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Spank me please

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Derrick bends her over the counter, Jade leans over eagerly.

?So, my pretty little slave, what do you think you did to deserve a spanking today?? Derrick asked.

Jade wiggled enticingly. ?Master, I did all my household chores and didn?t masturbate, just like you ordered.?

Derrick continued to just hold her down over the kitchen counter. ?That was what I ordered you to do, you have to do better than that to get a spanking.

Jade moaned. ?I made you favorite dinner, it is in the oven. Please Master, I have been so good. I deserve a good spanking. Please punish me.? Jade begged, pushing her bottom toward him. ?I have been naked all day. I read the dirty stories you left me. I didn?t touch my clit once.?

?That must have been hard,? said Derrick thoughtfully.

?Very hard Sir.?

?Did you like any of the stories??

?Yes Sir.?

?Which ones?? Jade she moans, but she doesn?t answer.

Derrick smiles, he knows how hard it is for Jade to express her wants. ?Tell me.?

Jade lays her head on the counter in defeat. ?Yes, sir. It was the one where she pretends she doesn?t want to be fucked in the ass and he makes her submit.?

?How does he make her submit?? Derrick asked.

?He spanks her and plays with her ass and pussy and won?t let her come till she begs for his cock in her ass.?

?You know Jade, that sounds a bit like you. You never admit to liking anal sex, do you??

Jade moaned and squirmed a little. Derrick pulled the leather paddle out of his back pocket. Jade saw it, the words ?Mine? were cut out of the leather. Derrick laid it against her ass gently. ?Tell me what you liked about it.?

Jade panted a little in anticipation. ?I liked the spanking.?

?Good girl,? Derrick smack her ass firmly three times and stopped. At each smack Jade had cried out, ?Thank you Sir?. But her disappointment at his stopping was obvious.

Derrick kissed one cheek, ?And? You know what I want to hear, I will continue to spank you only if you confess all the things you liked about the story.?

Jade bit her lip and nodded, ?I liked when she was bad and knew she was getting a spanking?.? Derrick paddled Jade?s ass slowly but firmly. Each smack of the paddle pushed her into the counter top. ?I liked when she squealed and complained when the man put his finger on her hole, knowing he would spank harder and force his finger into her ass.? Jade was flushed now as Derrick spanked her quickly. ?I liked when he made her get the box full of toys for her punishment. Then she had to kneel on the bed to be prepared for his use of her. And for every protest and complaint the man spanked her very hard with his hands.

Derrick watched Jade with her eyes closed reciting the fantasy?she would not admit to liking some things until she was forced to. Derrick spanked her continually now as the confession continued.

?I liked how he lubed her butt and he spanked her. Then he started putting a finger in and she called him a bad name, knowing that he would continue spanking her and finger fucking her asshole.? Jade?s bottom had grown bright pink and she panted as she continued describing the story. ?The man let his finger pop out each time and make her start over taking it back into her ass. He finally fucked her with two fingers and he stopped spanking her to play with the woman?s pussy. Every time she was about to come he would stop and spank her more. She started begging for an orgasm.? Jade stopped, breathing hard and gasping as Derrick worked two slick fingers into her tight ass hole. Jade moaned and thrust back on his fingers.

?Then what Jade??

?The man took his fingers out and forced a butt plug in while she pretended to struggle and call him names. He started using his belt on her ass. Every so often he would bring her almost to orgasm then stop. Finally she begged him to cum in her ass.?

Jade was close to orgasm herself, as Derrick worked his stiff penis into her very wet pussy. With every thrust he began working a string of anal beads into her ass. The moment Jade began to orgasm, Derrick pulled hard on the string of beads and slid his cock out of her pussy and into her pulsing ass hole.

He stroking his hand over all the welts on her red behind that read, ?Mine?.

?What a good girl,? Derrick said as he came deep in Jade?s ass.

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