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Finding Submission

She didn’t know what to expect from their first
meeting and knew him only from instant messenger
conversations and the photos he had provided, but
because she felt she really knew him by his IMs, an
energy in her was causing her to stir and she became
wet as she stood outside his door. She adjusted her
skirt and raised her hand and knocked on the door. He
opened the door wearing loose black clothing and no
shoes. He smiled at her as he took her in with his
eyes. “Welcome, ” he said and showed her in. She
barely got in the door when he turned to her and
kissed her on the cheek. “Come in and make your self
comfortable, ” he said as he made his way to a single
chair and sat down. She sat on the couch next to his
chair and watched as he looked at her form toe to
head, his eyes pausing on her long legs as he brought
his line of sight up to her eyes. She bent her head
down, turning slightly away from him. She only looked
into his eye for a moment, but saw something in them
that made her curious and yet somewhat fearful. “No,
don’t look away!” he said in a soft, yet demanding
voice. She looked back at him and saw a mischievous
smile on his face. He lit a cigarette and then looked
at her again. “Did you wear panties?” he asked. The
question was a simple one, yet she was wary to answer
him. “Didn’t you hear the question? Did you wear
panties, I asked” She turned away again, not sure if
she wanted to answer such a personal question and she
was beginning to think he showed poor taste for
asking. Though she knew the answer and felt
uncomfortable giving it, she knew he would probably
ask again. “I did, ” she answered.
“Turn back and answer me again, ” he demanded. She was
feeling uneasy, yet something stirred in her loins and
she became wet again as she turned and answered him,
“Yes Sir, I have panties on.” “Take them off, ” he
said softly. Though it was against her better judgment
to do so, she reached up under her skirt and hooked
her thumbs under the edges and slid them down her
legs, over her shoes and finally off. “Bring them to
me, ” he said. She stood and her legs felt weak as she
walked the few steps to his side and handed the silk
panties to him. She was about to walk back to the
couch when he leaned forward and thrust his left hand
beneath her skirt and laid his palm upon her mound.
She froze as his warm hand rubbed softly against her
clit and he dragged a finger between her lips and felt
her wetness.. She tingled as he pressed her clit with
his fingertip and then withdrew his hand from beneath
her skirt. She stood there with eyes closed feeling
herself getting even wetter. “Sit down, ” he spoke
softly as he licked her wetness from his fingertip.
She opened her eyes and moved back to the couch
sitting where she had before. It was her scent that
made his eyes close and his lips curl up in a smile.
All the while that he sat with his eyes closed,
seemingly pondering her aroma, she sat nervously
wondering what he would ask of her next. She didn’t
have long to wait, as he opened his eyes and looked
into hers and said, “Raise your skirt and touch
yourself.” She was soaked as she reached down and
raised the skirt up an inch at a time, stopping before
exposing her mound to him. She looked to him as she
paused and saw his expression hadn’t changed. She
wondered what was going through his mind as she
finally pulled her skirt up and exposed herself to
him. Her right hand let go the skirt and she pressed
her fingertips against her sex. Still, his expression
remained the same, no look of anticipation or
excitement, simply the look of one who watched to see
if the other was doing her job correctly. She got a
rush, having this man, a stranger but for electronic
conversations, watching her touch herself. Her fingers
spread her cunt lips apart and she slid one finger
inside, then another, finally a third and buried them
to the top knuckles. Still, he watched. She dipped her
fingers deep into her wetness and her thumb stroked at
her clit, her eyes open, nearing an orgasm as she
looked deep into his eyes and saw the fire that burned
in them. He leaned forward, as if to plant a kiss on
her sighing mouth, then reached down to her hand
playing in her cunt, and pulled it away just before
she was about to cum. “Your training shall begin as of
this moment, ” he said. Her breathing was slowing and
the rush was leaving her head, soon she would feel a
different rush, from a Master’s hand. He stood and
walked over to a cabinet and opened a drawer. When he
turned around, even in her heightened state, she froze
as he walked toward her when she saw the handcuffs in
one of his hands, and leg shackles in the other. In an
instant, he reached down and took her by each ankle
and quickly locked the shackles about them. Then, he
reached for her right wrist and slapped on the
handcuff and brought her left wrist below the
shackle’s chain and cuffed her tightly. She was bent
over, unable to sit back up because of the way he had
cuffed and shackled her and she could only bend her
head to the side to see what he would do next. She
whimpered as he pulled out of his pocket a switchblade
knife and snapped it open. He walked up behind her and
laid the flat of the knife blade against her cheek and
she dared not turn her head away. Tracing it over her
skin, he worked it down her neck and finally, under
her shirt collar. She was almost ready to scream as he
started cutting the material of her blouse away. He
worked the knife away from her skin and cut at the
seams until the blouse fell away from her body. Next
he slid the knife below each bra strap and tore them
open, and then she felt the cold steel of the knife
against her spine just before her bra strap was
sheared in two. Her nipples stood straight out in
excitement and she panted for breath as he slid the
point of the blade over her skin, over her skirt, and
then under it. Her legs naturally parted as she felt
the knife edge lightly scraping up her thigh and then
he bent forward and looked her in the eyes before
holding the hem of her skirt up and sliding the knife
edge against it, tearing away the last of her
clothing. “You dressed like a whore for me, that’s why
I cut those things from you.” He held the knife
against her left nipple and then shocked her enough to
make her scream out, as he hit the button and made the
blade retract back into the handle. She felt the flat
side of the knife whisk over the tip of her nipple and
then it was gone. “From now, forward, you will wear
what I allow you to or you will be naked in my
presence, do you understand?” She lowered her eyes
from his and whispered softly, “Yes Master, whatever
you wish.” “On your knees, ” he ordered, and she
quickly slid her buttocks off the couch and knelt on
the floor. He walked up behind her and took a seat
where she had just gotten up. Reaching forward, he lay
his palm down on her right ass cheek.

