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Master And The Necklace

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Ron had just got out of the shower and was drying off when Dana walked into the room. He was running a bubble bath for her. He said he wanted to go the bar later and get a drink so she should take her bath and get ready to go out. She started kissing him and let her hand run down to his hard member. ?There?s time for that later,? he said. ?But I want to lick and suck it to make it cum now? Dana replied. ?Later? was his reply. She decided to start to undress and get ready for her bath. ?Let me help you?. Ron started to help her undress, making sure he touched her nipples, long enough to make them hard, when he took off her pants, he felt for wetness and was not disappointed. He helped her into the bath and left the room. He returned with a glass of wine. I want you to relax and enjoy your wine while I bathe you. She was not going to argue with that. Who would? He started by softly kissing her while he soaped up her back, making sure he massaged it while he soaped it.

Then he moved to her 38C breasts. He could never resist those, and she loved having them played with.

He soaped them up and started massaging the nipples until they were more erect then he had ever seen. He moved down her stomach, then her long legs and then her feet. She had polished her nails red and always thought red was such a sexy color. He worked his way back up her legs, then to her newly shaved pussy. He spread the pussy lips and started softly rubbing them, then to her open pussy, inserted a finger to see how wet she was, rubbed her clit and played with her just long enough to get her so hot that she was ready to explode. That would cum later. He had her stand up so he could get to her tight ass. He washed her ass cheeks then separated them to get to her dark hole.

She did not know it at the time, but he had plans for that hole as he did with all the others. He had her sit back down and went and got her another glass of wine.

When she finished her wine, she got out of the tub and was drying off he returned to the room. ?I have put out your clothes I want you to wear and they are on the bed. When you finish getting dressed we will go?.

She went to the bed curious of what he had put out.

There was a short black skirt, nylons, garter belt, push-up bra and a see thru top. Right next to the clothes she saw the NECKLACE. It was the necklace that transformed her from Dana to Ron?s slave. The S stood for Slave and Slut. When they were going out in public he used the necklace instead of her collar.

The collar was for their house. It was more exciting for only the two of them to know what was going on when she wore the necklace. She knew what the necklace meant and she knew she would have to obey him tonight. She was getting dressed and he returned to the room.

?You don?t have your necklace on?. ?You know you are supposed to put that on first?, he shouted at her.

He told her to lie over his lap and gave her a couple of hard slaps on her ass. He left his handprint on both cheeks. He wanted it to sting for a little so she would obey him.

? Maybe you should wear you collar out tonight, then everyone would know that you are my slave?. ?Maybe that?s what you want?. ?Do you want everyone to know you are a slave?? If you disobey me tonight, you will have to return to the car, you will lift your skirt, lay over my lap and get 4 hard slaps?. ?Do you understand my little Slut??

Dana said she understood. She was already getting wet. She was curious of what he had in mind tonight.

He usually did this so it would make her think that something was going to happen. He liked to make her obey him in public. She could be such a slut if he told her to. She had met a couple of people this way.

One of them turned out to become her sister slave.

She thought maybe she was going to meet her sister tonight and this would take it to another level. They had never met in public when Dana was under his control. They had had lunch but as friends, not as slaves. He had told her that next time they met, he would have them play with each other so people could see that they were his slaves. He would have kiss in front of a group of guys. Turning the whole group on.

They would feel each other?s wetness in public, and then lick the wetness of their fingers. Was this what he had in mind, she wondered, but figured she would find out soon enough.

Dana finished dressing. She put on her red lipstick;

the color Ron liked and thought was sexy. She finished her makeup and went into the living room so she could get his approval. When she walked into the room her told her to turn around so he could see if how she looked. He told her she looked fine, bend over he said.

?Good, I can see your ass, but the redness is gone.?

Maybe I should make it red again?.

?If you are a good little slave, the I?ll let your ass alone, for now.?

?If I tell you to bend over tonight, remember everyone will be able to see your ass. Would you like to show off your ass to some strangers tonight?? Ron asked her.

?No?, I don?t want to show strangers my ass?, She replied.

?NO WHAT? he screamed.

?No Master?, she softly said.

?Over my knee now, I warned you to always address me as Master. Now you need to be punished?.

Dana bent over his knee, knowing what was going to happen. He raised her skirt so he could see her bare ass. She was never allowed to wear underpants. You could hear the 6 slaps her ass endured. She knew the redness was going to be there a long time. Ron knew she would not forget to call him Master again.

