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His punishment or his Gift

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I was in the middle of cleaning the kitchen when the phone rang. On the other side was that voice, a voice that makes me quiver when I hear it. He tells me, put on the black dress, black stilettos, stockings and garter belt. Do your hair and makeup as a lady should? Wear the single pearl drop necklace as well? I am curious about the conflicting dress attire, but I keep silent. He tells me to meet Him out front in 30 minutes. The phone clicks as He hangs up. I rush to shower quickly, and prepare myself as ordered as fast as I can. I was a few minutes late, getting out front. He is waiting. He gets out of the war and walks around, instead of opening the door, He pushes me against the car and spanks my ass four times, you kept me waiting slut, you will be punished severely later. I shiver at his tone, He walks back to the drivers side and gets in, leaving me to open my door and slide in. I get into the car and He hits the gas before I even get the door shut. I get it shut and grab my seatbelt to buckle me in. He reaches over and to move my thigh towards Him and orders me to spread my legs and lift my dress to my lap. I do as He says. He orders me to turn towards Him and show Him my pussy. I do as told spreading my legs more and lifting my leg onto the center console. Now rub your clit, I reach down and rub my clit, He glances over ever occasionally to make sure I am doing as told, I tilt my head back and moan softly from the pleasure of clit getting harder and my pussy getting wetter. He lowers his window as He pulls up to a red light and tells me to move my leg to behind his seat, I do as ordered. He hits his horn, and I look up next to Him is a truck with a man in the passenger seat, looking through his open window at my hand on my pussy, I spread a little further, releasing my belt to turn further towards the window. He tells me good slut. The man in the passenger seat of the truck next to us, taps his friend who is driving pointing towards what He is seeing in the car next to him. I see him lean forward to look. I feel exhilarated from being watched by these two strangers. My controller talks out the window and tells the passenger to follow. He drives further down the road and pulls into an empty parking lot that is very dark, and stops next to the side of the building. He steps out of the car and walks to the truck, I do not hear what is being said, I am still in the position I was ordered to be in trying to look behind me at what is going on. Suddenly the door I am leaning against is opened and strong arms catch me and pull me out of the car, taking me by the arm walking me to the back of the truck the tailgate is down. Someone has laid a blanket on the truck bed, I am told to get up on it. I am lifted up onto it. I look up at the face of the man who pulled me from the car. He is young, I am guessing about 22, I look at the man who was driving the truck there is a resemblance but he is older, I am thinking they are father and son. I am pushed onto my back and the younger one lifts my legs up to where my heels are resting flat on the tailgate. He pulls me closer to the edge of the tailgate, and I feel his breath on my wet pussy, He starts to flick his tongue on my clit. I know better than to resist or make a sound so I remain quiet, looking around for him, He is standing there watching, this young man eat my pussy. I get wetter while looking in His eyes, wondering how far He will let them go. The father pushes the son aside and tells him let me show you how it is done. The son steps back and the father takes my clit into his mouth and sucks hard, I lift my hips to allow him to suck harder on my clit. I feel his fingers slide into my pussy, thrusting in and out as he sucks my clit hard. I feel pressure building but then he steps back and says I want to fuck that pussy, I look to Him and He nods at the father. I hear his zipper as he lowers it and slides his hard cock into my pussy without ceremony. One hard push, he lifts my legs up in front of him pulling me to the edge of the tailgate, the metal grinding into the upper half of my back as he pounds my pussy, he is slightly above average and thick. The son climbs into the bed and is on his knees in front of me with his cock out waving above my mouth. I look at him and He nods again. I take the young mans cock into my mouth. It is beautiful, mushroom head and thick, and above average in length. I flick the head and then the father who his fucking my pussy so hard thrusts harder, causing the young mans cock to slide into my mouth catching me off guard and almost choking me, I fight back the gag reflex, as the young man lifts my head some and his cock is sliding down my throat. I am being thoroughly fucked in my pussy by this older man while his son is fucking my mouth. I am close to orgasm. He says stop, they look at him, I thought they would keep going but they stop and pull out, He walks to the back of the truck and pulls me up, tells the young man to sit on the bed of the truck and lifts me back up to straddle his cock, I am facing the other way as I lower my pussy onto his cock, and He steps back and allows the father to step back towards me, I assume he is standing on something, but he pushes me back and the young man is holding me from falling back, pulls me forward some and he places his cock at the entrance of my already full pussy and pushes me up some to bring his sons cock out some and he works his cock into my pussy as well, they start moving in unison filling my pussy and stretching it. I feel the father push harder and pull me back towards him, I am ready to cum from all the sensations when I feel one cock erupt in me, filling me with his cum, then the other follows, I let go and scream with my orgasm as I am filled with the cum of this father and son. The father pulls out but the son is still hard, but I lift off of him and I look at Him and He says you know what to do slut, so I get off the tailgate and move the father to the tailgate and sits on it and I lower my mouth to his cock to clean it as the son comes up behind me and slides his cock into my dripping wet pussy. I clean the fathers cock thoroughly and sits back, I grab the tailgate as this young man with a beautiful cock is pounding harder into my already cum filled pussy. He pulls out and slides up to my ass, I look at Him in surprise, He has never let another man place their cock in my ass. He nods, I am being punished, The young man slides his hard cock into my ass, it hurts I moan with the pain. He is inexperienced, does not understand you have to go slow at first, I look at Him for help, but He just nods again. I grip tighter onto the tailgate. As he shoves his whole length in my ass violating the one place that was limited to Him. He gets into momentum and starts thrusting in and out harder and harder, I have tears in my eyes as the pain subsides and the pleasure begins, I reach to my clit and look up at Him, He is smiling, good girl. I feel a massive orgasm coming on and can not hold back, I release a stream of my juices hearing them hit the ground, when I feel his cock release it?s second load into my ass. The young man pulls out and turns towards Him. Thank you man for letting me fuck her for my first time. I was given a gift by Him, not a punishment. He gave me a virgin. I have virgin cum filling my ass as well as his fathers. I lower the skirt of my dress and stumble to the other side of the truck, waiting for what is next. He tells me to go back to the car, and the young man helps me, I get there, he leans towards me and kisses me on the cheek and tells me, thank you that was incredible. I feel flattered. I get into the car and put on my seat belt and sit with my skirt demurely around me. I am filled with cum that is seeping out onto my dress. He gets back in the car and instead of heading where He was planning on taking me, He takes me back home. Looks at me and says very good slut, and to go in and wait for His next call.

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