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Smelling Mara

Mara was new to the intensive care unit where she worked as a nurse.
She was beautiful, a cross between Victoria Principle and Jane Seymour. Her
hair was usually in a bun, though when outside of the hospital environment,
her hair flowed with waves. We initially only made eye contact and combined it
with a special smile that said volumes. Eventually we spoke. She was married,
though was quick to add that it was not a happy union. Her husband worked
third shift while she worked second. He came home to sleep after she was
already awake and walking her dogs. He was a rock-and-roll musician who had
caught her attention during a phase in her life, but as she matured, they no
longer had the chemistry she once sensed. She was quick to add that they
hadn't been intimate for months, and I quickly offered my condolences. The
volley of flirtations continued for a week before I requested her presence at
my apartment, which she accepted.

I had given her directions, but had an oil lantern set atop my car as
a beacon. I spotted her sporty Nissan a few blocks away, and watched it as
she pulled into the parking lot. The car door opened and she was met with a
single, long-stem rose. She wore faded jeans which highlighted her ass like
her scrubs never did and her blouse did the same for her perfect-sized
breasts. She commented on how long it had been since she received a rose, and
I again offered my condolences. We entered the apartment which was lit by
dozens of scented candles. Kitaro played softly in the background. I opened
a cold bottle of spumante and tossed some crab-legs into a pot of near-boiling
water. I thanked her for coming, and promised an enjoyable evening. We sipped
the sparkling wine and ate the crab which had sacrificed its life for our
pleasure. The conversation stalled and I reached in to her face with mine and
very softly kissed her lips. I stood up from the couch, held her hand, and
brought her into my bedroom. The room was also lit by candles, though not
quite as brightly as was the previous room. We kissed at the foot of the
waterbed, I gently stoked her face and said "trust me".

Slowly I unbuttoned her blouse which exposed an aqua-blue bra, secured
by a clasp in the front. My lips traveled from her cheek and down her neck. I
found an area just above her cleavage which she had obviously dabbed a bit of
perfume. It could have easily been pure pheremones. My heart pounded from
within my chest and my hands trembled as I pushed her blouse off her shoulders
and it fell to the floor. Her breathing became heavier and I could hear her
heart beat. I sat on the bed and grabbing her hand, pulled her down toward
me. I retrieved a marijuana cigarette from a drawer in the mirrored headboard
and we smoked it together. Kitaro continued to play through speakers wired
into the bedroom. I arose from the bed and went to my closet, returning with
a silk hankerchief from one of my suit coats. I secured it over her eyes and
lay her down in the middle of the bed. In a drawer of the pedestal I had a
set of restraints which were discreetly removed from the hospital and I
attached one to each wrist. The ends tied easily to the frame. I again
carressed her face and asked if she was okay. She smiled, slighty, and said
she was a little scared. To this, I responded "good".

It was time for a change of music. Prince's Purple Rain seemed
appropriate for what I had in mind for her, and I placed the disc into the
player. I returned to the bedroom and climbed onto the waterbed. I carressed
her face, then my hand slowly traveled down her neck to her bra. My fingers
ran over the lace, and her nipples quickly rose to the attention. My nose
returned to that area over which the perfume was place and simultaneously my
lips and tongue gently kissed her chest. The smell of the perfume was very
stimulating, and though I had her semi-restrained, I was in no hurry. The
marijuana heightened my sense of smell, and I was content to stimulate my
olfactory senses, and did so for at least an entire song. Eventually, I
unfastened the clasp of her bra, and exposed her firm, soft, tan breasts. She
visited a tanning booth often, and her body was without tan lines. My mouth
slowly made it's way between the breasts, but teasingly continued down her
stomach. The trip was slow, and I savored the scent of this beautiful woman.
As I neared her abdomen, my hands wandered along the waist of her jeans, and
converged to unbutton them. I repositioned myself and knelt in front of her,
her knees between mine. I leaned forward and pulled the zipper down with my
teeth. Slowly I pulled her jeans over her hips and removed them from her tan,
smooth legs. With her panties still on, I attached the padded restraints to
her ankles, and tied one end to the frame. I went to the other side of the
bed, and with a fair amount of force, pulled the restraint and secured that
end, also. Her legs were spread widely, and I knelt between them. I paused,
and gazed at the scantily-clad, blind-folded professional. I lowered my face
and again smelled all the smells she wore. Perfume on her clevage and below
her navel, deodorant under her arms, the slight perspiration on her neck, and
the wonderful scents emminating from her panties. I rubbed my nose on the
fabric over her clitoris, and she responded with a faint moan.

I climbed off the bed, and gazed down at the helpless nurse. She was
so vulnerable. I could do whatever I wanted to her. I could even kill her. I
walked into the kitchen and grabbed a knife, then returned to the bedroom. She
asked where I went, and what I was doing. I told exactly what I had in my
hand, and she didn't say a word. I carefully brought the knife to her face
and brushed it against her skin. She asked me what I was going to do with it.
She probably regretted coming to my apartment. I didn't say a word, but
instead brought it down to her hips and sliced through the panties. I leaned
over, grabbed them with my teeth, and pulled them from under her ass. She
sighed and seemed to relax a bit. I placed the knife on the headboard and
returned to the wet area between her legs. I was carefull not to touch her,
though. She smelled exquisite, and nearly wimpered knowing my face and mouth
and tongue were within an inch of her sex, yet she only felt my breath.

