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Sunset Key (V)- The Final Test and My Return to Brian

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We returned to the cottage and Tina let me take a long shower. She even let me fix my hair. She had laid out an outfit for me to wear that was very unusual. There were white panties, a matching white bra, and a sundress that buttoned down the front with a tie belt. I felt feminine and comfortable.

Tina walked along the beach with me to the final house for the evening. The moon was full and the temperature was perfect.

Suddenly, out of nowhere someone came up and grabbed Tina. I turned to help but was met by yet another man who tried to grab me. I kicked away from him and took off running down the beach. But the man followed me and when he caught up he tackled me to the ground. I struggled to get away but he kept all his weight on me. He smashed my face into the sand so I couldn?t scream. Within minutes the other thug approached out of breath and said that Tina had gotten away.

?Don?t worry about that bitch. This is the one we wanted. Get me something to gag her with.?

The brute stripped off his t-shirt and shoved it in my mouth. Then the other one ripped the belt off my dress and wrapped it tightly around my head to keep the shirt lodged in. I panicked when I realized I couldn?t breathe through my mouth and I started flailing my arms and legs trying to get away. The guy on top of me roughly flipped me over onto my back while the other one used his belt to bind my wrists together over my head.

?I?ve got her secure. You can take her first.?

He used all his force to lean into my wrists and smash my face to the side so that his friend could do as he pleased.

His partner wasted no time and ripped open my dress breaking all the buttons. He pulled off by panties and then shoved his knee into my cunt while he used a knife to cut away my bra.

?Oh, shit man. Look at her tits. They?re leaking.?

?Bonus! You can fuck her first but I get first crack at those.?

He latched on and got a mouth full of milk. Laying across my arms and face, he gulped down as much as he could get.

The guy that had ripped my clothes off jammed his finger in my pussy. I was mortified when I realized that I was dripping wet. He must have known that I liked the force because he got even rougher. He unzipped his pants and started fucking me. He was so revved up that he only lasted a couple of minutes.

When he pulled out he lay across my legs and latched onto the other breast. Both men kept sucking until I was empty.

?Your turn now, Bro.?

?Flip her over. I don?t want to see the bitch?s face.?

They both got off of me and rolled me over.

Again one guy held my arms and pushed my face into the sand. The other one lifted what was left of my dress over my head.

?Oh, man. We struck gold. This slut likes pain. Look how red and bruised her ass is.?

?Well, let?s see how far she will go.?

The one holding my arms took off his belt and I prepared myself for another beating. But instead of whipping me he wrapped the belt around my neck and pulled it taut.

?Go ahead and fuck her. I?ll decide whether she gets to breathe or not.?

He was much larger than the first guy and rammed his dick into me. His partner pulled the belt restricting my neck and imprinting the buckle deep on my skin. I should have fought more and should have hated the attack. But my body proved otherwise and I once again was wet and ready to take his cock. He pounded me over and over and when he was through he spraying his cum all over my backside.

?What should we do with her now? Just leave her here?

?Yes. No, wait. I have a much better plan for this slut who loves to be fucked. Drag her over to that pavilion while I run and get something.?

I was too weak to fight as he grabbed my wrists and dragged me through the sand. When the other one returned he had what looked like a long chain.

?I got this for my girlfriend and could never get her to wear it. Finally I get to use it.?

He bolted the metal collar around my neck. Chains coming off the collar with large metal circles fit around my tits. Off of those rings were thicker chains that he pulled through my legs. The chains held my pussy lips wide open, went up my back and locked into the back of my collar. The two men then lifted me up and tied my wrists and ankles spread eagle to the pavilion entry. And then they left.

It was dark except for the little bit of moonlight. I could see a figure approaching. It was Tina.

?Well, don?t you have yourself in a predicament? Your final master enjoyed your time together very much. I came to take you back, but I quite like the visual of you chained on the beach in the dark. So you?ll stay here tonight. I will remove the gag but if anyone approaches and wants to use you, you are not permitted to scream. You are still under my watch. I will return for you in the morning and treat you to a few hours at the spa before returning you to Brian. Goodnight, O.?

