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Masterless Night 2 2

I sat, still in a daze, for about 15 minutes until I felt the urge to pee
creeping up on me with force, and so was forced to get up and leave the table.
We all went into the bathroom, Dana, Shannon, and I (my protectors). I sat
down to pee; holding the door closed with just my foot. Just as I started my
inevitable release, the door got pushed open, and in barged Zach! Without
saying a single word, he dropped to his knees before me and stuck his hand,
palm up, in my stream of pee. Although the night had been wild, this took me
by surprise. With all I'd had to drink, I sat hypnotized as liters of piss
pored out of me, spilling over his hand. He closed his eyes as it washed over
him and down his arm. When I'd finished, he took his cupped palm, full, and
put it to his mouth. He slurped my piss right before my very eyes! Now this
was a first. It turned me on incredibly, and he had made absolutely no contact
with my body whatsoever, just my urine. I should have been angry, but I was
under the spell of vast amounts of alcohol, and thus rendered speechless. Pee
is cool, but I have never known anyone (other than myself when with my Keeper)
want to actually consume it. I looked around for Benway but he was nowhere to
be seen. Or was he? "Benway," I heard Zach say, and thought he had read my
mind. But instead he was just reading me: I, by order, had written BENWAY
across my pussy in black permanent marker earlier that morning, and Zach stared
in awe. He eyed it, looked at me, looked at his hand, licked his fingers, and
said, "Benway is a lucky man." When I earn my next tattoo, I wouldn't mind
having that: Benway scribbled in <i>real</i> permanent black ink right across
my pussy. <br><BR>

Zach did apologize because I must have had a strange look on my face. I felt
guilty, not seeing my Master anywhere around, and raced for the phone. But to
no avail. I got his voice mail. I then returned to the gazebo, and we got
into a dumb conversation about tits. Dana is excited about her reduction, and
lifted her shirt at my request. I wanted to see their exact size. I jokingly
asked for her remains, and thus revealed to the group my desire for a boob-job.
I am not ashamed of my tits at all, but would love to have just a little more
fleshy mass: tits look so good scrunched up and spilling over a bustier, or
bursting from beneath a tight shirt. Dana lifted my shirt, and in no time I
had eight people telling me to forget it, my tits were perfect. Zach, my
newest and wettest fan, offered the money to pay for my boob-job, telling me I
didn't need it, but if it would float my boat, he would do anything for me. I
smiled and thanked him, telling him I would have to ask my Master. "He likes
my tits, and I would hate to surprise him," I said. I didn't want Zach doing
anything more for me at all.<br><BR>

We were quickly running out of money, so Zach and another man went to the
liquor store to utilize the ATM. I then went back once again to the phone, and
attempted in vain to hear my Keeper's voice. I was missing him something
awful, and his recorded speech was a poor consolation. Shannon walked up to me
and grabbed my hand, handing me her phone number. I told her I had to leave (I
felt so alone with Benway nowhere in sight). I made her walk with me outside in
order to wait for our friends. I leaned against the building, taking in the
sobering cold air. She told me over and over how beautiful I am, and kissed me
on the lips. I told her she was beautiful as well, and returned her kiss.
Zach and co. then returned, where the last picture was taken of me and Shannon.
I offered her a cab, she refused, and promised to page me to 666666 the minute
she got home. Exactly 20 minutes later my pager went off: 666666. <br><BR>

It was late, I was tired, I was lonely, and I was ready to go home. We left
and all piled into my car, the record!, four people in a two-seater. More
hijinx in the car: Zach touching Dana touching Charlie touching Zach. We
stopped at Charlie's and went inside. We talked for a while, then I went to
find Dana: she had disappeared. She was lying in Charlie's spare bedroom on
the bed. She had removed all her clothes and motioned for me to come to her.
I lay down beside her, and she lifted my shirt to suck on my tits. I put my
hand in her hair and she kissed me. She touched me over my panties, and tried
to get under them. I felt uncomfortable without Benway, so I pulled her hand
away. My desperately horny friend needed help, though, and so I knotted four
fingers together, like Benway does to me, and shoved them into her warm folds.
I fucked her with my fist with the force of a muscled construction worker with
a four-foot jackhammer. She stifled her pained squeals to avoid rousing
Charlie and Zach. Her hips came up off the bed in response to my touch and she
ground into me. Her pussy continued to open and I crammed in a thumb. After
no more than five minutes of this erotic, pounding abuse, this naked, married
friend of mine came over my warm arm, wetting the bed. "Let's go, Dana", I
said, "It's late". "Just a few more minutes, please". I smiled and kissed her
on the lips, rising to my feet and pulling her off the bed. "Time to go."

Zach, Dana, and I piled into my car, Dana once again on his lap. He put one
hand in her hair and pulled, his other rubbing between her legs, which she had
only bothered to cover with her panties, her jeans crumpled on the floor. She
moaned again, that horny masochistic bitch, while reaching a hand around to
touch his cock. We arrived at his house just in time for Zach to cum all over
my car seat. I didn't care, I was fucking tired and had to pee again
something awful. I got out of the car and plopped my whole body onto the
grass, as they continued making out. I thought my bladder would pop. I
continued lying on the grass, lifted my skirt, and peed in the grass, drinking
in the warmth on my legs when the air was so damned cold. I got up and
instantly regretted my drunken act. I was <i>freezing</i> in my sopped skirt.
I ordered Dana back into the car, and we left. I took her to her husband
without any further goings-on, and then drove myself home. <br><BR>

Once in my room, I undressed, lit my candles, and got down on my knees. I
spend 5 minutes a night on my knees thinking of and praying to my Master, but
tonight I spent at least 20 minutes down there: I had lots to think about. The
night had been wonderful and fun until my Master left. That I had been so
devilish without his invisible being there racked me with guilt and shame. I
thanked the stars above for granting me my wonderful Keeper. I begged for his
forgiveness, kissed his picture, wiped my tears, and laid myself down to sleep.
It had been a crazy Masterless night.<br><BR>

I love you Keeper, <br><BR>

End of Story