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Fantasy With A Nurse And A Rope

I have to tell you a story of what happened to me about three
nights ago, an event that will change my life for ever.

First of all, I'm 26, 5'2, blond, and good looking. My
measurements are 36-23-35, and I workout everyday to keep my
figure. Men have always told me how much they like my body, and I
have no trouble attracting them. I love sex, and love to have it
frequently. In high school, I fucked about half my class, and
dozens of others in others grades, and a couple of teachers too.

After high school, I went to college and got my degree in
nursing. It was a lot of work, but it paid off and I did well. I
didn't have a lot of time for men then, and my sexual appetite
reduced. I still love sex, but now I go for quality, not

After college, I worked as a nurse in a hospital for a while
before landing my present job at a medical clinic. The hours are
better, no late night duty, the work's not as heavy or demanding,
and the pay is good. This is where I met Lee, the man who has
rearranged my thoughts about sex.

Lee started here about a month ago. He's a doctor, about 29, over
6 feet tall, dark hair, and very handsome. He's everything a girl
could want, smart, funny, and a real hunk.

Anyway, we both work what they call the late shift, from one to
ten, when the clinic closes. Sometimes, things get hairy, but not
often. Past nine o'clock, the place usually gets preaty dead. If
they have a runny nose, or their back hurts, they wait till
morning. As a result, there aren't to many people working past

About a week ago, we were alone at closing time. The other doctor
left early, and the senior nurse asked if I would help Lee close
up. Of course, I excepted. Who wouldn't want to be alone with a
handsome doctor.

Sure enough, after we had locked the doors and shut the place
down, Lee started making passes and flirting. I responded
enthusiastically. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed me so
passionately, my knees almost went out.

I was a goner. Within ten minutes, we were naked on an
examination table doing a 69, with me on top. His cock was just
like the rest of him, tall, strong and handsome. I hungerily
sucked on it as he licked my clit. In about five minutes, I felt
myself about to come and started to squirm my ass around and
moan. He knew it and really went to work on me. I came really
hard, almost screaming while I still pumped on him.

When I finished my climax, I moved off of him and continued to
work on his cock. He laid back and moaned as my lips move up and
down his hard shaft. It only took a couple more minutes before he
told me he was about to shoot, and did just that. His come tasted
so sweat, I had to swallow every drop. He came so much, I didn't
think I could take it all, but I did.

After he stopped shooting, he pulled me up to him and rolled me
onto my back. He then started to kiss me all over, paying extra
attention to my nipples. Within a few minutes, I was excited
again and he was hard. He slipped his dick into my wet crotch and
started to slowly fuck me.

His stokes were slow and smooth. I found myself floating on a
cloud. With each forward motion, my head spun around. With the
passing moments, he moved faster and faster until he was pumping
me like a wild animal. I wrapped my legs around her waist, and
his manhood penetrated me even deeper.

Again I was about to come. I thrashed under him, moaning like a
baby. He too, was about to come. Our moans mixed together,
echoing through the clinic, as I felt his hot jism shoot inside
me as I released my own climax. It was wonderful, coming together
like that.

He rested on top of me for a few minutes, passionately kissing
me. We then decided to get dressed. We didn't need for someone to
come back, or a client drop in on us. We turned off the lights
and went to our separate homes. That night, I had wild, exciting
dreams about Lee. I came in my sleep.

The next night, we couldn't get the chance to do it again. The
clinic was busy, and the other doctor locked up. But the
following night, we again had the chance, but during office
hours. We snuck into a empty office, and grabbed a quickly on a
desk. It was exciting, and very sneaky, but not as fantastic as
the first night.

It was almost a week later before we could chance anything again.
The other doctor told Lee he would have to lock up the next
night. Getting the other nurse out early was easy enough, since
she like to leave early anyway. So we planned to have another
encounter the next night, if all went well.

I went home and thought about how I could do something for him
special. I didn't have to think long. Some exciting undies would
well make it a night to remember. I picked out my outfit, and
went to bed. I wanted to be well rested for a long night

The next day I got ready for work and put on my lingerie. It was
a matching set of white lace bra, panties, garter belt and sheer
white stockings. When I put on my uniform, you couldn't tell
anything was amiss, except if I sat down and let my hem ride up
my leg.

I packed a few things in a duffel bag, put on my little nurses
hat, and went to work. Lee was there, and I could tell he was
thinking about later. I was getting wet thinking about it myself.
It was hard to work so close with him and not erotically touch

Finally, Ten o'clock came around. When everybody had left, I
slipped into the back room, and traded my sneakers for four inch
white high heels. Somehow, sneakers didn't go with garter belts.
I looked in a mirror at myself. Normally, nurses walk around too
much to wear heels. I looked like I was about to step into a
porno movie about a horny hospital. But I didn't care, I was
horny, and felt very sexy.

