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His hands. . .
strong, powerful, confident
skilled at making contact on the intended target with exacting precision
the cadence random
making me wonder when the next one will fall

His lips. . .
luscious, full, hot
secreting kind words, compliments
talk so hot it makes me wet just thinking about it
exploring all parts of my body
bringing pleasure wherever they land
passionate, erotic, sensual kisses

His tongue. . .
freely roaming
discovering areas that have never been licked, caressed, stimulated, tasted
between my legs, using fingers, exploring adjacent cavities
providing the perfect accompaniment to the hot and probing tongue
teetering on the edge of losing it all, juices flowing, wanting more

My ass. . .
well-defined handprints complement a delightful shade of pink
while standing, sitting, bathing
wearing no undergarments
to allow the sensation to be felt against my skirt
for the next 48 hours, I admire my backside in the mirror
the handiwork of an experienced craftsman
carving out his sex slave
preparing for more to come

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