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Master, And A Night To Remenber

Tonight was the night that Ron was going to surprise
Amy. He ran her a hot bubble bath and told her that
she was going to have the night of her life. She had
no idea what he meant but she was about to find out.
She got into the tub and started wondering about what
he could have in mind but she was ready for any thing.
She started washing her large breasts, pulling on her
nipples getting them to stand erect. She loved playing
with her tits. She could cum by having her nipples
pulled and bitten. Ron came in with a glass of wine
and told her to take her time. When you are
finished, your outfit is on the bed.... He told her.
Now she was really curious what he had planned. He
had never laid out an outfit before. She enjoyed her
wine while she continued to wash and massage her body.
She had shaved her pussy before getting into the tub
so she wanted to make sure that her pussy was nice and
smooth for her Master. He loved licking a smooth pussy
and she always wanted to please him. She rubbed her
clit so long that she started to cum so she inserted
her fingers and made herself cum. She had a feeling
that was not going to be the last time she came
tonight. She finished her wine and got out of the
bath. Ron came in and helped her dry off. As he was
helping her, he put her collar around her neck and
said, ...You WILL do whatever your master tells you to
do tonight.... Do you understand?... Yes Master I will
do as I am told.... He pulled her towards him and gave
her a long hot kiss. You better be my good little
slave tonight.... You are in for some surprises
tonight and I want you to enjoy everything.... You will
be my little slut tonight. I have waited a long time
for this night, and I can't wait to see my little slut
in action.... Amie was now getting a little worried, but
a lot excited. She could not have ever imagined what
was in store for her.

She went over to the bed and found the outfit he had
laid out for her. She put on her nylons with seams
down the back, her thong panties and her push up bra.
Her breasts were barely covered, the top of her
nipples were exposed. He did love her large sexy
tits. She put on the see thru shirt that he picked
out. She was dressed all in black. She put on the
high heels that he had put on the bed for her. Go
into the living room and wait for further instructions
...he told her. She obeyed. The blindfold is on the
couch, put it on.... Make sure you can't see anything....
Amie did as told and put the blindfold on. She
adjusted it so she could not see anything. She sat on
the couch wondering what her next instruction was
going to be. The couch already had a huge wet spot
from her hot dripping pussy. Suddenly the doorbell
rang, Open the door... he yelled from the bedroom.
Even though she was had hardly anything on, she did as
she was told. She had to feel her way around, but
found the door. She hoped it was someone that she
knew. She was greeted with a voice she thought she
knew. Are you ready to be a good little slave
tonight... the female voice asked her. Yes... she
replied. Yes what?... the familiar voice asked. Yes
Mistress.... That's better,... the woman's voice said.
She was pretty sure that she knew that voice, she
thought that it was her friend Doris. Mistress
kissed her on the lips and softly whispered in her ear
Are you ready for what her Your Master and I have
planned for you...? She knew her soft passionate kiss.
She said YES now that she was pretty sure it was
Doris. Doris was one of the best lovers she had ever

Mistress said that Amie had too many clothes on so she
was told to remove her blouse. Amie removed it slowly
the way the Doris would remove it, if she were taking
it off. I want to see your nipples... Take your bra
off.... Amie slowly unhooked the latch and let one
breast out at a time. She was teasing her Mistress.
She felt her nipples being pulled and bitten. Harder
Doris... she screamed. I am your Mistress, not Doris,...
she yelled at her. Don't you forget it...!!!!! She
felt a hard slap on her ass. Take off your thong, I
want to see if you shaved your pussy for me.... Amie
took her time removing her thong, slowly she slipped
it down a little at a time until her shaved pussy was
fully exposed. Amie stood in front of her Mistress
with nothing on except her nylons and high heels and a
blindfold. She hoped that her Mistress liked what she
saw. She felt a hand on her pussy feeling how smooth
it was. Next her tongue licking all around her pussy
lips. She knew her Mistress was pleased. She wanted
her Mistress to continue licking her, but she stopped
and Amie heard her say, we are now going to see what
your Master has waiting for you.

