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I sat at home alone on a Friday night. I had finally gotten to a point in my life where I didn?t really mind too much and with kids at home it wasn?t all that hard adjusting to single life. The past 2 years had been a little difficult and getting to this point had not been an easy task by any means. The kids had finally gotten to sleep and I sat there with my remote control and my cat keeping me company. I was startled by my phone when the chime announced an incoming text message. I looked and blushed at the message I read. He was messaging me again; this could only mean one thing. His wife wasn?t home and he was planning a trip into the city to visit me. I had decided a long time ago that if I couldn?t have him full time I would surely have in as often as I could. He is the type of man that women couldn?t help but submit to. At 6'2" and 250 lbs of muscle it?s really easy to do. He has the most beautiful blue eyes that I have ever seen and I am a sucker for a cleanly shaved head. As I read the text message I wondered what he had in store. He said ?I am going to walk all over your good girl morals and make you belong to my manhood!" All I could respond was what do you want me to wear and where shall I meet you. He replied and the plan was set in motion. I could hardly sleep that night just thinking of what was to come.

Saturday morning I forced myself out of bed after a night of little sleep. I knew I had to work the entire day and it would drag out just wondering what exactly he was planning. Finally 5PM came and I walked to my car and headed home. I decided I had some extra time and according to instructions I was to dress very prim and proper so made a stop at a local shopping strip to purchase a few items. Making some quick decisions I paid for my items and headed home to shower and get ready for his long awaited visit. Finally showered and hair and makeup done, I pulled on my white lace panties that looked almost like they belonged on my mother and not me. I added a very plain bra which with my 38D size was not at all hard to find. I added the knee length white cotten skirt and a soft pink strappy shirt. I added some cute sandals and was ready for the plan to begin. I looked in the mirror and thought I should be heading to church and not planning a night of passionate sex. At 6:30 sharp my phone alerts me to another text message and my heart starts to race. It simply said "get outside now". It had started

