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My Fantasy Wedding Ii

My face was stained from the mixtures of cum that had been deosited there by
Jennifer and Judge Sullivan. I could also feel the ooze of Tom's sperm
leaking from my crotch.
Tom did not hesitate before continuing with his directions.
He told me I was to satisfy everyone's needs before I could leave. The
audience was
instructed to form a line behind me. I looked over my shoulder to see who
would stand. I was
shocked at the large number of people who stood and began forming the line.
Sen. Hope was
the first in line, as many others followed behind him. Would they all want
to fuck me? I don't
think I can hold up for that many. There were also a large number of women
in the line. What
would they want me to do? I saw Nancy, standing toward the back. She winked
at me and took
her place. The look was reassuring and helped me cope with the uncertainties
that would surely
Senator Hope knelt down behind me. I dropped my head to look at the floor.
He was in
his early 50's and his hair was greying slightly. I wasn't able to look at
him. I remember helping
him win his last election, after many allegations about his fidelity arose.
He was very handsome
and I could understand why he would be such a ladie's man. He was so
dependent on every bit
of advice I could offer, and now he is placing his cock head against the
swollen entrance of my
His cock slipped in easily. He was not particularly large, but he
definately knew how to
use his sword. He held onto my hips, thrusting as deep as he could. I could
feel his spear
piercing me, causing great amounts of desire to burn in my loins. I could
not believe his
stamina. He must have been burying his cock into me for over 15 minutes. I
didn't think he was
ever going to cum.
I, on the other hand, could not keep from showing my enthusiasm. The first
orgasm, I
was able to hide effectively. The second, a slight moan escaped. But the
third ran into the
fourth...fifth and by the sixth orgasm, I could not continue keeping track.
I could feel my
consciousness slipping. I know that sounds extreme, but I felt as if I was
going to pass out.
Much like after drinking excessively. Even my stomach was upset, but it was
still so euphoric. I
would not pass out, I wanted to feel it all.
No one in attendance could have mistaken my screams as anything but the
of sexual desire. I could not control the screaming and found myself gasping
for air. Just as I
felt I could not take another orgasm, Sen. Hope began releasing his seed into
my cunt. It was
mixing with Tom's as the good senator continued thrusting and occaisionally
grunting to
announce the deposit of another load of his semen.
Senator Hope wasn't even out of the way before I felt another cock entering
the same
orfice. I looked again over my shoulder to see Senator Hyde's eyes staring
right back at me. I
had worked on his campaign as well. He was only 38 years old and had dashing
black hair. He
was not a large man, probably only weighing about 160#. He came into my
office very
arrogantly declaring he would not be advised by a woman. I explained to him
that he didn't have
to adhere to my advice, but he would have to listen. Thanks to my efforts,
he was able to
distinguish himself above the other 8 people running in his primary. He was
now a freshman
Senator and I gleemed at the fact that he knew it was my advise that helped
As Senator Hyde began inserting his tool into my sloppy pussy, I could feel
he was
much larger than Senator Hope. I looked at the TV screen and gasped as I saw
his width. It
was every bit as big around as a door knob, although his length was in the 7"
range. The pain
was returning as he inched more of his girth inside me. He only had about 2"
of his shaft buried
into me, when I heard him moan very loudly. He pulled his cock out of my
pussy to try to stay off
the oncoming orgasm. It didn't work! He began shooting large globs of his
cum onto my ass
cheeks. He admitted defeat, and began stroking his thick member, allowing
more of his sperm
to land on my ass. In all of 10 seconds, Sen. Hyde had cum and gone. What a
contrast to Sen.
My knees were becoming sore as I had been on them for some time. I begged
for Tom
to allow me off of them. He quipped back very angrily, "YOU WILL STAY ON
With that, I felt a tender touch fall upon my asscheeks. It was a tongue,
and as I looked
back to see who it was, I saw Sen. McCoy licking the cum off my cheeks. Sen
McCoy was a
very right wing candidate, who won many elections on her "family values" and
"girl next door"
image. God if they could see her now! She had been in the Senate for a long
time. I would
guess she was almost 50 years old. She had not lost any of her beauty and
appeared as fit as
when she entered the Senate 15 years earlier. She was married to a rich
cattle rancher and
came to our office to assist her in polling her state on various issues.
She continued licking me, until she had cleaned all of the cum off my ass.
She then
proceeded to the front of me and began kissing me. As her tongue entered my
mouth, she
released the cum which she had kept in her cheeks. I quickly swallowed the
cum, responding
to the warm embrace she had given me. After the kiss she walked away and
