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Loveletter To My Dom

You take me into the room, and you say, "take off your
clothes." I do as I'm told and my heart begins
beating harder. I am nervous and so excited. You
have me lay on the bed and I notice you are still fully
dressed. You start with my wrists. You have my
ankles strapped so quickley, and I begin to panic.
You sense this and straddle me. "Don't worry, my
Pet." As you whisper that in my ear, my body relaxes
instantly at your voice. You place the blind fold
over my eyes. You cup my chin with hand and kiss me
long and hard on the mouth. My clit begins to throb
and I feel fresh wetness between my legs.

You leave the room. You are gone for a long time. 5,
10, 15 minutes go by and I begin to panic. I say your
name, under my breath, knowing you would be
disappointed if I called for you. My eyes begin to
well up at the thought of letting you down. I never
heard you enter the room, but felt the bed shake.
Your knees are next to my shoulders straddling my
head. You are behind me. Your hand is under the
back of my neck, and you lift my neck up while pulling
my hair toward you, cocking my head backwards. It
naturally opens my mouth which is met with your
engorged stiff dick. I am not prepared for the force
of your entry and I gag. You continue to thrust your
cock in an out of mouth. I am gagging and can barely
breathe. My fear is mounting. Fresh tears fill my
eyes. You whip off the blindfold and see my tears.
"Don't start with the tears, bitch, I'v only just
begun." and you smack my face. I know your strength,
and this was more of a slap to let me know who was the
boss tonight.

As I gasp for air, you switch positions so that you
are now between my legs. Your face is traveling up my
legs and you are biting my inner thighs. Hard. I feel
two finger ram into my moist cunt. Hard and
unforgiving. You lift my pelvis with your fingers,
your thighs now under mine. Your remove your fingers
and slam your rock hard dick into me. My pussy is
unprepared for such a forceful entry. I throw my head
back and yelp from the pain. You laugh a maniacle
laugh. "Once again, my helpless little Pet, I have
only just begun. You'd better toughen up or it's
going to be a long night for you." You laugh even
harder. You wrap you hand around my neck. You are
holding me firmly into position. You begin to pound
your cock into me. Each time a little harder, a
little deeper. My moans start to sounding like a plea
for help, so you cover my mouth with your free hand.
You are fucking me rythmically now and my moaning
lightens to a pleasurable one. You take the hand
covering my mouth and rub my clit with it. I am very
turned on by what is happening and it is less than a
minute before you feel my pussy start to tighten. You
abruptly stop. "Not yet, my Pet!" I feel the palm of
your hand strike my face again. The turn of events
release a tear from my eye. You just watch it fall.
Once it reaches my hairline, you kiss the tear and I
feel you cock slide out of me. Your momentary act of
kindness seems to have pissed you off though and you
lower the blindfold.

You untie the left ankle restraint and retie it by my
right ankle. You do the same for my wrist. I was
wonder what you are doing until you undo the right
ankle and tie it where the left was. You do the same
with the wrists. Now I am completely restrained ass
up in the air. Once angain you leave. I am
completely worn out and scared at the same time.

10 minutes you return and I smell something. You pull
my butt cheeks apart and I feel you brush something on
my asshole. It is warm and actually feels quite nice.
My pussy is very sore and the heat actually feels
soothing. Without warning you plunge your hard cock
into my ass. You are rough and punishing with your
strokes. You pull out, reposition yourself by my
face, pull up on my hair stretching my neck back, and
force your cock into my mouth. It is then that I
taste it. You had basted my asshole with butter.
Your cock is down my throat and I am once again
gasping for air. You pull out and return to punishing
my ass. You go back and forth quite a few times. At
some point you had removed the blind fold. You want
me to see that I was taking what was just in my ass
into my mouth. You are speaking in what seems like
almost a demonic tone throughout this time. You are
telling me what a cumslut I am. You are telling me
that I deserve what i am getting and more. My ass is
no longer lubed and is becoming raw. I am so
bizarrely turned on. The last time in my ass, you
slow down and rub my sore clit. This time you let me
cum. It hits like a tidal wave. I have never quite
cum so hard in my life. After I am done pulling and
tugging at your cock, you repeat the process of
flipping me over again. I am weak from the events.
You fuck my throat one last time until you pull out
and say, "open your mouth, bitch." I do and you start
to fill my mouth with cum. You empty yourself on my
face and chest as well.

You release me from my restraints and I curl up into a
ball. I am physically and emotionally exhausted. You
put your face up to mine and begin to stroke my hair.
You tell that I was a good Pet. You tell me that I am
beautiful and giving and that you are grateful. Your
words curess my sole, and this time my tears are of
joy. You continue to whisper to me and touch me. I
feel heavenly....


End of Story

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