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Slave Natalie

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Chapter 1 ? Meeting

Natalie and I have now known each other for nearly 7 years. We met when she was in her late 20?s and I was working sales at a Mercedes dealership outside of Boston. She strode into the showroom; all 5?7? wearing 4? heels that made her stand a full 5?11?. She had on a tight pencil skirt and a button down blouse, both of which showed off her amazing body and made it obvious to anyone that she had dressed to be noticed. Her legs are a work of art, and she has a body that could only be described as faultless; thin, in-shape, great tits and an ass that bikini models would envy. Her shoulder length hair is brunette, and her eyes deep blue. Her face is pretty enough, but when she smiles it becomes nearly perfect. She has a smile that catches you off guard. She has perfectly straight, large, very white teeth, and her lips are amazing.

She had come in to upgrade from her three-year-old E-Class. It was clearly not the car for this fine piece of ass ? that?s a car for a middle-aged businessman. I made certain she was offered a proper ride, a two-seat convertible. When we were completing paperwork for the car, of course she needed to give me her phone number. She looked me straight in the eye, gave me the number, smiled and said ?that?s my personal cell number, feel free to call me anytime?. Within days we were seeing each other.

Natalie was married to Robert, a.k.a. ?Mr. Charms?. He was her Sugar Daddy (there is a pun there if you?re an aficionado of candy). Robert was a late-50?s retired businessman who had more money than personality, two ex-wives, and a serious need for a trophy wife at that time of his life. He was in great shape for a guy his age, and was certainly handsome enough to pique a woman?s interest. He was basically a good guy, just boring and a little insecure. To see the two of them together was like looking at Hugh Heffner and his playmates. Hugh?s a great looking guy for his age, and the girls are hot, but it?s kind of an awkward and pathetic sight.

Mr. Charms spent most of his summer days playing golf or sailing, and in the winter he spent a lot of time out-of-town, skiing in New Hampshire. None of his activities held much appeal for Natalie. She enjoyed working out at the health club, running and cycling to stay in shape and active. She also enjoyed hanging with her girlfriends and their families. That was okay with him. He was happy to pursue his interests and let Natalie pursue hers. He loved Natalie on some level I?m sure, but he was not an affectionate man. Natalie was honest about what she was in the marriage for, and on the surface the arrangement seemed to work for both of them ? except when it came to her sexual needs. Apparently, Mr. Charms was only able to perform sexually a few times a month. Natalie needed it almost every day.

Natalie and I would get together regularly for lunch, dinner dates, booty calls or just phone conversations. We were good for each other ? no demands or expectations, just friendship and understanding ? and lots of sex. She had other flings too. And when she told me about the men and how they seduced her, it really turned me on.

Natalie likes to be used, and she likes to please. She would fanaticize about being a whore, and tell me to treat her that way. She loved the fantasy of working as a high-priced escort, serving men such as Mr. Charms, and we would talk about that during sex to get her off.

Finally, after about 5 years of this odd arrangement/marriage, Mr. Charms realized the situation and found a woman closer to his own age and more fitting for him to spend his later years with. He had Natalie served with the divorce papers when he was away skiing, and within 6 months she was a free agent. She was able to walk away with enough from Mr. Charms to live quite comfortably, and get on with her life. She said she always knew it would come to that, and she was philosophical about it. She said that they both had gotten what they wanted, and were happy to move on to the next chapters of their lives. So when the split came, naturally I was there waiting. She became more attached to me, and I never refused her desires. About that same time, Natalie began to express a desire to pursue some of her more illicit fantasies.

Chapter 2 ? Getting to Know Natalie?s Dark Side

One very warm evening in the spring we were out to see a movie, and decided afterward to stop and get an ice cream at a shop nearby. Before we got in line, I went to the men?s room. When I returned, there was Natalie, looking very hot in her jeans, spaghetti strap tank top and sandals, standing in line talking to two guys who had come in after us. They were both very good-looking, slightly younger than us, and obviously on the prowl. As I approached, one of them saw me and nudged his friend. The look that I got was one that said, ?Crap. Here?s her Dude, and he?s taking her home ? not us?. And right they were. But before we got through the line, the conversation revealed that the two guys went to the same gym as Natalie, lived not far from us, and that they were out looking to meet women. None of these facts were lost on Natalie.

That night Natalie stayed at my place. As we began to kiss and fondle, she admitted that she had gotten extremely turned on by the two young guys. She said that as she was standing there talking to them, in her mind she was bent over sucking one?s cock while the other fucked her from behind. She got into telling me about the scenario to turn me on, as it normally would have. But with my fresh desire to make her mine alone, the closeness of the situation didn?t do it for me. It hit a nerve in my insecurity about whether she could be happy with me and we could have a future. I rolled over, and we both went silently to sleep.

