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Tami Learns Her Place

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Over several of the years that my wife, Linda, and I have been together I have had a fantasy of fucking one of her best friends, Tami. Tami is about five feet three inches, and was all of 110 pounds, with a 33A-22-34 when I first met her. Anyway, I have had several fantasies where Tami and I get together. One particular fantasy however remains the premier. This fantasy stems from several daydreams I had regarding how I could punish Tami for her big mouth. This fantasy followed a conversation between Tami and I that got back to Linda during a time when we had been having marital problems.

In my fantasy, Tami and I are alone at her house sitting on her sofa talking. This is a couple of weeks after Linda told me about the prior conversation during one of our squabbles. Tami and I are conversing about things in general, when our talk begins to take on a sexual overtone. The next thing you know we are in each other's arms, kissing and fondling each other. After several minutes of this we push each other back. Tami states "This is not right. What would Linda have to say?" I tell her "After what you told Linda following our last conversation, I could care less what Linda has to say. As a matter of fact, I'm going to teach you a lesson, and I will quite possibly fuck you in the process!"

Tami starts to get up from the sofa when I grab her arm and pull her back down next to me. She attempts to twist away from my grip, but I just grasp her all the tighter. I take both of her hands and pull them behind her back. I hold her hands together with one hand while I pull off my belt. Wrapping it around her wrists, I tie her arms together behind her. She starts to yell, so I take a nearby pillow and hold it to her face, telling her, "Shut up Bitch, you just might end up enjoying this!" I pick her up and carry her into her bedroom, where I toss her down onto the bed. She tries to wiggle around to get back off, but I grab her legs and hold her down telling her, "Bitch, you had better hold still! As I said before Tami, you just might enjoy this." She quits twisting around. I spy several pairs of pantyhose lying on her dresser. Taking a few pairs of them in hand, I strip her slacks off her. When I have them completely off, I tie her legs with some of the hose. A leg tied to each side of the bed, thus leaving her in just her panties and spread from the waist down. I then unbutton her blouse, unsnap her bra, and pull them both down to where her wrists are bound by my belt. I then twist her around to free my belt from her wrists. I take her blouse and bra off her and use some hose to tie each wrist to a corner of the bed. This leaves Tami completely spread-eagle on the bed.

When she starts to yell again, I take her bra and shove it into her mouth. I tell her "Listen Bitch, you can make this rough for yourself, or you can just enjoy your punishment for having such a big mouth." She looks at me with a questioning look, like what are you talking about? I tell Tami "Linda told me all about the conversation you and I had a couple of weeks ago. You just could not keep your mouth shut could you Bitch!? Well, I'll set you straight today!"

Tami gets a look on her face, one of fear and wonder what I plan to do with her. When I ask her if she is wondering what I intend on doing, she nods. I tell her "You'll just have to wait and see, won't you." I go over to her dresser, looking through the drawers to see if she has any toys with which to play. I find a rather large vibrator, all of 12 inches long by 3 inches in diameter. Her eye's light up when I hold it up for her to see. I toss it next to her head on the bed. I continue rifling through her drawers.

When I don't find any other toys I look into her closet. In her closet I find a bathrobe with a wide belt. I take the belt and go over to the bed. She looks at me and then at the belt, sort of like "What is that for?" I take the belt and wrap it around her head, covering her eyes. I tell her "This is to make you wonder all the more what is next for you." I check her bonds to make sure they are good and secure. I tell her "Don't go anywhere now. I'll be right back with a couple of items so we can have some fun together." Upon which I go out to my truck where I have a bag with an item or two that I brought in preparation for Tami's punishment.

When I walk back inside, I spot a vase with a couple of long feathers in it. I take one with me back into the bedroom where Tami lies. Upon my return I can see that Tami recognizes that I am back. I can tell that she has been trying to loosen her bonds and take off her blindfold. I tell her, "Be a good little Bitch. You really are going to enjoy this. If you continue to struggle Tami, I just might have to get a little rough with you." I tighten the bonds and move her blindfold back into place.

I take the feather and begin to run it over her body lightly. Tami begins to twist in an effort to get away from the feather. I reach out and grab her bra out of her mouth. She starts to laugh uncontrollably when I reapply the feather to her body. Between her laughs she asks me to quit, she says "I'll be good. I'll do whatever you want. Please though, quit tickling me."

I tell her," You know something Bitch, you're right. You will do whatever I want. Won't you? I'll do whatever I want with your body. Understand?" To both she shakes her head 'yes'. With this I reach into my bag a take out a ball gag. I tell Tami "Open your mouth wide." When she does, I slip the gag into it. Again I reach into my bag. This time I take out a couple of alligator style clamps. When I put the first clamp on one of Tami's nipples she really starts to squirm around. I slap her hip and tell her "Settle your ass down! The clamps will only hurt for a little while, then you will start to feel the pleasure from the pain they are causing you." I then place the other clamp on her open nipple. This time she remains still. However, her face cringes ever so slight at the pain the clamps are causing to her tiny titties.

Again I take the feather and tickle Tami. She doesn't know whether to cry from the nipple clamps or laugh from the tickles of the feather. I pull her panties to the side giving me a view of her hairy pink pussy. Her clitoris is erect, giving away that she is at least somewhat excited at what is happening to her. I take the feather and tickle her clitoris ever so lightly. This causes her to twist and turn all the more. When I pull the feather away she tries to follow it with her hips in an apparent effort to keep the feather in contact with her clit.

While I use the feather with one hand, I reach again into my bag to find another clamp with my free hand. This one doesn't have the sharp points the clamps on her nipples have, however it has just as strong a spring to clamp down with. I take this clamp and place it on her clit. With this she really starts to wiggle. I ask her, "Hey Bitch, do you enjoy what is happening to you?" She continues to squirm around. I take her face between my hands and ask again. This time she shakes her head 'yes'. I take the gag out of her mouth and tell her "Say it!" She responds "I'm enjoying what you are doing to me." I ask her, "Do you want me to continue or should I quit?" She yells "No don't quit, I love it! Please make me cum!"

