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Masters Surprise Ffm Part 2

The sister slaves were in the back seat of the car and
Master went back upstairs. He seemed to be gone for a
long time. He came back and told the slaves to get
out of the car. They obeyed. He gave them a towel to
put down on the back seat because he did not want any
pussy juice on his car seat. After laying out the
blanket the two slaves got back into the car. They
were both instructed to pull their skirts and the
skirt could only cover their clit. They opened their
legs up and waited for further instruction. They were
both very excited, and a little scared not knowing
what their master had planned for them. Master
started up the car and then paused, take off your
bras now... he said in his forceful voice. They
complied, took their bras off and put their blouses
back on. He turned off the car and fixed their
blouses to the way he wanted them. Only one button
was buttoned and their large breasts were exposed.
Only their hard nipples were covered. Now they were
both so wet in anticipation of what was going to
happen next.

Master started the car after telling both slaves to
sit on their hands. He reached around and felt the
wetness of both of the hot throbbing pussies. The
garage door was opened and their surprise was about to

As soon as Master left the garage, he put the top on
the convertible down and the slaves knew they were
going to have a hard time keeping their breasts and
their hot wet pussy's covered. The wind would blow up
their skirts and blow open their tops and their large
breasts and nipples could be fully exposed for all to

As the left the garage they were both instructed to
close their eyes and not to open them. If I see you
open your eyes, I will blindfold you,... he stated. Do
you understand me?... Yes Master... they both said.
They both wanted to open their eyes to see if people
were staring at them or if their hard nipples were
exposed for all to see but they knew what the
punishment would be and neither wanted that.

As they started on their journey the wind was blowing
in their hair and faces. As the Master drove faster
the wind blew up their skirts and their hot wet
dripping pussy's were exposed. They both heard a horn
honk and they were sure they were honking with
approval of what they were seeing. The wind felt so
good on their pussy's that they did not care who saw.
As they turned a corner very sharply, their breasts
fell out of their tops and the horns were honking even
more. This just made the slaves hotter and hotter.
They were both almost ready to explode with just the
excitement of being seen by others.

After driving around for a long time the car finally
stopped. DO NOT OPEN YOUR EYES,... he yelled. Do as
you are told or you will be punished... he stated, Do
you understand me?... Yes Master... was their answer.
Good now lets get started....

The slaves had no idea where they were and if there
was anyone else around but they did not care at this
moment. They were both very excited and very hot.
Their nipples were hard with excitement and the white
sweet juice of their pussy's was all over the towel
the Master had laid on the car seat. Master got out
of the car and put a blindfold on both of his little
slaves. Amy was instructed to give Pat a long hot
kiss and not to stop until she was told to. She
started with a soft slow kiss that turned into a long
hot wet passionate kiss. She did not hear Master tell
her to stop. She felt her head jerk back when Master
took her by the hair and separate them. You were a
bad little slave and you will have to be punished,... he
said. She was instructed to lick and suck Pat's hot
throbbing nipples until she could not stand it
anymore. Master was feeling her wetness with his
fingers and said that wetness should not be wasted so
he instructed Pat to lie on the back seat and Amy
started licking her white thick pussy juice. Her
juice was so sweet that Amy did not want to stop but
Pat was on the verge of an orgasm when Amy was told to
stop. This time she did. She knew that the punishment
for the first offense was going to be bad so she did
not need to add to that.

Master did not want to waste any hot pussy juice so
he kissed Amy until there was no wet hot sweet juice
on her face and mouth. Pat was told to bite Amy's
nipples until she screamed with pleasure. Pat pulled
both of her breast out of her shirt held the large
tits in her hand and started biting both nipples
together. She was afraid that she might bight too
hard but she knew that she had to make Amy cum or she
would be punished. Pat started biting the hard round
nipples until Amy screamed that she was coming. Pat
stopped and went to her wet hot throbbing pussy. She
spread the lips and started to lick the cum juice for
her hot throbbing clit. Amy had never cum that hard
and was wondering if any one was watching or were they
alone. She thought she could feel eyes on her, but
since she had on the blindfold she could not see.
Master kissed Pat until he got all of Amy's hot wet
cum juice off her face. He loved the taste of both of
his little slaves pussy's.

Both the slaves were told to put their seat belts on
because the voyage was to continue. He decided to
leave the blindfolds on for a little more suspense for
his little sluts.

They drove for a few minutes and the car stopped
again. This time Master got out and told the girls to
stay in the car. When he returned, he removed the
blindfolds and told the girls to follow him. They
were in a nice secluded park and Master had laid out a
blanket for the slaves to sit on. They sat facing him
with their legs spread open so he could see both of
their pussy's. He handed each girl a glass of wine.
They noticed that he also had strawberries and whip
cream. They could only imagine what he had planned
next. Pat put Amy's large nipples in her glass of
wine so she could lick it off. Master handed her the
whip cream and without having to be told what to do
with it, she pulled Amy's other breast out of her
shirt. She put whip cream over her whole nipples and
took her time licking it off. Her hot tongue with the
cold whip cream made Amy so hot all she wanted was to
be fucked but master said no. He would fuck her when
he was ready and he was not ready. Pat took the can
of whipped cream and told Amy to lie down and she
proceeded to cover both her tits again with whipped
cream and kept going with it until she reached her hot
wet pussy. Master and Pat licked all the whipped
cream off of Amy's body. Master and Amy covered Pats
whole body with whipped cream, and Amy took a
strawberry and took some whipped cream and pussy juice
together and shared it with Pat. The juice and with
whipped cream tasted so good that Amy could not get

Now it's my turn you little sluts... Master told them.
They were both ready to please him so that he would
fuck them. They knew how he could make each of them
cum and they wanted to cum so bad. They undressed
Master. Amy put whipped cream all over his lips and
she and Pat licked it all off. They did not want to
miss any. They covered his nipples with the cream and
both licked his hard nipples and slightly bit them.
His cock was getting harder and harder. They could
see the pre cum on the tip of his cock so they decided
that they would share it. Both of their tongues were
licking the tip of their Masters hard thick cock.
They both wanted that inside of them, but knew they
had to please him first. The can of whipped cream was
used to cover his whole cock and throbbing balls. It
took them 3 minutes to lick all of the cream off his
throbbing member. They wanted to take their time and
not miss any part of his hard cock. He was on the
verge of coming so he instructed his little slaves to
suck him until he came and they were to share the cum.
The both were more than willing to do that. He came
in Pats mouth and she gave Amy a big wet kiss so they
could share his hot white cum. They both got ready
to get fucked, but Master was not ready. He picked up
all the things he had brought and instructed his
slaves to get back in the car.

They both got in the back seat and all the way home
they were kissing, and playing with each other. They
wanted to be wet and ready when Master was ready to
fuck them. They could hardly wait.

To be continued:

End of Story

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