The next morning Natalie was sitting at the table when I walked into the kitchen. She asked me how I was feeling. I told her. I told her everything that was eating at me. I told her that I wanted her as mine, and that I knew she wanted and deserved more. I explained how much I craved being with her, but how I also believe that she would never stay with me. I told her that if she couldn?t see any future for us, she should just leave, and we should stay away from one and other. She sat and listened, and didn?t respond for a long time. She got up from the table and went to the living room and sat on the couch, in thought. I went back upstairs thinking that we had just split for good.

After about 20 minutes, Natalie came into the bedroom and sat on the edge of the bed. I was lying on the floor staring at the ceiling. I expected her to tell me how much she wished we could go back to the way we were; Friends with Benefits. I waited for her to tell me that she didn?t want commitment, so she needed to move on. I waited for her to speak and finish me. I was ready. Instead, she explained that she had loved me from the first time she saw me at the dealership. That she wanted to make me happy, and that she was only truly happy when she was with me. She said that she felt like we were one. She thought that we would never be able to live apart ? at least she wouldn?t be able to. Then she explained to me that she had never shared this with me because she knew that her desires wouldn?t allow me to be happy with her. She felt that she was basically unable to be monogamous, faithful and worthy of my love. This blew me away. Here was the woman of my dreams, professing her love for me, and telling me that she wasn?t good enough for me. What???

I told her my feelings. I told her that I was unsure of my ability to make her happy. That I was feeling like she would always be looking for someone better, richer, more handsome and more exciting. I told her that the guys in the ice cream shop represented every other guy to me. They would all come on to her, and I would always know that she wanted them.

We decided to spend the day apart, but get together back at my place for dinner, and to talk some more. It was the longest day of my life.

So after ordering in, we sat and tried to get it out on the table. Basically, I said that I wanted her, I wanted her to be happy, and I felt that those were mutually exclusive things. She said that she wanted me, that she wanted only me as a partner in love, but that she was unable to be sexually faithful. She said it had nothing to do with me, that it was just how she was wired. I thought we were at an impasse, so we sat and waited.

The food came, and we made plates on the deck, but we hardly touched it. I told her that I didn?t know what to say. I told her that if we tried to be a couple, and she played around behind my back, I wouldn?t be able to handle it. She then had the most relevant question; she said ?so why in the past has my talk turned you on so much?? I thought about it, and replied ?because even though we had no commitment, you were sharing it with me, and it made me feel closer to you. If we?re a couple, I don?t want you fooling around behind my back.? She looked at me with a raised eyebrow as if to say, ?So, what if it?s not behind your back??

Chapter 3 ? Pursuing Her Desires

So we worked out a trial arrangement. We would move in together. We would be a couple, and she would be able to pursue her sexual desires as long as I was informed, approved and was completely on board. My only stipulation was that the men would be from out of our living area, and I would not be running into them around town.

It didn?t take long. She came in one evening, as usual dressed to kill, and said that she had just been given an interesting proposition. I asked where this had happened. She had been to a popular tapas and bar with a friend, and two men had approached them. Her friend being married was flattered, so they chatted for a while, but ultimately they brushed the guys away. Natalie later went to the ladies room, and caught these two for a minute at the bar. She told me that they were much like the younger guys from the ice cream parlor, that they were from Salem (about an hour away) and that she had the cell number of one of them. The guy, Jim, had said to her ?Please use that number. Anytime. Night or day.?

So she called ?Jim?. We placed the receiver between out ears so we could both hear. Jim was still at the bar; we could hear the background noise. I sat there listening as he exclaimed how he thought she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, and that they should get together soon. Then, to my shock, she asked ?what about your friend? What was his name? Chris?? There was a hesitation on the other end. Jim was obviously confused. He asked ?Do you want him to get a date so we can double?? To that Natalie said ?No. I?d like to date you both?. My heart skipped, and I think Jim?s did as well. After what seemed like an eternity, he breathed again, chuckled, and said, ?Uh, okay, I?ll see. Hang on.? More muffled background noise, and the next thing we knew Chris was on the phone. ?Natalie? This is Chris. How are you, beautiful?... Yeah? uh?Jim says you want to get together with us both?? At that point, I saw a Natalie I had seen only once before. She calmly and directly said ?Well Chris, you guys are both very hot. I know that?s not news to you. I think that the three of us could have a really good time together. I?m in a committed relationship, but it?s an open relationship. So would you guys be interested in getting together for a little fling ? us three?? Chris chuckled and responded ?Yeah... uh, I think we could do that.? She said, ?So, can we meet later tonight?? Chris said, yeah, uh, is ten good?? He provided a Salem address and we hung up.