Again I take the feather and tickle her body some more. She continues to wiggle around. When I get the feather close to her pussy she tries to get it in contact with her clit. Tami is so excited the sheet below her pussy is getting soaked from all of the juices flowing from her. I move to where I can lick around her pussy. Her juices taste sweet, yet salty. I take the clamp between my teeth and give it a slight tug, causing Tami to flinch.

I again lick around her soaked pussy, when some of her hair tickles my nose. With this I reach back into my bag and take out a pair of scissors. I begin to trim her pubic hair short. When she realizes what is happening she gets very still. I ask her "What is wrong?" She responds "I just don't want to be cut, especially there." I tell her, "Then be very still, as I am going to shave your pussy bare." She tells me, "Please be careful." To which I say "Don't worry, if I wanted to get really mean to you I would do so in other ways. Tami, I mean to punish you for your big mouth. However, I also intend for you and I both to enjoy some of this, not to hurt you."

After I remove as much of her pubic hair as I can with the scissors, I go to the bathroom and get some shave cream and a razor. I go back to Tami and try to spread the cream on her pussy. When her panties get in the way, I take the scissors and cut the waist to leg opening and remove them. I then spread the cream over her pussy and back to her anal opening. Taking the razor, I start to shave her of all pubic hair, from front to rear.

When she is hairless, I wipe up the remaining cream. I then take what is left of her panties and stuff them into her open pussy, letting them soak in her juices. After they are good and soaked, I take them out and hold them to her nose. I ask her "How do they smell to you?" She responds "They smell like pussy." I then ask "Have you ever tasted pussy?" She responds ?Never!" I pull her blindfold off and yell "Liar! I bet you have. Like after someone has eaten your pussy for you, and then gave you a big kiss." She looks at me like 'No way.' I take the soaked panties and shove them into her mouth and tell her "Then taste yourself from these. Suck up all the juices from them." She tries to spit them out. I shove them back in and put the ball gag on top of them, and tell her "And don't forget, there is more where that came from." Whereupon, I grab the clamp still on her clit, which causes Tami to squirm a little.

After a few minutes I remove the ball gag and take her panties out of her mouth. I ask her "Did you like the taste of your pussy?" She says "I guess could possibly learn to like it." I tell her "Well lets give you another taste." I take her panties and rub them in her pussy, then put them back into her mouth. She starts to suck on them with vigor this time instead of spitting them out. I tell her "See, you could love to suck pussy. Couldn't you Tami?" She looks at me quizzically. I tell her "Maybe someday we'll get a real pussy for you to suck on, instead of second hand from panties, dildos, fingers, lips, or pricks." She says "No way!" I just shake my head and say "We'll see, you little Bitch."

All this time my tool has been as hard as a rock, ready to explode. I ask Tami "You've sucked dicks before haven't you?" She shakes her head 'yes'. "Have they ever shot off in you mouth?" She says "Once, and I didn't like the taste. So Tami, don't you go getting any ideas!" I remind her "You are the one who is tied down here Tami. I am in charge of this situation." I move up to get my prick near her face and start rubbing it all over her face. She twists her head away every time my prick gets near her mouth. I reach down and grab one of the clamps on her nipples. I tell her "You had better start licking my prick and make me feel as if you enjoy it, or you just might lose this little bud." She then sticks out her tongue and licks at my prick. Wrapping her tongue around as much as she can.

I move around so my prick can go into her mouth. When I get in this position I pull on both a nipple clamp and the clamp on her clit. I tell her "That is just to remind you who is in charge. Tami, don't you go biting down to hard now on my cock." She starts sucking my prick deeper and deeper into her mouth. Tami swirls her tongue around and around my prick. The next thing I know the head of my prick is in her throat and her muscles are massaging it. I tell her ?You are one of the best cock suckers who has ever sucked my cock."

She releases my prick from her throat and continues her tongue action. Again she sucks my prick down into her throat. I feel a heavy load of cream coming on, and Tami bites down as though she can sense the same. I pull on a nipple clamp telling her "Remember what I said." Her teeth come away from my prick and her tongue starts in again. The next thing I know I am in the middle of one of the best orgasms of my life. Shooting my cream down her throat for what feels like forever. She continues to suck and swirl her tongue around my prick while swallowing down all the cream. Only when my prick begins to shrink in size, does Tami slowly allow it to escape from her mouth.

As my prick comes out of her mouth I hear it pop as though she did not want to let it go. I ask her "Well, what did it taste like to you?" She says "Your come wasn't so bad after all, a little salty, but not too bad. I just might be able to put up with the taste of your come." "You just might? Tami, you will learn to love it." I tell her.

I replace the blindfold over her eyes and the ball gag in her fantastic sucking mouth. I check the ties on her wrists and ankles to ensure they haven't loosened any. Again I reach into my bag and take out a length of rope. I cut it into a few shorter pieces. While I am doing this Tami's head is twisting and turning trying to figure out what I am doing. I take some of the pieces of rope and tie them around her legs near her knees. I then tie the other ends to the side of the bed, further opening her pussy area. I take a piece of rope and tie a piece at each elbow to further restrain her. Then I tie a piece of rope over each of the pantyhose ties to further secure Tami. When I am through, I close the door and move quietly to a chair. I sit back to admire my handy work, and to see what Tami does with this situation.

For a time Tami just lies still, probably not sure of where I am or what is to come next. I can see her twisting her head to try to hear if I am still in the room. She starts to pull against the restraints only to find that they are quite secure and that she can not work them lose. Again she lies still, apparently listening. I move quietly to the side of the bed and stroke the feather lightly across her body. I tug on each of the clamps on her body, alternating in no set pattern, so she could not be ready for the next tug.