Well, I went back into the clinic and met Lee there. He had shut
off most of the lights, and locked the doors. We were completely
alone. When I walked in, his eyes almost popped out of his head.
I stood in the doorway, giving him a very sexy pose, and asked
him if he liked what he saw. He eyed me up and down for a moment,
then told me yes.

I told him that tonight was his night, and I was his to do what
he wanted with. That I was his to control. He looked at me
slightly crossed, then asked if that I was sure that I wanted him
to control me. I said yes. I didn't quite know what he meant at
that moment, but I soon found out.

His attitude changed a bit, more authoritative. He told me to
come over and sit down on a stool. We use them in the examination
rooms for the doctors or family to sit on. I did as he asked,
crossing one leg over the other, showing the tops of my stocking
from under the hem of the uniform.

He then pulled out a black doctors bag and set it on the bed. He
asked if I was ready to be controlled and dominated. I said yes,
but wondered if I had said the right thing.

He opened the bag, reached in, and pulled out a bundle of white
rope. I almost went into shock when I was it. I just sat there
and watch him go to work. For a moment, I couldn't move or think.
That was all he needed, for in a flash, my hands were tied behind
my back, my ankles were tied together and tied to the foot bar on
the stool.

I finally came to my senses and said I didn't know if this was
right. He reminded me that, by my own words, he was in control,
and that I was to do as he said. He wound rope around my knees
and tied the ends tight. Another rope was wound tightly around my
chest and arms, keeping them from moving.

He stepped over to a drawer and pulled out a pad and roll of
surgical tape. I struggled in my ropes, trying to free myself.
But he knew what he was doing, for all the ropes were too tight.
He came back over to me. I said to him that this wasn't what I
had in mind, and that he should release me so I could show him.
He chuckled and said that this is what he wanted, and that soon I
would learn to enjoy it too.

He said that slaves were meant to be seen and admired, not heard.
He then shoved the pad into my mouth. Before I could spit it out,
he placed a long strip of the wide tape over my lips. Two more
strips help cover and keep it in there.

He sat down in a chair and watched me struggle in my ropes. At
first, I was mad at the bastard. How dare he tie me up and gag
me, especially since I did all of this for him. But as the
moments went on, I noticed the huge lump in his pants, and how
turned on it was making him. Before I knew it, I was getting hot
between my legs, just waiting for what he was going to do next.

He then began to talk to me, telling me why we were doing this.
He told me that for years he has a recurring fantasy. Ever since
med school, he has wanted to placed a beautiful nurse in bondage,
and do what he wanted to with her for hours, even days. To drive
her wild with passion and lust, giving her orgasm after orgasm,
then to use her for his own pleasure. Tonight, I would help him
fullfil that fantasy. He then sat in silence, watching me wither
in my bonds. His plan was working on me.

After several minutes, he untied my ankles and legs, and led me
over to a recovery bed. He untied the rope around my arms and my
hands tied, but kept my gag in place. He then unzipped my
uniform, and let it slide down my body. I wanted to throw my arms
around him and screw him on the spot. But I stood at attention as
he walked around me looking over my lingerie covered body.

He then ordered me to kneel in the center of the bed. I did as he
said. He then pulled my arms through a pull-up bar. A pull-up bar
is a metal triangle that hangs over a bed so patients can pull
themselves up to a sitting position. With my arms through the
triangle up to my shoulders, he tied my wrists together and tied
rope around my elbows, pulling them close together.

He then made me spread my knees apart, but crossed my legs at the
ankles. He tied my ankles together tightly, crisscrossing the
rope around them and my heels. He then tied my knees to the bed
rails to keep them held wide apart. Thus, I became very immobile,
and slightly uncomfortable, but plenty open and available for
whatever he wanted to do.

He removed the tape from my mouth and pulled the pad out. Before
I could say a word, he again gagged me by shoving a knotted cloth
between my lips and tying the ends behind my head. I again had to
struggle in my ropes in silence.

I found myself getting more and more excited. I could feel myself
getting hotter and wetter by the moment. He could do whatever he
wanted, whenever he wanted, and I couldn't do a thing about it. I
knew that sooner or later, he would have his pleasure on me and
fuck my brains out. The anticipation of when it would happen just
made me more excited. He was right, I was learning to enjoy it. I
fact, I was loving it.

For several minutes, he again watch me struggle. I couldn't move
much, and I could only grunt and moan through my gag. He was
getting really turned now, for the lump in his pants was growing
even bigger.

