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My New Sister In Law!adultery

My brother and I have never been very close. Steve was a gung-ho, go
getter type that was always striving for more, bigger and better things
in life. My name is Gus and I'm a little more laid-back and enjoy a
little slower pace than my big brother. Needless to say, when Steve
called me to tell me he was getting married and wanted me to be one of
the ushers, it wasn't exactly the highlight of my life.

Now Steve is 4 years older than me, he's 30 and I'm 26. He met this
girl at a downtown restaurant where she is a hostess. Her name is
Sandy and she's more my age. She came from a lower-middle class
family, her father was Irish and her mother Puerto Rican. She was nice
to look at, but her intellect was a bit lacking. She looked great in a
dress and pair of heel that really showed off her bronze legs. I kind
of felt as if she was a bit of a gold-digger since our family was
fairly well to do and Steve had certainly propelled himself even
further up the financial security ladder. Still, it was easy to see
what Steve saw in the dark haired beauty.

I was a bit pissed that Steve hadn't even made me the "best-man". That
honor went to his best friend Gary (who also introduced Steve to
Sandy). Gary was very full of himself and I couldn't really stand the
guy. He always was telling you how great everything was that he ever
did , and he could care less about anyone else.

So I went and got fitted for a tuxedo, bought Steve and Sandy a wedding
present and dutifully went to the rehearsal at the church followed by
the rehearsal dinner at my father's country club. There were at least
forty people there including bridesmaids, ushers, family of the bride
and groom and a few close friends. After the dinner and several rounds
of "Toasts" to the happy couple, I went outside to have a smoke and
wandered around the grounds for a while.

I re-entered the building downstairs were the men's locker room was and
went in to take a pee. That's when I heard some noises in the far
corner of the locker room and went to see who was down there. I
quietly approached the last row of lockers and peered around the corner
to get the hottest view of the night!

There in the dimly lit back corner was Gary, the best man, his pants
down around his ankles and kneeling in front of him was Sandy, with her
mouth firmly surrounding his erect cock shaft! I pulled back from the
corner of the locker and thought a minute. What were my options? I
could step around the corner and yell "surprise" at which point the
whole wedding would be over and I wouldn't have to wear that stupid tux
and my brother would somehow blame me for his fiancée's infidelity. I
really wanted to figure out a way that this would be all blamed on Gary
and I would never have to hear his insufferable chatter, or there was a
third option.

I slipped my cell phone from my pocket and turned it on "camera mode".
I disabled the flash and peaked around the corner with the viewfinder
in front of me. Sure enough, Sandy was noisily slurping on Gary's cock
and he was pressing his hand on the top of her head trying to get her
to take more of his member down her throat. I clicked a picture then
retreated to take a look. The picture was a bit fuzzy, and Sandy's was
pretty much unidentifiable covered by her hair falling forward over her
face. I leaned around the corner and waited for another shot, and as
luck would have it, Sandy pulled her hair away from her face and I got
a clear shot of her mouth open wide for the best-man's cock.

I snuck away from the two and headed upstairs to join the party. There
was my idiot brother chatting and laughing with some of his buddies,
not knowing his slut bride was sucking off the best-man downstairs. A
few minutes later, Gary appeared from the outside door to the patio,
then shortly after, I saw Sandy coming from the direction of the ladies
room (No doubt she had to clean the cum from the corners of her

I left the party and headed home, trying to brainstorm the best way to
use the damming photo on my cell phone camera. I had to admit Sandy
looked pretty damned sexy as she sucked Gary off down in the locker
room. I figured if she was slutty enough to give old Gary a blow job
at the rehearsal dinner, then she probably was willing to do something
nice for me as well.

I downloaded the pictures to my computer and left them on my camera to
be able to show my proof to Sandy. Next morning, I got showered and
dressed in my tux and headed off to the church. The whole wedding
party was there, Steve and Sandy were outside getting some pictures
taken by the photographer. I waited for the right time, but it had to
be before the ceremony.