“You will never play with yourself as you just did
unless I give you permission, ” he softly spoke, “Nor
will you cum unless I wish you to.” She did not
answer, because, it was meant to be understood and she
knew that. “You will only exist for my pleasure, and
your own if I desire it.” That brought a frown to her
lips and he quickly reacted to the look by raising his
hand high and bringing it down hard on her soft
buttocks, making her cry out in pain. Her cry prompted
another reaction. He stood and walked around to the
front of her and grabbed a large handful of her
brunette hair and pulled her head up as far as it
would go, causing her to struggle and again cry out.
She had tears in her eyes as she watched his free hand
go to his zipper and pull it down. His cock sprang
forth from the opening and he pulled her head toward
it. Again, he yanked at her hair and her mouth opened
wide to cry another “Ouch.” As she did, he pulled her
head down to place her open lips on his cockhead. She
looked up at his eyes as he started to slide his cock
deeper into her mouth and saw him smile slightly as
her tongue tasted his hot swollen cock. She knew what
her Master’s wish was and proceeded to suck on his
cockhead and work her way down the shaft, trying to
swallow him whole. He pulled her head back and then
thrust forward and she gulped his cock down as he now
fucked her mouth. She knelt there with her palms flat
on the floor and let him use her mouth as he would use
her other holes, and she was sure he would too. Tears
still fell from her eyes, mostly because she would gag
a bit as his cock hit the back of her throat with each
forward thrust, but partially for her humiliation,
which was now being felt in her mind as well as he
crotch. They were actually tears of joy as she allowed
herself to be taken so roughly and used like the slut
she knew he would make her. He pulled and pulled her
face toward him, sending his cock deeper and seemingly
deeper and his speed increased. She was struggling to
breathe as she realized he meant not to stop until he
made her swallow his cum, She closed her lips tighter
around his shaft and swirled her tongue over his
cockhead as he pulled back and finally, he let his
seed go and fill her mouth. She gasped for air as he
pulled his cock from her mouth and she licked the
shaft clean as she swallowed all of his cum. “You are
an able student My Dear, we shall see how you handle
your next lesson soon, ” he said, as he replaced his
now shrinking cock back into his pants. He left her
kneeling on the floor and exited the room.

He was gone over an hour and she was still kneeling in
the exact spot he had left her. She knew instinctively
that this was what he expected. Her knees were hurting
and she wished for something cool to drink to quench
her thirst and wash the taste of his cum from her
mouth. She spotted a drink on the small table
alongside his chair, the straw aiming right at her,
and she could not resist the temptation of taking just
a sip. She crawled to it on her hands and knees and
put her lips to it and sucked down some of the cool
iced tea. She quickly returned to her original place,
easily finding her own sweaty hand prints on the
shining wooden floor. She felt a little victory at
getting her thirst quenched and smiled. Before she
could enjoy the spoils too much, her head became dizzy
and she dropped her head to the floor to try and
stabilize herself. In a moment, she had closed her
eyes and passed out. When she awakened, he was back at
her side, looking into her foggy eyes and saying
something inaudible to her. With echoes, she finally
realized he was telling her the tea was drugged with a
mild sleeping potion, and that she did not pass the
test he had planned for her. Her head spun still as
she tried to realize where she was. Looking forward,
she could see his face, until he moved away. Then she
was looking at the ceiling. Her wrists and ankles were
bound again but this time in different style cuffs and
she was suspended face up from the rafters with ropes
attached through the rings on each cuff. As her senses
came back around, she heard other voices whispering in
the dark room. “This slut came to me to learn the ways
of a submissive, ” he seemed to be announcing to the
room, “and failed the first test I left her.” She
heard “boos” and hissing sounds and realized there
were more than a few people in the dark room, all
around her. She turned her head to each side trying to
glimpse the occupants of the room, but could only
vaguely make out their faces in the dark. “For that,
she must be punished!” he declared. Her head hung back
as she watched her new Master, upside down, as he
spoke to the room, “Who here has a suggestion as to
her punishment?” A woman’s voice spoke first saying,
“Whip her!” Then a man’s, “Make her service all here
as they desire.” And another man’s voice spoke up, “Or
both!” Suddenly the room went silent and she looked up
at his eyes as he pondered his decision.

