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Part 3 The Necklace

When they returned Amie was allowed to remove her butt
plug, and was rewarded with a glass of wine. Master
kept her blindfold on so she could not see him setting
up for the rest of her adventure. He removed her
coat, handcuffs and put her back in her black leather
chair. She sat there enjoying her wine and a little
time alone. Her body was relaxing when he came and
stood her up. He put the cuffs on her wrists and

He led her into the bedroom and told her to lie on the
bed face down. She felt a soft feather running up and
down her back. The touch was so soft and sensual. It
felt so good but that feeling suddenly changed. The
next sensation was totally different. It felt like a
wheel with sharp spikes was running up and down her
back. It felt good but totally different. The wheel
was running over her ass cheeks down her legs and up
the inside of her thighs. Suddenly all the sensations
stopped and she was left alone for a couple of

Now her ass was being spanked again softly at first
then harder and harder. Her ass was so red and sore
from all the spanking earlier. That did not stop her
Master. He kept spanking her until her ass was
stinging and red. He rubbed ice over her red ass to
make it feel better. He went to the other side of the
bed and rammed his cock into her mouth.

“Make my cock wet so I can fuck your ass. I am going
to fuck you hard and fast. I am going to explode in
your ass”.

She made his cock wet and hard. He pulled his
throbbing cock out of her mouth and went to the other
side of the bed and pulled her up by her hair.

“Bend over bitch” he said.

She bent over and he took his tongue and made her
asshole wet. He then rammed his hot throbbing cock
into her tight asshole. He pumped harder and harder
until he came in her tight ass. After he came he put
the butt plug back in so his juices would stay in her
ass. He taped in on so she could not push it out.

She was instructed to lie on the bed on her back and
wait for him to return. When he returned, he gave her
a hot passionate kiss and hooked the cuffs to the
spreader bars and spread her arms out as far as he
could and hooked her legs to the spreader bar so her
pussy was open for him to do whatever he wanted. She
was now tied to the bed, helpless and there for her
Master’s pleasure.

He decided to let her wait for any pleasure. He left
the room for a few minutes and just let her anticipate
what was going to happen next.

Amie felt her Master’s hot lips on her nipples. He
was sucking them and biting them. He rubbed lotion on
them and the he put a cylinder on each nipple and
connected them to a pump and pumped up her nipples.
Her nipples were pulled into cylinders and he left
them on for 10 minutes. When he removed the cylinders
her nipples were so tall and large and sensitive.
(Master had purchased the cylinders at the toy store
today along with the wheel that he rolled up and down
her back.) He sucked on them until she could not stand
it any more. He rubbed ice on her elevated nipples.
She started to squirm and was told that if she
squirmed again he would leave her there and not come
back for at least an hour. She stopped squirming
immediately. She was ready to explode. She had
wanted to cum all day but was not allowed to.

He took the ice and ran it down her stomach and
stopped at her clit. He would rub it with ice, then
he would run his tongue over it and switch back and
forth. Amie was moaning with pleasure. He knew how
to lick her clit. He inserted the ice into her pussy.
She moaned, but he put more ice into her pussy and
put the 2 1/2 dildo back into her pussy. She was
instructed not to let it fall out. Amie did her best
to keep the dildo in but it slipped out with all the
ice in her hot wet pussy. Her Master was not happy so
he put more ice in her and taped the dildo in place.
The bitch was not going to let it out until he said
she could.

“You did not do as you were told so you know that you
will be punished again” “You were not a good slut,” he

He untied her from the bed and pulled her by the hair
to get her to stand up.

“Stand there until I tell you to move, slut. You are
going to regret not doing what you were told to.”

He sucked her nipples; biting them lightly and then
put clothe pins on them. Her nipples were already
sore, but he did not care, she was going to be

“Bend over bitch”, “I am going to make sure that you
will obey me from now on.’ “You will never disobey me

After he slapped her ass a couple of times, he sat her
in the black leather chair and told her to get ready
for her punishment. He got the ropes out of the
drawer and tied her to the chair. She could not move
her hands or legs. He put ropes around her waist so
she could not move at all. He made sure that the
dildo was still taped in her pussy. The cold leather
felt good on her sore ass. He wanted to be sure that
all three of her holes were filled, so he put her ball
gag in and wheeled the chair outside. It was late at
night and very cold, but the bitch was going to learn
not to disobey so he was going to make her sit outside
and think about what she had done.

