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Rebecca's Choice

Rebecca sat at the table in a trance, barely comprehending what she had
just done. Her hands were under the tablecloth, between her legs.

She had just masturbated. In a public restaurant. On his command. It had
been incredible. And, even more amazing, she realized, she wanted more.

Somewhere, some part of her brain heard Jason say, "Come Rebecca. It's
time to leave." Still dazed, Rebecca let Jason lead her from the
restaurant. She was beginning to come to grips with what had happened.
What he had done to her. What she had done.


They waited for the elevator which carried people between the lobby and
the restaurant on the forty-fifth floor of the hotel. Another couple got
on the elevator ahead of them and stepped to the side. Jason and Rebecca
got on the elevator and moved to the back. "Would you hit fifteen,
please," said Jason.

As the doors closed, Jason kissed Rebecca softly. She nervously eyed
the other couple who were holding hands and facing the front of the
elevator. She hadn't had a chance to go to the ladies room, to wash her
hands, to clean herself. She was sure they could smell her sex. Jason
kissed Rebecca again, more deeply this time. The elevator was all glass
except for the door, which was polished chrome. The other couple could
see their reflection. Kissing.

Jason nibbled her lower lip, biting gently, then licking. Rebecca
responded despite herself, parting her lips to his kiss. His tongue
found hers, caressed it.

The elevator stopped at the twenty-ninth floor. The other couple left.
The doors closed. Her pulse raced.

Jason took Rebecca's hands in his, pinning them above her head. He
pressed his body to hers, pressing her against the glass wall of the
elevator. His mouth was on hers, his tongue teasing her lips. After all
that had happened during dinner, it was wonderful to actually feel his
body against hers. She kissed him hungrily.

He stepped back. Pressed the STOP button on the elevator.

"Take off your dress, Rebecca."

She hesitated, remembering that he had made her remove her underwear at
the table, that she was naked under the dress. Here? What was he going
to do? They were surrounded by glass, in the elevator on the outside of
the building with a wonderful view of the city. But could anyone see
into the elevator? Where was the nearest tall building? Maybe they were
high enough...


She stopped thinking, and slipped the thin straps off her shoulders,
then reached back, slid the zipper down. She let the dress fall to her
waist, exposing her breasts, her hard nipples. She pulled the dress down
over her hips and stepped out it, and held it in her hand. He took it
from her, and folded it neatly over the railing that went around the
elevator at waist height.

She stood naked before him.

"Raise your arms above your head."

She did as she was told. He took her panties from his jacket pocket and
tied her wrists together. He removed his belt, looped it through her
panties, and over a beam at the top of the elevator.

She knew she was not tied so tightly that she could not free herself.
She looked at her reflection. Naked. Bound.


She did not try to get free.

He kissed her gently, teasingly. She responded. "Hmmm."

He kissed her hard. He parted her lips with his tongue, then slid his
tongue into her mouth, taking her breath away. His tongue found hers,
swirled around hers. He drew her tongue between his lips, and gently
sucked her tongue. God, she loved that.

He slid his hands under her thighs, pulling her into him, lifting her.
He easily supported her 108 pounds as her body pressed against the
glass, her arms stretched above her.

Oh, god, she thought, her naked body pressed against the glass. Her ass
pressed against the glass. She suddenly realized - there were two
elevators! If the other elevator came...

Silently, he kissed her throat, her chest, the tops of her breasts. His
tongue circled her areola, moving slowly closer to her nipple. Gently,
he kissed her nipple. She gasped. He pressed it between his lips.
Finally, he licked it.

"Ohhh." She closed her eyes. If the other elevator came, she didn't
want to know. She surrendered to his tongue.

Gently he bit the nipple, holding it between his teeth. He licked the
nipple lightly, gently, then harder, faster, then finally flicking it as
he held it between his teeth. Flicking it hard. Rebecca moaned. She felt
the heat rise between her legs again. She squirmed against him, rubbing
herself against him. She felt the hardness in his pants. She wanted him.

He moved to the other nipple. Licked all around it, making it wet, hard.
He kissed and licked, but didn't bite. It felt so good, so different
from what he did to the other one. He sucked, hard, drawing the nipple
into his mouth. She moaned and writhed against him.

He kissed her mouth, then whispered in her ear, "Rebecca, I'm going to
kiss you between the legs."

"Ohh god, Jason..."