“Both it is!” he called out. She felt a rush of fear
and struggled against her restraints, to no avail. As
she turned her head from side to side, she saw there
were over a dozen men and women coming toward her.
Most of the men were dressed in black, as her Master,
some in leather and all but two the women were nude.
The two who were dressed, were in thigh-high boots and
leather corsets. One, with a flogger, the other, with
a crop in her hand.

She was paralyzed, spread eagle, suspended about waist
high to the others in the room and she looked back to
see her Master taking a seat and lighting another
cigarette as he prepared to relax and watch the show
that was about to begin. The first pain she felt was
her hair being pulled back by a beautiful woman who
moved up and placed her smooth-shaven pussy lips
against her mouth. “Lick it, ” was all she said. The
slave complied and immediately tasted the woman’s
juices on her tongue. As she started to service this
wench, she felt a hand on her cunt and a thumb rubbing
her clit. She swooned as the hand rubbed her and made
her wet while she licked the strange woman’s pussy.
Then she felt her hands being held, first one, then
the other as hard cocks were placed in them and her
fingers made to curl around them. Holding the cocks,
she felt the men behind them start to thrust against
her palms. The hand at her crotch pressed and poked at
her cunt lips until they gave way and she felt fingers
sliding into her. They swirled around in her, making
her cunt wet and then they were gone. A large dildo
replaced the fingers and before she knew it, it was
buried deep in her cunt. As the dildo was twisted and
shoved in and out of her, the woman grinding her pussy
against the slave’s face began rocking against her
tongue and then the slave felt her explode against her
face, the sweet juices oozing over her mouth and chin.
The woman’s pussy was then replaced by a man’s cock,
sliding deep into her hot, wet mouth. The cocks in her
hands were pulsing as they slid between her fingers
and she gripped them tight as the man before her
fucked her mouth. She had her mouth and hands full of
cock, all rhythmically rocking in their places, when
she felt the dildo slip away from her wet cunt, and
suddenly felt the sting of the crop against her wet
folds. She would have cried out in pain, but for the
cock sliding in and out of her mouth. She sucked and
gripped the cocks and felt another sting by the crop,
and then another and another, each with more
intensity. Her cunt lips burned red as the crop
slapped down with each stroke. Her pussy ached, it
felt raw and burned, but the pain also felt somewhat
good at the same time. The man fucking her mouth
increased his pace and shoved his huge cock deep into
her throat and she felt him swell just before cumming
deep down her throat. She swallowed what she could,
and the rest dripped from the sides of her mouth and
down her cheeks and chin. As he moved away, she leaned
her head back to see her Master still sitting,
watching her. The cocks in her hands rocked through
her fingers and then she felt the one in her left hand
swell and she felt his cum spilling against her arm
and hand. As if on cue, as he stepped away, the man in
her right hand came on her as well. The cropping
stopped and she swung slightly in her bonds as all
became quiet again. Her skin now smelled of sweat, cum
and pussy and she inhaled the aroma and a slight grin
came to her face.

“It seems she enjoyed that, ” her Master said.
“Perhaps we were too soft on her my friends.” Her
Master looked over her body and seemed to be signaling
someone at her feet, that she could not see. She felt
hands against her thighs and then she saw a
leather-masked nude man coming between her legs. She
felt the tip of his cock against her still damp cunt
lips and then he thrust a huge cock deep into her. She
tried to bend her head forward to see how large a
monster was splitting her in two, but never reached
her head high enough before her hair was again in
someone’s hand being yanked down. Her tongue was again
made to lick a pussy, this time a much larger woman,
and she could barely breathe between her thighs. As
the cock impaled her, she was made to lick and suck
the clit of the woman holding her head against her
crotch. With each cock thrust, she was stuffed between
the woman’s thighs, struggling to breathe and trying
to please her just to get her off her face. Her cunt
was being filled and slammed by a long, thick cock and
she felt herself nearing an orgasm as it was buried
deep with each thrust. Her body swayed back and forth
as he stuffed her cunt and he came and suddenly
stopped and pulled his giant cock out of her. A sigh
passed her lips, but was never heard as she was still
lapping at the rubenesque woman with her lips and
tongue. She felt her head being held tight against the
woman’s clit and teased it until her face was soaked
with cum as the woman rocked her hips and spread her
juices all over her face. As the woman stepped back
into the shadows, the slave again looked back at her
Master. He sat composed, watching her as his
compatriots used her. The woman in the leather corset
with the flogger came up beside her. She smiled as she
looked down at the slave’s cum covered face and
commented, ”You’re going to make me cum without even
touching me sweetheart.” The slave didn’t know what
she meant, but suddenly realized the woman was a
sadist as the flogger was brought up from the floor
and smacked under the slave across her ass and lower
back. The stinging cat-o-nine licked her skin and
burned in its wake. Her body arched with each strike
and she saw her Master grin as she was whipped. More
than once, the leather found its way under her and up
onto her cunt. The sting making her lips swell and
tears ran from her eyes.