I was nervous, a little unsure of this, but was becoming increasingly turned on. Natalie was getting giddy with anticipation and expectation. Later, as she dressed, she said so seductively ?I should probably get warmed up, don?t you think?? The next thing I knew, she was on her knees sucking on my rock hard cock. I held out as long as I could, but in what seemed like seconds I came as hard as I ever have, and she eagerly swallowed every drop. She licked the juices from my cock and balls, and declared ?There. Now I think I?m ready.?

Chapter 4 ? The Encounter That Began It All

So, being concerned about her safety, I decided to drive her to Salem, to at least see the place. If it looked okay, I would drop her off, and go to a bar, drive around or whatever, and wait for her call. It was strange.

The place they gave us the address for was a small Cape style house in a decent middle class neighborhood. I pulled into the driveway and Natalie leaned over to give me a kiss. I said, ?Are you sure about this?? She replied that she was sure she wanted us to try this. I said ?Okay. Have a good time?, and she stepped out of the car. As I pulled out of the drive the front door opened, and I saw the silhouette of one of the guys. He appeared to be rather tall and in great shape. I drove away with very mixed feelings.

By 1:00 A.M I was ready to get her back. But she had not called yet. I drove to the street and cut the engine well before I approached the area of the house. I pulled up to the curb across and down the street from the house, but I could see it clearly. The curtains were drawn on the front picture window, but lights were on in the room. I could detect no movement in that room, so decided they must be elsewhere in the house. I stared at the front of the house for an eternity. Thoughts of what Natalie was doing raced through my head, and at times I became very horny. I thought about getting out of the car to approach the house and see what I could see, but I thought that the neighbors probably were watching me in the street anyway. I sat, and sat? and sat.

At 3:15 my phone rang me out of a doze. I looked at the phone, then at the house, and saw shadows moving in the front room. I answered the phone. She said, ?How are you doing out there?? I said, ?I was getting a nice nap in. How are you doing in there?? She said, ?It?s been great ? absolutely amazing. Now pull into the driveway so I can come and tell you all about it.? I did. The front door opened, and she stepped out. One of the guys waved to me, watched her get in the car, and as I watched him he closed the front door. I turned to Natalie ? her head leaned back on the headrest. She had a satisfied smile on, and she just sighed, ?That was AMAZING!? At that point I was so happy for her, so turned on, and so ready to hold her in our bed, that I knew this was going to work just fine.

As we pulled away, she sat silently. I was going crazy with curiosity, but didn?t want to push her. I just wanted her to let it out at her pace. Finally, she said, ?I know you?re waiting to hear it all, but I?m still processing it. It was great?? and she began to describe the scenario.

The house was Chris?. Chris was 33. He had been married, but his wife had taken off a couple years ago and left him with the place. Jim and he had been close friends since childhood. Jim was also 33. They both worked in construction ? Chris with a large company, and Jim was a self-employed custom homebuilder. At times, Chris would help Jim out with site work. They had been in our area that day on a job.

When she arrived the guys had a good bottle of wine awaiting her. Natalie quickly downed two glasses as they chatted some more in the living room. She told me that for a small house and a single guy living in it, it was very nicely finished and comfortable. Chris offered a tour, and they ended up in his finished basement. At that point, Jim came in behind her and reached around to hold her and kiss her neck. Before long she said she was on her knees with their two cocks in her face.

She didn?t describe every detail, but said that they had made her cum about a dozen times. Jim was particularly talented with his tongue, while Chris was more dominant. She explained that at one point she was sitting with Chris? cock in her ass, and Jim eating her pussy. She said that had been one of the highlights of the night, especially when Jim then stuck his cock in her pussy, and she exploded in several rapid-fire orgasms, which brought the guys over the top too.

When we got home, she was ready to take care of me. She walked through the door ahead of me, threw her bag on the couch and turned to me with a look that made me instantly hard (as if I wasn?t already pretty hard before that). Now, I have never been attracted to the idea of sloppy seconds, but when she asked me to fuck her hard in the ass, I couldn?t refuse. She started off by sucking my cock ?till I just about let it go, then got on her knees with her upper body on the couch and begged me to stick it in her. I happily obliged.

The next morning, she awakened me with another blowjob. After I had exploded in her mouth again, she crawled up to me on the pillow and whispered, ?I hope you know how much I love you. And I love you more for what you?ve done for me.? I told her that I loved her, and that if she was happy, then I would be happy too.

That was just the beginning.