After all the wedding party had done the picture bit, I snuck down to
the bride's dressing room and asked if the bridesmaids could leave us
alone for just a minute while I talked to my future sister-in-law. She
smiled at me as the others left the room and I asked her to sit down
for a minute. She had no clue what this was all about until I said "I
need to show you something." I flipped my cell phone open and opened
up the photos and showed her the two shots from the previous night.

Her mouth fell open and all the color left her face as she looked up at
me, totally dumbfounded. "What are you going to do with those Gus?"

I started to give her a very self-righteous answer like "When the pastor
asks if there is anyone here who knows why these two can't be
married......... "

"Oh God No Gus, You Can't!" she squealed and tears started to well up in
her eyes.

"My brother should know that his best friend and his wife-to-be were
cheating on him the day before the wedding!" I said.

"Gus........PLEASE, Please, there has to be some way we can keep this
between you and me." she asked all sincere and sobbing.

"Why should I?" I said "What's in it for me?"

Sandy thought for a moment and replied "I could pay you......."

I cut her off in mid sentence and said "I don't need your money."

"What do I have that you want?" she asked, almost knowing the answer
before I spoke.

"Tell you what, I'll keep my silence during the ceremony if you agree to
see me after you return from the honeymoon." I said

"I guess I don't have much of a choice now, do I?" She said as she
looked at me with those big puppy-dog eyes.

"No, you really don't. So go upstairs and get married, and go off to
your South Pacific honeymoon, but when you come back......... You're
mine to do with as I please." I said sternly. "Either that, or Steve
gets an anonymous email with pictures of you giving Gary a blow job."

Sandy lowered her head and said "Okay" very softly.

As I left the dressing room, I was already getting a woody at the
thought of fucking my new sister-in-law.

The ceremony went off as normal, and when the pastor asked the question,
all I could do is smile and lower my head. The reception was fine,
everybody got plenty of food and drink, and then the bride and groom
went and changed into their traveling clothes for their trip to the
airport. As they were bidding their goodbyes to everyone, I worked my
way over to Sandy and whispered in her ear "You're mine when you get

I expected a look of disgust or even a little anger, but I was surprised
to see a sly little smile at the corners of her lips. I kissed her on
the cheek and they were off for two weeks of sun and fun. I spent many
of the next several evening stroking my cock and thinking about what
I'd do with my new little prize.

Steve and Sandy returned on schedule and two days later, Steve returned
to work. I didn't want to appear too eager, so I waited a couple days
and finally gave Sandy a call.

It was about 10:00 in the morning and I dialed their number.

"Hello Sandy, It's Gus." I said without any inflection in my voice.

"I've been waiting for you to call." She said.

"I think I'll come over this morning." I told her.

"Okay." She said.

I thought for a minute on the things I had been fantasizing about and
sprung it on her. "And one more thing... I want you to be dressed in
your wedding dress."

"What!" she said in protest, "What the hell for?"

"Just Do it!" I said and hung up.

About a half hour later, I pulled up in front of my brother's condo. I
had been watering his house plants and stuff, so I already had a key.
I took the elevator up to the eighth floor and down the hall to his
unit. I knocked on the door and waited. After 30 or 40 seconds, I
heard the deadbolt turn and the door opened. There standing before me,
just as I asked, was my new sister-in-law dressed in her wedding gown!

"Come in." she said and pulled the door open a bit more.

I came into the apartment and she closed the door behind me.

The wedding dress was not one of those old-fashioned kind with a
neckline up around the woman's throat, no, this was an open neckline,
cut fairly low and showing off Sandy's nice "C" sized titties. I took
her by the hand and walked in towards the living room. Then I turned
and put one hand around her waist and the other behind her head and
drew her into a kiss.