The cold air on Amie’s body made her nipples stand at
attention. The clothespins felt good when the were
erect. The ice in her pussy had almost melted, so she
was now sitting in a puddle of melted ice, mixed with
her pussy juice. It was cold but she knew she had to
be punished. After a little while the cold started to
feel good.

“Have you learned your lesson slut?’ “Do you want to
stay outside longer or would you like to come into the
house”? “Will you obey me from now on”?

Amie shook her head yes and insured him that she would
never disobey them again. He was not sure that he
believed her so Master decided to leave her outside
for a while longer. He pulled the clothespins off her
nipples and sucked them for a few minutes. Between
the cold and his mouth, they were harder than usual.
He took the dildo out of her pussy and watched all the
melted ice water rush out. She was sitting in a total
pool of water. He put the clothespins back on her
nipples, removed her ball gag and replaced it with his
cock. She sucked his cock until he pulled it from her
mouth. She felt his hot cum juice hit her breasts.
He rubbed his hot cum all over her cold breasts. The
warmth felt good. She was freezing outside. She could
feel the cum start to dry. He pulled her head back by
her hair and he gave her a hot passionate kiss. He
asked her if she was enjoying her day as his slut.

He rolled the chair back into the house and Master
untied her hands so she could raise her breasts to
lick all the dry cum off of her tits as was requested.
She made sure that she removed all the cum to please
him. Her legs were untied and she was instructed to
stand up. Her hands were tied behind her back and she
was led the dining room table. He made her lay back
and he removed the dildo from her pussy inserted it
into her mouth He was going to fill every hole
tonight. He started licking her clit and pussy. Master
knew how to please his slut. He played with the
clothespins and would pull them off and put them back
on. He had her begging to cum. She waited all day
and she could not wait much longer. He handed her her
favorite vibrator and told her to make herself cum,
while he fucked he. He turned on the butt plug so it
would vibrate while he was fucking her. He fucked her
harder and faster than usual. They both came at the
same time. She screamed when she came, she could
actually feel the juices run out of her pussy. She
exploded like she had never cum before. His cock
looked like it had snowed it was covered with both of
their cum. He sat Amie up and made her clean all the
cum off of his cock. He held her head down until he
made sure she got every drop of their cum into her

Master told her that next time it would not be a butt
plug in her ass, it was going to be another cock.
Next time she was going to be double penetrated, maybe
even triple. He will have one cock for each hole, and
she will have to please all the cocks or all three of
them would punish her. He was going to give her some
time to get herself ready for the three cocks.

“You will be blindfolded the whole time, so you will
never get to see who the other cocks belongs to.
Maybe some of the guys that saw you today will be the
cocks you get. You love sucking cock so I will make
sure you have all the cock you want. You will make all
of us cum and you will drink all we have to give you.
You will be all of our sluts.”

He proceeded to tell her what he would expect her to
do. How she would be tied to the bed and he would let
the other guys do anything they want to do to her. He
would sit back and watch them use his little slut.
They would all take turns fucking her mouth, fucking
her pussy and her ass. At some point they would each
fill up a hole and she would let them fuck as long as
they want. If she complained she would be punished
more than she was today.

He sat her back in the chair, removed her blindfold
and pointed her chair toward the television. There on
the television was a slide show of everything that
happened today. The pictures in the woods came up
first, but then she could not believe her eyes when
she saw some of the other pictures. She was surprised
to see how many pictures he had taken, some she was
not sure he could have taken them. Now she wondered
if someone else was with them all day. That is
something she will never know. Master never reveals
his secrets, but one thing was for sure he was right;
it was a day and night she would not forget.

She will be patiently awaiting her next adventure.

End of Story

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