Chapter 5 ? Becoming a Dominant Man

At the time, that episode was enough to last me for a while, but Natalie had different desires. Less than a week later she asked me if she could call Jim and Chris and have them over for dinner and some play. Now this was obviously taking it in a direction that I had not thought of. There were two new issues: First, she wanted to invite these two guys into our home. I wasn?t sure that was a great idea on the face of it. She explained that she thought we?d both be more comfortable. When I pointed out that I wasn?t sure ?comfortable? was a word that I?d use to describe watching her being fucked by two other men, she seemed surprised. ?I thought you?d enjoy it,? she said. I thought, ?what the fuck?, and agreed. But secondly, and as she explained, she was turning over the control to me. If I said it was okay, then she was into it. If I didn?t, she told me that she would ?obey?. ?Obey?? I asked. ?Yes?, she said. This was the first inkling I was given of her deep submissive desires.

So a few nights later I met Jim and Chris at my front door. Natalie was upstairs, so I introduced myself and showed them in. We all felt quite awkward, and I felt a little embarrassed that I was letting these guys in to fuck my wife, but as the conversation got going it was obvious that these two guys were in awe of my relationship with Natalie, and envious of the presumed control that I held. Frankly, it was surprising to me that they were so respectful. Quickly, I began to view my position in this relationship differently.

I went upstairs to see how Natalie was doing. She was doing Fine, with a capital F. I alluded to the conversation downstairs. She came to me in her corset, stockings and heels, faced me and said, ?Honey, you?re the Man in my life. I am yours. You are in control. I think I know what makes you happy, and you know what makes me happy. Tell me what to do, and I?ll do it.? I asked her ?How far do you want this submissive thing to go?? ?All the way? she said, ?That?s what I want.? ? ooo-kayyy?

Now I have never seen myself as the overly dominant type. My business is sales, and sometimes you need to use acting skills to convey your message properly. I?ve learned that perception is reality to a lot of people, and now I needed to change my character to support the perception that Jim and Chris had of me, and to make the woman I love happy. So, I began my first role as Master J.

My first suggestion to Natalie was that she would need to refer to me or call me ?Master? in the presence of her sexual partners. I always though it was vey sexy that on ?I Dream of Jeannie?, Jeannie called Larry Hagman ?Master?. I didn?t know how that would be received, but I was willing to give it a try. She responded positively, by saying ?Yes, Master?. Secondly, I told her that she would need to make eye contact with me frequently while she was having sex with others, to make sure that I approved of whatever she was doing at the time. She was enthusiastic about both ideas. Third, I told her that if she stopped enjoying it and wanted it to be over, she would need to give me a sign, and I would stop it for her. At the time, I wasn?t aware of ?Safe Words?, but she was. She said that if she needed me to stop it she would use the word ?burn? or ?burning?. We agreed to all that. Something told me that she had been down this road before ? perhaps with Mr. Charms. I thought for a second, then tried to put that out of my mind.

While our conversation upstairs took all of a few minutes, I suddenly became very conscious of the two guys downstairs. She now needed to know what I had in mind for her to do with Jim and Chris.

I decided to have her stay upstairs for a while more. I went downstairs and told them that Natalie was getting herself ready for them, and offered them each a beer. They accepted and we stood in the kitchen for a few minutes. My heart was pounding, but I tried to play it cool. They were slightly uneasy too, so I mentioned that Natalie had told me of what an amazing time she had at Chris? house. Jim said, ?Well, she?s an amazing woman. You?re a very lucky guy? to which I agreed. They asked how I could be so comfortable with her playing with other men. This was my cue to switch into my ?Master? role, and I did. I offered that Natalie is a very sexual woman that enjoys being my whore, and that she enjoys being with other people at my direction. I claimed that we have a Master/sub relationship, 24/7, and that she is willing to do whatever I tell her to, anytime, anywhere. That kind of control, I claimed, is what makes it interesting for me.

Now of course, this was complete bullshit at the time, but I thought it would set the stage for a good encounter for them and her. I was so right.

After a few more questions and B.S. answers, I gave each of them another beer, and went back upstairs. I conveyed the conversation to Natalie, who seemed pleased at my handling of the situation. She then confirmed that with the statement ?Okay, I?ll be your slave. Tell me what to do Master?.

I directed her to wait two minutes for me to join the guys again downstairs, then come down, and without speaking to any of us lie in the middle of the living room floor and masturbate for us. I told her not to cum, but just before cumming she was to stop, and move to one of the guys and ask him if she may suck his cock. When she had successfully completed the first blowjob, she was to ask the same of the other. Upon completion she was to lay back on the floor with her legs spread and begin to masturbate again. I would let the boys take it from there.

She did as told, very well. The session lasted a solid two hours. They ended up eating her pussy and making her cum several times, fucking every hole, and finishing by Jim cumming in her pussy and Chris in her ass. She never once uttered a word about ?burning?, and maintained eye contact with me constantly. I found it unbelievably hot to watch.

As they left our place, Jim commented that he thought that perhaps I was the luckiest man he had ever met. I acknowledged that, and as they pulled away, I closed the door. As it closed I felt a huge wave of contentment come over me. I was glad it was over, but it was the hottest thing I had ever experienced. And I knew I wanted more.

