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Retribution Part 2

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When I returned to the room an hour later, Michelle was still where I had left her. I couldn’t tell if she was asleep or not. I walked up to her and untied the rope that connected her head to her feet and slowly lowered her head onto the sawhorse. I didn’t receive any resistance. She did moan slightly. I’m sure she is very sore from being in this hogtie for that long. I motioned for my two guards to help me take her off the sawhorse. I undid the belt that held her to it and her nipple clamps. The guards carried her to an adjoined bathroom.

I undid her blindfold and took out the earplugs when they set her on the floor of the bathroom. She slowly blinked her eyes as they adjusted to the light. She looked up at me groggily. “Where you sleeping Michelle? I’m sorry I woke you. If I had known you were asleep, I would have left you alone.” She spit something incomprehensible around her gag. “Now I’m going to untie you from the hogtie. I suggest you not fight me to keep from damaging yourself. After being in one position for a long time, you don’t need to move fast. Your muscles will probably be asleep anyways. But I suggest you not try anything.”

I undid the rope that bound her hands and her feet together and slowly straightened her legs. She moaned in pain. I kept her feet tied together as I untied her hands and moved her arms to the front of her body. She again moaned in pain and I experienced no resistance. I retied her hands together in front of her and untied her legs. I helped her stand and pretty much dragged her into the shower. She was having trouble walking with her legs still being numb. I sat her down on the floor of the shower and tied her arms above her head to a railing.

“I think you need a shower.” I said to her and turned the cold water on. She squealed and tried to stand up quickly, only to fall back down again when her legs wouldn’t support her weight. Within minutes she was soaked with the freezing cold water. I just stood and watched her. When she started to shiver from the cold water, I turned the water off. I didn’t say anything as I untied her hands from the railing and dragged her out of the shower, dripping wet.

I dragged her over to a wall. “Sit.” I commanded her. She sat down stiffly on a bench in front of the wall. I turned slightly away from her and pretended to fiddle with something on another tray in front of me, when really I was watching her out of the corner of my eye. I could slowly see her move her head around, looking at her surroundings, looking for a way out. I could tell when she realized that her only way out was the door behind the two guards that led up the stairway, by the way her face fell. I could also see her face as she looked around the dungeon at all of my “toys”.

I turned back around to her with a remote in my hands. I hit a button and a chain was lowered from the ceiling directly above her. She looked up at the chain and her eyes widened. “Stand up and give me your hands.” I told her. She just looked at me. I reached over, grabbed her hair and pulled her to her feet. She cried out in pain. “When I tell you to do something…” I yelled in her ear. “…you will do it! Or suffer the consequences!” I kept her hair in my hands as I lowered the chain down a little more. When the chain was down past her face, I threw her hair out of my hands and grabbed her wrists. She started to struggle away from me until I pushed her back on the stool and put one knee on top of her, pinning her to the stool. I still had her hands in mine, as I attached them to the chain that was now above her head.

After I attached her hands, I walked back a safe distance from her. She was cussing me again from around the ball gag. I hit a button on the remote and it slowly started raising her arms. Eventually she was pulled up off the stool until she was standing and her arms were raised above her head. I stopped the chain and walked up to her. She kicked the stool at me, but I just batted it aside.

I walked to both sides of her and retrieved some chains for her feet. Her eyes never left me. I tried to grab at her ankles, but she kicked them out of my way. I finally grabbed her left ankle and attached the chain to her leg with a leather cuff. I did the same to her right one. I then slowly started to draw her legs apart by retracting the chain lengths at her sides. The chains were attached to hooks in the walls. I could feel her fighting me, but there was a limit to what she could do. Eventually, her legs were spread apart to my satisfaction.

She looked rather nice all stretched out at the wall. I walked up to her and stroked her breasts with my hands. She tried to move out of the way, but with her back to the wall, there was no place for her to go. Her breasts looked so nice just hanging there that I decided they needed some decoration. I walked over to my rope wall and grabbed two identical lengths of hemp rope.

I then walked back over in front of her and proceeded to wrap her breasts individually with the two hemp ropes. I left enough of the rope out of the tie that I had a nice amount of rope to use as tie offs. Her breasts swelled nicely with the rope wrapped tightly around them. What to do with the rope ends now? I have a great idea.

I grabbed another rope and used it to start a crotch rope on Michelle. The whole time she just watch me do it. I tied one end around her waist and dr*ped it down her front and under to her back. Then back to the front. One the way back I carefully measured the placement a certain kind of knot that I could incorporate something special into. I then went to my shelf and grabbed a fairly decent sized vibrating dildo from it. I also grabbed a digital timer.

I walked back to Michelle. I looked up at Michelle and she was just watching me. “Are you ready, Michelle?” I asked her. She looked at me with pure hatred in her eyes. “I’ll take that as a yes.” I grabbed her right breast with my left hand and raised her nipple to my mouth. I grabbed it with my teeth. She gasped through her gag but didn’t make a noise. With the dildo still in my right hand, I slowly rubbed her cunt with it and gently sucked on her nipple at the same time. She quickly closed her eyes but still didn’t make a noise.