I reach back into the bag and take out some small weights that can attach to the clamps. When I attach one to a clamp on one of her nipples she squirms trying to get away from it to no avail. I attach the next to the clamp on her clit. It isn't as big as the weight on her nipple, but then the clamp doesn't have the points on it to hold it to the clit. A third weight is attached to the remaining nipple clamp. When it doesn't get much of a response as the others have, I give it a tug. Tami lets out a whimper in her pain/pleasure.

I reach down and pick up Tami's vibrator. I turn it on getting a light humming sound in return. I ask, "Tami, do you want this?" She shakes her head yes violently as she realizes what I have, as if to say ?Yes please, what is taking you so long?? I move the vibrator over her body slowly. I move the vibrator along her face, neck, across her stretched out titties, across her belly, down her legs, then back to her pussy and anal openings. I rub the vibrator across her stretched out clit lightly. This causes Tami to push up against the vibrator.

I move the vibrator against her anus. Tami tries to pull away. I ask "Haven't you ever been screwed in the ass?" Tami shakes her head violently 'No!'. I tell her "Then you are in for a special treat as well as a lesson in pleasure." Again I visit the bag, taking out a tube of lubricant, a smaller vibrator than Tami's own, and a vibrating butt plug.

I remove the blindfold from Tami and hold all the toys up for her to see, especially the butt plug. Her eyes become about as wide as saucers when she sees the butt plug. I ask "Do you know what this is?" She shakes her head 'yes', ?Don't you want to learn the pleasures of anal sex?" I ask her. She shakes her head 'No!'. I ask her "I don't think you really have a say in this, now do you?" She slowly nods her head 'no'.

I take the smaller vibrator and lube it and her ass up, turn the vibrator on, and begin to rub the tip against her anal opening. At first she tries to pull away. I tell her, "Relax, this will be more enjoyable for you if you do." Eventually she realizes she can not get away from the vibrator and relaxes. Slowly her rear passage starts to open to the pressure of the vibrator entering it. I can see her whole body relax as she starts to enjoy the presence of the vibrator in her ass.

I take her large vibrator and start moving it against her pussy and clit. She starts moving her hips trying to get both vibrators inside her. Tami pushes back and forth against both of them. I shove her vibrator into her pussy until the entire thing is inside her. I let go of it and grab the clamp on her clit and take it off her. She really starts to squirm around, pushing at both vibrators with a vengeance, trying to get them both deep inside of her. I push the vibrator up her ass until it is fully in and let go. She continues to squirm around.

I grab the butt plug and grease in up and turn on its vibrator. Reaching down for the vibrator in her ass, I quickly pull it out of her. She pushes towards the vibrator as I pull it out, as though she wants it to stay put. I tell her "I have something just as good for your ass." and push the butt plug into her. It is a little larger than the vibrator that had been there, but she takes it with no difficulty, right up to its enlarged base.

The large vibrator meanwhile in her pussy is still humming away. I take the base of it and begin to move it in, out, and around. With every move she is twists and turns trying to keep up with it. I ask her "Everything feel okay for you?" She shakes her head 'yes'. I reach up and take the ball gag from her mouth and ask her again. She says "Yes, everything is great. Fuck my pussy! Fuck my ass! Pinch my titties! Pinch my clit! Please don't ever stop!" I take the gag and replace it.

Again I reach into the bag and take out a side tying string bikini bottom. With the vibrator in her pussy and the vibrating butt plug in her ass, I tie the bikini in place, entrapping each in their respective cavity. However, not before I replace the clamp on Tami's clit and turning both vibrators up to full. I then sit back and watch Tami's actions.

For quite a while Tami squirms around against her bounds and what appears to be trying to get a tighter grip on the vibrators in her body. Her breathing gets as fast and as heavy as it can get around the gag and through her nose. The next thing I know her whole body appears to go tense and then she shakes all over. She again goes tense, this time raising her hips as far as the ties will allow her. Then she grinds her ass back into the bed, twisting and turning all over. Again her body goes tense then shakes all over.

I go over to her and remove the ball gag. Tami starts gasping for air, yelling out "I'm ccoommiinngg! Please fuck me! Fuck me now! I want your prick in me now! In my mouth! In my pussy! In my ass! I'm ccoommiinngg!" With this I stick my prick near her mouth. She reaches out with her mouth and sucks it in as hard as she can. Milking my prick for all she can with her lips and tongue. She swirls her tongue around it as if it was an all-day-sucker just for her. I reach down and remove the clamps from her nipples. When I do this she sucks my prick further in her mouth and down her throat. Her tongue continues swirling around my prick.

Again her body tenses and she bites down on my prick. I take one of her nipples in hand and squeeze. She quits biting and starts to shake all over in an orgasm. I can feel another load of come building in my balls and I think she can too as she really starts to suck on my prick. As my cream starts shooting out, Tami swallows without protest and continues to suck, trying to get as much as she can out of me.

As she comes down from an orgasm I untie the bikini bottom and take the vibrator out of her pussy. She lifts her ass from the bed to keep as much of it in her as long as she can. She has continued to suck on my prick and has it back to life quickly. I turn around and stick my dick against her pussy. She yells "Stick your prick in me! I want to feel your prick inside of my pussy, now!"

As my prick slides in, I can feel the vibrating butt plug on the other side of her membrane. Its vibration drives me crazy as well. The next thing you know both of us are screaming out in our orgasms. I reach down and slow the vibration of the butt plug, but do not remove it. My prick, surprisingly, has remained hard and is ready for more. Slowly I move in and out of her pussy. Tami slowly moves with me as best she can.

Tami gasps for air as I pull my prick out of her pussy and replace it with her vibrator again. Also I replace the bikini bottom and tie it in place to trap the vibrator and butt plug again in her openings. I move up putting the head of my prick at Tami?s mouth and tell her ?You need to lick my prick clean of our mixed juices from your pussy.? Tami appears to savor the flavor of both as she licks.