Chapter 6 ? The Training of Natalie

The next few days were interesting. Natalie was very comfortable in her role as a submissive. While she didn?t take the role all the time, she seemed to know when to switch into it. Sometimes it would catch me off-guard, so I learned that I needed to be thinking about what I wanted for her and from her at all times. She loves direction from me, and I need to be able to provide it clearly.

After about a week I asked her where the submissive thing had so suddenly come from. Her reply didn?t necessarily surprise me.

She said that Robert (Mr. Charms) had been very dominant with her from early on in their relationship. When they had met, she was working for his holding company. She was an Analyst in the finance area, just out of grad school, and he was in his late forties. She explained that their first encounter was when he had seduced her late one evening at the office. She said she was very attracted to him from the first time they met, as he was handsome and somewhat powerful. One evening she worked quite late, and as she was finishing up, Robert appeared at the doorway with a drink for her. He was married at the time, and they were in a large conference room alone. He came in and offered her a vodka martini. She said he had apparently done his homework, because that was her favorite drink. He had quite obviously already had a few himself, as he was apparently mildly buzzed. After a few moments of small talk as he stood there, he came right out and told her that he was very attracted to her. She was flattered and receptive, and returned the compliment. He went on saying that she was a very beautiful young woman, and she should be treated well by a man. He told her that most men her age don?t understand a woman like her, that they?re just boys. She thanked him for the kind words, to which he replied, ?I have more than kind words to offer you?. As he left the room he asked her to stop by his office on her way out. She collected her things, stopped by her desk, then walked down the long hallway to his spacious and well appointed office. He got up and came to her saying he was so glad she came, then he grabbed her around the waist and told her that he was going to make love to her there and then.

She said that he was quite forceful, and very quickly he was in her. He fucked her quite hard, and after she came once, he pulled out of her pussy and immediately pushed his cock deep into her ass. She said it hurt at first, but there was a deep excitement for her in doing this with him. He bent her over his desk and pulled her head back by the hair as he fucked her ass. By the time he came, she had nearly gotten to another climax herself, but had fallen just short. She was frustrated at this, but it made her more anxious to be with him again. After that first encounter, he would meet her in his office a few times a week. He would fuck her mouth and ass regularly. She said he was very into anal, and in time she got to a point of preferring anal to vaginal sex with him. He would tell her to not wear panties or bras, and she complied with his request. He bought her certain jewelry for her to wear ? chokers with vaguely sexual ornamentation, an anklet that had a chain attached to a ring to be worn on a toe. On Fridays, when she had performed well for him during the week, he would eat her pussy, and then fuck it. He thought that was her reward for her oral and anal efforts, but she liked all of it.

After about a year and a half of this, it became widely known within the company that Natalie was Robert?s mistress. They had been seen together in restaurants, hotels and on a couple of occasions, airports on weekends. Word spread, and she became increasingly uncomfortable working with her peers. The looks she got from both the women and men made her uncomfortable. People she had been close to for a long time at work began to treat her differently. She knew people were talking about her, and that it wasn?t flattering. She conveyed this to Robert. He said that they should discuss it over dinner.

That evening, he told her that he had begun divorce proceedings from his wife months earlier, and that he wanted her to marry him. She said it was a surprise to her, and that she was somewhat shocked, but that she had grown to love him on some level, and in a way she looked at the prospect of marriage as a validation of the things she and he had been doing. She didn?t want to be the mistress forever, but it was still exciting and fun. She didn?t answer him immediately, instead saying that she would need to think about it. He also told her that he would make sure that she was well taken care of for life. That sounded like a good deal to her, so later that night she accepted.

She left the company and moved into a condominium he had purchased for her while his divorce was being finalized. He bought her the E-Class, and she enjoyed a life of relative leisure for a while. Through the same period, he was surreptitiously training her in the ways of subservience. He would come to the condo to be with her, and she was directed to be ?ready? for him on his arrival. This meant that at his direction, she was to wear any one of several outfits he had purchased for her. They ranged from leather strappings to lace lingerie to latex outfits. She would be there to meet his every need. Sometimes he would need a massage, sometimes to be fed. Occasionally he would want to go out on a romantic date, other times to stay in and play bondage and S&M games. As time went on, Natalie came to be very comfortable in her role, and it gave her a sense of comfort, trust and security.

Shortly after they were married however, after Natalie had moved in with him, Robert seemed to lose interest in his role as Master. Their encounters became less and less frequent, and he seemed to be disappointed with her, showing distain for her efforts to please him. She became more aware that he had little or no respect for her as a woman, and over time they became more distant from each other. In short, it got to the point that he was happy pursuing his other interests, and she was free to pursue hers. They would have a few nice evenings, once in a while, but fewer and fewer. In a couple of years, their relationship had run its course, and she was living with me.

