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Oyster Roast

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One more step, then Eric was directly behind her. He towered over her by more than a foot or so. His shoulders were wide and well defined as they stretched the dress shirt covering them. He stood behind her, looking down at the crown of her head. Silent. She new he was behind her as her thoughts swam back to the cyber session from days ago. Dawn raised her head to level. Looking forward through the one way mirror as Eric deeply inhaled behind her. She could feel his chest touch her shoulder blades as the hair on the back of her neck stood up under his breath. She emotionlessly stared ahead into the mirror as she saw the reflection of Eric?s shoulders and wide cobra like back spread behind her. After a moment, the soft flesh of her red lips give way as one single word falls from her lips in a defeated sigh??yes?.

Suddenly Dawn?s arms fall listless to her sides as Eric grabs both wrists and pulls them behind her back causing her to arch. While holding both wrists with one hand Eric tangles a large ball of hair in his fist and violently slams Dawns face into the One-way mirror in front of her. A burst of pain splits threw her mind as her one eye shuts from the cheek flesh being pressed up her face. A familiar push up against her waist as Eric dry humped against her ass. His hand had freed from her hair and clumsily groped her shoulder, around to the front of her full chest and inside her blouse as his bare meaty hand fumbled between her bra and breast. The weight of his body lay against her shoulders locking her in place up against the mirror. Several gasps escaper her lips as she struggles to maintain balance while she feels one hand tug and pull at her skirt. Her breath steamed the glass as the corners of her mouth left wet streaks along the glass. Her mind frenzied as she felt his cheek against hers, his hot breath panting like an animal as she felt him struggle to free his hardening cock. ?Nooo, oh god please don?t?? she gasped as the weight of his body rocked her head back and forth on the glass. His hand pulled at her ass cheeks, stretching them apart?pulling them high up to her toes. ?No, ?no, not like this?? she tried weakly to cry out as she to begin to pant from the excitement. Her mind returning once again to the Fireworks story, to the inhuman animal like cock in a state of breed lust. How she imagined what that ?that thing would be like as it impregnated her with such violent force. Used her for the sake of desire and how she gave in to its control.

Mild pain made her cry out as Eric palmed her whole cunt in his hand and swooshed the soft mound of flesh around, stretching and swirling. His dry hand ran forcefully up the crack of her bare ass as his one finger paid close attention to applying tension on her velvety dark asshole. She felt his weighted chest lighten up from her back now; it made it easier to take a breath as the ledge of the sill had been pressing on her throat. She adjusted her face on the glass by roll her forehead acrossed it and could feel Erics eyes washing over her bare ass. His breathing was loud and heavy?with every exhale he sounded out a faint ?yea?yea..yea? from his throat. One hand still held her arms as the other took a careful moment to slowly caress around the smooth melon shape of her ass-cheek. Slowly rounding the hip and then up under her pelvis and she felt the warmth of his hand nearing her now swollen clitoris. She turned fought to see him from the corners of her eye as her head was pinned down. Her asshole puckered as various muscles twitch throughout her body uncontrollably. ?Yea? Eric chuckled out in a deep perverted dirty old man tone.

It was quiet just for a moment?things seem to calm as he admired her body. Her dress pulled over her waist, one breast exposed as the top is pulled tightly around just one. Just the sound of their breath for a minute at every inhale made that one exposed nipple barely touch an ice cold metal plate mounted to the wall. Then a very stern kick to the inside of one ankle almost set her of balance again, she wiggled her torso as Dawn attempted to stand straight again. Grunts from her distorted mouth and squinted eyes told Eric that another show of control was in order.

As Eric yoked up on Dawns wrists and slammed her cheek into the glass again. Eric mauled around the dampening folds of her puffy mound till his finger found the hottest, wettest soft spot that offered no resistance. Dawn gurgled some low moaning noise as Eric jammed two fingers deep into her soaking hole. Dawns moans wizzed up to a high cry as his hand violated her. He pushed his fist into her so hard that she lost her footing and almost collapse onto the floor. The heel of her shoe had broken and become unlaced. He rammed into her again, harshly massaging the inner walls of her vagina. She could feel a knuckle grinding against her G-spot as his fist flexed and the insertion of a third finger pierced her. Dawns eyes were as wide as they could get, and her jaw had fallen open while a mild squeal steadily streamed from her mouth. ?yea?take it bitch? grunted in a straining voice from over her shoulder. Eric twisted his fist inside her several times before pulling his fingers free. His hand was soaking now, the r*pe like nature of Erics attack had left Dawn so startled, so without a sense of self control that a primitive urge was taking over. She knew this was wrong,?and illegal?and immoral, but she was beginning to give in to his overpowering strength. Since she was helpless?she had no choice, he was making it feel good beyond her control.