While she was being flogged, Three men came up to her,
one behind her head and one on either side of her. The
man behind her grabbed her long brunette hair and
wrapped it around his cock and tugged away at it. The
two to her side each took one of her nipples between
thumb and forefinger and squeezed hard on them while
stroking themselves with their other hands. The woman
was still flailing her bottom and then to her
surprise, she saw the woman pull a growing cock from
beneath her panties. She realized then, the other
woman was a cross-dresser, a very passable one but for
the long skinny cock now growing in his hand. Her hair
was being tugged, her bottom was being flogged and her
nipples were twisted as these three tried using her to
get themselves off. To make her plight even worse, the
woman in leather, the real one, moved toward her with
the crop and stood between her spread legs. The slave
feared her cunt would be spanked again, but the Domme
had something else in mind. She turned around and
swung the crop and hit the bottom of the slave’s right
foot with the crop, then the left. She alternated each
foot and soundly cracked the crop against the soles of
the suspended slave as the others used her for their

The slave was getting dizzy from the pain being
inflicted on her and she merely closed her eyes and
hoped it would soon end, though she admitted to
herself, that she was really enjoying the pain to some
degree. As she hung there being used like the slut
that she was, she felt something warm splash against
her face and opened her eyes to see the cross-dresser
spraying his cum into her face. A few moments later,
while the CD rubbed the last drop of cum onto her
forehead, she felt her chest being warmed by the cum
of the men twisting her nipples as each one came on
their respective tits. The man jerking off with her
hair gave it a hard yank, raising her face up to shoot
his cum across her face before he dropped her head and
walked away.Then the woman between her legs stopped
cropping her feet and vanished into the darkness with
her cohorts. She hung there, covered in welts, cum,
and sweat as her Master approached her. “Do you think
you have learned to obey me now?” he asked. Her lips
could barely part from the sticky cum holding them
together, but she managed to open her mouth and
whisper, ”Yes Master, I will always obey you in the
future.” He looked at the sincerity in her eyes and
wondered. He turned away, leaving her hanging still
and escorted his compatriots from the room. In the
quiet still, she could feel the burning soles of her
feet, the swollen lips of her cunt, reddened by the
crop, her welt covered ass and the cooling cum
dripping away from her. Her mouth had been rubbed raw
and her cunt had been stretched beyond anything she
knew before, her hands were sticky with cum and the
top of her head ached from the hair pulling and face
fucking. She started to weep, wanting to be free of
her bonds, to be allowed to wash, but most of all, to
be allowed to cum herself. It was as if each point of
pain connected at her crotch, which pulsed with
anticipation. Hearing someone enter the room again
made her heart race, mostly from fear, but partly
hoping to be used even more. She wrestled with that
concept for a moment, then gave into her
submissiveness. She leaned her head forward, which
took all her strength, and watched as her Master
uncuffed her ankles and eased her feet to the floor.
It stung when she tried to stand and she grit her
teeth as her Master finally released her from her
bonds. He took her by the hand and led her up the
stairs away from the basement she had been used in,
and guided her to a bathroom and helped her into a tub
of warm water. He washed her and offered her a glass
of orange juice to clear her pallet. As he washed her
he slid one hand down to her cunt and softly stroked
at her clit. She relaxed in the warm water and let him
play with her swollen cunt until finally, she felt
herself about to cum, "May I Master?" she asked. "You
may, " he answered. She shook and arched her back as
he brought her to an explosive orgasm. When he was
done, he stood her up, dried her off and carried her
freshly cleaned naked body to the bedroom. He laid her
down and covered her with a sheet and then undressed
and crawled in beside her. She smiled when they were
finally face to face and he kissed her gently on her
lips. “Tomorrow your training will continue, ” he
said, “But for tonight, rest, sleep and feel my warmth
against you.” She snuggled against his chest and
closed her eyes. As she started to dream, she was back
in the basement, pleasing her Master. She slept well
that night, anxious for her next day of training to
begin, wondering what else her Master had in store for

End of Story

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