They got ready and went to garage to get into the car to drive to the bar. Dana got into the car and was buckling her seatbelt when Ron told her to get out.

?Give me a blow job now.?

She was instructed to drink all the cum and not spill a drop. As always, she did as instructed. She knelt on the ground, unzipped his pants and took out his hard cock. It already had pre-cum on it, so she knew it would not take long to get him to cum. She was right. She licked the pre-cum off his cock, sucked it all the way down to his balls.

He shot all his cum into her throat and she swallowed it, not spilling a drop.

?Good little slut?, Ron said.

Dana got in the car as instructed and fastened her seatbelt. She was told to open the glove box; there would be a surprise for her in there. When she opened it, she found a blindfold and handcuffs. There was also a butt plug, a dildo and nipple clamps.

?Do you like your surprise?? ?I bet you want to know why they are they don?t you?? Don?t even ask me because you?ll find out when I want you to know, not a minute before?.

Dana thought maybe he put them in there to excite her, if that is what he had in mind it worked. She felt her legs getting wet from the juices that were cuming out of her pussy. She had never been so excited with nothing happening in her life. Just wondering what he was going to do was excitement enough for now.

They got to the bar and Ron ordered them both a drink.

They were there a few minutes and he excused himself from the table. She continued to drink her wine, wondering if the guys walking by were enjoying looking at her breasts under her blouse. As they walked by, they were looking at her chest. Ron returned and sat down next to Dana. He told her he was watching her and saw her flirting with the guys that were looking at her. He knew that she liked turning guys on. His hand slipped under her skirt to see how wet she was.

He told her that she was being a slut tonight and she would have to be punished later. He leaned over and gave her long a kiss. When they were finished kissing she noticed that an attractive black man come and sat down at their table across from her. Ron introduced Dana to him, his name was Mike and he was hoping that Dana liked him. They all talked for a while. They were all having a great time and getting along very well. Dana noticed that he focused his eyes on her large breasts sticking out above her bra, the only thing covered were her hard erect nipples. He seemed to be pleased. Most men liked her 38C?s.

?If you name is Dana, what does the S around your neck stand for?? Mike asked.

Dana looked at Ron and he told her to tell the truth.

?It means I am Ron?s slave?, ?I will do whatever he tells me to do, because he is my Master, and I want to please him? Dana said in a very low voice.

?Tell the whole truth, what else does it mean? Ron asked her.

?I am also a slut?, she confessed.

Ron went on to tell him that she would do whatever he told her to do. Mike was a little skeptical. Ron said he would prove it to him. He instructed Dana to reach over and stroke her Masters cock. She did as told. Mike was impressed. Mike was asked to see if she wanted to see her pussy, and he shook his head yes.

She spread her legs to expose her shaved pussy for Mike to see. He told Ron that he really liked what he saw and asked if he could feel for wetness. His request was granted. Mike was told that Dana had been very bad tonight, so he could do whatever he wanted to her. He moved his chair over next to Dana and reached under her skirt to see how wet she was. He felt the wetness and covered his finger with her pussy juice, licked his finger and told Ron how lucky he was to have such a good slave. Ron also felt under her skirt, came up with a dripping wet finger inserted it into Dana?s mouth and made her suck all of her hot sticky juice. She was instructed to reach under the table and feel both hard cocks. She could see both guys were turned on from the harness of their members.

Dana left the table and went to the restroom. While she was gone the guys discussed what they were going to do next. Upon her return to the table, Ron gave her a kiss and instructed her to give Mike a kiss so he would not feel left out. She leaned over and gave him a soft kiss on his lips. He kissed back, and then he pulled away from her and whispered into her ear that he had permission from her Master to control her.

She would have two Masters and not just one and that he could use her all he wanted. He bit her ear softly, then he gave her another soft kiss and got up from the table and said goodbye.

Ron and Dana discussed what just happened. Dana finished her wine and they left to go to the car. She told Ron what Mike had whispered in her ear and asked if that was true. He said maybe it was, and maybe it wasn?t. Once in the car, Ron told her that he noticed how she kept looking at Mike?s cock and he was going to have to punish her. She opened the glove box as instructed and put the blindfold on. As she bent forward she felt the cold steel of the handcuffs being put around her wrists and locked. She could feel Ron pull her breasts out of her bra, now the only thing covering her hard nipples was the see thru top she had on. He put the nipple clips on her erect breasts, she also felt Ron hike up her skirt.