"I'm going to lick and suck your clit and fuck you with my tongue. But
you will not come. I want to take you to the edge, but you will not


Jason crouched between her legs, lifting her with his hands under her
thighs. He knelt between her legs, pushing her legs apart, opening
her. He kissed her lips, then teased them with his tongue. She moaned
softly. He slid his tongue between her lips, then moved lower, and slid
his tongue into her. She was writhing against him, squirming against
the glass.

She watched the reflection.

He slid his tongue up, between her outer lips, then higher. The tip of
his tongue lightly touched her clitoris.

"Ooowww," she cried. She needed to come.

He licked her clit, then gently drew it between his lips and sucked.
Rebecca moaned louder. She kept moaning as he licked her, sucked her,
driving her to the edge. She fought the building orgasm. Just when she
knew she couldn't hold back any longer, he stopped. His tongue moved
lower, teasing her lips, then lower, between her anus and her pussy,

"Oh goddd."

His tongue was incredible. No one had ever done this to do her before.
Not like this. In a way it felt even better than when he licked her
clitoris, though less intense. The pleasure came from a different place.
She was able to stay on the edge without plunging over.

His tongue moved back between her lips, back into her, then back to her
clit. She whimpered, needing to come, trying not to come. Mercifully,
he did not suck her clit or lick it for long. She would have come, she
knew. She would have come hard. There would have been no holding back.
He licked her lips, then plunged his tongue into her. She wanted his
cock. His tongue moved lower again, teasing that secret spot between her
anus and her pussy.

His tongue moved still lower.

His tongue touched her anus.

She screamed.

If he touched her clit again with his tongue she would come. She didn't
care if he said not to. She would come and cry and come and scream.

She wanted him to.

He teased her anus with his tongue.

She squirmed. God, she thought, she could come from just this. If he
kept it up much longer, it would be hard not to.

He stopped.

Silently, he let her down. She was shaking as he let her feet touch the
floor. He reached up, undid the belt, untied her wrists. He took her
wrists, and tied them behind her back.

The silence was erotic. She wondered what would happen next.

He started the elevator. It began to descend. She gasped in panic. She
couldn't get off the elevator like this, naked, her wrists tied behind
her with her panties. God, what if someone got on.

She watched the numbers.

Twenty. Nineteen. Eighteen.

The elevator began to slow. It was going to stop!



What floor had he said? Fifteen? Sixteen? Fourteen?

Rebecca stood naked on the glass elevator, her wrists tied behind her
with her panties, frantic as the elevator began to slow. Was he going to
make her get off the elevator, walk to his room like this? Naked.

Was someone going to get on?

The doors opened. Rebecca froze.

Jason held the "door open" button and looked out. Left. Right. Left.

"My room is to the left. There are people coming from that direction."

Oh no, she thought.

Jason slipped his jacket off, slipped it over her shoulders, covering
her nakedness. He put his arm around her shoulder, and led her out
into the corridor. She wondered how well the jacket would cover her as
she walked.

She saw two women walking toward them from the far end of the corridor.
How far was it to Jason's room? Would they have to walk past those
people? She felt a flutter between her legs at the thought. Did she
want them to know?

Finally, they were safely behind his closed door.

She was trembling with anticipation.

Jason removed his jacket from her shoulders and she stood there, naked,
her wrists still tied. It was strangely erotic for her to be naked while
he was dressed. She felt vulnerable. She was surprised how her
vulnerability excited her. God, everything he did excited her.

"Would you like some wine? I put a bottle of Chardonnay on ice before
dinner." He twirled the bottle in the ice bucket, then opened it before
she could respond. He poured one glass, held it to her lips.

She didn't want wine. She was naked and bound. She had had a mind
shattering orgasm at the dinner table, and been teased to the edge of
another in the elevator. And now, he offered her a glass of wine, as
though this was the beginning of a "normal" date. She didn't need wine.
She needed to come again.

She sipped.

He tilted the glass too far, and the wine dribbled from her lip and chin
and onto her chest. He licked the wine, first from her lip, then her
chin. He licked the wine from her breast. It had not reached her nipple.
He did not lick the nipple.

Quit teasing and fuck me, she thought. The way the word flashed in her
brain startled her. Fuck. Fuck me. Please fuck me she thought. She
remained silent.


She obeyed. Unsteadily, without her hands for balance, she got down on
one knee, then both knees.