Amie was led down the long hallway by her new
Mistress. Her Mistress sat her down in on a chair.
Her ass was against the cold leather. Put your hands
behind your back... Amie felt the cold steel of the
handcuffs on her wrists. Master and I are going to
play and you will only be able to listen.... We don't
want to hear a word or sound out of your mouth.... Amie
said she understood. She could hear them kissing,
they were so close to her that she could feel their
body heat next to her hot body. She heard them
kissing awhile then she suddenly felt her nipples
being bitten. Do you like that our little slut... her
Master asked. YES Master.... She felt a finger in her
pussy feeling to see how wet she was. ‘You were right
Master, she is so wet there is a puddle on your
chair.... Amie moaned when the finger was inserted.
You were told not to make a sound... Before she knew
it, the ball gag was put in her mouth. Now she could
not say anything. She could only listen for sounds
that were going on around her.

She heard her Mistress telling her Master to suck her
pussy and make her cum. Amie was listening to all the
sounds coming from the bed, but she could not join in.
I love the way you suck my clit, put a finger in my
pussy and ass, you know how I like that.... She heard
her Mistress scream that she was cumming. Before she
knew it Amie had a hot wet pussy against her mouth.
Suck her and make her cum, she heard. She licked her
Mistress's clit and inserted her tongue into her hot
dripping pussy. Her Mistress tasted so good. She
felt her Mistress grinding against her mouth, so she
licked and sucked as much as she could. Soon the
pussy was gone and Master rammed his hot cock into her
mouth. She started sucking on it, trying to please
him. He was sucking on her Mistress's nipples, she
knew that from the sound she was making. Her Master
came in her mouth and told her not to swallow. Her
Mistress wanted to share the cum so they kissed and
Amie shared her Masters cum. She felt her hands
being freed, the handcuffs were removed and Amie
thought she was about to see if she was right that her
Mistress was Doris. Do not touch the blindfold...,
You will wear that all night... You will never know who
your Mistress is... she heard her Master say. Amie
thought the night was over, but she was about to find
out it had just begun. Another one of her fantasies
was about to come true.

Come suck on your Mistress nipples... Master said. Amie
loved sucking nipples almost as much as she enjoyed
sucking cock. She was sucking for a while then was
told to stop. Amie felt the cuffs being put on her
wrists and her ankles. She was told to lie on the bed
face down. As she lay down, her arms were pulled out
as far as they could and she was tied to the bed. Her
legs were pulled as far apart as possible. Earplugs
were put in her ears so she could no longer hear what
was going on. She had never had two people control
her before, although it was one of her fantasies....
She had let her Master know that she had always wanted
to have her Master and someone else control her, and
she never wanted to know who it was. She never really
thought any of her fantasies would really come true.
Little did she know that this was only the first of
three fantasies that she was going to get tonight?

Amie had no idea what was going on. She was lying on
her stomach and could hear nothing going on around
her. The earplugs were working. She could hear a
little muffled sound in the background, people
talking, but that was all. They must be giving her a
break, she thought. Master liked to leave her alone
for a while then sneak back and surprise her. She was
lying there wondering what was next and so hot from
what had already happened. Would she ever find out
who her Mistress was? She really didn't care at this
point; she was just enjoying the peace and quiet. She
could not believe that Master had really fulfilled one
of her biggest fantasies. She suddenly felt feathers
going down her back, ass and both legs. The touch was
so sensual that her pussy was throbbing so much from
the soft touch of the feathers. Amie could faintly
hear her Master and Mistress kissing. She could hear
Master sucking on her Mistress's nipples. She was
getting wetter just thinking about what was going on.
While she heard them kissing and sucking, she suddenly
felt strange hands rubbing her back, starting at the
shoulders and moving down to her ass. The strange
hands started slapping her ass, softly at first, then
a little harder. While that was going on, she thought
she could still hear her Master and Mistress. She
could feel them on the bed next to her. Mistress must
have been sucking his cock; she knew the sound when he
was getting ready to cum. She heard him scream when
he came. As that was going on, Amie now felt more
hands on her back. Her ass was being slapped again on
both sides, hands were still massaging her back and
her Mistress and Master were fucking on the bed next
to her. Her ass was getting red, she could feel the
stinging from the spanking she was getting. What was
going on she could not figure it out. The fucking on
the bed stopped and suddenly all the touching stopped.
She felt someone's tongue on her asshole. They were
licking it and getting it wet, before she knew it a
vibrating butt plug was inserted. She thought she
heard someone say that they were preparing her tight
ass for later on. She had never heard that voice
before. What was Master planning for her ass? She
wondered how many people were in the room besides her
Master and Mistress. She was about to find out.