She didn't offer any resistance, in fact, she quickly got into the whole
idea and was soon thrusting her tongue into my mouth as I pulled her
tightly against me. I could feel my cock springing to life as our
bodies and mouths massed together. I lowered my other hand down and
cupped both hands under her ass cheeks and pulled her mound against my
manhood. I heard her groan with excitement as our kiss continued.
Finally, she pulled back and our mouths released.

"That was nice, Really nice!" Sandy said as my hands released their
grasp of her nice tight ass cheeks.

I took a couple steps over to the couch and sat down. Sandy came over
and stood directly in front of me.

"How about you do to me like you did for Gary?" I asked calmly.

A small smile shaped her lips as she knelt in front of me with her dress
billowing all over the floor. I laid back and made sandy do all the
work, unbuckle my belt, undo my pants and slide them down far enough to
let my cock spring free. I knew that Steve's cock and even Gary's
might have been a bit longer than mine, but my cock was by far bigger
around which got a little "Mmmmm" from Sandy before she positioned
herself over my shaft and began to lick the pulsating helmet-head.

It was quickly obvious why Gary was willing to risk his friendship with
my big brother! Sandy had a fantastic technique for stroking and
sucking and deep-throating your cock like no woman I ever knew. She
was noisy and wet and hungry to take my entire cock into her mouth.
Her hands would squeeze and release and stroke and pull until I was on
the verge of cumming in no time.

I quickly slipped my cell phone from my pocket and flipped it open.
Sandy didn't seem to mind getting photographed, In fact she seemed to
be posing a bit for the camera. I kept clicking away as Sandy got me
closer and closer to cumming. With one hand, I kept clicking pictures
while my other hand grabbed a fist full of her hair and pulled her up
off my cock just enough to have the stream of thick, white cum splash
against her face. Sandy eagerly slurped up any globules of cum as my
hips bucked uncontrollably.

Sandy slid back onto her knees and smiled at me. "You've got a powerful
weapon there buddy!" she said jokingly.

"Yea, and now I want to try it in a different place!" I said.

I kicked my pants off my feet and took her by the hand into the master
bedroom. I sat on the bed facing the mirrored wardrobe closets. I
urged her to stand up in front of me. Then I had her pull the
shoulders of the dress down on her arms and expose her breasts. Again
I was clicking away as she bared her titties.

"Now, slip off your panties and give them to me." I instructed her.

Without hesitation, she raised her wedding gown and exposed her panties.
Then she slipped them down and kicked them into my lap.

"Now turn around and raise up your dress so you can see your pussy
wiggle down onto my cock!" I said.

Again, without any hesitation, she did exactly as I ordered. I looked
around the side of her and could watch our reflection in the mirror as
she poised directly over my cock for a second or two, the started
bearing her weight down and forcing my cock to part her labia until my
cock was fully inserted inside her married cunt. I quickly wrapped my
hands around her and fondled her tits as she began to undulate up and
down on my shaft. Her pussy was like a warm Jacuzzi bath swirling
around my erect cock. Her nipples were hard as pebbles and she leaned
back against me so I could nibble on her neck.

After about twenty minutes like that, she rose up, shed her dress (but
still had her garter belt, nylons, bra and heels) and plopped down on
her back in the middle of the bed. I quickly got on top of her and
slid deep inside her. She quickly wrapped her long legs around my back
and locked her heels behind me as we started fucking wildly. She was
grunting and groaning and soon was screaming "Cum in me you asshole,
fuck my married pussy!"

I could feel her orgasm hit her just a few seconds before I unloaded my
second blast of cum deep up inside her cunt. She bucked and quivered
and shook for at least two minutes before she finally started to calm
down. I'd never fucked a woman with that much energy!

After laying together for the next fifteen minutes or so, I got up and
started to put on my clothes. Sandy just laid there smiling and I
watched her pussy oozing cum onto the bed. She walked me out to the
door and I retrieved my pants and finished dressing.

"I hope this wasn't just a one-time act of blackmail Gus..........
Because I'm going to need more of what you've got!"

End of Story

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