When she has me clean, I pull my prick away and ask her, "How do you feel about our little session so far?" She replies "I love it. Can we continue or do this again?" I tell her, "Tami, anytime and anywhere I want your body, I want you to get it ready for me. Do you understand?" She shakes her head 'Yes!' and says "No problem, as long as it is as good as this has been I'm ready, willing and able." I take her blindfold off and I state "No Tami, I mean ANYTIME, ANYPLACE I want YOUR body I want YOU to get it ready for me. Do you understand?" Her reply is "I'm not sure what you mean. I said as long as it is as good as this has been I'm ready, willing, and able."

I tell her "I mean ANYTIME, ANYPLACE, AND WITH WHOMEVER I wish to SHARE your body with, you will immediately undress and be ready for anything I desire of you. Tami, do you now understand what I am saying, SLAVE!" Tami looks at me wide eyed, but shakes her head in assent. I tell her "Say what you mean." Tami says "Yes Master, I will let you use my body whenever you see fit, however you see fit, and with whomever you see fit."

I tell her "That is better. Now I am going to blindfold and gag you again. You are to stay where I leave you until I return to use you later today, tonight, or in the morning. If this activity is not what you want, say so now and it will end and we will part from here forward. Do you understand slave?" Tami nods her head. I tell her "Say what you want!" She says "Yes My Master, I will stay as you leave me until you return to use my body as you see fit." I tell her "That's better. Open your mouth." With that I gag and blindfold her again.

I reach in and turn the vibrators up a little, while doing so I lightly tug on the clamp on her clit. Also I replace the clamps on her nipples. With that done I shut the door again and quietly sit in the chair for a while to watch over Tami. She does not move except in response to the vibrators in her pussy and ass.

After about half an hour, I get up and leave the house taking Tami's keys with me. I go to Linda's work place and pick her up when she gets off. I tell her "Tami called and said she has something to show us." Linda gets in the truck and off we go. It has been about an hour since I left Tami lying tied on the bed. I knock after Linda and I walk up to the door, of course I do not get an answer.

When there isn't one after a second knock I try the handle, telling Linda "Maybe she's busy and can't come to the door." The door opens and in we walk. Of course Tami is not to be seen. Linda calls out ?Tami are you home?? Since Tami is gagged, there is no answer, of course.

Linda walks through the living room and as she is about to open the bedroom door I walk up behind her. When she opens the door Tami is in full view lying spread-eagle on the bed. You can hear the vibrators humming and Tami moaning around the gag. As Linda walks across the room to the bed saying, ?What happened Tami? Who did this to you? Are you all right??

I walk up behind Linda and tell her ?This is what Tami gets for blabbing our conversation to you. Now it is your turn to get your act straight as well!" I quickly grab Linda's hands and tie them together behind her back. I grab another ball gag out of the bag and shove it into Linda's mouth. She tries to get away, but I pull her hands up behind her back and twist her on to the bed beside Tami, with her feet by Tami's hands. I tie Linda's legs spread apart to the same places I have Tami's hands. I then pull her skirt and slip up over her waist. Undoing her blouse and bra, I take them off as much they can be, down to her tied hands. Undoing her hands, I remove her blouse and bra, and retie her hands to where Tami's feet are tied.

I arrange Linda so her pussy is above Tami's mouth and Tami's pussy is below Linda's mouth. I take Tami's blindfold off her, allowing her to look up into her best friend's crotch. I take the scissors to Linda's panties and pantyhose and cut them clear so Tami can look directly into Linda's open pussy. I take the bikini bottom off Tami, allowing Linda to look at the back of the vibrator in Tami's pussy and the butt plug in her ass, as well as smell her excited pussy.

I tell Tami "You are to lick Linda's pussy and not stop until I tell you. Understand?" She shakes her head 'yes'. As I take the gag from her mouth Tami says "I'm sorry Linda." I tell her "Did I give you permission to speak? No I did not. Lick that pussy in front of your face and do it now!" She replies "Yes Master" and stretches up and begins to lick Linda's pussy. She sticks her tongue in and tries to tongue fuck Linda as well.

Linda starts to squirm her hips against Tami's tongue action, throwing her head back and forth. I grab the tube of lubricant and smear some on my fingers. When they are good and greasy I stick one against Linda's ass. She tries to pull away, only to drive her pussy down more onto Tami's tongue. When she pulls away from Tami's tongue, my finger is shoved deeper into her ass. I start twisting it around trying to loosen her ass. When Linda's ass loosens enough for another finger, into her ass it goes. As it continues to loosen, I stick in another, then another, until four fingers of my hand are in her ass. She keeps twisting around between Tami's tongue and my fingers. Finally her body goes tense and then she shakes all over in an orgasm.

When she settles down, I pull my fingers out and reach in the bag for yet another butt plug. Lubing it up a little I slide it into Linda's ass. I tell Tami "You can quit now. How did you like sucking on another woman's pussy?" She says "Thank-you Master, it was different, a lot different than what you gave me from my own pussy earlier. Thank-you Master for my opportunity to pleasure your wife." I tell her "We are not done yet." I ask Linda "Did you like getting your pussy licked?" She shakes her head 'yes'. I ask her "Even though it was by another woman?" She again shakes her head 'yes'. I ask her, "Do you want some more?" Again she shakes her head with a 'yes' nod. I tell her "Then maybe you should give Tami some of the same. I would think that it would only be fair. Don't you?" Linda shakes her head 'No!'.

When she does this I reach into the bag again and take out a couple more alligator clamps with weights already attached. I hold them in front of Linda's face. Her eyes widen knowingly what they are for, having seen the ones on Tami's tits. I clamp one on each of her nipples. She winces in pain as the clamps take hold and then the weights stretch out her tits. I ask Linda "Are you ready now to give your girlfriend the same pleasure she gave you?" Linda shakes her head 'yes'.