She was untied, turned over and re-tied to the bed,
this time face up. Her Mistress gave her a soft kiss
on the lips and said, Are you having fun You are
in for the time of your life.... Amie had no idea what
she meant, but it wouldn't be long before she knew.
There was a strange mouth on hers; she did not know
these lips. He was kissing her softly, and slowly,
the way she liked it. Each of her nipples was being
sucked and bitten just like she liked. Her pussy was
so wet now. She did not think she had ever been this
wet before. She could feel the bed beneath her so wet
that she wished she could move and not lay in this
pool of cum. Suddenly her clit was being licked. How
many people were in the room. She knew that it wasn't
just her mistress and Master but she had no idea how
many people were there. She was now being kissed by
another person she did not know. He kissed hard and
put his tongue down her throat. She knew it wasn't
her master because he was clean-shaven. Suddenly a
small thin cock was rammed in her mouth, one was put
in each of her hands and her pussy was still being
sucked. She heard her master tell her to make all the
cocks cum. She was sucking one and jerking off two.
They were all told to cum all over her breasts so the
Mistress could lick it up and then share it with Amie.
Amie sucked as hard as she could. She had never had
three cocks before but she had to do what her Master
told her to. The cock in her mouth came out, and a
larger thicker one was substituted. She sucked on
that one for a while and the third one was inserted
into her mouth. That cock was the thickest and the
longest. She gagged a little when he put it in her
mouth. Mistress was helping suck the cocks so they
would all cum at the same time. She did not know
where her Master was, but she knew he was near by.
All three of the guys exploded all over Amie's tits at
the same time. She could feel the hot cum all over
her large breasts. It felt so good, hot and wet and
sticky. She felt a tongue all over her breasts and
felt the cum being licked off. She felt her
Mistress's hot wet lips on hers. Her Mistress lay on
top of her and was sharing all the cum with her. They
both kissed for a while and her Mistress got off of
her and put her pussy in Amie's mouth. Amie was
licking and sucking her Mistress's hot wet pussy. When
her Mistress had her pussy licked enough Master rammed
his cock into her mouth and told her to suck it. As
always she did as she was told. Her pussy was being
licked again and she was ready to explode again. The
butt plug was pushed back in because it was beginning
to slip out. Amie sucked her Master until he exploded
in her mouth and swallowed all of his cum. She could
feel hands all over her body. Her nipples were being
sucked and pulled, her pussy was being licked and
sucked and someone was rubbing her feet. She was in

Amie was untied, but the blindfold was kept on. Her
hands were tied behind her back. Bend over you
little slut... her Master told her. She did as told.
You have always wanted to be fucked by several
different men, now will get your wish.... For the next
5 minutes she had at least three different cocks
fucking her doggie style. Doggie style was her
favorite way to fuck. The cocks varied in size and
shape: one was thin, but long, another was thick and
short, but one was thick and long. After each cock
came, Mistress got to lick the cum off Amies's pussy
and then inserted her hot tongue into Amie's pussy to
get as much of the cum as possible. After each guy
came, they inserted their cocks into Amie ‘s mouth and
fucked her mouth. They took turn fucking her mouth
and pussy. She lost count of how many times she came
or was fucked.

The butt plug was removed from her ass and Amie was
positioned on the bed so she had a cock in her pussy.
It was the long, thick one. He started to fuck her,
when she felt a second cock ram into her asshole. She
was being dpd for the first time in her life. It was
hurting a little but her Master told her to relax and
she would enjoy it. She tried to relax, but a cock
was rammed into her mouth so she was being dpd and
fucked in the mouth at the same time. Three fantasies
in the same night. It was a night she will never

To this day, she has no idea who her Mistress was or
who the guys were that fucked her. She wants to keep
it that way. The mystery was part of the excitement.

End of Story

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