Ever so lightly, my tongue touched her clitoris. The touch was nearly
as light as my breath, and her juices were visible. The pressure from my
tongue increased over her bud, but only for a few seconds, when I again
removed myself from the waterbed. In the closet there was a polaroid camera,
and she discovered it's presence with the first flash. There was nothing she
could do. While she objected to this, I took a few more pictures, then just
looked at her for the longest time. She called out my name, but I did not
respond. She then heard me leave the room, and called out as I was walking
into the bathroom. I returned with an electric razor I use to trim my beard
and turned it on. It buzzed loudly, and she could hear its closing proximity
to her. Assuming it was a vibrator, she asked if it was clean. I did not say
anything, but placed the handle of the clippers to her vulva, to which she
responded by slowly gyrating her hips. Before she could enjoy this too much,
though, I turned the instrument around and removed a one-inch square of her
pubic hair. Startled, she asked what I was doing, and I told her not to move,
lest there may be blood.

I was branding her...seeing if in fact she was still intimate with the
man whose name she used. I grabbed a towel and placed it under her ass so not
to soil my sheets, and returned to the removal of her pubic hair, adding to
her vulnerablilty. Periodically, as to reward her, I would place the metal
blade, now warm from friction, on her clitoris, and she responded by scooting
herself toward me, though I kept those rewards brief...keeping her wanting,
keeping her in my control. She required frequent reminders not to move,
though in reality, she was safe from harm. I finished the shearing,
brushed-off the loose hairs and removed the towel from the bed.

This sophisticated, educated, mature woman now had the cunt of a
little girl. Smooth to the touch, with lips unable to contain her engorged
bud, it screamed out for my attention. In my mind, I had a pre-pubescent
female tied to my bed, though she had a woman's body and a woman's burning,
unfulfilled desires. Her body moved as though to somehow create relief to her
sexual tension, but it didn't work. I asked her what she wanted.

"I want you", she said.

I told her to be more specific.

"I want your penis", she replied.

I reminded her she wasn't talking to a patient. She paused.

"I want your cock" the medical professional said. She
was starting to get the ideal of what I wanted to hear.

I asked her what else she wanted.

"Put your mouth to me", she said.

I told her that I had thought we were making progress, and waited for
her to restate her desire. Again she paused, as if to get into the mind-set
of a tramp.

"Eat my pussy", she said with slight embarrasment.

I didn't like her tone and reminded her that she was not in the
position to demand anything.

"Please", she responded. I remained silent and she sensed my
disappointment in her choice of words.

"Please eat my pussy", she pleaded.

I would have liked to have had "sir" or "master" attached to the end
of that plea, but I am a kind man, and returned to the bed. I lightly licked
her lips, being careful not to touch anything but, and my face gravitated
southward, again taking in all of her scents. She could only feel my breath
as I passed over her neck and positioned my mouth over her right breast.
Slowly I lowered my mouth and took in her nipple. She pushed against her
shoulders, and raised herself into my face. I gently sucked and twirled my
tongue around her nipple. Though already erect, it became more so, and her
breathing became louder. After about a minute, I changed breasts, and repeated
the oral manipulations of that nipple. Her pelvis continued to gyrate and I
knew this was doing nothing for the sexual tension she was feeling, so I
progressed down her stomach, again taking in all of her scents. I rang her
"doorbell" by lightly touching my tongue to her navel. I did not need to wait
for her to answer, as the door was already wide open. I continued down,
lowered my mouth over her clitoris, and eventually touched it with my tongue.
To this, she thrust her hips at me, causing a more forceful contact with my
tongue. She was begging, non-verbally. I parted her labia with my tongue,
then ran it up and down, finally licking circles around her bud of nerves. She
was begining to struggle with the restraints, and soon asked for her freedom.
I asked why, and she said she wanted to fuck me like I've never been fucked
before. It sounded like a good idea to me, so I obliged, by untying a hand.
She quickly escaped from the remaining 3 restraints, jumped up on the sloshing
bed, and pushed me to my back. She held my hands to the side of my head and
impaled her vagina with my erection. She was jumping on me, her flowing hair
bouncing with the slapping of our organs. It did not take long before she
started to moan, which soon turned to squeels. The noises she was creating
was quickly elevating my arousal, and I told her I was about to cum. Not being
on birth control, she withdrew my cock from her vagina, and inserted it in her
ass. The insertion was quick and smooth, as there was plently of lubricant to
the entire area. I was impressed with her inhibitions. Here was the formerly
reserved nurse, moaning as she had me fuck her in the ass. She cocked her
head back and began to breath rapidly, and I could feel her orgasm with the
flexation of her sphincter. My orgasm soon followed, as she lowered her face
to mine and forcefully kissed me with her open mouth. Her tight ass milked my
erection, until it was no longer. Her bouncing stopped, and she rolled over
onto her back, exhausted. She looked down to where her bush formerly was and

She soon left her husband and we ended up living together for a few
years. We had GREAT sex, frequently. As luck would have it, my estranged
wife came back into the picture and Mara dumped me for an anethesiologist. Now
I'm back with my wife, and instead of great sex, there's NO sex. Life is
funny that way.

End of Story

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