He then came over to me and slowly caressed my body all over. His
hands were wonderful, sending chills throughout my body. Then,
with a flick of his fingers, he unhitched the hook on the front
of my bra and slowly pulled it behind me. My nipples were
standing at attention, excited from arousment. He played with my
tits for some time, holding, caressing, squeezing and pinching
them. Now I was really turned on, and wanted to come so bad.

He then slowly untied my body, but again kept my mouth gagged. My
arms were aching a bit, but it didn't matter. My crotch was wet,
and I was hot.

He took me over to an examination table, and made my lay on my
back. The head was elevated slightly, and there was a pillow for
my head. He looped a long length of rope under the table, then,
with my hands at my sides, he looped the cord around my wrists,
then wrapped the rope over my body. The rope went around me and
the table three times before being tied off. Each time it went
around, my wrists were looped and knotted.

He slowly reached up and pulled my soaked panties down my legs.
He sniffed them for a minute, and waved them under my nose. Lee
then pulled the metal leg stirrups we use for examining maternity
patients out from the table. He placed my feet into them, my
heels through the openings, and tied my ankles to them.

The end result was my body was naked except of garter belt,
stockings, heels and my nurses hat. My wrists were tied down and
retained out of the way, my body was held down on the table, my
legs were up in the air and spread apart, and my cunt was wide
open. A really neat job. I wondered how long he had been thinking
this one up.

Lee pulled something out of his bag, then came up to me, holding
a wide black strap in his hand. He showed it to me. It had a
small flesh colored thing on the one side that looked like a mans
penis. I wasn't sure what is was, but I soon found out. He told
me it was a penis gag as he pulled the cloth gag from my mouth,
shoved the penis between my lips, and strapped the thing behind
my head. It felt like a penis, and I immediately started to suck
on it like it was a hard cock between my lips, about to come.

What he did then really surprised me. He went and put on a
surgical gown and mask, and a pair of rubber gloves. At first, I
thought he was going to operate on me or something. But then I
realized, I was about to get the most erotic examination of my

He started with a thermometer. Instead of my mouth, he put it in
my wet pussy. He held it there, while slowly playing with my
pubic hair. He played it straight, while he was getting me really
hot in the process.

After my temperature was taken, he next proceeded to give me a
breast exam, listen to my heart beat (which was going a mile a
minute), them my pussy, which he said was calling for relief.

Then finally he decided to probe me. First, he shoved one then
two fingers up into my cunt, moving them around and fucking me
with them. I started moaning like a baby, squirming around as
much as I could. He then greases up a finger, and shoved it up my
ass. I felt so wild, especially when he then played with my clit
at the same time. I came within a minute, screaming like I was
dying. My muffled scream seemed to please him, for he said he had
found the problem.

When I had finished, he pulled off the gloves. He then raised the
head of the table, so I was sitting at a 45 degree angle. He
played with my tits for a minute, getting me excited and horny
all over again. I continued to suck on the plastic cock, wishing
it were Lee's real dick between my lips.

Again he probed my clit with his fingers, to find the right spot
he said. He then moved down between my legs, pulled his mask down
and dove in to eat out my pussy. He started out fast, getting me
going. His tongue flicked over my clit and plunged deep into me.
He sucked on my clit, and lapped up my juices.

Then, just when I was about to come again, he slowed down,
knowing just how far to push me until I couldn't hold back. After
a minute, he sped up again, getting me back to a climax level and
holding me there. Again and again he did this. I thought I was
going to die. I moaned and groaned, and the sweat poured from my
body. But he just kept doing it.

At last, he took pity on me, attacked my swollen clit and brought
me off. After having it deprived for so long, I exploded into the
most intense orgasm I ever had in my life. I kept coming and
coming, while Lee just kept lapping me up.

When I was finally done, and I thought I could take no more, he
stopped and let the head of the table down, then pull the penis
gag from my mouth. I laid there for a few minutes, breathing very
heavy. He let me rest before we moved on to the final act of his

Lee untied me from the table and led me back to the recovery bed.
There, I laid flat on my back as he went to work. He pulled the
bed rails up into the locked position. He then tied my right
wrist to the bottom rail with rope. My left wrist was tied on the
opposite rail. He tied a rope around my waist, then the ends were
tied to the rails, to keep me from moving very much.

I figured he would do the same with my legs as with my arms, but
he added a twist. My legs were spread and my feet were fed
between the bars of the rail so that they were tied to the top
rail on the outside of the bed. Thus my legs were up again, but
spread wider that they would be on the inside of the bed.

Then the gag, but with a twist again. He placed a wadded cloth
into my mouth. Then, over my mouth, he placed a oxygen mask and
taped it in place. The tank just had air in it, which he opened
the valve of the tank just a crack, so I had a fresh supply of
air to breath. The wadded cloth was the real gag, the mask just
helped to hold it there, plus add a different look.

