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On Further Examination

Robert Ames was growing concerned. Angelica Lopez had disappeared behind
the inner office door of the clinic over an hour ago. With perfect hindsight he realized
they could have left some notes back at the offices of Post outlining the story they were

It had all seemed so unreal that night a few weeks ago. He and his curvy
girlfriend had just finished making love, passionate and satisfying as always, when she
looked over at him with a strange expression in dark eyes.

"Darling, if I agreed to marry you, would you want me to quit my job at the Post
and stay home to do nothing but keep house for and make little brown babies for you?"

"Mi Amor! How can you ask such a thing? You know I love you and want to
marry you, but why would I want you to give up your career at the Post? You're a superb
reporter; a rising star there; that would be so stupid. As for having kids, sure I'd like us to
have one or two later on, but not for you to be nothing but a housekeeper and mother."

"That's a politically correct answer, Robert," she grinned, "But are you sure?
Suppose I could be turned into a horny, submissive little slut who wanted nothing more
than to please you. Wouldn't you like to have a fuck toy?"

"I'd rather have a woman."

"I think I believe you, darling," Angelica replied, her eyes glowing with
admiration that was almost love. "But not all men, maybe not many men, are like that.
Do you remember Emma Parks?"

"Uh...I think so. She's that school chum of yours? On the fast track at BBD&R.
Didn't we attend her wedding a year or two ago? Yes, quite pretty. Why do you ask?
You haven't mentioned her for some time."

"I had lost track of her. I heard she left BBD&R soon after she got married.
Well, a couple of weeks ago I ran into her at that big new suburban hyper-mart.
Remember when I got the box of paper for our printer? I hardly recognized her when I
saw her in the ladies room. She was sitting beside a stroller with a strapping toddler in it
as she was nursing a little one. And she was pregnant!

"Wow! She didn't look like the housewife type to me, from what I remember."

"That's just it. She wasn't! She had told me before she married she intended to
continue her career and wasn't sure she even wanted to have children. The Emma I met
yesterday was a totally different woman. All she wanted to talk about was her babies and
her Frank. She seemed more obsessed with him than in love. Frank said this. Frank did
that. Frank likes her to do so and do. I think she would have told me how wonderfully
he makes love to her and how often he gets her off, if I hadn't stopped her.


"I thought so, but she didn't. She even mentioned several of her friends that had
undergone similar changes in their lives. That was when my reporter's instincts kicked
in. I didn't particularly like what I saw in Emma, but if it were some kind of perverse
social trend, well, it might be worth a feature."

"So that's the mysterious project you have been working on," Robert grinned at
his clever lover.

"Yes, and I think I need your help."

"Leads turn so cold you need help from the sports pages?"

"On the contrary. I found plenty of material for an ordinary feature, but I may
have found something else, too."

"Oh?" Robert replied, his curiosity peeked.

"When I interviewed the women, several mentioned the same gynecologist, a Dr.
James Bock. I think there is something wrong with this picture and with these women.
It's like they were all "fixed" to be submissive little wives, regardless of their previous

"Now hold on, Angelica. Women do change their priorities over time. At some
point many women decide it's time to start a family," Robert objected.

"Robert! These are women like me, in their mid twenties, a little early to be
hearing the "biological clock" tick. And why would it strike for all of them at the same
hour? Will you take me seriously enough at least to check out this Bock clinic while I
continue interviewing the women?"

Skeptical at first, Robert himself was soon convinced that indeed, something
strange was going on at Dr. James Bock's clinic. For one thing, it had not always been
the clinic of James Bock. Until about three years ago, it had belonged to Dr. Janet
McGuire, a cracker-jack gynecologist of about 35 who had developed a downtown
practice catering to career women. Then the young James Bock had shown up just out of
medical school for a job interview. He got the job ... and Dr. McGuire, too. Within days
the former heartbreaker was wandering around her office with dreamy, unfocused eyes.
After each "consultation" with her younger partner, Janet emerged looking even more
flushed and dazed. The women who worked with Janet sniggered, guessing what went on
during those "consultations."

No one was surprised, therefore, when a week or so later Janet let it slip that she
and Dr. Bock were living together. They were puzzled, however, when Janet started
coming in later and later each morning until one day she happily announced she was
pregnant. Seeing the way Janet mooned at James whenever she was near him, no one
needed to ask who had put the baby in the pretty gynecologist. The staff watched Janet's
belly grow beneath maternity dresses which seemed to get skimpier by the week and her
need for "consultations" with a very self-satisfied Dr. Bock became more frequent. Then
the bombshell. Janet called everyone together to tell them James had decided she should
stay home to "take care of herself until the baby arrived" Consequently she would
withdraw from the practice indefinitely.

Stranger still, Robert learned that in the ensuing months the four women working
at the clinic also became pregnant -- and the order was far from random! Megan, the
youngest nurse had only barely started to show when Suzy the bimbo receptionist went
on maternity leave. Suzy was back to cover for Megan by the time she was almost too
big to walk. Ruth scolded Alice, the office manager, for letting her husband make her
pregnant again "at her age." By the time Alice returned to work, however, she had to bite
her tongue not to ask Ruth who had put the office manager, a divorced mother of teens,
back into maternity dresses.

"The way you describe Janet and those women is just like the women I'm
interviewing," Angelica remarked when Robert told her about his findings. "The change
is sudden and total. One day they are bright, aggressive career girls, the next, docile
homebodies whose lives revolve around their men and their bulging bellies. All they talk
about is her husbands or boyfriends -- what he likes, how he wants her to dress, what he
thinks, how to please him, and how to get him into bed more frequently, not that that
seems to be a problem. To hear them talk, they all fuck like bunnies. And none of them
use any kind of contraception. Every woman I talked to had one or two children already
and most were expecting another," Angelica finished, shaking her head.

