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Part 2 The Necklace

Amie sat in the car and put her seatbelt on. She was
ready for the adventure to continue.

Sit on your hands and don't move them until I tell
you to... Do you understand slut...? He asked.

Amie immediately sat on her hands and Master promptly
put her blindfold on.

You are a slut and I'm going to let everyone see it....
I love sharing my slut with strangers....

The car started and they were off. They drove for a
little while when the car suddenly stopped. Master
reached over and unbuttoned her coat and pulled it
open. She could feel that her breasts were uncovered.
Her nipples stood up with excitement. Her pussy was
also exposed. She could feel the cool air on her
recently shaved pussy. Her Master reached over and
untaped the dildo and took it out of her hot throbbing
pussy. He put it in her mouth and told her to suck it
and not let it fall out of her mouth.

All the windows were rolled down and the car started
up again and they were driving with her tits and pussy
exposed and she was sucking on a dildo. She had no
idea where she was or if anyone could see her, but she
was getting so wet that she didn't care.

When the car stopped again her Master removed the
dildo from her mouth and he pulled her to him with her
hair and told her to suck his cock. She did as told
and it did not take her very long to make his cock
explode into her mouth.

Don't swallow bitch.... Keep that cum in your mouth....

He pushed her back to her seat and told her to open
her mouth. He could see all the cum from his hot cock
in her mouth. He was going to make her keep in her
mouth for a little longer.

Fuck your pussy with two fingers until I tell you to
stop, I want to see how wet you are. When I think you
have gotten enough of you hot salty juice I want you
to suck all of your juice off your finger while you
swallow my cum.

She did as instructed. When she was given the ok she
took her finger out of her pussy, put them in her
mouth and sucked the juice while she swallowed his
cum. She loved the taste of his cum and it was even
better mixed with her pussy juice.

Are you having fun slut... I bet you wish you knew
where you were and if there was anyone watching you....
All I will tell you is that you are being a good slut
and I think you should get a treat....

You may button one button your coat, then you will
sit on your hands again.

She decided to try to cover her pussy so she buttoned
the bottom button. She adjusted the top of her coat
so her breasts were covered. She felt the clamps being
put on her nipples and her coat was opened to expose
part of her breasts. She could feel the cold metal of
the chain that connected them on her bare skin. The
cold wind was making it even colder.

She thought she could hear people talking but she
wasn't sure. She had no idea if anyone could see her,
but she was pleasing her Master and that is what

What would you like... she heard a voice say. Master
placed his order and drove to the pick up window to
get his food. Now Amie knew that some one could and
was seeing her. What could they see she wondered?
How much of her breasts were exposed, could they see
her pussy? Do they like what they saw? She was still
blindfolded so she had no idea. She could feel a
puddle form under her. Master instructed her to open
her mouth and she felt the chain connecting her
nipples clamps in her mouth and she was told not to
drop it. She bit down on the chain, holding it between
her teeth. He was fingering her pussy when she heard
...That will be $8.75. He paid and their adventure was
to continue.

She kept the chain in her mouth until her Master
pulled off the road. He removed her blindfold and told
Amie that she better be a good slut or she would not
be able to eat anything. She was finally allowed to
drop the chain out of her mouth.

They were in the mountains and there was a picnic
table set back from the road for them to have their
lunch. He told her to put the dildo back in her pussy
and not to let it fall out while they walked to the
picnic table. She noticed that he had the camera with

She sat with her back to the road and was instructed
to unbutton her coat, spread her legs open and let her
master take pictures while he ate. He told her that he
wanted a couple of pictures of his slut.

She asked if she could remove the clamps on her
nipples because they were getting sore. He told her
she could take them off, but she would have to suck on
each nipple when she took the clamps off. She removed
one clamp at a time and sucked on each nipple trying
to make it feel better. She kept hearing cars drive
by but she didn't care, her back was to them and she
needed to take the clamps off. She sucked each one
for a few minutes and stopped only when her Master
told her she could.

They finished their lunch and Amie was told to come to
his side of the table. He told her to sit next to him
and she was to fuck herself with the dildo in her
pussy. He went to her side of the table and was
taking pictures of her fucking herself. When he felt
she had fucked herself enough he said they were going
to go for a little walk.

They walked for a couple minutes and he told her to
unbutton her coat. He pushed her up against a tree
and made her stand there with her coat open her
exposing her tits and pussy. He was taking pictures of
her making her do different poses for him. There was
one picture with her sucking on her nipple, another
pulling the dildo out of her pussy and another one of
the dildo in her mouth. He made her take her coat off
and took pictures of her in the woods totally nude.
She had several pictures taken with her sucking her
Master's cock while she was totally nude. She was
allowed to put her coat on and button one button and
they returned to the car.

Put your hands behind your back slut....

She felt the cold steel of the handcuffs put around
her wrists. She felt her Master's tongue on her
nipples sucking each softly then biting them. When
Amie winced he bit them even harder and put the clamps
back on them.

Her blindfold was put on her eyes again. He pulled
her over to him and had her suck his cock again. He
shoved is cock deep into her mouth and only let her
suck for a couple of minutes. He would not let her
have his cum this time. He would save that for later.
He pulled her off of his cock and gave her a long hot
passionate kiss.

I will let you rest for a little because you have a
long day and night ahead of you. I am very pleased on
how well you have obeyed me today. Make sure you keep
obeying me.

He buttoned a couple of buttons on her coat and drove
until he reached their next destination.

I am going to remove your blindfold but you are to
keep your eyes closed until I tell you to open them....

When Amie was allowed to open her eyes she saw that
they were at her favorite toy store. She was told
that her Master was going to pick out some new toys
for her that he would use when they got home. He told
her she was going to stay in the car while he went
shopping. He made sure that just enough of her
breasts were exposed for anyone that walked by the car
to see. He opened her coat so her thighs were
showing, but her pussy was just barley covered. When
he returned he came out with a bag with new toys for
his little slut. He was anxious to try them out on

Her Master left the blindfold off for the ride home.
He wanted her to see people watching her. As he
passed semi's he slowed down and pulled her coat back
so the driver could see her large breasts. A couple
of times he pulled her coat totally open so they could
see her tits and pussy. He fingered her pussy so the
drivers could watch him. He would put his finger in
her mouth before he drove by them. He wanted them to
be really enjoy the show. She was handcuffed so she
could do nothing about it. She was enjoying it so
much that her seat was soaked with all the juice that
had dripped out of her wet pussy.

The sun set on the ride home and the adventure was
going to continue.

(To be continued)

End of Story

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