream?? She asks again.

?No Ila. I?m okay.? You reply groggily. Of course the next thought crossing your mind is, ?That bastard has ruined me!

The End

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