I take the vibrator out of Tami's pussy and hold it to Linda's nose, letting her smell Tami's scent. Reaching down I take the gag from Linda's mouth and tell her "Lick the vibrator clean." Her tongue comes out of her mouth slowly and licks the vibrator ever so lightly. I tell her "Lick it clean I said. I want you to taste Tami's pussy juices." She licks a little harder and in a short period she has the vibrator clean.

I tell her, "Linda, it is time for you to taste the real thing. Stick your tongue on into Tami's waiting pussy. She wants it bad I'm sure. Don't you Tami?" Tami moans, "Yes I do Master. Please lick my pussy Linda. I need it so very much and it is what my Master desires." Linda looks at me and says "Master? Since when?" I tell her "Since about three hours ago. I taught Tami a lesson on keeping private conversations private and lessons in minor pain and major pleasure. Lessons you are going to get as well. Your body and Tami's body from this day forward will be mine to do as I see fit. When I want you to pleasure her you will do so. When I want her to pleasure you, she will do so. When I want pleasure from either of you, you will be at my disposal. You both do understand what I am saying? Don't you Slaves?"

Tami immediately says "Yes Master!" Linda looks up at me and says "Yes." I say "Didn't you hear Tami?s proper response?" and slap her bare ass cheeks. She says "Yes Master!" I tell her "That is better. Don't you forget from this time forward that you will respond as such when you are asked a question or given permission to speak. Do you understand what I'm saying, Slave?" Linda says "Yes Master!" I tell Linda "Now it is time for you to lick Tami's pussy. You did like her flavor from the vibrator didn't you? She says "I didn't really care for it Master." I tell her "Well you had better acquire a taste for it, as you are going the lick it until I tell you to quit. Do you understand me, Slave?" Linda replies, "I will try to learn to like the taste of pussy, Master." I tell her "Don't try, do it. Now!"

Linda lowers her head and sticks her tongue out to lick around Tami's pussy. It is then that she notices the clamp and weight on Tami's clit. She looks up at me saying "Why does she have one of those on her pussy?" I tell her "It is another reminder for her as to who is the Master and who is a Slave. Why do you want one placed on your clit as well Slave?" Linda shakes her head 'yes'. I reach into the bag for another clamp and weight combination and place it on her clit. She flinches when it closes down tightly on her. ?With that done, you need to do as instructed and lick Tami's pussy. Pay special attention to her enlarged clit. I want you to make her come and come hard. Understand?" I tell Linda.

She says "Yes Master." and lowers her head, sticking out her tongue, and licks all around and in Tami's pussy. Linda does as instructed and pays special attention to Tami's clit. Tami starts to twist and turn in response to Linda's tongue on and in her. I tell Tami "You need to lick Linda's pussy some more. You also need to pay special attention to her clit, just like she is for you." Tami says "Yes Master!" and raises her head to lick anew Linda's pussy. She does as instructed as well in paying special attention to Linda's clit, causing Linda to twist and turn against her tongue.

With the two of them licking away at each other's pussy I sit in the chair to watch. Eventually their bodies tense up and then start to shake in the thralls of orgasms. They keep their tongues going into the other's pussy and around their fellow Slave's clit while their own body quivers. When they start to calm down from an orgasm I tell them both "Slaves, you can quit your licking now."

I ask, "Linda, did you enjoy Tami's pussy flavor straight from the source, instead of from a vibrator?" She responds, "Yes Master, I think I could learn to like it." I tell her "You will not only like it, you will love it, and do so whenever I say. Understand Slave?" She says, "Yes Master, I will pleasure my partner Slave for you anytime you desire." I ask Tami "Do you feel the same way Slave?" She responds "Yes Master, whatever you desire of me I will do for you." I tell them both, "You Slaves had better not forget that either."

I pick up Tami's vibrator and show it to Linda. I ask her "You need one like this for your pussy don't you? She says, "Yes Master." I reach another time in the bag to retrieve a dildo that is about 14 inches long and 4 inches in diameter and hold it out for the Slaves to see. Their eyes light up. I ask "Who will be the first to receive this treat in their pussy?" Both say "Me Master, please, me first!" I say "Since Linda is also my wife, as well as my new Slave, she will receive it first. Don't worry Tami. Your pussy will get to receive pleasure from it in the near future. Meanwhile, your pussy will not go unattended. Tami, you will get to have your vibrator fill that pussy of yours some more later." Tami says, "Yes Master, whatever you desire of me and my body."

Linda says "Please stick that big thing in me Master. I want it now! Especially since it will be right in front of Tami's eyes, so she can watch it enter into the pussy she so lovingly licked a few minutes ago." I place the dildo against Linda's pussy and she pushes against it. As it enters, it appears that her pussy is sucking it on up inside. Tami's eyes are wide open watching this, with a longing look of desire on her face. When the dildo is fully inside Linda I let it go and move to place the vibrator back into Tami's pussy. I turn her butt plug off causing her to let out a moan, but when I turn the vibrator on full she sighs contentedly. I reach to the butt plug in Linda's ass and turn it to full and she lets out a sigh as well.

I reach down and free Tami's left wrist from her bonds. She starts at the freedom of her hand. I tell her, "Your hand is free Slave so you can move the dildo around in Linda's pussy. Get it there and get to moving." She does as instructed. I tell Linda "Get your tongue back on Tami's clit." I go over to the chair to watch my two Slaves pleasure and enjoy each other. I take my prick out of my pants and rub it ever so lightly to keep it excited, but not enough to cum. My Slaves continue to work on each other for both my enjoyment and their own.

When they both tense up in orgasms, I walk over and tell them, "Okay Slaves lay back." I retie Tami's wrist. I take the dildo out of Linda and the vibrator out of Tami. I turn their butt plug vibrators off, but leave them both inside their asses. I replace their ball gags and blindfold them both. I tell them "Stay just like you are, I will be back in a little while. We will have some more fun.