That was the conversation which had led Robert here with Angelica. It had been
her idea to make an appointment with Dr. Bock to find out just what was going on at this
odd clinic. She had assumed the name of Angelica Carlisle and posed as a married
woman who was planning on starting a family and wanted to get a check up. She had
returned from her visit yesterday subdued and to Robert's surprise, did not want to make
love that night. She hadn't said much about what happened, just that the doctor wanted to
see her today with her "husband." So here he was.

As Robert watched the traffic in and out of the same door that his Angelica had
gone through, he had more and more cause to worry. Each woman when she entered
seemed cool, even bored with the chore. But each one emerged a half hour or so later
flushed, glowing, and rather out of it.

At last the door open and a tall black woman stepped out. "Mr. Carlisle?" She
held the door and waited until Robert entered the dimly lit room. Only as his eyes
adjusted could he take in the sight. She was magnificent! She towered over him and
only partly due to the five inch heals she wore. The smock came down only inches below
her crotch showing off those long smooth chocolate legs that riveted Robert's eyes. Until
... he noticed the abundant breasts displayed more than concealed by the plunging
neckline of this parody of medical garb.

Stunned by the sexy nurse, Robert almost didn't hear her close the door and say,
"Please sit down make yourself comfortable, Mr. Carlisle." He did sit, but he wasn't
comfortable. The low couch to which she ushered him afforded him too clear a view up
under her smock as she sat down in the chair opposite him. "Or should I call you Mr.

"But my name is ..." he stammered, not able to think too clearly.

"Robert Ames and your girlfriend is Angelica Lopez." the nurse said matter of
factly. "I am Amaka and we need to talk."

"But .... How did you ..."

"Why Angelica told Dr. Bock everything during her visit yesterday.

"Impossible!" he barked with more conviction than he felt.

"Pretty slick, the way you found out about us and conned your girlfriend into
coming here, by the way. We usually work only on referral. Would you like to see how
we put her under? She put up quite a fight!" Amaka grinned, not waiting for an answer.

The smiling nurse touched the control of a video screen that sprang to life. "I first
just try to put them at ease," the nurse explained. The image showed Angelica in this
same room, talking with Amaka. They laughed together, seeming to share a joke,
probably at the expense of men from the mischief in their eyes. Then as Amaka spoke
she unobtrusively pulled a pendant from a drawer and held it idly in her hand. The two
women continued to talk, but, to his horror, Robert saw Angelica's eyes become fastened
on the pendant. Slowly her expression faded to blank as Amaka twirled the shiny object.

Amaka turned on the audio so Robert could hear their idle chatter as she watched
Angelica seem to be quietly nodding off. Angelica's eyelids drooped and her head bowed
forward. Her arms grew limp at her sides. Pressing her advantage, the nurse brought the
twirling pendant closer to Angelica's face and began to swing it back and forth before her
eyes, softly saying, "Isn't this the cutest thing? Look how it sparkles. I find it so relaxing
just to look at it. So relaxing... It makes me want to lean back and relax. Just lean back
for me, now. That's it. There's no hurry... You don't have to be anywhere... We can just
relax and talk... Relax for me..."

"Your girlfriend was a pretty tough cookie," Amaka broke in. "By this point most
other women are gone. I have to admit she surprised me.." The video scene jumped

Abruptly, Angelica sat up straight, opened her eyes wide, and grinned
triumphantly. "Pretty much what I expected, I guess," Angelica exclaimed. "Though I am
surprised people can still be hypnotized by that old 'gaze into my pendant' routine. I
knew you must be using some kind of mind control to brainwash your little Stepford

If Amaka was surprised, she didn't show it. "Actually, that was just the initial
preparation, to get you in a receptive frame of mind. The real brainwashing comes later
and takes a lot longer. After all, we going to introduce some pretty drastic changes in
your personality."

"Thanks, sister, but I don't need to know the whole process. I've got plenty for a
story that will send you and this Dr. Bock, if he really is a doctor, scurrying to another
state if you don't go to prison." Angelica jousted.

"Oh, but I insist you stay to experience the whole thing, although you may change
your mind about writing a news report about us," Amaka smirked.

"Like hell!" said Angelica, her eyes flashing in anger. "You think I'm an idiot? I'm
not going to sit here and let you pull your little scam on me. I'm out here!"

Angelica stood up, but the nurse, a good deal bigger and stronger than she, caught
her off-balance and pushed her back down into a seated position, this time with the black
woman half lying on top of her. "Get off me you witch!" Angelica yelled, struggling to
get away. "Dammit, get off!"

Amaka rolled a little to the right to capture one of the smaller girl's arms.
Angelica kept yelling abuse while Amaka was eerily silent and determined. Presently,
the nurse succeeded in catching and immobilizing Angelica's remaining free arm. The
nurse now had her right arm behind Angelica's back. With her right hand she gripped
Angelica's right wrist, so that now both the smaller girl's arms were immobilized while
Amaka's left hand was free. She used it to bring the pendant before her struggling
captive's wide, desperate eyes.

"OK," Amaka said soothingly. "You put up a really good fight, but it must have
really tired you out. It's time for you to be a good little girl and take a little nap." She
began to twirl the pendant. "Come on, baby. You may think you were only pretending to
go under before, but you were sinking, girl. Now you are starting to feel sleepy again.
You were so close before. It will be so easy now to go to sleep for me. That's right,
you're so drowsy. Come on, relax for me. Close those pretty eyes for Amaka. You can't
fight it, you know... You're going to sleep for me... Sleep for me... Sleep for me..."

Oh, no, Robert thought, pride in his girlfriend turning to fear as he watched
Angelica begin to succumb to Amaka's hypnotic words. Then he say her snap back.
"Bullshit!" Angelica spat in a voice that was half angry defiance and half desperate fear
but seemed to lack conviction. She screwed her eyes shut to block out the view of the
pendant and kept struggling to get free.

"Oh, don't be like that," Amaka coaxed. Angelica kept struggling furiously, using
all he strength. Amaka's hypnotic suggestions kept getting interrupted in mid-command
as she had to shift position to maintain control of the twisting, squirming smaller girl. At
one moment Robert thought Angelica would succeed in getting loose, but the nurse had
the advantages of strength, size, and being on top. She could not keep up her desperate
effort for long. Angelica was breathing hard and seemed to be tiring. She could no longer
squirm constantly, but struggled and rested, struggled and rested.

