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Sexy Property Queen - My Way This Time

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The whole way home I just could not believe what had happened. Could not believe that Sexy was more than just a dirty little girl and there was a lot more to that devilish grin.

Over the next couple of weeks she came by 1-2 times per week. I got my blowjob; she would play with herself while sucking on me, always left the floor soaked, swallowed every drop, and grin, get dressed and leave. How can I complain really? She got me off. I loved her blowjobs and loved watching her head go up and down on my dick but the one time I wanted more and let her know it.

She had come by Friday morning to meet with me and check progress, pay me and I hoped fuck me this time. I was horny as hell.

She asked me if there was anything she could do for me, and rather than looking, I started to tell her but before I could she was already on her knees with my dick out.

Me- I want to fuck your pussy

Sexy stopped for a second, looked up at me, circled her tongue around the head of my dick?.

Sexy - Not today, let me swallow your glue (she smiled), I'm hungry Me- My dick is hungry too for your pussy, or you ass.

Sexy- not today, let me finish you off, I want taste your cum

I grabbed her arms and pulled her up. She fought some, but not much really. I pressed her against the wall and pulled her pants down. She kept up her fight a little, trying to pull her pants up. I could smell her pussy. I knew it was wet. I slid my hand between her legs to play with her pussy. She was indeed soaking wet. I told her to spread he legs wider.

Sexy- No

She tried moving away from me, tried using her hands to pull her pants up but I grabbed an extension cord and tied her hands up.

Me ? Spread your legs.

Sexy ? No? let me get on my knees to suck you off.

I kicked her legs apart. I ripped open her blouse and sent the buttons flying. Every time she tried to stop me I just pressed her up against the wall. I pulled her hands over her head and held them there while I fingered her pussy. Her eyes were closed and the little bit of fight she had was next to nothing. She wanted this, wanted me to fuck her like this. I stuck my fingers inside of her pussy. Playing with the spot that would cause her to gush, letting my thumb pressed against her clit to drive her even crazier. I would just roll my thumb over her love button and could feel the juice just start to drip out of her pussy.

Her breathing was changing, I could see her tits rise and fall and in no time she came. I grabbed her hair and spun her around. Pushed her into the corner and rammed my dick inside of her pussy. I put my hand on her back and pushed her more into the corner. Kicking her legs further apart so I could fuck her deeper. I was rocking and love feeling my balls slap against her. I?d fuck her for a while, I?d feel that pussy squeeze and then she would cum. Fuck her some more and she cums again. Each time she came the floor got wetter and I swear she could shoot her juice across the room.

I stuffed my finger into her mouth and told her to shut up, to suck on my finger while I fucked her. She liked sucking on my fingers while my dick was inside of her. She would take then deep in her mouth and I guess just imagine it was another dick. I?d stuff two and then three fingers into her mouth, I?d pull them out and rub her fucking pussy to cover my fingers in her juice. She?d stick her tongue out, open her mouth, she just couldn?t wait to suck on my fingers again. I guess she likes the taste of her own pussy.

Sexy - I gotta go Sexy - let me suck you off

I rammed my dick deep inside of her.

Sexy ? I gotta go.

Me - You can go when I'm done with your pussy done with your ass Me - you can go when I've filled that pussy with my glue and not before

She tried to wriggle away. Whethershe wanted to or not, she was getting fucked. In her pussy and then her ass.

I started to tease her a little. I pulled my dick out and started rubbing it against her clit, this drove her wild.

Sexy - Fuck me, fuck me Sexy ? Don?t tease, fuck me.

I slammed my dick back inside of her. In and out, long slow strokes. Then I?d slam the head of my dick against her clit. Making her beg for me.

Sexy ? Fuck me, put your dick in me and fuck me.

I slammed my dick inside of her and just rammed it in and out until she came again. She came so hard she spit my dick out. I took my juice covered dick. I pushed her forward, pressed her into the corner and rammed my dick up her ass. She screamed, and begged for more.

Me- This is what my dick was hungry for, a wet pussy and a tight ass

I pounded her ass with my dick. Had fun feeling my balls slap against her. And she just took it all. Moaning sometimes, groaning, just letting out little screams. I could feel her tense and then relax. Just keep fucking that ass is all I told myself.

Me- Your mine now Me- I will fuck you whenever I want Me ? and when I want your ass, I?ll fuck it.

I was done. I wanted to keep fucking but keeping her pressed into the corner and banging her this way. I was fucking tired. I pulled my dick out and like I said I was going to fill that pussy with cum. She could go home with a nice cream pie.

Me - Time to fill that pussy Sexy - no fill my mouth, feed me I'm hungry

I slammed her into the wall; I mean I really just slammed her into the wall. I thought it would crack. I shoved my dick into her and fought her from trying to move away. I pumped one load after another into that pussy. Felt like I came forever. When I was done I pulled my dick out, I smacked her ass, smacked that clit of hers and rubbed my dripping dick on her blouse. I left her there tied with the cord, cum dripping out of her pussy, her blouse torn open and stained with my cum. She was soaked in sweat and looked like she had just been gang fucked by a dozen guys.

She is such fun, can't wait to fuck her again this way. Maybe next time I'll just tie her up somewhere and invite the crew to have at her.

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