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Ny Fuck Toy

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You knock softly on my motel room door, and I open it to let you in. You are in a pair of tight shorts, and a sexy white lacy top. I reach up to the back of your head and grab a hand full of your hair, tilting your pretty face up to me forcibly. I kiss you hard on your mouth and taste your lip gloss, as our tongues play together. I give you a hard smack on your firm little ass and your pretty eyes widen in surprise. We stand together kissing deeply as I pull on your hair. I run my free hand under your top, and feel your hard nipples through the thin fabric of your bra. I squeeze and tease them getting them even harder. I deftly release the clasp on your bra, and those sexy tits are free. Pulling your top up over your head, I begin to bite and tease the tender flesh of your tits. I hear your breathing quicken. I am pulling at the buckle of your little belt now, and soon have you down to a thong. I push you back onto the bed, now, and pull the wet little fabric patch that is your thong down your shapely legs. As you spread your legs slightly, I see the wet smooth shaved pussy that I have been dying to fuck and suck. I kiss my way up the inside of your thighs and begin to tease the swollen lips of your pussy with my tongue. Your sweet pussy yields to my tongue and I am teasing your clit now, stroking and sucking it. I ease a finger into your wet cunt and fuck it slowly and deeply as I feel you relax. I add a second finger to fill your tight little hole, and fuck you slowly with deep strokes. After a time I slide that second finger out of your wet pussy and push it slowly into your tight little ass. Now, I can fuck you in both holes like I know you want it. I continue to tongue and stroke your pussy and reach into my pocket with my free hand producing a small pair of nipple clips. I reach up and place them on your belly while I tease your nipples to an even more aroused state. I place the first one on your right nipple and watch as it squeezes it tight. Then I apply the second one to the let nipple with the same effect. Now I can pull on them and play with them, making you squirm. I reach around again with my free hand and find the small bag that I have placed at the foot of the bed. I fish out the 6 inch vibrator, and switch it on. I quickly replace the finger that I have been fucking your ass with the vibrator, using the wetness of your pussy to help me get it deep in your ass. I have two fingers back in your little pussy now, and a vibrator in your ass. I work my tongue over that swollen clit, and continue to finger fuck you. I feel your tiny hands in my hair pulling on it and trying to direct my mouth. Your hips rock with my actions now fucking me back. I can tell that you are getting ready to cum, and I want it. I feel your thighs begin to tremble as your pussy clenches my fingers and you begin to cum hard. I continue to fuck you deeply with the vibrator and my fingers as you cry out an shake, flooding my waiting mouth with your delicious cum. I ride your pussy with my mouth till I feel you slow down. I slowly remove the fingers and the vibrator. Before you can even catch your breath, I roll you onto your belly and smack your little ass hard. First one side then the other. You moan and squirm and I know the nipple clips are dragging on the bed pulling on your hard nipples. I drop my pants and climb onto your back, I pin your hands to the bed, and in a quick maneuver, shove my cock all the way into your tight little ass. I've straddled your hips, and I have you pinned down as I hold your wrists and make you take my cock in your ass. I whisper in your ear "Take it, bitch!" "Take my cock in that sweet asshole" I am fucking you hard now, my balls slap your wet cunt. I release one hand and grab a hand full of hair, pulling your head back and kissing your mouth. I give your hair another yank, and then retake your wrist. I want to hold you down and fuck you till I fill your ass with my hot cum. I am slamming my cock into that ass, and I feel my balls ready to burst. My climax begins, and I hold you down and fuck you deeper as I pump my hot sticky cum up your ass. That is when I feel it! You are cumming too! I feel you buck and thrash below me, trapped and pinned under me. Your ass milks every drop out of my cock as the orgasmic spasms work my cock. I ride you like my little fuck toy, till my balls are drained. I roll along side you on the bed. I look into those pretty eyes and say "Lick me clean, bitch!" and you tongue bathe my cock and balls till am clean. After you lick me clean, I take the nipple clips off of you and put them away, then, I slide the collar around your neck and buckle it.......

Pages: 1

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