Angelica's furious movements had left her ass shifted forward on the couch
almost to the edge, her short skirt rucked up and her legs slightly parted. In a fluid
movement Amaka took advantage of this vulnerability, rolling back to her left and
pushing her thigh between Angelica's legs to press down on the smaller girl's mound. She
began to rock rhythmically against her.

Angelica's eyes snapped open in shock. "What are you DOING?" she squealed.

"Distracting you, honey," said Amaka with a smile. "I'm using sex to break your
concentration and wear down your resistance and will power. Haven't you done the same
a hundred times to your boyfriends? Mmm, I think I feel you responding to me already,
you hot little thing. You want me, don't you? You want Amaka to make you hot and
make you sleepy. Come on and go to sleep for me. Go under for me, and I'll make you
soooo happy. Relax and enjoy it. Don't fight it. Give in." Her voice became dreamy and
seductive. "Surrender to me, honey. You know you want to... Sleep for me... You can't
help yourself... You can't fight the pendant anymore... It makes you want me ... want me
to own you... Come on, baby, give up... Give in to the sound of my voice and the feel of
my body against you... Let me make you feel good... Let me fuck you to sleep... Sleep for

Robert's pulse was racing as he witnessed his girlfriend's seduction but took heart
to see Angelica change tactics. Now she squeezed her eyes tightly shut, as if trying not to
let in even a glimpse of the sparking jewel that was sapping her remaining will.

Amaka bumped her captive's nose with the pendant and taunted her, "Oh, come
on, honey. Be a good little girl and take your medicine. Open those cute little eyes one
more time and take one last look at my pretty pendant. One more look and it'll be all over.
One more look and you won't have to fight me any more Come on. Just a little peek, a
tiny peek at my pretty toy. You know you want to."

As she said this, Amaka gently put the pendant down on the couch, as if it were
no longer needed, but continued to pretend holding the pendant "Come on, my sweet and
open those dark eyes and look at it, so pretty, so pretty." Robert's heart fell again as he
saw Amaka's trick. She was making Angelica want to keep her eyes shut, and Angelica
was falling for it.

And all the while on that screen Amaka kept rocking her thigh against her victim's
pubic mound, and Angelica's hips now seemed to be keeping time with her. He knew
how easily Angelica became excited from direct stimulation of her sex.

The weakening girl now seemed to have hardly any fight left in her. Her face held
none of the anger it had so plainly shown before, the remaining expression having
become a mixture of fear, frustration, and almost pleading. But still she kept her eyes
tight shut and seemed determined not to surrender, to that fatal imaginary pendant that
now seemed to be hypnotizing her only from its memory in her mind.

Amaka waved a hand toward the television. "Well, at this point I really thought I
had her, but she was amazing. I have to admit, your girlfriend is the biggest challenge
I've ever faced."

On the screen Angelica seemed to be tapping some inner reserve of strength. A
moment ago she looked at the edge of surrender, but now she was fighting back again, if
not physically. She had stopped writhing about, evidently having realized that it was
pointless and was only tiring her more quickly, but there was renewed determination in
her face. "Let me GO, you bitch. It isn't going to work on me."

"Sure it's going to work on you," the Amaka on tape said with chilling certainty.
"It works on any woman, my pet. You're already responding to me. I can feel your
pussy's wetness on my thigh. You're getting completely turned on, and it's silly to deny
it. You know it, I know it. And of course I've already made you close your eyes."

Angelica quickly jerked her eyes open. "Gotcha!" said Amaka. "And guess what?
I don't need a pendant to put you under, honey. That's just a prop, a device to distract the
conscious mind and keep it focused on something else while I entrap your subconscious.
I can accomplish that a lot of ways, with a flashing light, with rhythmic sounds. I can
control a weak-willed person with just my eyes. But my favorite technique to make my
target helpless even before I hypnotize them, is massage.

And what's the best kind of massage, a massage of your sex. You can put
somebody under and they never know what hit them. You know what I mean, don't you?
Most women do. Sex is out weapon, a powerful weapon, a drug. Nothing's more
distracting than sex. Nothing else turns the mind to jelly so quickly. What is seduction
but hypnosis? Women have been hypnotizing men with sex for years, and it was so
natural that most of them never even realized what they were doing!

But believe me, I know what I'm doing, and that's why you're about to go under,
baby. Ooh, just feel you, you're so wet. I've got you right where I want you, and that's the
only part of you still squirming. Come on now, you little minx. Relax for me. Stop
trying to fight it. That's it... I feel you giving in now... That's it... Just relax for me... Just
let go completely for me... Oh, baby, I feel you getting weaker... Just a little more now...
Breathe in... Breathe out... Feel me against you... Feel me arousing you... I'm going to
make you come, and then you can sleep... You'll have to sleep... Get ready to come for
me... Relax for me... Relax... Now get ready to come and go sleep... Are you ready? Yes
you are... You're really gone now... You're going under... You're going... You're..."

As Angelica's resistance waned Amaka was able to force one of her muscular legs
between Angelica's slim thighs. Now Amaka was able to move it up and down, not just
rocking against her prey's mound but rubbing and caressing her weakest spot.

"Have you ever seen how they hypnotize an alligator?" Amaka asked Robert.
"That's what finally put her under." Robert watched as Amaka began running her free
hand lightly over Angelica's body, brushing her breasts, her stomach, her side, her mons,
while her leg kept up its stroking between the girl's thighs.

Robert watched this in open-mouthed amazement. The nurse had clearly lost her
mind. Did she seriously think that Florida alligator wrestling was a real hypnosis
technique? Or even if it was, that it could possibly work on his strong willed girlfriend?