Jason opened the dresser drawer and produced a silk scarf. He placed it
over her eyes. Oh god, she thought.

"The blindfold will heighten the sensations, Rebecca. I want you to feel

"Yes." She said weakly.

She felt cold, hard, wet, on the back of her neck. An ice cube.


The ice moved around her neck to her throat, across the top of her
breast. It was cold. It didn't exactly feel good. But it was exciting.
As it melted the water ran down over her breast, close to her nipple.

"Some more wine," he said, and she felt the glass at her lips. This
time, though, he tilted the glass much too much and the wine dripped
from her chin, onto her chest, across her breast, her nipple and onto
her belly.

Silence. He didn't lick it off this time. She waited. It was wet, cool.
Instead, he licked the other nipple. She gasped in surprise. Gently he
licked. Then she felt cold. She felt him swirling his tongue around the
nipple, then sliding an ice cube around it with his mouth. The hard cold
ice, his soft warm tongue. The wine drying on the other nipple. "Oooh."

She needed to feel him between her legs. And she did. His fingertips
lightly grazed the inside of her thigh as the lips and tongue and ice
tormented her nipple. The gentle pressure on her thigh told her he
wanted her to move her knees apart. She complied. She wanted to feel
him. His fingers teased the inside of her thigh and moved higher. He
touched her and she moaned. He slid two fingers into her. "Ohhyessss,"
she cried.

He withdrew. For seconds that seemed like hours she neither heard him
nor felt him. Her nipples still felt the cold and hot of the ice and his
mouth. Her pussy still remembered his touch.

She felt his hands on her shoulders. "Lean forward. I want you to lean
forward, with your face on the floor and your ass and cunt open to me."
Mindless, Rebecca complied. Gently, he lowered her head and shoulders to
the floor. Then she felt his hands on her thighs, pulling them apart.
She felt an ice cube on the back of her neck and felt it move slowly
down her back, tantalizing, lower and lower, finally between her
asscheeks. When the tip of the ice cube touched the tender ring of her
asshole she screamed. The ice cube moved forward. She was afraid of the
ice on her sensitive lips, but he stopped.

Next, Rebecca felt his cock pressing against the lips of her pussy. She
didn't realize until now that he had taken off his clothes, or at least
his pants. She wanted to see him. His slid the head of his cock into
her. "Ohhhh, she cried. "Yes, please," she begged. She squeezed, trying
to draw him deeper into her, but he let only the head inside her. He let
it slide out and up over her clit, and she screamed again. His cock slid
slowly back into her, deeper this time.

Her hips were moving now, gyrating slowly, uncontrollably. He had driven
her to the edge again.

He removed his cock from her pussy. Rebecca moaned again, this time in

He lifted her head and she felt his cock at her mouth. "Taste how sweet
you are Rebecca." Tentatively she licked the head, tasting her juices on
his cock. "No, Rebecca, remember how you sucked your finger in the
restaurant when you thought about sucking my cock? Remember how you said
you wanted to suck me, feel me throb in your mouth, explode in your

"Yes," she said and drew his cock into her mouth, swirling her tongue
around it, sucking gently. She felt it grow harder in her mouth, felt it
throb as it grew more engorged with blood with each beat of his heart.
She let him slide from her mouth, then ran her tongue over the head,
then just under the rim, then slowly down the underside of his cock.
Then she slowly drew him back into her mouth, moaning softly as she did.

He pulled it out. God, how could he control himself like that, first in
her pussy and now in her mouth.

"Rebecca, I told you I will control your orgasms. I will decide if and
when you will come. I will decide how you will come, whether from my
cock or my mouth or my hand or yours. Or something else."

"Ohhh." Her hips were still gyrating.

"And I will decide how I will come. In your cunt or in your mouth. Maybe
on your face or your nipples. Or on your clitoris as you come."

"Oh goddd." She couldn't imagine how incredible that would be. Yes, she
wanted him to come on her clit as she came.

"You have already been permitted one orgasm tonight. Some times you will
have none."

Yes. But she needed another. God, he had said this was for her, and he
had to know she needed another.

"And sometimes you will come and come until you can't count them all."

"Oh god... please."

"And tonight, darling, I have decided."


"I have decided to let you choose. How you want to come. How you want
me to come."

"Ohhh," she cried. Now that he had reduced her to mindlessness, he
wanted her to choose.

But it only took a second. "Jason," she began.....

End of Story

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