Eric?s sopping fingers withdrew from her snatch as he drug them up the crevice of her moist ass. The tips off two fingers stopped to circle her delicious brown eye-hole. As his fingers felt her asshole contracting beneath them, Eric noticed her body beginning to tense again and saw that Dawn had begun to pull her bottom lip in and bite down. ?oh no, baby?not like that?like this!? As Eric applied a constant pressure to her flowering brown butt hole until his finger sank into the warm canal like butter. Dawn blew her lower lip out of her mouth with a long pleasure releasing exhale. Her back arch to meet his finger as her hips rocked from side to side. ?God,?don?t do this pleaaase?.

Eric released his grip on both her arms and quickly grabbed her by the back of the head, shoving her face into the glass once more. ?Do you see that? Do ya?? he barked in heavy breathe as his two fingers churned inside her anus. A cocktail of pain and taboo pleasure rippled through her skin as her colon stretched wider. She felt her tempeture rising and a red flushed patch was beginning to for on her chest telling her she was close to an orgasm?and it humiliated her. ?Who is that..out there..huh? Eric repeated as he jutted her face forward again. Dawns eyes stared straight as she arched her back. Eric had been grinding circles so large inside her asshole that she completely stepped out of one shoe. His hand pulled her hair back, she grunted as she felt herself reaching an orgasm. Eric new it was coming, he could feel it in the walls of her colon. The contractions, the moisture and pushing against his fingers. Dawns eyes closed as she shamefully gave in to the torture, embarrassment, the humiliation. A tear rolled down her cheek as the fingers wrecked her ass wide open. She was so embarrassed because she has never let a man manipulate her in such a way?she has never had an anal orgasm before. Just then she let it slip out. The wave blew across every inch of exposed raw flesh like a train of goose bumps. The once tense body suddenly shook and eased under his touch and a small squirt of ejaculate splashed against Erics erection as he stood behind her.

?Damn it!? as he reassured his clasp on the fist of hair ?who told you to cum?? he seethed threw gritted teeth.

Outside the one way mirror stood Scott and Mary?they were having drinks?and laughing. They didn?t seem to even notice that Eric and Dawn were missing from the party. Their voices were loud enough to hear the conversation..But from time to time the Roast would explode in a rage of noise which would drown them out.

?Alright?alright, stop? she panted. ?We?re gonna get caught, you gotta stop!? and began to put up more of a struggle trying to stand up and turn around. Eric withdrew his fingers from her asshole and held the hand over her mouth. She could smell herself on him as their eyes met for the first time since he began to r*pe her. Eric had a crazed look about his face?sweat had beaded on his brow and his eye franticly darted back and forth. His breath was hot, he panted close to her face and ear as his eyes flashed their focus around the features of her face.

?Quiet! Bitch? he grunted. ?You just shut up now?Im not done? as he pressed the fingers insider her mouth to stop her from talking. Tears streamed from Dawns eyes as she feels she may have made a grave mistake. Her moans told him that she really frightened, but that aroused him even more.

Eric reached up and now held both hands on the sides of Dawns face. He held her head still as locked several fingers under her throat. Eric forced her head back and jammed his elbows into her back?.pulling her head up, while pushing her back down. He positioned her crying face directly facing her husband standing inches away on the other side of the mirror.

Using just his hips he flipped his swollen cock up onto the crack of her ass and ran the belly of his shaft along her wet shiny asshole. Moans escaped him as he humped the crack of her ass. ?Don?t say a fuckin word?don?t move?or ill fuck you up? as he gave her a stern quick couple smacks in the face with one hand. ?Now good?very?(then Eric backed his waist up enough to let his dick fall in line with her pussy and slowly pressed in until it was buried)?very?gooooood?