I then slowly started to insert the dildo. Back and forth, little by little, until she slowly started to take the whole thing, the whole time still slowly sucking on her nipples. With her eyes closed and watering, she still wouldn’t make a noise. “I’ll make a noise come out of you. Don’t you worry.” I put the dildo in the knot on her crotch rope and then inserted the dildo into her. She still just watched me. I then pulled the crotch rope tight so that the dildo was shoved firmly into her. But also the crotch rope bit into her clit terribly.

I then grabbed the two ends of her breast harness and forced her breasts down towards the crotch rope. I tied the three ends together tightly. Now she had a constant tightening of her breast harness and crotch rope whenever she moved. I looked into her eyes again. She still stared defiantly at me. “You’re in trouble Michelle. There is no one to save you. Do you even understand that?” Her look never changed. “I guess I’ll just have to show you.” I said.

I grabbed the digital timer. This baby was a favorite of mine. I could program up to fifty different settings in it. I didn’t think I would need fifty. I selected ten different settings of gradually increasing time. First, off 1 minute, on two minutes. Second, off two minutes, on five minutes. Third, off three minutes, on eight minutes. And so forth through 10 cycles. Then, it would restart again. I then plugged the dildo into it and then plugged the timer into the wall. I turned the timer on and then stood back and watched.

Nothing happened for about a minute, then that timer clicked on. The dildo started vibrating. With her in the tight spread eagle, plus the crotch rope-breast harness combo, she was essentially glued to the wall. I didn’t do anything to her the first setting. I just watched her fight her body’s natural urges. “How was that Michelle? Did you like it? Well, in two minutes that’s going to start again. And for a much longer time. Do you think you can handle it? I’m going to add something this time.”

I grabbed a hood and put it over her head. I could hear her try to say “no” through the gag. Then I waited again. When the timer kicked back on again, I took the flogger I had in my hand and brought it down over her breasts. She made a noise that time. “I told you you would make a noise.” I hit her again. She cried out again. I continued until the cycle stopped again. “Here’s the deal, Michelle. This is going to continue until I want it to end. So you better make me happy.”

The vibrator started again. I watched Michelle tense up. “Relax Michelle.” I said quietly. Her body still remained tense. I took the flogger across her breasts again. She cried out. “I said, relax Michelle.” I watched her slowly try to relax. “Good Michelle. You’re already starting to listen to me.”

“Now, enjoy the dildo. Just like you did the vibrator.” I grabbed both of her breasts and pressed them together. That pulled on her crotch rope and she made a moan. I took both of her nipples into my mouth at the same time and she moaned again. She started shaking her head back and forth and moaning “no”. I took my flogger and started whipping her again. I could see her starting to build again. She was still shaking her head and moaning “no”.

When the vibrator stopped again, I saw her sag in relief. “You have a little bit more of a break now, but the next bit will be even longer than the last. I’ll help warm you up a little bit.” I took the hood off of her and looked at her. She was looking at me but her eyes were somewhat glazed over. “Come on. Look what I’m doing to you Michelle. You’re giving in too easy.” She looks at me, and then tries to headbutt me. I pulled back quickly then laughed. I’m glad she’s not giving in. I grabbed her hair and pulled her head to the side to expose her neck. I then slowly start to kiss on her neck.

She tries to wiggle out of my hold, but I just hold onto her hair tighter. Then the vibrator kicked back on again, and she let out a moan. I started to kiss on her neck again and her breathing slowly started to pick up. I turned her face to me and her eyes were closed. “Open your eyes.” She kept them closed. “OPEN YOUR EYES!” I yelled. Her eyes flew open. I watched her eyes as they slowly crept their way from a woman of defiance to the eyes of a woman about to succumb to the inevitable. That slow and steady pull of a sexual release. She slowly started to moan. “Michelle, you’re not allowed to cum. That’s an order. If you do, you won’t like to consequences.” I warned her. She shut her eyes again. I started to lick her nipples again until her moaning became a little louder. “Don’t do it Michelle.” I didn’t think she could hear me.

Finally the waved crashed over her until she was left shuddering. The dildo turned off again. I stood there looking at her. Her eyes were still closed. “You didn’t listen to me, Michelle.” That was all I said to her. I left her alone until the next cycle started up.

Then I started to flog her. I started on her breasts, one at a time. Michelle, keeping her eyes closed, didn’t make a sound. Then down her belly and legs. When that cycle ended, I hit a button on my remote and the chain holding her hands started to move away from the wall. Within a few seconds, she was leaning forward with her legs still attached back by the wall. When the vibrator kicked back on, I repeated the next cycle up the back of her legs and paid especially good attention to her ass. Somewhere in that time frame, she had started crying and was mumbling through her gag. I couldn’t understand her. I left her alone for the next break.

I set the flogger down and stood back to watch her. She stood there so beautifully spread out in front of me. Her whole body was a nice cherry red with a slight glistening of sweat. She looked very sexy. Her head was hanging down with her damp hair covering her face and she was breathing heavily. I walked over to her and took her head into my hands and pulled her hair away from her face.