I grabbed my keys and walked to my car. I opened up the door and put the key in and then opened the hood. I was to look as if I was having problems with my car. I couldn?t see his car anywhere so I was hoping none of my neighbors would offer to help. Then I looked up and saw him walking across the parking lot towards me. I instantly felt that very familiar twinge between my legs and could feel myself begin to get wet. He walked up and asked if he could help me. I said well I don?t really know what is wrong it just won?t start. He told me to give it a try and I made a very fake attempt at starting it. I said well I don?t think it?s going to do anything but I suppose that I can run inside my apartment and call someone. As I started to walk towards my front door he followed and asked if I minded him joining me. I said of course not after all you were kind enough to try to help me so surely you can?t be dangerous. We made small talk along the way and we walked into my apartment. I found my phone after digging in my purse for it and he asked to please use my restroom. He went inside and I waited patiently for him to return to the living room. He walked out and sat on the couch. I stayed in character and asked if he would please come outside and help me with my car. He said he was a bit tired from his long drive and since the friend he was visiting wasn?t home could he please sit there for a minute and stay out of the awful Texas heat. I said well sir I don?t really know you and I would prefer to go back outside. He told me to sit down and relax with him for a minute. I pretended to be nervous which was easy to do since I didn't really know what he had in store for me. We sat there making small talk and then he began to touch my leg and lift at my skirt. I would pull my skirt down and he would lift it higher. I told him to stop and that he was making me uncomfterable. He told me to just relax that if I would just sit and talk to him that he wouldn't hurt me. Hearing this I thought this must be the clue to take the game to the next level. I reached for my cell phone and told him I had to call a friend that was waiting for me. He grabbed my phone and I tried to get it back... he tossed it behind the couch and told me not to be rude. That he had tried to help me and the least I could do was talk to him as he waited for his friend to come home. I noticed that I had left my front door unlocked and since I didn't know how loud things would get I decided I should lock it. As I started to get up from the couch be caught my arm and pulled me back. I was taken off guard because for a minute I was out of character and just wanted to make sure that we didn't get interrupted at our game. He of course never lost his mindset. I attempted to get up again remembering that I was supposed to be scared of this gorgeous stranger sitting on my couch. This time I was yanked back by my hair which caused me to yell out. He pulled me hard against his chest and told me to relax and sit down. I made a slight attempt to rise again and again my hair was pulled so hard that my head snapped back. I then went completely into character and started to fight him. The more I fought the rougher he became. He finally pulled me over his lap and as he held my hands above my head with one hand, he raised my skirt and gave me a hard smack on my ass. It burned and felt so good at the same time. I knew that I wanted this man to fuck me for hours. We continued to fight on the couch and since I am only 5ft tall and 140 lbs. it didn't take much effort on his part to keep me under control. He finally got off the couch and yanked me up by my hair in the process. He knew that the rougher he was with me the wetter my pussy would get. He turned me around and grabbed my breast from behind. He roughly whispered, ?I think you like this. You?re a nasty little slut inviting perfect strangers in your house and dressing like you have never been fucked." I said no I promise I have learned my lesson, please don?t hurt me and I will do anything you want. Just please, please don't hurt me. He said, really you little slut, anything I want? I was ready for him to fuck my hot, throbbing pussy. I knew he wasn?t ready for that when he pushed my face down into the couch. and yanked at my panties. I started to fight him again, knowing that it would make him want me even more. He let go of my hands suddenly and this caused me to fall against the couch. He held me down there with his knee on my back. Since he is an officer he has no trouble keeping me subdued when he chooses to. I heard him say, ?I am tired of your fighting me." and I heard the clinking of metal. I knew he was getting his handcuffs out and my pussy begin to really throb. He cuffed me and yanked me up by my hair. He stood me up and turned me face him. Roughly he grabbed my chin and forced me to look at him. He said ?Now I am going to take the cuffs off and u will take your clothes off and not try to fight me or run, do u understand?" I did nothing more than shake my head. He spun me around and yanked my hair back he was so close that I could feel his hot breath on the back if my neck. He yanked my hair harder so my head was so far back all I could do was stare at my ceiling. In a very soft but stern voice he threatened, "Don?t make me hurt you!" He let go of my hair and uncuffed me and said now strip. I did as he instructed me even though he knew that I was still too self conscious to be naked in front of anyone. He looked at me and said I found me a sexy little cunt didn't I? I didn?t know what to say to him so I just nodded. He grabbed my arms and I tried to break free because I knew this would make him re-cuff me. He grabbed my arms again and laughed and said?does my slut like to be cuffed? So he did just that, then he turned me around and told me to kneel. I shook my head to tell him no, so he forced me down on my knees. He grabbed my hair and pulled it back telling me how beautiful my dark, thick hair was. I know he loves my hair and my eyes, so I looked up at him as he said this to me. He told me to use my teeth to unzip his shorts and I told him I couldn?t. He said do it now or I will have to punish u, or is that what u want? I shook my head again and attempted to do what he said? I finally managed and he let his shorts fall around his ankles. He pulled his boxers down and let his cock spring free. Suddenly all I could think about was putting his hard dick in my mouth. He knows how much I enjoy sucking him so he teased me a bit first not letting me really touch it. Finally he looked down and said, ?Suck my cock you nasty slut.? I played the naive girl that he wanted me to be and licked just the head and told him I didn?t know how to do it. He said yes you do, now open your mouth and let me fuck your face. I opened my mouth and he filled it with his cock. I could hardly think enough to keep in character for I wanted nothing more than to suck his beautiful cock till he came in my hot mouth. But I knew he had other plans for me. He allowed me to suck him for a while and had total control of how deep he put it. He knows that I have never been able to master the art of deep throating as much as I have tried to. I gagged a few times and I think this made him even harder. He finally decided that he wanted to fuck me and yanked me up by my hair. I yelled out in surprise more than pain and he told me to shut my slut mouth before he had to gag me. I knew this was more of a scare tactic since he loves to hear me scream out when he fucks me. He threw me roughly over the arm rest of the couch and pushed my face down into the pillows. He rammed his hard dick into my pussy and it slid right in since I was already soaking wet. I love the way he feels inside me and I tried to keep resisting but it felt so good that I just had to cum. No sooner had I cum all over his cock than he pulled out and yanked me up. He sat me on the couch and came around in front of me and shoved his dick in my mouth which was covered in my own pussy juices. I licked it clean and then he turned me over and fucked me again till once again I came. This time I came so hard that it was running down my legs and completely soaking his cock and his balls. He instructed me once again to lick him clean and I did so. He was talking to me the whole time on how he hoped I learned my lesson and wouldn?t trust strange men in my apartment again. I shook my head but did not release his dick from my mouth. I loved his taste and mine mixed together, sucking his cock always made me very horny. He proceeded to fuck me and then have me lick him clean over and over again till my legs were giving out. The final time he allowed me to lick him I begged him to please release my hands so that I could suck him and make him cum for me. He laughed and said, ?I knew you would make a good little slut.? He released my hands and I grabbed his cock and gobbled it up in my mouth. Mmmmm, it was delicious, and I sucked on him till I felt his knees start to buckle and I knew that he was going to cum. He grabbed my hair and made me stop for he was not done just yet. He told me to sit on the couch and open my legs for him. I did so and he dived for my wet pussy. He loves to make me cum in his mouth and he licked and sucked on my clit till I did just that. He licked his lips then kissed me so once again I could taste my own cum. He licked and sucked on my nipples until my hips started to buck letting him know that I wanted to cum once again. By this point I had lost track of how many orgasms I had but I knew I wanted more and he was loving every one of them. He put two fingers in me and then positioned himself to where he could finger fuck me and suck my nipples at the same time for he knows this always sends me over the edge. I didn?t take long at all to cum for him and I squirted my juices all over his hand and on my couch. He didn?t stop fucking me and I could feel my cum splashing up in my face and I am sure on his as well. He allowed me one more orgasm where once again I showered the both of us. He groaned and bit down hard on my nipple till I was yelling at him in Spanish how much I loved the way he fucked me. With one last bite on my nipple and a groan he stood up and grabbed my hair and shoved his cock in my mouth. He then said, ?ok my dirty little slut, I know you want to taste my cum so make me shoot off in you?re fucking mouth.? This was all the encouragement I needed I grabbed his cock and sucked in as much as I could. I sucked him and stroked him at the same time just like I know that he likes and it didn?t take him long to start to tremble which tells me that he is going to cum. I lifted my head so I could see his face as he was cumming and this sent his spunk all over my face. He finally had to break character and laugh when he saw that he had cum so much it covered my face and some cum got in my eye. Now for those of you who know, that shit hurts. So he let me up so I could rinse out my eye. A few minutes later he was dressed and heading back his truck. I waved him goodbye and went inside to shower and rest. As I laid there later relaxing with a glass of wine I thought to send him a message thanking him for the wonderful evening & driving 2 hours to come see me. He responded saying. ?No thank you, I would have driven 4 hours for u!? I can?t wait till my phone tells me I have another text message from my married officer!!

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