So, here we were, living together and getting to know each other as a novice Master, and an experienced and loving sub.

Chapter 7 ? The Saint Regis Affair

At this point I was selling software for a small, but very successful company in Cambridge, and covering governmental offices, agencies and their contractors. I spent several days a month in D.C. and on occasion would take an extra day in the capital area to see some sights. I decided that it would be interesting to bring Natalie along for a visit. She hadn?t visited D.C. since her childhood, so it would be great to see a few museums and attractions with her. I also had a plan in mind that I thought would be very interesting for her. I booked us into a 5 star hotel in the center of the capital.

The first three days were spent with me making calls to clients, and Natalie taking in some sights on her own. On Thursday I had an appointment to visit a government contractor that needed to update their software agreements. I convinced Natalie to tag along and we met with the CFO. I introduced Natalie as a new associate with my company that was traveling around with me to get a better understanding of our company. Brian was immediately taken with her, and thinking she was my co-worker he flirted openly with her. Brian is a former Navy man in his late thirties I would say. He?s quite good looking, with a blonde crew cut and blue eyes, in amazing shape, and sports the ramrod straight and clean-cut image of a service man. As we wrapped up our business, I asked to use the men?s room. This was really a way to leave the two of them together for a few minutes, just to see if I could make the visit a little more interesting for Natalie. When I returned, we said our goodbyes and left. Before we were at our rental car, Natalie asked if I would mind if Brian joined us for dinner that evening. My first thought was ?good girl Natalie ? asking permission. She?s well trained?. I returned to Brian?s office to extend the invitation, and he respectfully accepted.

That evening Natalie was looking stunning in a tight black, knee length dress and stiletto heels. The dress had tight half-sleeves, a very contoured cut, and a fabric ball and hoop style button arrangement that extended down the full length of the front of the dress, allowing her to leave several undone at the top. The tightness of the dress accentuated her shape and supported her breasts, making for a very sexy look. She was wearing thigh high black stockings with a garter, a black thong and no bra. She had on a beautiful silver and diamond necklace that Mr. Charms had supplied, with matching earrings. There was also a silver anklet with a chain and ring that was to be worn over her second toe as a symbol of her submissiveness to her man. She had no way of knowing what might take place, but she was making sure she was ?ready?, just as Mr. Charms had trained her.

Brian met us at 7:00 in the lobby of our hotel, and we went to our reserved table at the hotel restaurant. I had requested a table out of the way so we could discuss ?business?. I seated Natalie between us, and she immediately made eye contact with Brian and smiled, as if to say ?I want you, and I know you want me?. She then turned to me, as instructed, to make eye contact to be sure that I approve. I smiled, and in an awkward moment of silence, we all immediately knew how the evening was going to go.

Dinner was amazing. I?ve always enjoyed French food and wine, and this was over the top. We avoided talking about business altogether. We discussed D.C., Boston, careers, families, politics, entertainment, Brian?s favorite women actresses and Natalie?s favorite male actors. The conversation got a little racy, and we had fun. I enjoyed watching Brian try to control his desire to tear Natalie?s dress off and have her there on the table. I also enjoyed watching Natalie getting hornier and hornier as the evening progressed. They steadily became more friendly, touching each other and laughing. Seeing that this was going where we all wanted it to go, I excused myself and went to the front desk to book another suite for them.

When I returned to the table, Brian had her hand in his on the table. There was a clear message there. As I sat, I slipped the room card key onto her lap under the table. Brian was no dummy, and caught my attempted clandestine maneuver, but just offered a knowing smile and then turned his gaze back to Natalie. There was another awkward moment of silence, but Natalie broke the ice by saying that she?d like to visit the bar. There was a very good piano player there, and she wanted to listen. It would make the perfect interlude between dinner and what was to come next.

We were shown to a semi-circular booth, and Natalie slipped in between Brian and I.

I hung with them for about the next 45 minutes, until it became obvious that she was waiting to be set free with Brian. I got up, saying that I was going to call it a night, told Brian it was great to see him again, and that he was in good hands with Natalie. He agreed, and as I was getting up he too rose. He extended his hand, gave me a knowing wink and thanked me for everything. I told him that it was my pleasure, and left.

I spent the next couple of hours in a sports bar nearby watching a baseball game on the big screen TV there, but all the while wishing I was a fly on the wall of that hotel room.

The next morning I received a text from Natalie at about 8:30. They had already had breakfast brought in, and Brian was now getting dressed to leave. She said she?d be back to our room in 30 minutes or so. Almost within seconds I received a text from Brian. He thanked me for ?connecting? him with Natalie, and that he had the best sex of his life with her. He closed the text by saying ?Natalie is an incredible woman. You?re a very lucky man?. ?Wow? I thought. He really is no dummy.