But to his surprise, he saw that Angelica was very obviously responding. Even
through her thin blouse it was clear that her nipples were hugely erect. Her hips rocked a
little in time with Amaka's expert leg strokes on her pussy. She gave out a few
involuntary sounds of pleasure. Still the brave, determined girl still seemed to be
resisting, her muscles tense. But gradually, little by little, the tension was going out of
her. It might not be hypnosis, but it was having a devastating effect.

Robert saw Amaka shift a little to put her lips near Angelica's ear. Evidently
realizing that her prey was falling under her control at least sexually, she was going to
resume her attempt to hypnotize her. "Relax for me," she commanded in a seductive
whisper. "Relax now... You can't hold out any longer... Give up... Don't fight it...
Surrender... You can't resist... Relax for me..."

But instead of relaxing at the sultry sound, Angelica had stiffened.

She's still fighting, thought Robert with amazement and pride. But then he
realized what was really happening.

Robert had learned how vulnerable Angelica's ears were. He could always send
her into a blind rut by blowing in her ear. He hoped Amaka would misunderstand her
reaction, that she would think her approach had somehow backfired, not realize she'd
discovered a major weakness in his girlfriend.

On the tape Amaka seemed puzzled by the girl's reaction, but she put her mouth to
the girl's ear once again. "Come on," she breathed, "Go to sleep for me. Come on! Let
me fuck you to sleep. I'm going to ffffffuck you to sssssleep."

Like a man watching his team go down to defeat, Robert felt a sinking despair.
That last sentence was Angelica's undoing, not because of the words but the whispered
sibilant syllables, Amaka's breath rushing into her ear. It was too much! Angelica let out
a loud, high-pitched, helpless whimper of utter sexual surrender.

"Ohhh, what is this?" said the nurse with a note of triumph in her voice. Amaka
put her face to the side of Angelica's head. It was impossible to see on the television
monitor exactly what was going on, but she was either blowing into the ear or tonguing it.
Either way, the effect on Angelica was electric. Twitching and jerking violently,
Angelica gasped and moaned with unresisting pleasure. Her eyes were half-open and

Still ministering to the ear, Amaka began to speak again, this time in a rough, loud
whisper, not just saying but blowing hypnotic words into Angelica's defenseless mind.
"I've got you now, honey. I know what turns you on. There's no point fighting any
longer. Give in. Tell me you want it Say it. Sssssssay it..."

Angelica's whimper sounded like a very weak "no..."

"Give in to me... Ssssssssurender... SSSSSSSSssay it."

Robert wasn't sure he heard it, but while one of the weak and incoherent sounds
coming out of his quivering fiancee seemed to be "" another sounded like

"I've got you, baby! Don't fight me .. You can't fight.. Go to sleep for me... Go to
sleep for me when I make you come... You're going to come so good for me now...
You're going to come for me and go to sleep and then I'm going to make you come again
and again until you're nothing but my little toy. Won't that be fun? Now ssssssurrender to
me. Come for me and ssssssleep."

Amaka's leg was now making rapid little circles on Angelica's pussy, and
Angelica's hips were bucking against it in spasms. The smaller girl's voice was coming in
chokes, sobs, and whimpers of ecstasy. Then Angelica's body bucked violently. She
held her breath, her face twisted in the throes of orgasm, and then she finally let out a
whimpered but unmistakable "Yes!"

"Hell of a girl, Robert," Amaka admitted. "I've never seen such a tough bitch. If
she knew what she was doing, she could turn any man inside out. No wonder you figured
you needed some help with her. Well, from here on, let's just hit the high points,"

Robert groaned inwardly as the scene changed again. It was really over. Angelica
was under, no longer faking but totally in the power of the beautiful black nurse. Amaka
pulled the entranced and unresisting Angelica to a standing position and began to undress
her. In a moment Angelica's pert breasts were in view and the nurse was expertly fondling
them with one hand while the other went into Angelica's panties. Moments later Robert
saw Angelica shudder and cum again so hard that she would have collapsed if Amaka
hadn't held her.

"That little girlfriend of yours is hot! I can't make many women come that way,
just with my hands. Most need this ..." she continued. The scene changed again.
Angelica was laid out on an examining table with her legs in stirrups. It would have been
uncomfortable except it was obvious Angelica was totally unaware of anything except
Amaka's head between her legs. Angelica's head thrashed from side to side in what
appeared to be an almost continuous orgasm.

"James likes to have me warm up the ladies before he has them. It saves time and
I'm sure they enjoy it more that way, too," Amaka explained. The next scene was the one
Robert had been dreading. Sure enough there was his girlfriend with her legs wrapped
around the waist of a handsome man wearing nothing but a stethoscope around his neck.
Thankfully, Amaka had turned off the audio so Robert could not actually hear Angelica
screaming in ecstasy, though she clearly was. Transfixed, Robert watched Angelica
mindlessly meet the doctor, thrust for thrust until at last it was obvious that he, too, lost
control. With a final wrenching spasm, the man blasted his sperm into a quivering
Angelica. The hot jism triggered its own final response in her shaken body. She arched,
grew momentarily rigid, then fell back onto the table, limp and unconscious.

"This is the boring part, but it's what really does the job. All the rest is just
preparing her mind to accept the programming," Amaka explained as the scene shifted
again to show Angelica apparently peacefully asleep with something like headphones
over her ears and another apparatus around her crotch. No, not exactly asleep peacefully,
Robert noticed. Angelica was slowly writhing. "The electronic stimulator is keeping her
highly aroused. The desire for sex prevents her from forming any defense as she hears
the conditioning tape. When she responds properly to certain cues during the "lessons" it
reward her by making her come. When we're finished with her, there is a tight link
between pleasing her man and her own sexual pleasure."

Amaka switched off the video and directed her attention to Robert. "Since we
weren't sure just what you'd want, we pretty much gave her the standard treatment,"
Amaka said, matter of factly.

"You did what?"