With them left tied, I close the bedroom door and leave the house. I drive over to a friend's house, one who has made off-hand remarks numerous times that he would like to get into both Linda and Tami's asses. As I walk up to his door, Art opens it saying "Hey I saw you driving in, what's up??

I tell him "I have a surprise for you bud. Art, why don't you come with me." He says "No problem. Let me get my shoes on and we'll go. Where to?" I tell him, "You'll see when we get there." We leave his house in my truck and I drive to Tami's. As I park, he comments, "Isn't this where Tami lives?" I tell him, "You know I think you?re correct." and get out of the truck.

We walk up to the door and I unlock it so we can enter. I tell him "Take a seat. I need to run to the bathroom, and then I'll have something to show you." He sits down and turns on the TV while I go to the hallway door to the Master Bath. After I get inside, I quietly walk into the bedroom and look at my Slaves, still where I left them. Their heads are turning around as if to try to find out what is going on as they can hear the TV in the other room, and probably heard Art and I enter the house.

I walk over to the bed and whisper to them "Are you Slaves both ready to do whatever I want and with whomever I want? They both shake their heads 'yes'. I say, "Good then I am going to untie you both. You are to stand beside the bed. Do not move otherwise until I tell you. Your blindfolds, gags, and butt plugs are to stay in place. If either of you do not behave, both will be punished. Do both of my Slaves understand their Master?" They both shake their heads 'yes'. I untie their binds and slowly move them off to the side of the bed.

After they stand up on shaky legs I tell Linda "Remove what is left of your clothes. Remember, your blindfold, gag, and butt plug stay in place." She bends over pushes her skirt and slip to the floor. What's left of her pantyhose, Linda pushes off of her legs and piles them at her feet. When Linda is through, I take both Slaves over by the door and have them stand back a second. When I open the door, Art looks our way. When he notices it is me he asks, "So what's the big surprise?" I ask him "What is one of the things you have most desired?" He says "Besides to have a million dollars is to get into Tami or Linda's asses."

I pull my Slaves into the doorway and tell him "Well today is your lucky day my friend. Both of these Slaves are here to service you. They are to please you, anyway they can." He stands back, and can only say "Wow! This is a surprise. One that I would never have expected. To have a shot at both Linda and Tami, especially at one time is great. You truly are a friend." He walks over to Linda and Tami. He looks them up and down, all around. When he notices the butt plugs he says "What are those for?" I tell him they are to remind them that their asses belong to me to do with whatever I desire. Which includes sharing them with whomever I desire. You just happen to be the first." He notices the clamps on their nipples and clits and asks "More the same?" I shake my head 'yes' and tell him "If they get a little out of line I just give one or more a tug. They also remind my Slaves as to who is the Master around here." With that I give a clamp on one of each Slave's tits a tug and say "Right Slaves?" They both shake their heads 'yes'.

Art reaches out and touches each Slave along their cheek. Both flinch a little. I reach out and tug on a nipple clamp. When Art touches them again, they stand steady. He moves his hands on down over their bodies. Lightly touching their tits, lightly tugging on their nipple clamps to see their reactions. His hands continue on down to their hips and across the top to their pubic region. He turns and asks "How come Tami's pussy is shaved, and Linda's is not?" I tell him "I just haven't taken the time yet to shave her pussy. Do you think Linda should be shaved as well?" He says "Yeah, I think they both should have clean shaven pussies. Will you allow me to shave Linda? Or, do you want that pleasure?"

I respond "No, you can shave her. You just need to be careful. Especially right now. They have both been through some trying times the last couple of hours. Linda's pussy, is probably quite sensitive." He says "Not a problem. Where's a razor and some shave cream?" I go to the bedroom and bring back the scissors, razor, and cream for him. I guide Linda over to the coffee table and instruct her "Lay back on the coffee table and spread your legs wide." She lies back as told with no hesitation. Art trims up the longer hairs with the scissors. When they are all pretty much trimmed down close, he takes some cream and spreads it around. He then takes the razor and lightly cuts the remaining hair from Linda's pubic area. When he is through, he sits back to admire his handy work. Reaching out with one hand, he feels around Linda's pussy and says "Smooth as a baby's bottom. She's seems ready to be licked and fucked, don't you think?" I tell him "Go ahead, whenever you are ready. As I said before, both Linda and Tami are here to service us, and please us in anyway we desire. The only thing I ask is I am the only one who is to issue them any pain, other than maybe a tug or two on the nipple and clit clamps. Understand?" He says, "Yeah, not a problem. This could definitely be fun." I ask "Do you want her here in the living room or in the bedroom?" He responds "The bedroom, more comfortable on the bed."

With that I point towards the bedroom and say "There it is. I just might look in shortly to see how you are doing. Do you have any problem with that?" He says "No. Heck, if you want to, come in now and watch. Bring Tami, if you take her blindfold off she can watch what she will be getting later, that is if you let me have her as well." I tell him "They are both here for our pleasure, and if you feel up to the task, she will be yours later."

All four of us enter the bedroom. Art takes Linda over to the bed and lays her down on her belly. He grabs a pillow and shoves it under her mid section to raise her ass in the air. He undresses, tossing his clothes to the side. When he turns around I am able to see that his erect prick is about the same size as mine when hard. I tell him "Hold it a second." With that I take Tami's blindfold off and say to her "How would you like to get your lips around his prick Slave?" She shakes her head 'yes'. I tell her "You'll get a chance in a bit."