Tears burst from Dawns eyes as she split apart. He felt air seep from her lungs as he pushed his cock into the vacancy between her legs. Her knees weakened and failed for a moment to the point that she was hanging from the length of his hardened dick. Eric?s strokes started slowly?savoring every inch of shaft as it separated uncharted grounds of her tight vagina. He drove his bulbous head to the hilt only to quickly draw it out enough to let the meaty swollen lips of her luscious curtains to close behind it?then he would drive it in again to the hilt. Dawn could feel his large balls pressing into her clit with every return.

Dawn stared at her husband through the glass?the crying only continued till Eric broke her like a trained horse. His thrusts were steadily getting faster and the length of his organ pounding against the inside of her walls was beginning to cause a mild pain.

The thrusts were coming on faster now as Eric was losing control of his own hips. The rhythm he was keeping has missed several strokes and he was grunting and jamming her like he was poking her with a big stick.

She wasn?t resisting anymore. In fact, she wasn?t moving. Eric held her in place as his hips beat into her?blow by blow the sounds of some word or syllable mixed with her breathes. Eric leaned in toward her ear??don?t you fuckin cum again..You understand me? As he jerked her head to wake her up from her withdrawal. ?don?t you fuckin cum?

She heard him. She didn?t reply?with every piston like pump into her red pussy caused her to chant her husbands name Scott as the air left her throat. She was calling him?but it was so inaudible that no one could hear. Several times Scott turned to check his appearance, he turned one way..then the other to make sure his teeth were cleaned and hair straight. All the while not knowing that it was a one way mirror. Not knowing that his wife was being helplessly r*ped on the other side of it.

Dawn murmured something?then murmured it louder with an irritated cry?.?Im coming!? she moaned. But the pulverizing dick beating caused her to break the words up into syllables. Again, in her clearest exhausted voice she dropped her head and yelled. ? Oh god Im comiiiiiing!?

Eric pulled his cock out seconds before her orgasm and began to feverishly rub his length back and forth across her clit. Paddling her pussy as an eruption of clear fluid sprayed onto the floor at their feet. Her head raised back up?Scott was staring straight into the mirror?almost looking right at her as Eric pumped his cock into her for several more strokes and pulled out again. Dawn came again as Eric whipped at her tender pussy lips with his dick. Dawns back bucked like a wild animal as she came. Staring directly into the eyes of her husband unknowingly inches from her face. Her body completely tensed, rock hard as she threw herself into the largest orgasm yet. Floods of fluid jetted from her vagina stinging Eric in the thigh. The pressure of her orgasm pushed his penis out from inside her. Dawn thought she was going to burst an eye vessel from holding back her screams of ecstacy. Surely someone would have heard her cry out and interrupted them from completing the ravishing. Especially her husband?even though she had wanted to be rescued before ?.Dawn no longer wanted that.

The orgasm was so intense that Eric couldn?t reenter her pummeled peach until she had recoiled her twat muscles?so he pressed the head of his mushroom into the delectable brown shit hole and sank his battleship into the heated caverns of her ass crack.

?Oh good god!? she cried out as her back arched into a hump and one hand reached around to stop him from pushing any further. Her legs shook as the pain didn?t stop. ?How much cock does this guy got? she thought as the pain of his invasion got deeper and deeper. A dull sickness formed in her stomach as he hit something inside her. Without a pause he drew it all the way out and rammed it deep again. ?Ieeeeey!? she squealed.

The frenzied anal attack continued for several minutes as his whip stabbed at the fleshy walls of her back door. Eric positioned his hips to drive the pistoning shaft straight down, beating against the roof of her vagina. Then rotated his hips to scr*pe and stretch the narrow chute of her reddened rosebud bottom.

Eric wrapped an arm around Dawns neck and pulled her back to his chest. As both their bodies stood straight in a spooning type position, Eric kept pressure around her throat as his wrecking ball hips drove his thick rigid shaft up into her anus like a machine drilling for oil. Her whole body shook as the base of his wide pole buried deep in her exit-only.

