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My new husband dominates me

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My name is Ann and I'm a 45 year old woman with three children. Several years ago I lost my husband when he died suddenly of a heart attack. I work as a nurse and earn good money, but being very lonely and wanting the children to have a father, I married my neighbor Robert one year later. Robert lived in a large, beautiful house by himself and was also lonely and eager to fill it with a new wife and her children. He seemed like a wonderful man, at first. But after a few years I began to see how cold and controlling he was, and I soon fell out of love with him. I worked long hours to stay away from him, not wanting to leave him as the children seemed quite settled in our new home and their new private schools.

Robert was attractive to women due to his commanding presence. He dressed well and stayed in good shape, and had something very sexy about him. I had considered myself attractive, but after just a few unhappy years with my new husband, I grew plain looking. At least I felt plain. I put on a few pounds where I'd once had a trim figure, and left my hair in a plain bob. We seemed to have sex about twice a month, and it was always his idea.

Last year, my oldest son went away to college, leaving behind his beautiful girlfriend Kelly. They planned to marry someday. Kelly stayed behind to attend the community college. With my oldest son away and the long hours I was working, we all decided to let Kelly move in and sleep in my son's bedroom while she went to school, so she could help watch my younger daughters. It seemed like the perfect arrangement.

My daughters were 12 and 14, and they adored Kelly. Kelly was a cool and bored type of girl, blond and absolutely gorgeous, and always gave you the feeling she could be having a lot more fun somewhere else. She seemed pretty responsible, though, and it was a relief to have the extra help. I buried myself in my job and even started taking extra classes on the side to advance my degree.

One night I came home exhausted and poured myself a glass of wine. I sank down in the cushions of a large chair and spied Kelly in the other room as she folded laundry. I was filled with envy and longing as I admired her long, shapely legs and full, pert breasts. She looked great in gray sweats and a t-shirt. I looked down at my uniform and sighed. I went to the master suite and undressed, then ran a bubble bath in our large, luxurious bathroom. I studied myself in the mirror and realized sadly that I could look much prettier than I did. I could color my hair, dress a little sexier... not look so drab.

I sank into the tub and hit the button that started the jets. Robert was working late. I thought of Kelly again, feeling like a pervert as she was my son's girlfriend, but she was very sexy. She looked like she would be wonderful to sleep with. I turned and let one of the jets hit my pussy, and before I could stop myself, I had an orgasm thinking about Kelly.

Two months passed and Robert didn't come to me for sex. I barely noticed, until one day it hit me that there was something different about him. I suspected that he was having an affair, and wasn't sure how I felt about that.

It was a Saturday and I was sent home from work just four hours into the shift. I was slightly relieved and looking forward to my bubble bath. I entered the house quietly and heard my girls playing a video game in the family room. They looked up and when I saw the alarmed look in their eyes, I knew I was about to discover something I didn't like. The door to my son's room was partially open, right off the family room. I walked towards it like I was in a dream, slowly opened it and walked in. There was a little hall you walked down once you went through the door, and at the end of it I came into full view of my son's bed, where my husband was lying on top of Kelly under a sheet. His rear end was moving quite vigorously up and down, and his wide open mouth covered hers. His hands were buried in her hair. Without stopping, he turned around and looked at me. The look of ecstasy on his face was unmistakable, and it barely changed though his wife was standing in front of him. If anything, he looked a little angry at the interruption. Kelly's eyes were closed and her lips formed a little "o" shape.

I turned and walked out and ran back to our master suite. I slammed the door and threw myself on the bed and began to sob. I was scared, angry, hurt, and totally in disbelief. How could he? With her? After a few minutes it registered that the door had even been open. My girls must have been able to hear everything that went on in that room. What did this mean? My imagination began to concoct all kinds of horrible stories. I cried and cried, and then I realized an hour had passed and Robert hadn't even come to me. My chest felt like ice suddenly.

At that moment Robert walked into the room and shut the heavy door behind him. He was dressed, collected, cold and totally in control. I hated to admit that he had a very sexual and attractive air about him when he looked like that. He looked healthy and glowed with a deep tan. I hated him and feared him. I was expecting apologies and explanations, not this!

I stood up and faced him, ready to slap him. He caught my wrists and held them tight. I cried out and cursed him.

"Shut up!" he hissed. I began to wail accusations and plenty of cuss words, which made him even angrier. I tried to twist out of his grip but he caught me from behind and wrapped his arms like steel bands around me. His strength startled me. He pushed me face down on the bed, holding me down with his weight, and spoke in my ear.