The dildo kicked back on again and I could feel her stiffen. Her eyes were still closed. I could tell that she was exhausted. Her whole body began to shake to the vibrations. She started to moan softly again. I tenderly touched her face and she opened her eyes to look at me. She held my gaze for a minute, and then turned her head away.

Her body started to move again to the inevitability of the vibrating dildo. I reached for her head again and gently wiped the tears away from her face. I leaned forward to kiss her neck. She stiffened and I whispered into her ear, “Don’t look at me like that Michelle. You still have a long night ahead of you. I’m going to give you a choice. You can either take another round of what you just had, and I’ll let you sleep a few hours unbound. Or you can go ahead and sleep now, but you will be tied up, and it won’t be very comfortable. You decide.”

She had her eyes closed. I could feel her starting to build again from the dildo. I leaned into her neck again and started to kiss and lick her neck. She was building again. She was so close. “Michelle, you must decide before you come or you will get both.” I warned her. I took the gag out of her mouth. She was panting, but she managed to say “You …uh…are a stupid…uh, uh,….son of a bitch!” And then she climaxed. Her whole body shuddered as she moaned her pleasure. Too bad the dildo shut off in the middle of it. I watched her crash yet again.

“Well Michelle, it’s too bad that you took your only chance to make it easier on yourself to curse at me instead. You’ll eventually learn.” I walked over to a table and deposited her ball gag for a different gag. I grabbed a large dildo gag and slowly walked back over to her. She raised her head to look at me and said, “I…don’t care…what you do …to me. I…won’t…..give in.”

I used the remote to pull her back up against the wall. “My dear, we’ll just see about that.” I forced the dildo gag into her mouth and latched it behind her head. “Learn to love that dildo. You’ll be sucking on it for quite some time.” I then put the hood back over her head and waited.

When the dildo kicked back on again, I started to flog her again. Same way as before. Again she started to cry. By the time I was done, I don’t know how many times she got off, but I knew she had to be getting tired. When the timer finally cycled through all of its settings, I unplugged it and walked over to Michelle.

She was hanging limply in her bonds. I took my hands and rubbed them over her breasts. She moaned faintly. I walked over to another table and grabbed a handful of ice cubes from a cooler I had sitting there. I then walked back over to Michelle and took the ice over her red body. She jerked slightly, but otherwise couldn’t move much. She started to moan again. I took the hood off of her head. Her hair was matted to her face from her tears. I ran the ice over her swollen breasts. She just looked at me.

“I told you Michelle, that you should have answered me. Are you ready to sleep now?” She just looked at me. “You better answer me. Are you ready to sleep now?” She shook her head ‘yes’. “Now what was so hard about that?” I said.

I released her ankles and slowly lowered her hands. I put the hood back on her head. I untied her hands from the chain but left them tied together in front of her. Her breasts were still tied to her crotch rope and the dildo. I took her hands and started to walk her towards a back corner of the room where I had a small bed set up. She couldn’t walk very well and started to resist but I just dragged her to the bed.

When we got to the bed, I threw her onto the bed. She climbed up onto it and crawled to the back corner of the bed. She couldn’t see me because of the hood on her head. Now what am I going to do to you? I grabbed a few strands of rope and walked back to the bed. She hadn’t moved.

“Come here Michelle.” She didn’t move. “If you want me to take the bonds off of your breasts, you better come here.” She moved as slowly as she could until she was kneeling on the bed in front of me. “Turn around.” She slowly crawled around. I reached in front of her and undid her hands and pulled them behind her and tied them behind her back. “Turn back around.” She said something through the gag and didn’t move. I slapped her ass hard and she squealed. “You better turn back around.” I said menacingly.

She turned back around and I undid her breasts but redid her crotch rope so that it was attached to her hands behind her back instead of her breasts in the front. I kept the dildo where it was. “Lay down on your stomach on the bed.” She didn’t move. I pushed her over and climbed on top of the bed. She started to struggle. I flipped her over and put me knee in the small of her back. She still continued to struggle. I grabbed a handful of hair and jerked her head back. She let out a gasp and stopped struggling.

“You know what Michelle, you are so fun to play with. But, do you want me to play with you all night, or do you want a couple hours of sleep? It’s up to you. I need you in good health for tomorrow.” She didn’t say anything. I let it slide.

I got down off her back and went to the foot of the bed. I grabbed her right ankle and attached it to the bed with a cuff. Then I attached her left leg. I grabbed a long rope and attached her middle to the center of the bed. She was secured to the point that she couldn’t move. I walked back up to the head of the bed and looked at my handiwork.

“Good night Michelle. Sleep tight. I’ll see you in a couple of hours.”

She tried to talk and moan through the gag. I slapped her ass hard which elicited a squeal from her. Then I turned around and headed towards the door. When I reached the door, she was still moaning from the far corner of the room. I turned the light off. The room turned pitch black. I turned around and walked up the stairs.

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