When Natalie returned, the first thing I wanted to know was if she had indicated anything about our relationship to Brian. She insisted that she hadn?t and I believe her, saying he had made some remarks to the same effect. She said he had referred to me a couple times as her husband. Hmmm.

Obviously, she also told me about their evening. They had stayed in the bar for 45 minutes after I left. She said that Brian was very complimentary of me, that he enjoyed working with me and looked forward to a long and ?mutually beneficial? relationship. The fact is that I visit his company about twice a year, just to maintain the relationship, and we are really only acquaintances, so I interpreted his comment to have another meaning. Their conversation evolved and he asked a lot of questions about her life, background and work. She said she was very uncomfortable lying about herself to try and maintain our story of being co-workers, but that she had thought she hade done a good job. She said he shared very little about himself, despite her inquiries. He was short with his answers and vague, and she was both frustrated by that and intrigued by the mystery. She said he was very much in control of himself, and eventually, her as well. Brian then leaned close to her and said, ?So, should we use that room that Richard got us??

As they left the bar and walked to the elevator, Brian told Natalie to walk ahead of him so he could admire her from behind. She said that this was strangely very erotic for her. She said this made her feel very aroused as he, and everyone in the area they passed focused on her. In the elevator, he also had her stand in the front with himself in the back, and didn?t say a word. As she handed him the room card, he broke the silence with ? I think and hope that this will be an experience we will both remember for a long time?. He opened the door, they stepped into the foyer of the suite, and he took control.

As she walked into the bedroom, he took her by the arm and spun her toward him. They embraced in a kiss, their tongues exploring as much as their hands, and their passion building. He held her very tightly by the waist, and with his other hand held her head as he ravaged her mouth and neck with his kisses. He lifted her off her feet and carried her to the living room and placed her on the wooden-legged French style footstool, with himself atop her. She was able to cling to the sides of the footstool, under the edges of padded wooden top as he worked his way down her body with his hands and mouth. As he unbuttoned her dress with his mouth and tongue, he began to work his hands up her thighs. As he got to the last buttons over her waist, he was working her clit with his fingers. She felt totally under his control, and that is the feeling she so craves. He began to work more fingers into her pussy, and she began to build toward an orgasm. As she got closer and closer to climax, he pulled away and got to his feet. He looked over her, laying there with her legs spread, dress open revealing her entire body, arms still in the tight sleeves of the dress, waiting, panting and hoping he would bring her over the top. Instead, he said to her ?Close your eyes, do not move a muscle, and do not speak until I return.? She obeyed.

When he returned he told her to open her eyes. There he stood, in tight black boxers holding the remnants of a towel he had torn into several strips. He told her that since I was so generous to loan her to him for the night, he was going to make it something that I would remember too. He took her hands and tied them together under the top of the footstool so she was effectively tied to it. He then tied one ankle to each of the front legs. As he was doing this, he told Natalie that he was amazed that I was willing to turn my ?slut wife? over to him, that he would never share her with anyone if she were his. While he was wrong about the ?wife? part, I knew where he was coming from. Little did he know that this kind of thing all started with her.

After he was satisfied with the restraints, he again positioned himself to explore her body with his mouth and tongue. He bit her lower lip as he kissed her, he suck her nipples and ran his tongue along her inner thighs. She said that all she wanted was for him to bury that face in her pussy, but that she was not spread wide enough for him to do that, and she writhed and moaned with her desire. After teasing her to the point that she became near tears, he went to the next phase of the session.

He had her lean her head back off the edge as he positioned himself over her face. As she did, and he held his cock near her face, she opened widely to accommodate his thick member. His cock wasn?t particularly long, but it was thick, and it took several minutes for her jaw muscles to relax and accommodate him. He fucked her mouth for a long time, alternating between hard and fast strokes and long, deep and slow ones. She said that as he drove his cock into her throat, he would groan and exclaim how great it felt. I though to myself ?Yeah, I know the feeling?. As he fucked her like this he worked her tits over with his hands before moving forward to begin to work her pussy. She lay there, tied to the footstool, getting her mouth and throat fucked while he again finger fucked her pussy just to the edge of a climax. As he sensed her reaching the top, he again stopped, stood up, and with a satisfied grin, told her that she looked amazing there. He told her that he would let her cum eventually, if she did everything he wanted her to, and when he was ready. The irony of this whole scene was that while he thought he was the one in control, he was really playing out her fantasy role. She was in her heaven and it was her bliss.

