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Shopping Fun

I went to the mall to find an outfit for our had to be special... something that would
make your eyes light up when you saw me. You told me
earlier where we were going and that you would be ready
by 7pm.

I walked around the mall, finding a few things
that I knew you would like, except the blouse I
wanted. The last store I went into, I told the
clerk that I wanted to put the other clothes that
I had purchased on to make sure the top that I
would pick would match perfect...she said it was fine.

I put on the tight, figure hugging blue suede skirt
that ended several inches above me knees. I
smiled wickedly to myself knowing how much you enjoyed
looking at my legs and how much I enjoy indulging
you that way. I slipped on a pair of white lace top
thigh-high hose that I knew would send you over the
edge and slipped into the bright blue stiletto pumps
that I got which perfectly matched the skirt.
As I walked around the store searching for just the right
top, I felt as if someone was watching me. I
turn around to see YOU standing across the way...just
watching me. When our eyes met...big smiles came
across both our faces. I raised one eyebrow, gave a
little smirk, turned and walked the other way...acting
cool as if I hadn't seen you. You just laughed,
knowing that I was in a playful mood.

You entered the store as if looking for something. You
came up beside me and said..."Excuse me miss, did you
drop this?" As you knelt beside me, out of the view of
the store clerk, you run your hand up my leg... I
shutter lightly at your touch. As you reached the top of
my thigh, you slyly slip your finger inside my panties
into my already wet pussy. I grabbed onto the rack
of clothes to steady myself. You chuckled knowing you
were driving me wild! You removed your finger and slowly
slid your hand back down my leg, enjoying the silky
feeling of the lycra thigh highs on me. "I am sorry, you
didn't drop anything mistake" and You walked
away. As I moved to the back of the store, You came
up behind me and grab me around the waist and pulled
you into me. "Feel what you're doing to me!" I
could feel how hard you I turned around and
gently reached and cupped your balls in my hands and
massaged a little. I looked into your eyes and
whispered "follow me".

You followed me back into the fitting rooms. I
closed the door behind us and began undoing your pants.
I pulled them down just below your knees and pushed
you back onto the chair. Your cock was so hard, so
inviting. I took off my panties and asked if I
could have a seat...but before you could even answer,
I had straddled your lap and was guiding your hard cock
inside me. Aahhhhhh, it felt so warm and
wet. I pulled up my skirt and told you to grab
my ass...and you eagerly do. I moved back and
forth, up and down, like a stripper giving you a lap
dance. You tried to be quiet but my pleasure was
overwhelming. As I ground my hips into you, I
could feel your body on my clit. I swirled my
hips to get the most pleasure I could. At that
point, I felt my insides start
pussy grabbed your cock even tighter...making you explode
inside me in several body racking spasms of cum. I
held you tight to me as my body went through
aftershocks of pleasure...

After we got dressed and was leaving the fitting
room, we saw a woman who had been in the next
room...what a look she gave us. We just giggled and
ran from the store to get ready for our date!

End of Story

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