"Shut up, Ann! Listen to me!" but he didn't speak. Instead, he pulled down my pants, which was easy because of the elastic waist, and yanked down my underwear. Everything was around my ankles so I felt even more trapped. Then he unzipped himself and I could feel his very hard erection pushing into the flesh of my thighs. He reached up my top and squeezed my breasts, then began to tongue my ear.

"You're my wife, Ann," he said. "And you will do what I say." I was too stunned and confused to register what was going on. He had been fucking that little 18-year old twat, and now he wanted to force himself on me? A crystal clear image of them flashed in my head and filled me with anger. He covered my mouth with his hand and kept pushing, pushing his cock at my thighs. I wasn't wet and didn't think he would get anywhere. But then he opened the drawer to the night stand and pulled out the bottle of lube. I heard him squirt it somewhere as he held me down and then he was slippery and he slipped right inside me. He was hard as a rock and moved slowly as he spoke.

"You feel that? That's my cock, and I know you like it. Or at least you did, when we first got married." He moaned a little as he pushed it in and out, holding me tight. Then he started going faster. "It feels good. Pussy feels good, and if I want to stick this cock in another pussy sometimes, I'm going to do it." He was grunting, clearly very turned on by the situation.

It was when he said, "I fucked her, and her pussy was good and tight," that I became electrically turned on suddenly and moaned loudly and involuntarily. I felt myself get wet and tingly. Maybe it was because I wanted to fuck her, maybe it was his way of completely dominating and humiliating me, but I turned into a wet dishrag in his hands. "That's right," he grunted in my ear. "I've been fucking that tight little pink pussy for weeks now, and you'd better get used to it."

He was squeezing me and pounding me hard, and I had never been so turned on in my life. I cried out loudly, picturing her tits bouncing in his face, and then he came inside me. He stayed inside me and we were both panting heavily, until several minutes passed and he slipped out of my dripping wet pussy.

We lay on the bed and he held me. He was still in control and I clung to him, grateful for the hard pounding fuck he'd delivered. I'd never felt so wild and horny in my life. We slept a little then woke up and fucked again. I asked him to tell me the details of his sex with Kelly while I masturbated. I came hard and he fucked me immediately afterwards.

Kelly was gone by the time I came out of my sex daze and left the bedroom. She went back to her parents' house but Robert rented her a small apartment the following week so he could keep fucking her. I know it was a horrible thing, but she broke up with my son and of course didn't tell him why. I was so enthralled by our new sex life that I didn't give it much thought! It drove me wild when Robert came home smelling like her vanilla pussy. Sometimes he spent the whole night with her and I would lie awake with my vibrator between my legs, waiting for him to come home exhausted, too tired to fuck me. I liked for him to be rough with me and tell me how good she was.

I took on a new glow, colored my hair and let it grow, then decided to take some time off work and relax. I bought new clothes and started looking and feeling very sexy.

And this is how we began our new sex life together. Kelly eventually met someone else and moved away, and that's when Robert began to surprise me by telling me of other affairs he'd had behind my back. He'd fucked his secretary on his desk, he said. When he saw how turned on I was, he flew her to Vegas for a weekend and fucked her brains out, bringing back pictures to show me.

Sometimes he would tie me up before he told me about someone he'd fucked. He could tell that the more humiliating it was, the wetter I got.

During all this time, I became an entirely different person. I quit working altogether and spent more money on clothes, makeup, spas and jewelry. I bought all kinds of lingerie and sex toys. I was obsessed with sex and enjoying it very much. We sent the girls to a prestigious boarding school and when they came home I spoiled them to make up for the lack of attention. They seemed happy but I knew they had become very materialistic.

Robert hired beautiful young women to clean our home and work in his office. He was careful about approaching them with gifts and making advances, and usually they gave in and slept with him. I loved to hide and watch him fuck them. He always ate their pussies, sucking their clits and tonguing their holes until they came, so I could smell it on his breath.

"Her pussy was so much fucking better than yours," he told me once with his cock inside me. "God, she was good. I cum just thinking about her," and he spurted hot juice up inside me.

Four years had passed and Robert only seemed to get sexier! I guess our vigorous sex life kept him in good shape. I was still very nice-looking but he got all the attention. He looked younger than his years and he radiated complete confidence.

It was summer and my daughter Lila had graduated from high school and would be starting Harvard in the fall. My other daughter was spending the summer in Europe. I was still very much obsessed with sex and shopping and in my own world. Lila was spending the summer at home, and I showered her with clothes and cosmetics to make up for my aloofness. Between shopping and spa treatments, I took naps with my vibrator and dildo while I fantasized about Robert fucking some young thing at his office.