Brian was emboldened by the fact that Natalie was objecting to none of this. He pulled his phone from his jacket pocket, and within seconds had the camera function ready. He told Natalie he was going to text a few pictures to me to let me know the fun we were having. She asked him not to, on the pretense that we were really only co-workers. He wasn?t buying that, and proceeded to snap a few shots of her exposed and bound on the footstool. He spent another couple of minutes sending the images out, and as she lay there thinking about what he was doing, she became more and more aroused.

With the images on their way to their destinations, Brian untied Natalie?s hands from below, and sat her up straight. He then took her wrists and retied them in front of her. He spent a few moments massaging her shoulders, knowing that they were stiff from the bondage she had been on for nearly the last hour. She closed her eyes and lay her head back enjoying his kind touches. She unconsciously and almost silently whispered, ?Thank you Master?, and then realized what she had said.

He then untied her ankles. He guided her to the bed and put her down on her stomach. He then proceeded to hog-tie her on the bed. Natalie let out a few whimpers for effect, but she was totally into her submissive bliss. He then took and sent a few more photos. When that was done, he positioned himself near her face so he could guide his stiff cock again into her mouth. He held her by the hair as he thrust in and out of her mouth and throat. He then became more aggressive. She could feel his cock growing and stiffening in her mouth, and she knew he was getting ready to explode. She kept expecting the climax, but he fucked her harder and harder for what seemed like forever. He then announced that he was going to fill her mouth with his come, and within an instant she was feeling the thick, hot load being deposited in the back of her throat. She fought the gag reflex, but after several spurts, she couldn?t hold it. She pulled her head back and caught a quick breath through her nose and tried to swallow, but coughed. This was complicated by the fact that she still had his thick cock filling her mouth. She recovered and was able to open her throat to accept the rest of his load, and felt him pushing his cock in again deeper. He throat and mouth were filled with cum and cock, and she could barely breath, but she knew she was safe, and that in a moment she would be able to breath and swallow his load as he wanted her to. Sure enough, he pulled out and she swallowed, gulped a breath, and relaxed her mouth and throat long enough to regain her senses and continue. Brian was waiting with cock in hand, and ordered her to clean up his cock and balls with her tongue. She did as requested, and he patted her on the face with his cock when she was done.

By now it was nearly midnight and I had just left the sports bar. I pulled out my phone to call her to see how things were going, but reconsidered. While the curiosity was killing me, I decided that they should be left alone. If she wanted to contact me she would have texted from the bathroom by now.

So their evening proceeded in that way. Apparently, Brian was very good with creating comfortable restraints out of a hotel towel, and he bound Natalie in several different positions to gain unfettered access to all her holes. He paused on several occasions to snap and send more pictures. She was turned on to think that I was receiving these and getting a play-by-play account of her evening. She said that by the time they decided to call it a night, shower and order breakfast, he had come in each of her holes at least once. Her climax came when he had bound her ankles to he wrists, positioned her on the edge of the bed, fucked her pussy until he came in it, then finger fucked her so vigorously that she squirted the combination of his and her loads all over the carpet. She said that at that moment she heard a loud scream, and then found Brian?s left hand over her mouth, forcing her to breath through her nose, and realized that it was her that was screaming. Brian then fed her the fingers of her right had so she could taste the juices of her own pussy mixed with his come.

When breakfast came, Brian was showered and dressed. He sat with Natalie, naked and sexually ravaged, and enjoyed his gr*pefruit and juice. He explained that he had sent the pictures he had taken to his computer at home, and not to me as he had said. He continued, saying that they would remain secure there, and he would enjoy viewing them from time to time in anticipation of the next time he would have her. The vaguely threatening tone in his voice let her know that she was now a pawn in his sexual world, and would be used by him many times in the future. She was very pleased that he enjoyed her so much, and that she would be able to serve him again.

Chapter 8 ? Settling Into the Life of a Master

It?s been close to three years since the Saint Regis Affair. When Natalie first described the details of her evening with Brian, I was surprised by the joy that emanated from her in the telling. Of course I was interested in the details of what had happened, but I was particularly fascinated by the fact that she was so alive in her retelling of the encounter. It was at that point that I realized that this submissive trait wasn?t something that she was just going to pass through, like a phase of her life. This was Natalie. She reveled in the role of a sexual submissive.

We?ve had many encounters with some very interesting people, but recently I have become more aware that the health risks of our activities are real and present. So, I have told Natalie that I intend to be much more selective in my choosing of partners for her. In reality, I will be closing the circle and asking for STD tests from everyone.

At the same time, I intend to crank up the intensity of our encounters, being more directive with her suitors in their treatment of her. I?ve learned a lot in the last several years, and found some things about my Dom side that I never knew existed. We?re experimenting with many things I never thought of before, and I?m finding great pleasure in it.

How fortune smiled on me and delivered this incredible woman to me that makes my life so full I will never know. But I certainly intend to enjoy the ride.

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