He then turned off all the lights in the office. He then turned
on the examination light that was hovering over me. I cast a
single eery beam of light onto my naked and trussed body. I
couldn't see a thing outside the shaft of light, while the light
didn't leave a single area of me uncovered.

I couldn't see him, but I knew he was standing there, watching me
squirm in my bounds. I was driving me nuts, for I knew that
sooner or later, he would plunge his hard shaft deep into my
wanting cunt. I wanted him, like I never wanted anyone before. My
moans and groans pleaded with him, and my squirming body called
out to him. But he still didn't show himself.

Just when I couldn't stand it anymore, he appeared in the light,
stripped naked, with his hard manhood standing before him. I
looked it was bigger that the other times, and it seemed to be
pulsating with power.

He said not a word, but climbed on the bed, positioned himself
over me, and rammed his cock deep into my box. I gasped as he
slammed it in, then moaned with each hard, fast, deep stroke he
plunged into me. He worked like a machine, each stroke was just
as hard and deep as the last, with a perfect sexual rhythm.

He pump like crazy, slamming his hips against mine. I built to a
climax, hoping he would explode at the same time. I came hard,
moaning loudly into the mask, and my whole body tensing up with
the thrill of my orgasm. Every part of me tingled, from my bound
hands to my roped feet, especially my well stuffed cunt. It was
even better than before.

Lee didn't miss a beat. He just continued to ram into me, his
hard shaft filling me with each stroke. He continued for a few
more minute before I knew he was about to shoot. He made a soft
moan, closed his eyes, and gave one final thrust into me, forcing
himself in as deep as he could. His hot come shot into me,
filling me up with his sweat jism. He pumped gallons, and just
kept coming and coming.

At last, his balls were drained and he slid out of me. He left
the shaft of light on me for a few minutes while recovered. He
then returned and untied my drained body from the bed, and
removed the mask from my face.

He asked me if I enjoyed his fantasy as much as he did. I truly
did, and told him so. To show how much, I pushed him down on the
bed, opened his pants, pulled out his cock, and started to suck
him off. The penis gag had made me want his cock in my mouth all
night. He was hard instantly, and with ten minutes, he was
shooting another load of jism down my throat.

I was allowed to dress again. We talked for a few minutes, and I
told him how exciting the night had been. I asked him where he
had gotten the ideas for all the position from. He smiled and
pulled out a magazine. It was filled with woman, tied in various
positions in different settings.

One set showed two girls tied up on a hospital bed with lots of
rope. One of them was kneeling on a the bed with her arms through
a pull-up bar, just like I had. Another set of pictures showed a
high heeled clad nurse tied to a hospital bed, with a mask taped
to her face. The only difference between me and her was that she
was still waring her uniform, but her chest was exposed. Another
scene showed her tied topless to a examination table, with her
feet in the stirrups, like I was. Too bad Lee didn't have a
camera and take picture of me. I would have like to see how I
would have compared.

As I looked through the magazine, there were other photos that
were just as exciting. One girl was tied spread eagle to a bed,
with ropes on her waist, chest and legs to keep her from moving.
The caption said she didn't know why they tied her down, but she
was glad that there were three men there, because it took all
three of them to satisfy her. Another set showed two topless
girls tied up, one on a wooden wheel, another hanging by her

I must admit, it turn me on to think that Lee might have other
ideas, or would like to try out a few of the one pictured here. I
wanted to find out more, and try all sorts of things. But the
night was getting late, and we figured we better leave. We kissed
passionately, and he gave me a length of rope to remember the
night by. I drove home a tired, but a satisfied and curious

The next day, Lee and I met before work to talk about the prior
night. We talked for about an hour. I told him how much I enjoyed
the night before, and that I was curious to explore more about
bondage. He told me that he really enjoyed the night before, and
wanted to show me things, and try thing with me.

He then suggested that we spend the weekend together at his
place. For the entire weekend, I would be in bondage. He could do
whatever he wanted, however he wanted, whenever he wanted. He
promised not to hurt me, nor do anything I didn't want to. I
quickly accepted the offer, but made a condition that I would do
it so long as he would also take some pictures of me while I was
tied up. I was really interested in seeing myself all tied up and
immobile. Lee agreeded, saying he had a instant camera and a
vidio camera too, to get all the action on tape.

Well, that's my story. Today is Friday. I have a bag all packed
and ready to go, but there's not much in it. Only a toothbrush,
makeup, hair items, and lots of lingerie and high heels. Lee
likes it when women ware those kind of things. Of course, I'll be
waring my nurse's uniform too. So, I'm going to appeal to his
desires. A whole weekend in bondage, at the hands of a handsome
master. I can't wait. Should make for another interesting story.

End of Story

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