"We installed the personality traits that most men ask for." Amaka explained. "In
the first place, unquestioned love and devotion. She now thinks you are little short of a
god and knows she is very, very fortunate to be your woman. Therefore, she is not going
to cross you in any way that might jeopardize that relationship. This means that she
wants to make you a happy man, if you know what I mean," Amaka grinned.

"Of course we didn't want this to be a chore for poor Angelica, so we increased her libido
by a factor of six or seven. Roughly, if before she was *willing* to have sex several time
a week, now she'll *want* it several times a day. But there is no reason to be concerned,"
Amaka added hastily, seeing Robert blanch, "Even if she wants more than you can
provide, leaving her a little frustrated won't do her any harm. She'll just be that much
hotter when you do put it to her. Besides, she would never think of nagging you or
demanding sex no matter how horny she gets. I don't guarantee that she won't try to
seduce you, though," Amaka added with a feminine smirk. "We fixed her really to enjoy
sex with you. She will turn on like a light bulb if you so much as brush her tits or ass and
you will find you can climax her with your fingers in almost no time.

"We also minimized any tendency to jealousy. Although she really will not *like* it if
you choose to have other women, she'll put up with it as a minor foible of her otherwise
wonderful lover. We could, if you wish, add a preference for threesomes, but few of our
clients ask for that. Likewise, if you intend to share her around, we probably ought to
program that specifically, although you can most likely get her to do it a few times
without it. Similarly, we did not include any special enjoyment of anal sex. We find men
of your socioeconomic group generally don't go for it, though it's up to you"

"You might want to consider letting us turn her on to girl-girl sex." Amaka continued,
sounding like a new car salesman discussing options. "Some men think that creates
competition for them, but it doesn't really. It can be quite convenient, for example, to
have your girlfriend fall for one of your mistresses and then get them together. Believe
me, fucking a pussy that has been properly warmed up by another woman's mouth can be

"Not to overlook the most important feature, you'll be pleased to find Angelica is really
keen to start making babies for you. In fact, the poor kid is just a little paranoid about
being twenty five already without having even one child when so many of her friends
have had two or three. I strongly recommend you put a bun in that cute little oven as
soon as possible. Finding herself slowed down by a big belly and engorged tits will help
stabilize the other personality changes we've introduced. If you keep her long enough,
she will probably want to give you six or seven children, although I understand that she
earns big bucks at the newspaper so you may not want to keep her off the job that much
time. Again, don't worry about what *she* wants. Keep her pregnant all the time or let
her eat her heart out for more babies; she'll adore you the same."

"Well, that about covers it. I trust you will be pleased with your new and 'improved'
girlfriend, soon to be wife, right? Amaka smiled. "In return, we ask only that you not
pursue the news report she was working on. Angelica has, of course, totally forgotten it."

For several long seconds Robert just stared at the beautiful black woman as he tried to
absorb everything he had seen and heard. At last he drew a deep breath, "Well, I guess I
do have to thank you, Ms ...uh ... Amaka," he said at last, his voice dripping with
sarcasm. "But giving up the story on this hellish clinic is the *last* thing I'll do. You
have just provided me with enough material to nail you good! I've got some killer
quotes; too bad we can't use all of them in a family newspaper, even post Zipper-gate."

If Robert expected the sexy nurse to be taken aback, he was surprised. "I've got to hand it
to James," Amaka said, smiling and shaking her head in amazement. "He said you'd react
this way. Angelica told him that you were not at all a machista, but after a few session on
the tapes a woman's judgment about the man in her life is unreliable to say the least.
Most of James's patients will swear that their husbands or boyfriends are ardent feminists.
They'll swear it even when he brings his mistress home to screw while she's off giving
birth to his baby. After all, the women believe anything their men tell them. Guys know
that the only way to get into a girls pants nowadays is to play the enlightened 'man of the
90's, so that's what they do. But you seem to be the real McCoy," Amaka said, her eyes
wide in amazement

"You're damned right I am, and you are going to undo all the vile tampering with
Angelica and give me back the tough-minded, independent woman I love." Robert
demanded. "If you don't, I'll go to the district attorney and in addition to being out of
business, you'll face charges for kidnapping and sexual abuse."

"Astounding!" Amaka sighed but continued. "I don't think going to the authorities would
be a good idea, Robert. We got there first. Perhaps you remember the DA dumped his
over-forty wife for that frisky little blonde prosecutor in his office? Well, the silly bitch
began to take herself too seriously. As a trophy wife, she wasn't working out as expected.
She continued screwing around with the junior prosecutors and some of the cops, hardly
ever fucked the old boy, and absolutely refused to let him get her pregnant.

Well, fortunately, Dr. Bock heard about the DA's problem and we got her here for an
appointment. Now Miss ex-hot shot lawyer is happy as a kitten, staying home nursing
the DA's first baby and expecting a second. As for the Chief of Police, he is overjoyed
with our services. He has his wife at home started on producing a second family for him
while down at the station three of the prettiest policewomen are out on maternity leave."

"I don't care who else gets burned, when this hits the news, you're out of business, Robert

"You're no doubt right, so we'll make sure this never does 'hit the news.' Angelica can be
made to forget, has in fact already forgotten. I so hoped you would play along in
exchange for control of most men's fantasy woman. But as James predicted, you're just
not the kind of man to control a woman. Of course, that makes it easy for a woman to
control you," she smiled confidently.

"Oh, no," Robert said. "I'm wise to the pendant gambit. The only way you
managed to finally get Angelica was to dominate her physically!" Robert stood up and
grinned mirthlessly down at the nurse, returning smirk for smirk. "You're a big girl, but I
don't really think you'd have any chance of overpowering me, do you?"

"Oh, I might," she said sweetly. "You'd probably beat me in a fair fight, but I
don't fight fair."

"Fair or not, you've met your match. I'm blowing the lid off your operation and
I'm getting my fiancee back, and there's not a goddam thing you can do to stop me."

