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Rape Desire

Gina always had a desire to be abducted, r*ped,
sodomized and violated. She was bored of having her hubby
giving her the standard missionary position weekend sex
hour that had been going on for years. The fascination
of doing something new, erotic, lustful and the easy
to get orgasms were a thing of the past as her
sexual level was maturing to a newer stage that required
a guidance from her partner but he just did not
have the mental capacity and vision required to
understand and perfom the way she needed and deserved.
of the time he was getting his orgasm before her
without caring if she had hers which in this case it
would always be her fault, because he was supposed to
know what he was doing and most of the times she faked
getting an orgasm with him just to keep his macho pride
going. She was feeling very frustated and had envy of
some her friends that were in a happier sexual stage
of their lives and not on a dead end situation that
she had achieved on hers. All seemed with no solution
until one day she started chating with a Master online.
On the beginning she was trying to fight the idea
that he could be the solution to her problems, always
coming with reasons to not meet him personally. Little
by little all her fears of talking to another wanna
be Master jerk that could really do any harm to her,
give her any sexually transmitted diseases, etc,
started to disappear because she realized that he could
understand the way she felt and what she was in need of. So
one day she finally got the courage and decided to
give him a chance to prove that he was as good as he
was saying...
Gina met him at parking lot of the agreeded
motel. She was wearing black high heels shoes, black
thigh high stokings covered by a long black velvet
dress. They chatted very briefly on his car first to
look at each other personally for the first time and
if she wanted she could still decide not to go ahead
with the meeting but again the sincerity that
inicially captivated her for him and by the look in his
eyes she had this feeling that he was indeed an honest
nice guy and even though she was nervous she had an
unexplicable sense of security that made her go on for her
first meeting. After entering the room the door was
locked behind her back and a shriver of fear of the
unknown just shook her entire body. Master Nick told
her: Master: Let us embrace each other to melt the ice between
us! He gave her a tight hug kissed her on the cheek
and started to finger fuck her under the skirt
above the panties. Immmediately she started to feel a
warm rush of erotic pleasure going up her mind and her
pussy strated to become very wet and by rubbing each
othersbody in a close embrace she started to moan: Gina:
HOOOOO, Master what are you doing to me? Master:I am
making you horny to play your fantasy. So you would like
to roleplay a r*pe scene my little girl? Gina:
Yes, Master I crave it very much. The Master gave
her a firm slap on her ass
cheeck: SMACK Gina:HUUUUUMMMM..... Master:I will give
to you what you
need now! He placed
her over his knees and iniciated to spank her over
her skirt. SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK Gina:
HOOOOOOO...... He proceeded to finger fuck her wet pussy
again, and
caress her ass cheeks in cieecular motion after slaping
each one than inserting the fingeer deep in the pussy
again. Master: Take you finger in my litle
girl! HUH... Gina: HOOOOOO... Master:I will slap, caress
insert the finger in your pussy 20 time and each time
the finger goes in you have to say "Thank yuo
Master!" SMACK, HUH, "Thank you Master", SMACK, HUH, "Thank
Master"....Master: Now that you are warmed up is time for
youR r*pe roleplay to start. Gina:HO, no Master
please do not hurt me! Master: Shut up slut, you ask
for now you are going to get it good, it is time for
a Master to show you how it is supposed to be done
right! He throwns her on the bed rolls her with the bed
sheets around , keeping the blankets around her, she
tries to fight and scream but he overpowers her and
ties her with the rope up to the waste, blindfoldes
and gags her. Master Now how does it feel bitch,
like it? Gina:MUUUUUPPHHHH! Mastre: Is time for
you to get sodomized! He throws her on the edge of
the bed and proceeds to spank her over the skirt,
over the black lace panties, and finally over the bare
ass. SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, ... Gina:
MUUUUUPPHHH!!! Master: Is time to check you wet pussy!
He proceeds to
insert 1, 2, 3 fingers in her pussy and finger/fist fuck
Master: Is time for you to get ready for you
anal medicine injection. He rubs her clit and smears
some K-Y jelly with a latex glove covered finger on
the clit inside the pusssy and around and inside her
poop shoot hole. Gina:MUUUUUPPPHHHH!!!! He Gives
a fast fingerfuck in her pussy spread the pussy
lips and shoves his dick deep in her pussy grabs her
by the waist with his two hands and pushes her whole
body against his stiff pole, pumping her deep fast and
rough! SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP Master: Like to be banged
good my dear??? Gina: MUUUPPPHHH!! Master: Is
time to take you dick up the ass little bitch. He
takes his dick lubricated with her love juices spankes
her ass good spread it wide and proceed to penetrate
her with his anal medicine injector. Master: Take
it little girl take it deep up your tight little
ass! HUH! Dick goes all in and he proceeds to pump her deep
fast and with no mercy! Master: Take it deep
slut!!! SLOP, SLOP, SLOP, SLOP, ... He spanks her
ass some more an fingers her clit moistured by the
jelly. SMACK, SLOP, HUH, SMACK, SLOP, HUH, a continuous
faster and faster pace until Gina:
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! They both cum simultaneously
Master: So Gina how
was your first anal r*pe? Gina: Master you gave me
the biggest orgasm that I have been missing for all
those years, thank you and when it is going to be hour
next r*pe session???

End of Story

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