I look at Art and say "Go ahead and have fun fucking Linda." Art climbs on the bed behind Linda and begins to rub his prick around her pussy, across her clamped clit, and up to her plugged ass. Linda pushes back the next time he gets close to her pussy. Art slowly pushes his prick on into Linda's waiting pussy. They both start rocking back and forth on the bed. In a matter of minutes, Art starts driving his prick into Linda with such force I am surprised she is still up on her hands and knees. Then I remember he had placed a pillow below her. A few minutes later he drives deep into her and yells out "I'm ccoommiinngg!" Both his and Linda's bodies tense up and then start to quiver in orgasm. When Art is spent, he rolls off to the side and Linda collapses down.

I tell Tami "Slave get over there and suck Art's come out of Linda's pussy. When you are through with her, clean his prick as well." Tami runs to the bed and rolls Linda onto her back, spreads her legs and starts to lick Linda's pussy clean. She sticks her tongue inside and sucks out as much of Art's cream that she can get. Linda starts to push her pussy against Tami's face and then tenses up with an orgasm. When it subsides, I tell Tami "Get to cleaning Art's prick Slave."

Art had been able to watch some of Tami licking Linda's pussy. This has caused his prick to start to come back to life. With Tami's mouth action it comes back to full hardness. Tami licks Art's prick with vigor and takes it into her mouth, sucking away at it. Looking at Art's face I can tell he is surprised when he feels his prick enter into Tami's throat. Also he is surprised when her muscles start manipulating his prick. After only a couple of minutes, I see Art tense up, pushing his pelvis towards Tami's face. I then see her throat start to move in a swallowing action, and I know Art is shooting a load down her throat.

Tami continues to suck until his prick shrinks to a flaccid state and pops out of her mouth. I ask Art "Well, how did you like Linda's pussy and Tami's mouth?" He says "Fan-fucking-tastic! I can't wait for the next go-round. Is there any problem of removing one of the butt plugs and my prick taking its place for a while?" I tell him "We'll see. It might be possible later, but not just yet. There are a couple of other things, that I want to see you three get into first." Art asks "What do you mean?" "You'll see and in all likelihood will like it." I tell him.

I tell Linda "Get up and sit on Art's face with your face towards his prick." I tell Tami "Get off the bed and come over here to me." I then tell Linda "Lick Art's prick Slave. You don't have to worry about it being dirty as Tami just cleaned it up for you." To Tami I whisper, ?Take one of the ropes that I had tied you with earlier and tie Art's hand the same way I had yours to the corner of the bed. Then tie his ankle to the foot of the bed. Leave a little slack in the rope to his ankle so a pillow can go under his ass." She looks at me with a questioning look. I tell her, "Just do as I said Slave, while I get Art's other wrist and ankle tied."

When Tami and I grab his wrists, Art looks about with a startled expression, as if 'What is going on here?' I tell him "Just lay back and enjoy Linda's mouth and pussy Art. Art, this is just another part of the surprise for you, bud." Tami and I finish tying his wrists and when we move down to tie his ankles he asks "What are you doing?" Again I tell him "Art, just lay back. You are going to get a kick out of what is to come next. Isn't he Slave Tami?" She looks at me with a questioning, yet knowing look and says "Yes Master." I think she just might have an idea as to what is to happen regarding Art and his tied up predicament.

When we have him fastened down with the ropes I tell Linda "You can get off Art now Slave." She moves off him. I ask Tami, "Remember how your elbows and knees were tied?" She nods. I tell her "That is how I want you to tie Art's as well." She says "Yes Master." While Tami is tying Art the way she was instructed to, I place a pillow under Art's ass, raising his midsection off the bed. I then grab the small vibrator that I had used on Tami's ass before inserting her butt plug and grease it.

I take Linda's blindfold off and she looks down at Art in surprise at his predicament. I hand her the vibrator and the lubricant. She looks at me questioningly 'What am I supposed to do with this?'. I tell her "Go grease up Art's ass with the jelly and then turn the vibrator on and insert it into his ass. Tami, I want to see you fuck Art's ass with the vibrator, like he wanted to do to you and your fellow slave."

Art starts to shake his head 'NO!' and cries out "What are you going to do to me?" I tell him "You are going to get first what you wanted to do to my slaves. Art, you are going to see what it feels like to get your ass fucked, BUD!" Linda moves over to the bed and begins wiping some of the jelly over Art's rear opening. When she has it well lubed, Linda begins to insert the vibrator into his ass. Art tries to pull away, but his bindings won't allow him to move too far.

He says "Hey, I'm not queer. Why are you doing these things to me?" I tell him "Just lay back and enjoy, we know you are not a queer. But, you need to know what it feels like to get fucked in the ass, just like you intended on doing to my Slaves. Plus Art, it is to make you realize that I expect you to be one of my Slaves as well." To which Art's face twists into a scowl of 'What are you talking about?'. I tell him "You heard me. Art, You are going to be one of my Slaves! Are you not?" Slowly Linda then pushes the vibrator into Art's ass. He still tries to get away from it for a few minutes. I tell him "Relax, it will feel a whole lot better if you relax. That vibrator is going into your ass, so you might as well lie back and enjoy it." When Linda has the vibrator fully inserted and is moving it in a fucking motion, Art starts to push back against it trying to keep the vibrator inside him. I ask Art "How does it feel to have a prick of some sort up your ass?" Art says "It doesn't feel as bad as I thought it would. As a matter of fact it is starting to feel pretty good, maybe being a slave won't be so bad after all. Is this how a prick feels up your ass Linda, Tami?"

I tell him "Art, you seem to be getting a little excited at having your ass fucked with that vibrator. Hey Art, your prick is coming back to life without anyone touching it." He lifts his head and sees that I am not lying, his prick is swelling to an erection. I tell Linda "Get his ass good and stretched out." I tell Tami "Come here I have something for you to put on."

With that I reach into my bag and pull out a garter belt like strap. Tami looks at it like 'I know what that is used for.' I wrap it around her waist and then reach for the dildo we had used in Linda earlier and place it through the opening on the strap. When I stand back, it looks as if Tami now has a prick of her own. I tell her, "Lube up your prick, it's going to be your turn to fuck someone soon." With that, Tami grabs the tube and begins to apply jelly to the dildo with vigor. I tell Linda, "Sit up out of Tami's way, she needs access to Art's ass with her prick." Art looks and says "What are you going to do to me now?"