"Oh, my, I guess we should have known that a bright man like you could not be put under
so easily" Amaka smiled disarmingly. "How foolish to think that big sexy woman could
seduce a man like you, even if she does have big ... soft ... round ... titties that are so hard
to take your eyes off of." the nurse cooed "And you are far to clever to allow a woman to
arose you by letting you peek up between her legs. You could never be distracted by
wondering if your adversary is wearing panties or not, could you?

"No, I can't." Robert agreed, but his eyes remained fasted between Amaka's delightful

"And even if you did become aroused, your prick beginning to stiffen as I see yours is,
you would still be able to resist my commands. Even with a raging hard-on, a strong-
minded man like you would not just start taking orders from a woman. You may be
horny, you may be thinking how nice it would be if I fucked you. You might want me to
lay you back on that couch where you are sitting and lower my juicy cunt over your hard
erect penis, but you can still control your self, can't you?

"Yes," Robert agreed, nodding his head without blinking or taking his eyes off Amaka's

"A flashing locket hanging between my boobies would not put *you* into a trance. Even
if you obey my command to continue looking at my big soft tits so that the locket can
continue to flash in you eyes, flashing, flashing so that it is difficult to think about
anything but my titties and the locket, your will power would remain strong. You can't
be ordered around like a puppet, can you, Robert?" Amaka asked as she came and stood
in front of the helpless man.

"No," Robert said robotically and he gazed up at the black woman who now towered over
him, his eyes fixed on the twirling locket Amaka deployed.

"No, Robert, you will not do what I say just because your will is slipping away from you.
You're not falling into my power, because lust has made you too weak to resist my
commands. You will obey me because you are a little boy at a doctor's office and I am
your nurse. You are going to do everything your sexy nurse tells you, aren't you,
Robert?" Amaka asked with a reassuring smile.

Robert smiled back and nodded.

"That's a good boy. Now since this is your first time to visit me, I want you to take off all
your clothes. Will you do that for me, Robert?"

"Yes, ma'am," Robert replied, falling seamlessly into the little-boy role in which Amaka
had cast him. With only a little embarrassment, Robert began to remove his shirt and

"Would you like me to help you?" Amaka inquired as she unsnapped his boxers and let
them fall to the floor.

"Thank you," Robert replied politely.

"Oh, my, Robert, you are a *big* boy, aren't you? Amaka asked as she took his erect
penis and began to stroke it. "This must feel very good for a big boy like you. Do you
like what I'm doing to you Robert?

Robert could only grin in agreement.

"Of course you do," Amaka said, slipping into baby talk. "A big boy likes to have a
woman's hand on his thing-y, Robert. If you want me to keep playing with your thing-y
and making you feel really good like this, you'd better let me put you down on this couch.
... Uh huh, like that. Are you comfortable, sweetie?

Robert couldn't answer, The delicate strokes of Amaka's hand felt too good.

"This is your penis, Robert. I know you like me to play with your penis. It makes you
feel so peaceful, so relaxed. All you want is for me to continue. So peaceful, so relaxed
but sort of sleepy, right? You'd like to go to sleep, Robert, cuddle up with me and suck
on my big titties and drift off to sleep. I would be so easy if you weren't so horny.
Would you like me to help you not to be horny? I could make you feel good so you can
go to sleep, deeply to sleep. Do you want me to make you feel good?"

Robert's eyes were closed, clearly lost in the powerful arousal Amaka induced. He was
totally unaware when the his beautiful seductress dropped her skimpy garment and
clambered onto the couch with him. He made no effort to resist -- how could he? -- when
the smiling woman took his cock and guided it into her dripping cunt. Robert's mind was
elsewhere, suffocated beneath a warm, thick, erotic blanket when Amaka began
purposefully to ride up and down on his rigid cock. The last fragments of his will were
spirited away by her soft sing-song voice. "Oh, Robert, baby, you want to come so bad,
don't you. You need to come so like a big boy you can sleep. I can make you come,
Robert, make you sleep. Just relax and let me fuck you ... fuck you to sleep ... fuck you
to sleep ... fuck you ... to ... sle.e.e.e.p."

As the beautiful black dominatrix's voice fell to a whisper Robert began to moan, softly
then louder and louder until he bellowed in incoherent surrender. Amaka felt his balls
erupt with cum as spasm after spasm of orgasm skewered his mind and will. His body
fell limp; his mind opened, becoming a blank page, a page waiting to be written upon.
Amaka smiled to herself, knowing the author was ready and not far away.

Reluctantly Amaka pulled her sperm-drenched cunt from around the softening cock of the
sated and entranced young reporter. As she arose, she saw she had an audience. James
and Angelica were standing in the door. James's eyes were bright with admiration for his
beautiful and talented lover. Angelica was disheveled but she wore the radiant, spacey
expression a session with James always produced in women. She had let James hastily
pull on her panties, but the soaked crotch and the semen leaking down her leg showed
just why the young journalist looked so happy.

"Entertain yourself, my dear," James instructed and Angelica's eyes grew dim. He
directed her to a recliner where the young woman lay back and thrust her hand into her
panties. Soon her soft moans indicated she needed no more of his attention.

"Good work, darling," he said as he approached and kissed Amaka who was still
admiring her unconscious victim. "Look at that face. I've never seen a man with a grin
like that. You must have fucked him down to his reptile brain!" James laughed.

"You did pretty well with Miss Salamander yourself," Amaka chuckled and kissed him
back, pressing her body hard against his muscular frame. "So, what do I get as a
reward?" she whispered smokily, breaking the kiss.

"Reward? I thought you worked for me from sheer devotion!" James teased.

"You know what I'm devoted to," Amaka growled, fondling his prick which responded as
she hoped.

"Well, we don't have any other clients this evening." James agreed. "Put him on the
machines and we'll have some time to kill." Quickly Amaka lowered the earphone-like
device over Robert's head and made an adjustment to a dial. Then she fastened the other
apparatus over his groin. "Going to give him a 'seven?'" James asked.