Lila, in the meantime, spent a lot of time talking on the phone and meeting with friends. She was a very spoiled snob and in a way I was proud of this. She had long dark hair down her back and a slender figure with large breasts for her size. She wasn't extremely pretty but between her big eyes, long hair and knockout figure, she was still very attractive. And young and well-dressed.

When Robert offered her a summer position with his firm, I didn't think twice about it. When she wore short flirty skirts and heels to work, I figured there was a young man there who had attracted her attention. When she came home dreamy-eyed with her white blouse unbuttoned to reveal her pretty cleavage, I thought she must be in love and went about my business.

For about a month Robert stopped telling me about anyone and seemed a little different. We continued fucking a lot but I thought maybe he was tired of our game. He still seemed horny as ever, surprising me in the shower and fucking me standing up, then directing the shower nozzle at my clit for a mind-blowing orgasm. "I've got a surprise for you," he murmured in my ear, and left without telling me more.

The next day, he called during my nap and told me to get my laptop and go to bed. Tingling with anticipation, I followed his orders. Get naked, he said, and get out your vibrator. I lay on my back, partly propped up on pillows, with the small, fancy laptop he had bought for me open on my stomach. He told me to turn it on and he hung up the phone. I turned it on and waited.

The screen popped up and automatically opened a program that showed me video surveillance of his office. I had a very clear view of his entire office and could see him talking on the phone. After a few minutes he hung up and went into his connecting private bathroom. I waited for a long time and turned on my vibrator. It buzzed away at my clit. I was wet with anticipation.

I was horrified however when Lila walked into his office and looked around. I turned off the vibrator, feeling like she could see me somehow. She slowly approached his desk and shuffled through some papers. Another young woman walked in and closed the door. Lila looked at her and they appeared to be having a conversation. They stood very close, looked around, then began to embrace and kiss. They kissed for a long time and I knew Robert was in the bathroom spying on them. I didn't know if I liked this.

The girl unbuttoned Lila's blouse and caressed her bare breasts as they kissed. Lila was not wearing a bra. I didn't know whether to look or not. She pulled up Lila's skirt and stroked her as they continued their kissing and licking. They were both very sexy and had nice bodies. She said something to Lila, who then lay across Robert's desk and spread her legs with her panties pulled down. The girl sat in Robert's chair and bent over with her face in my daughter's pussy.

It was very obvious when Lila had an orgasm after a few minutes of this girl's licking. And that was when, to my horror, Robert came out of the bathroom with his shirt undone and his erect cock in his hand. "No!" I cried, but they couldn't hear me.

Lila smiled at him and the girl moved out of his way. He stood before her, her legs spread wide, and I watched him push his cock into her. It took some effort, but soon he was pumping in and out of her. She lay back, her mouth open and her breasts bouncing. The girl stood by and watched. She came around the desk and leaned over to kiss Lila while my husband fucked her.

The worst part was when I watched him cum deep inside her. Robert loved to do this. I could see him tense up and throw his head back with the intense pleasure. He almost never pulled out of the girls he fucked, and Lila was to be no exception. I could see her face, too, screwed up almost as if she wanted to cry in pain, only this was no pain she was feeling. This was pure, taboo pleasure.

He said something to the other girl, who sat down in his chair and licked Lila's gaping, swollen pussy again. He moved the chair out of the way so she had to stand as she licked. He pulled up her skirt and, already hard again, found his way into her pussy and fucked her, too.

I was ashamed but I had an orgasm then, the strongest I'd ever had in my life. A few minutes later I came again. My vibrator buzzed away at my clit as I watched and watched.

Later, Robert came home. He said Lila had gone out with some friends, then he proceeded to tie me up for the fucking of my life. I was amazed that his cock wasn't raw by now. Still smelling of my daughter's pussy, he stuck his cock in my mouth and forced me to suck it. Then he gave it to me from behind like I liked it and told me all about how incredible she was. I was completely limp and helpless. "Her tits are amazing... her pussy so tight and good...."

I heard him squirt lube on his cock and then he tried to force it in my ass. I wailed for him to stop, it hurt, but he got in my ear and whispered, "After that tight, teenage pussy, I need to fuck your ass." He squirted more lube around my asshole and managed to slip the head in. He told me more dirty things about her until I was close to cumming and he was able to get his whole cock in. I had never been fucked in the ass until now. He was slow and moaned about how tight it was and that it felt so good, like "her" pussy. After a while he shot cum up my ass and it was the hottest moment of our sex life.

When summer was over, Robert flew to see her sometimes and always came back with very hot stories for me. He set up the camera to let me watch again a few times. I can't wait to see what he comes up with next....

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