?Since you acted like a slut tonight, you are going to be treated like one?, he stated.

He started the car and they started to head home. She did not know how many people saw her almost nakedness, but there was nothing she could do about it. It actually turned her on to think people could see her hard nipples or her pussy. Suddenly she felt the hard dildo being inserted into her wet pussy; she was so wet that it went in so easily. She felt the car stop, she knew they were not home yet so she could not figure out what he was going to do next. She felt the dildo being removed from her pussy. He unbuckled her seat belt, told her to get out of the car. She got in the backseat as instructed kneeling to expose her asshole. He inserted the butt plug into her ass, told her to get back in the car and not to let the plug out of her ass. She did as instructed. When he pulled into the garage, she sighed a sigh of relief. Ron gave her a long passionate kiss, felt her wetness and told her what a good little slut was. She had made her Master very happy. A couple of minutes later she heard the garage door close, she would not be humiliated any more tonight.

Ron removed the butt plug and helped her up the stairs, it was hard to walk blindfolded and handcuffed. Dana was taken to the bedroom and her Master sat her on the bed.

He removed her handcuffs and told her to undress. She slowly removed her top and unsnapped her bra releasing her 38c?s and unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the ground. He could see the juices running down her legs from all the wetness she had from the evening. He could tell that she was turned on by Mike and the possibility of having two Masters. That was good, because he was standing in front of her and she had no idea. He had come in the garage when they drove in while Ron was kissing his slave.

Ron put the cuffs on her wrists and ankles. She knew that she was going to be tied to the bed so she was preparing for that. Ron was giving her a passionate kiss on her lips when her nipples began to be sucked.

She suddenly realized that John had come home with them.

She was told to lie on the bed face down. She felt her hands being pulled and tied to the bed; her legs were spread apart as far as possible exposing her pussy and asshole to the cold and her Masters. Once she felt the cuffs being fastened, she could not move, even if she wanted to. Next she felt hands running down her back, feathers all over her back butt and legs. She loved the touch of feathers; they made her pussy even wetter. Then she heard and felt the sting of the crops and paddles on her ass. There were two people using paddles and crops on her ass, it didn?t take long for her ass to turn red. Four hands slapping her already red ass replaced the paddles.

When her Masters decided it was enough, they got some hot oil and rubbed it all over her sore red ass. One of the Masters spread open her ass cheeks and the other rubbed oil all over the asshole inserted his finger then replaced his finger with the vibrating butt plug. They turned it on and they left her on the bed for a few minutes to think about what had just happened.

Her hands and feet were released and she was turned over. Her arms and legs were once again tied to the bed, this time her breasts and pussy were exposed to her Masters. They both started licking, sucking softly, then biting her nipples. They could see that she was enjoying it, one of the Masters moved to her wet pussy while the others kept working on the large hard nipples. The juices were running out of her pussy and he was licking them all up and running his tongue on her clit then inserted his tongue into her pussy licking all the juice he could. Master Rom rammed his hard cock into her mouth. She sucked his throbbing member, while enjoying her pussy being licked and sucked. Before she knew it she had both cocks in her mouth. Both of her Masters were fucking her mouth. They both pulled out before they came and came all over her face leaving her face covered with hot sticky cum. They put their cocks back into her mouth so she could suck off the rest of the cum that was left in their hot throbbing cocks.

She was untied from the bed, but the cuffs were left on. She was instructed to kneel so she could be fucked like a dog. Master Mike shoved his large hard cock into her throbbing pussy, while her other Master pulled her hair and put her mouth on his thick cock.

She sucked her Master?s thick cock while she was being fucked by her other Master?s. They all came at the same time. This time she swallowed all of her Master Ron?s hot sticky cum.

Her nipples and pussy were both being worked on again.

She was ready to cum again so they stopped. The butt plug was removed from her asshole and she was happy to have it out of her ass. Her hands were cuffed behind her back. She was laid on top of Master Mike, his cock inserted to pussy, while the Master Ron put his hot throbbing member into her hot asshole. She was being dp?d. She tried to move, but she was sandwiched between two Masters and they were each fucking a hole.

She asked them to stop because it hurt but was told to relax, they were not stopping until they came, Once she relaxed, they were right, she enjoyed it.

Having two Masters was better than she could have imagined. She had never cum so much in her life.

She took off her necklace, gave it back to him and could hardly wait to see what her Master had planned for her next.

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