The night went by so slowly. Every noise spooked me and I imagined time and time again that people were coming my way. But no one did. I stayed there bound in the dark, alone.

As promised Tina came for me in the morning. She cut me down and wrapped a blanket around me. We walked to the spa without a word spoken. She handed me off to an attendant who gently washed me and massaged my sore body. I once again got the royal treatment. But in the back of my mind all I could think about was Brian. I felt like a changed person and I didn?t like that I had grown without him at my side.

He didn?t come for me at the spa. Instead Tina escorted me back to the cottage. I wore a plush white robe until I got to the front door. She opened the door for me, removed my robe and nudged me forward. I knew I was supposed to kneel and wait for Brian?s command, but I couldn?t help myself. I ran through the door and jumped in his arms.

?I?m so sorry. I?m so sorry. I shouldn?t have let them touch me.?

?You have nothing to apologize for. Anyone that touched you or even saw you did so at my direct command. You may be a little worse for wear but you were safe at all times. You followed instructions because I told you to. And that is all I asked. But now you?re back with me and starting first thing tomorrow morning you will know what it means to be owned.?

?First thing tomorrow morning??

?Yes. Tonight is just us. No clothes. No rules. All night.?

I loved it. We spent the entire afternoon through to morning locked in our bedroom together. I was able to run my fingers all over him and we talked liked we hadn?t talked in years. It was honest and open and beautiful. I fell asleep in his arms smiling.

When I woke in the morning, Brian was sitting in a chair watching me.

?Good morning my pet. Come here.?

I rolled out of bed and across the room to the chair where Brian was sitting. He smiled and then stood up, guiding me to kneel in the chair.

?I saw you in this position in one of your escapades and knew I had to try it. Although I think I prefer to tie your arms instead of your neck. Maybe we?ll try both ways and compare the two.?

He tied my ankles and tethered my neck to the legs of the chair just like Sir had done. Only, Brian walked around to the back of the chair. He opened his fly and put his large erect cock in my mouth. I gladly took him in my mouth and sucked his dick. At the same time he pulled off his leather belt and lightly started hitting my ass. Sometimes he aimed for my pussy and when he did I moaned with pleasure. In return I sucked much harder. I went at him so aggressively that he often had to pull out to gain control. As he fucked my mouth his whipping got harder. It escalated until he got so close he couldn?t hold on. He pulled out slightly and used his hand to masturbate in my mouth. Then he zipped up, stuck the purple vibrator in my pussy and walked away, leaving me tied in the chair. The next thing I heard was him crawling into bed and turning on the television. I knew he enjoyed the view of my open pussy in his line of view to the T.V., but I still expected him to come back and release me. Instead he fell asleep.

A few waking hours later, I heard the alarm go off. He must have set it to keep up with the milking schedule. He got out of bed, walked over and untied the rope around my neck. I thought he was finally going to let me go. But instead he used the rope to bind my wrists and tie them to the back of the chair. Next he walked around and untied my legs. He spun me around and slid me down in the chair so that my arms were stretched. They were so tight that my biceps were covering my ears. He messed around with the vibrator changing the setting and then pulled my ass forward.

Brian got on his knees and lay across my body so that his mouth was right at my breasts. Then he reached around and grabbed a big hand full of my hair, jerking my head back. I was waiting for him to latch his mouth onto my wanting nipple but instead he used his free hand to lightly trace my body. The feel of his finger tips around my belly and nipples was making my back arch and I was pushing off with my feet to try and push my hips into him. My pussy was flaming and I needed contact with any part of him. He let go of my hair and slid down between my thighs. Tenderly he licked my pussy knowing I was extremely close to an orgasm. He played me perfectly understanding exactly how far he could take me without letting me climax. Several times he brought me right to the edge. And then he smiled his devious smile and crawled back up my body to latch onto my breast. He milked me dry and then returned to his bed to take another nap.

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