I tell him "Shut up and enjoy what Tami has for you. Maybe you will be able to return the favor to her and possibly to Linda later." With that, Tami moves onto the bed and places her rubber prick against Art's stretched out and warmed up ass. Tami slowly pushes her hips towards Art and her prick begins to enter into his ass ever so slowly. I hear a moan of pain and pleasure coming from Art. Linda in the mean time is sitting by watching her friend fuck a man's ass with the same dildo that was in her pussy earlier. Linda cries out "Master, can I be next to receive a fucking from Tami and her prick?" I tell her "Maybe that can be arranged Slave. For now just sit back, stick your fingers into your pussy and finger fuck yourself while you watch Tami fuck Art." After a few minutes I grab the lubricant and grease up my prick. I move in behind Tami and yank the butt plug from her ass. She lets out a yelp of loss, that is short lived as I place my prick against her anal opening and push. She stops moving in and out of Art as I enter her ass. Shortly we gain a motion where the three of us are moving in unison. Me pumping my prick in and out of her ass, and her pumping her prick in and out of Art's ass. After a few minutes, our pace picks up, and then the three of us tense up and shake in orgasm.

My prick releases its load deep in Tami's beautiful ass and Art's sprays come all over his and Tami's belly. I withdraw my prick from Tami and reinsert the butt plug in her ass. Tami moans, and then sighs, at the loss and then the found feeling in her ass. Tami then slowly pulls her prick out of Art's ass. As she does so, Art lets out moans of pleasure, saying, "That felt great. Can we do it again?" I tell him, "Maybe, we'll see how you act for the rest of the day as well." Seeing the splattered come on Tami and Art's mid-sections I tell Linda "Its time for you to clean up Art's mess on himself as Art cleans up his mess from Tami." Art says "Hey now, I said I'm not a queer. Hey, I don't need to lick up my own come." I ask him, "Wait just a minute, did you not shoot a load of come down Tami's throat earlier?" He shakes his head 'yes'. I tell him "Then its your turn to see what it tastes like. I'm sure Tami's blow job earlier wasn't the first you have ever received. Right?" Art shakes his head 'yes'. "Then clean up your mess from Tami's belly and taste your own come. Who knows maybe you'll like the taste and want more in the future." Linda slowly moves around to Art's belly and slowly starts to lick up his come. I tell her "Get a move on Slave. You expect Tami and Art to taste your pussy juice, its only fair that you return the favor in kind." With that I pull on the clamp on her clit, causing her to moan. She then starts to lap up Art's belly of his come. Tami in the meantime has moved to afford Art access to her belly. He hesitates at licking her belly. I reach out and grab his balls, saying "Art, remember you need to clean up your mess, or you might just hurt for a while when I squeeze these tight." With that he sticks his tongue out to taste his come. Again he sticks his tongue out to taste, then he starts to really go at it with vigor.

I ask him "Not too bad after all is it?" He replies "Not really." When all of Art's come is cleaned up from his and Tami's bellies, I tell the girls to stand next to the bed. I then whisper in Art's ear "YOU, as well as Linda and Tami, WILL BE MY Slave. YOU will avail YOUR body to do WHATEVER, WITH WHOMEVER, and WHENEVER I choose to do with it. Do you understand?" Art looks at me quizzically. I say to him "I'm telling you that from this day forward you are my Slave, just as much as Linda and Tami are. You will make yourself ready to do whatever, with whomever, and whenever I tell you. Especially Art, if you want to have the pleasure of Linda or Tami's company again. If you do not want this say so now, you will be released and told to leave and never return or speak to us again. Do you understand what I am saying?" Art nods his head 'yes'. I ask him "Well what is your answer? Do you wish to stay with us as one of my Slaves, or do you desire to leave?" He answers "I want to stay. I have loved the pleasures I have received these last couple of hours."

I tell him "Then say it right Slave!" Art says "Master, I wish to be one of your slaves. Therefore, I will do whatever, with whomever, and whenever you so desire." With that I reach into the bag again and take out three more clamps. I put one on each of his nipples and one I clamp to his testicles. These three are attached together by a short chain. I untie Art and tell him to stand next to Linda and Tami. I then take a leather wrap for his balls and prick out of the bag and tell him to put it on. When it is on, I tighten it until it is just slightly uncomfortable for him in a flaccid state. However, if he gets an erection, his balls and prick will get really cramped up inside.

Then take short lengths of chain and connect the clamps on Linda and Tami's nipples and clits respectively, as I take the weights off them. I then tell my Slaves "You are to be at my beck and call at all times. This will be the last time any of you are to stand erect in my presence, unless told to do so by me. Get on your knees now and as I walk in front of you I want you to kiss my prick. Kiss it like the only thing in this world that you desire is to please me. That desire had better be true for all of you."

When they all get to their knees I walk in front of Linda. She reaches up with her hands for my prick. I slap her hands telling her "Slave did I say fondle my prick with your hands? No! I said kiss my prick. No hands involved, your mouth only." With that said, Linda stretches out her face to my prick and kisses all over it. I move to be in front of Art. I tell him "Remember what I said about whatever and with whomever I want you to pleasure, you are to do such. Now kiss my prick Slave! That is if you still desire to be one of my Slaves. Do you still want to be one of my Slaves?" Art says, "Yes Master!", as he slowly stretches out and kisses my prick all over.

Finally I move in front of Tami. When she stretches out to kiss my prick, I reach out and grab the back of her head and shove my prick into her mouth and begin fucking her face. I tell her "This is just a reminder Slave of what a big mouth you have. Tami, I still have to say though, you have got to be one of the best cock suckers to ever suck my cock."

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