"No, just a six," Amaka replied. "Angelica says he's a quick recharge. I don't want to
stimulate him too much. If he ejaculates, I'll have to start all over," the busy woman
replied as she made a final check of the equipment. "There. A couple of hours of
subliminal instruction while in a state of high arousal should do him. And now," she
continued, turning to her companion with a lustful smirk, "I can think of something much
better to do with the time than kill it!"


An hour of so later Amaka awoke from the little nap she always fell into after she and
James fucked. She wondered if it was possible to be awakened just by the intense
sensations of contentment and completeness James always left her with. That little nap,
she was sure, wasn't quite natural. She suspected he used it to reinforce her conditioning.
Still, she had the feeling that *her* conditioning was not as complete, not as "heavy" as
that of James's clients.

Perhaps it was his control of her mind made it impossible for her to feel jealousy for Janet
to whom James went home every night. Amaka knew he still screwed her. After all,
Janet was expecting again. But Amaka felt it was more out of loyalty than lust. Unlike
Amaka, Janet had retained most of the weight she gained with each pregnancy and now
was border line obese. Amaka wondered if there wasn't a tiny part of Janet's mind that
remained unconditioned that part was making her unhappy. Amaka had asked James
about it one time but James just shook his head a little sadly.

Amaka had no such problem. James could bend her own will to his, easily enough of
course, but what was there to bend? With James she had an interesting job for which he
paid her very well. He was a handsome man and a marvelous lover. Unless *everything*
was an illusion. Maybe James was really fat and had buck teeth, Amaka laughed to
herself. But she had seen how women reacted to James when they first saw him, before
they were conditioned. No, James really was a hunk. And finally he had given her two
adorable cafe au lait daughters, Ifi and Efe, and the slightly darker Jerome. What more
could a woman want?

Mamma, who took care of the kids, agreed these three were great, but she was on
Amaka's neck again. With Jerome going on six months, Mamma thought it was past time
to get another grandchild on the way. If her employer didn't want to get her pregnant,
Mamma had hinted, Amaka could find some other nice white boy to do the job Well,
Amaka didn't think Mamma would have to grouse much longer. This was her week to
ovulate and Amaka had remained mum when James had neglected to use a condom the
last few times they had fucked. Amaka was pretty sure James didn't intend to make her
pregnant just yet, but what were feminine wiles for, if not to use against the male of the
species? James hadn't been watching the calendar and she had.

Moving slowly so as not to disturb the beautiful afterglow of sex, Amaka slipped a hand
between her legs. A glob of James's thick come was slowly oozing from her pussy. No
hurry. There was plenty more where that had come from. Without needing to open her
eyes, her other hand reached over to the drawer beside this bed she and James used for
office sex and removed a cervical cap. She felt it slip comfortably into place. There, that
would keep her full.

Amaka had come really hard when James had shot his jizz into her this time. It was
unscientific, but she just felt this was it. Best not to take any chances, however. She
scooted a pillow under her ass to raise the angle of her cervix and reached for her clit.
Another old wives tale, perhaps, but orgasm after impregnation was said to promote
conception. It couldn't hurt and it sure felt good, Maybe the old wives had been knocked
up enough times to know something. One soft orgasm followed another until she dozed

Amaka was awakened again, this time by James's voice from the next room. Sleeping
with her boss was probably part of her job description (or at least a perk). Sleeping on
the job was not. Pulling on her smock, Amaka followed her lover's voice to the main
room. There James was sitting with a fully clothed and wide awake Angelica Lopez,
talking business. Amaka was amazed at the transformation. The Post's reporter seemed
completely normal again, even feisty. Gone was the docile subservience, the look of lost
adoration Amaka had seen shortly before. Angelica probably knew little of what had
gone on the last few hours.

"It's a big responsibility, Angelica. I'm sure you will handle it well" James said

"Of course I will. But do you mean he'll do *anything* I tell him?" she inquired.

"Well, don't test the limits by asking him to jump off a building, but, yes, just about
anything a man's loving girlfriend could ask, he'll do."

"And will he still be OK ... uh, ... you know, ...?"

"In bed?" James smiled reassuringly. "Better than ever! Remember you said he would
never eat you? Well, you'll find now he will not only do it, but he will do it damned well.
And we've improved his stamina, too. He should be good for at least two or three times
per night. I think you're going to be a very happy woman."

"Sounds perfect. Can I take him home now?"

"Give us this weekend for that final procedure I mentioned," James replied. "He'll be
yours on Sunday night."

"As you say, James." she replied. Turning to her unconscious boyfriend, Angelica blew
him a kiss walked away.


Robert had had a bad day. Percy Cummings, his editor, had not liked Robert's latest
series on the local baseball team. "Damnit Robert, it was full of fluff about how hard
travel days are on their wives and girlfriends. *Men* read the sports pages and they don't
read it for that! You haven't written a decent, hard-hitting sports story in two months
now. What's wrong?"

Robert didn't know what was wrong. He was just glad to be home and in his kitchen
where he could concentrate on making dinner for Angelica. She had called and promised
to be home by 8:30. He had another half hour to get everything perfect for her. He had
set the table and the vichyssoise was ready. He turned his attention to the Caesar
dressing. The oven timer rang just as Angelica arrived.

Robert's bad day was over! Joy overwhelmed him as he took in sight of his sexy
girlfriend. Always pretty, Angelica had gotten so much hotter in the last couple of
months. The heels, that tailored suit with a skirt that stopped six inches above her knee,
the earrings, the makeup. Angelica had become a babe! And it hadn't hurt her career at
the Post, where the senior editors were all middle aged men.

"Oh what a nice welcome for a tired working girl," Angelica giggled as Robert kissed her
passionately and squeezed her butt. "Tch Tch! Time enough for that later, darling.
Dinner smells wonderful!"

During the meal Angelica told Robert the good news she had hinted at over the phone.
"They're putting me in charge of Style, page two," she bubbled. "Apparently the series I
did on career women who drop out to have babies and spend more time with their
husbands has been a huge success. I've got to transcribe some notes, but I think we
should celebrate. Don't be long," she winked as she arose from the table.