Eric didn?t realize that he was choking Dawn as much as he was. Her face had flushed pale and was turning pinkish red from no circulation. Eric selfishly squeezed her body so tight to his that every movement he made echoed through the fibers of Dawns broken will. Eric held her so tight that her feet dangled several inches from the floor,?her body hung from him?from his cock. She was connected to him?cock to ass as the barrage of brutal colon beatings threw her limp limbs about like a rag doll. Although Dawn tried to gasp a breath at every possible chance she never once resisted. She just needed him to finish. It was all about what Eric needed now. To her?even though she felt terribly close to unconsciousness?.she would have done anything to help him finally cum.

She was silent as she gave herself totally to his whim. She felt so used that she thought she may orgasm again. The pain from inside her ass tore threw her body as he bucked her on his stalk. She thought that she passed out for a moment as she focus blurred from the excitement. ?God will it just be over? her delirious mind repeated. As her head rolled back again onto Eric?s shoulder she heard the familiar change in grunts that a man makes when he nears orgasm. ?Oh god finally? she thought in relief as Dawn could feel her asshole stretch wider now that the thickness of his shaft began to increase. She new it was close. A cock always swells before it cums, she new that?it was a welcome sign that her predator was soon to be finished with his prey.

His grip around her throat loosen just enough for her to catch her breath. He was still driving his pipe into her pretty good but it didn?t bother her now?now that she new it was over. It was all just a matter of time now.

As Dawn stared threw the window at her unsuspecting husband she was calm. Dawn took a large swallow and braced herself for the inevitable. Eric?s thrusts were slowing into heaves now as he would split into her deep?then hold it?.then repeat. She placed both hands on the sill of the one way mirror?her small body was now low enough so that her feet could seat firmly on the ground. She pushed into every oncoming thrust from his hammer, meeting him and flexing her sphincter muscle to grip the base as she used her ass to milk this beast ready to cum inside her.

The Eric plowed to the hilt one time?and stopped. It was quiet..and calm for a moment. Dawn gazed ahead directly into her husband?s eyes as she listened for Eric to draw that one heavy breathe and hold it. She drew a breath and held it with him?closed her eyes in the silent moment. Every inch of her body was sensitive and tingling. Totally alive to every nuance of her surroundings. She felt his sweat dripping onto her back. The hair from his egg shaped balls delicately touching her swollen clitoris. The breeze from his breath around her?.his cock was still.

Then she felt it. In an instant she felt the low hanging balls of this creature rise. She felt the circumference of her tight asshole widen as the bolt of semen passed through the entrance of her body. She felt it surge as the bubble of his manhood rose up the shaft?rose through her welcome ass glove and explode like a firework inside.

Eric bucked as he let his held breath escape his lips. He fucked in short stabbing jabs as he continued to ejaculate.

The pressure from his release caused Dawns eyes to roll as they opened and her breathe blew threw her clenched teeth. There she stood, feet planted flat on the floor?bent over bracing herself against a glass window as a stranger fucks load after load of boiling cum into her asshole like heated animals in a zoo. Her body jerking as the quick pounding ripples threw her flesh. Her eyes locked on the man she loved as realization washes her. This guilty pleasure bloomed inside. The taboo of this lust and passion. Her toes curled as his cock seized and slowly withdrew from her slippery filled asshole. She has never?and probably will never be able to recreate this again. She will never get fucked with such intensity ever again. Her husband in his best days never came close to passion that made her come like this.

Eric?s thick sperm shake drained from her red hole. A few fluffed globs puddle on the floor as Dawn felt the mixture of both their juices dripping across her bare toes. Eric had backed away, pulled his pants and turned slowly as the zipper sounded out. Dawn, still holding her same position just stared ahead?trembling.

Threw the window before her she could see Eric now. Standing there as Scott handed him a drink off his beer bottle. They laughed. Laughed about something?it was irrelevant now. As Eric took another sip off of Scotts drink he turned to the mirror and grinned. Eric could see the silhouette of Dawns figure still standing there from the Light in the background. In Fact, he saw her as she stood?.pulled her skirt down and adjusted her top. Eric just grinned to himself as the irony of just taking Scotts beer from his hand and finishing it in front of him?was nothing compared to just taking his wife.

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