took her seat once
One by one, each person took their turn with me. Most of the guys wanted to
fuck me
and my pussy was now so lubricated with their cum that I was able to take
even the larger ones
with no problem. By the time Nancy's turn arrived, my pussy was very sore.
But even through
the pain of my raw lips, I was still reaching many orgasms.
Nancy placed her lips against my swollen, chapped pussy lips. The warm,
gentle feel of
her kind and ladylike affections, felt great. It was easing some of the pain
and friction that had
developed over the past hour or so. Nancy continued for almost ten minutes,
soothing my
I had been on my back for almost 20 minutes now. Jerry, my brother-in-law,
allowed me
off my knees. I was so utterly shocked when he too, took his turn invading
my sweet but now
overused pussy. My sister stood alongside and took pictures of the event! I
could not possibly
imagine what she wanted those for.
Each one of the guys at work took their turn as well. Most of them didn't
last much
longer than Senator Hyde. But each deposited large amounts of their seed
inside me. The
squishy noises were becoming louder as the night rolled on. One of the
secretaries, even took
her turn with me. She ate my pussy and scooped soe of the cum out with her
tongue. She had
followed her husband, so I assume she wanted to get his cum, though I am not
sure how she
would separate it. I think she actually is a closet lesbian, but wanted to
pretend she was
fulfilling her husbands fantasy.
There was only one guy left, that had not been taken care of. I recognized
immediately. It was Alan Cone. Alan is a 19 year old college student that
worked in the mail
room. Through the five months he has worked for the company, Alan has made
many advances
toward me. I usually shrugged it off as college male libido. He is not a
bad looking young man,
but I never had any interest in him because of his lewd manner around me.
Tonight, I could see in his eyes that he intended to make up for the number
of times I
teased him then left him to jerk-off for his satisfaction. He didn't say a
word, just positioned his
cock at the entrance of my pussy. He slipped his above average sized cock
inside me and
thrust only three times before pulling out.
It didn't take long for me to understand that all he was using my sloppy
quim for was to
lubricate his dick so it would glide into my asshole. Now he spoke, "Your
cunt is so stretched
out that I don't think it can satisfy me." He continued, "Your ass seems
tight though, let's see.."
Without another word, Alan rubbed his masthead against my virgin anus. I
wanted to
object, but knew that would only violate my oath to Tom. But I had promised
him my anal
cherry, since someone else had taken my vaginal one. Tom was watching with
great interest
and obviously was not intending on stopping Alan from performing this act of
I now felt the pain of his initial insertion. Only the very tip of his cock
had entered me,
but it felt as if it was all rammed in at once. He didn't wait long before
he shoved a little bit
more...then a little more... I was screaming in pain. My eyes looking at
Tom, begging him to
make Alan stop. I was pleading but it did no good. Tom just watched as Alan
crammed his final
inches deeper into the recesses of my brown hole.
I let out one last scream, I was not enjoying this, and I could not figure
out why the
louder I screamed the more it seemed to turn them on. Now Alan was fucking
my ass, he had
developed a very vigorous pace. After a moment of additional pain, I began
feeling the desires
creeping back into my system. Alan continued as my screams of pain turned
into screams of
pleasure. I felt the jolts of electricity as another orgasm rang through my
body. Alan had fulfilled
his fantasy by making me cum as he always told me he could do. Having
accomplished his
task, he let go, and riveted through an orgasm of his own, pumping what
seemed like gallons of
cum into my ass.
Alan withdrew his cock and I felt his cum as it leaked out of my hole and
down my thigh.
He slapped my ass cheek as he walked away from my now completely used body.
Tom addressed the crowd one last time. He thanked them for "cumming" and
them that I was thankful as well. "I know she will sleep well tonight and be
completely refreshed
for our wedding tomorrow."
I did sleep well. I awoke to a very sore pussy and asshole. I am sure I
walked a little
softly down the aisle. I also didn't disappoint those who wanted to see a
bashful bride. One
look at the number of people that had witnessed the previous night's events
caused me to blush
and look down to keep from making eye contact with any of them.
After the wedding, Tom continued his sexual domination over me. We never
experienced anything like the night before our wedding, but occaisionally Tom
will bring
someone home from work for me to pleasure. One of the jokes around the
office is that I am the
prize for the employee of the month. Oh, I no longer work in the office, I
could not take the
stares I was receiving. To make things even more humiliating, my job was
given to Alan, the
same man who took my rectal cherry in front of all our co-workers.

End of Story

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