Scrubbing the flambe pan took longer than Robert expected so he was still at the sink
when Angelica re-appeared in the kitchen door. Pots and pans were forgotten when
Robert saw his girlfriend in a new pink baby doll pajama. "Coming to bed, darling?"
Angelica lilted and wiggled off, knowing what the answer would be.

A half hour and several orgasm later Angelica was still in the saddle. She had Robert on
his back with his oh-so-satisfying cock well up inside her. She was going for another
good come or two when she felt his body stiffen. "Slow down, lover boy!" she cried, but
it was too late. She was able to get herself off just one more time as her horny boyfriend
shoot his balls into her hungry cunt. Angelica looked down into the half-closed eyes of
her totally satisfied man. It was time to tell him she decided.

"I didn't finish giving you all the news, honey."

"Huh?" Robert responded, finding it a little hard to concentrate after the way Angelica
had just fucked him.

"I've been thinking about what you keep asking me, and I've decided yes."

For a moment the words didn't make any sense. Then Robert exploded with joy. "You
will? You'll marry me? Oh, darling, that's wonderful. When? When?"

"Let's do it next month," she said excitedly.

"Next month?" Robert asked, suddenly puzzled. "Isn't that short notice? I mean, I've
been after you to marry me for years. Por qué tan pronto?"

"Well, we don't want our families to be upset, do we?" Angelica replied mysteriously.

"Our families? My parents adore you and your folks like me, too. What's there to be
upset about if we take time to make this a real occasion?"

"Ay! Robertito," Angelica laughed and kissed him. "You are slow, but so lovable. Do I
have to spell it out for you, honey? I went to see Dr. Bock, today. I'm already two
months pregnant!"

Robert thought he had died and gone to heaven. He pulled Angelica down to his chest
and practically devoured her with kisses. As he blathered endearments his body reacted
in a way he didn't realize, but Angelica did.

"Oh, Bobby, you naughty boy!" Angela laughed. She was calling him "Bobby" more and
more often these days Robert vaguely noted. "I think you *like* the idea letting a
pregnant woman fuck you," Angelica grinned, feeling her boyfriend stiffen inside her
again. "Are you going to let me fuck you when I am all gordita and my belly is all
pushed out with the bebé? What if I get so big that once I am on top, you won't be able to
get me off. Then I could fuck you even if you didn't want me to."

Robert was insane with desire as Angelica humped his resurrected prick. "You'd better
like it lover," she admonished, "Because I'm gong to need a lot of fucking for the next
seven months and," she paused for effect just before he was about to explode, "I'm
planning to have muchos bebés."


Six months later Angelica was a happy if uncomfortably pregnant woman. Lying beside
her was her equally happy if tuckered-out husband. She had just finished having him
give it to her doggie style for almost an hour. "Orgasms are almost as much fun for the
baby as for the mother," she had assured him to keep him going. At last she took pity on
him and let him come. He had almost fallen off her in exhaustion. A good time to talk,
she thought.

"Tu mamá was over this afternoon," Angelica said, not expecting a reply and not getting
one, "So was mine. We got to talking about what to do after la bebita arrives."

"Oh, yeah," Robert sighed a little recovered. "I've been looking for infant care providers
here and near work, too."

"That's so sweet of you, honey," Angelica said, "But the three of us were thinking that we
just don't like the idea of strangers taking care of the baby, especially for the first two or
three years."

"Oh?" Robert asked sleepily, "Does your mother want to take care of her, or does mine?"

"Don't be silly, darling." Angelica laughed. "Soon both of them are going to be far to
busy for that. But we do think it should be someone in the familia."

Robert looked up with admiration at his beautiful pregnant wife. "No, honey. They've
just made you Editor of the Style section," he protested. "You can afford a couple of
week of maternity leave, but I can't ask you to take years out of your career, even to take
care of nuestra hijita. It's too big a sacrifice."

"That's what we were thinking, too, darling," Angelica agreed, taking hold of Robert's
prick and dropping down into her "special" voice. "I was thinking maybe *you* could
take care of her."

Robert started to object, but felt a wave of sweetness roll over him as it often did when
Angelica spoke. When he felt that way, he knew what would happen. She was going to
fuck him and he was going to do anything she asked. It was no use arguing.

"I mean, your career really isn't going anywhere, Robert," Angelica added logically.
"They've been moving you from one dinky assignment to another. Why bother? With
my promotion we'll have more than enough money. I'll buy us a real house, a big one.
You won't need to work and I know you will be wonderful at child care. Will you do it,
Amorcito, para mi?"

Robert was agreeing. Angelica knew he would. He always did, when she wanted him to.
Robert would be her house-husband and he would be happy doing it; Angelica would
fuck him enough to see to that. Still, she felt a pang of guilt. She had been careful never
actually to lie by saying "our" baby, but she had led Robert believe the child in her womb
was his. Angelica in fact remembered the afternoon it had been put there during one of
her frequent "checkups" at James's office.

It was part of the deal. James gave her Robert, sweet, docile, and always available to
satisfy her raging need for sex. In return Angelica would give James babies. This was
only the first. She didn't know how many he wanted. She didn't care. When James
looked at her that special way, she wanted more than anything for him to make her
pregnant, wanted him to make her a woman in the way Robert never could.

Robert, the dear, would never know, of course. Any baby of hers would probably inherit
her dark skin and eyes and James looked a lot like Robert. Her poor husband was
unaware of the little snip James had performed on him that weekend months ago so that
Angelica would never have an "accident" with Robert.

The monetary guilt passed; Angelica was happy again. She had a wonderful lover who
promised to give her a houseful of babies and a wonderful husband to take care of them.

"Honey?" Robert asked in a small, resigned voice, as he tenderly stroked Angelica's
swollen tummy, "What did you mean when you said that your mother and mine would
soon be 'too busy' to take care of nuestra bebita?"

"Oh, didn't I tell you?" Angelica replied sweetly. "That's why they came by here, to tell
me the good news. They had just come from Dr. Bock's. They're both pregnant."

End of Story

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