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Fantasy Fulfilled

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It had taken some planning but the time and effort was so well worth it, in the end.

It all started with one comment you made when we were discussing fantasies and one that you mentioned did take me back a little but then after giving it some thought I thought ?Why not?? After all, it was a fantasy that you had and harbored, let?s try and bring it to fruition. The planning began but I realized that it wasn?t go to be easy and would really take some detail and agreement from at least 3 men. Finding those men wasn?t the hard task; in fact it was very simple as all I needed to do was to contact males from the swingers site that we were registered upon.

I sent a detailed email to 7 guys explaining the situation, hoping that at least three would be in favor of fulfilling your fantasy. To my surprise, 6 of the 7 were available and more than willing to help out. The planning began in earnest.

I sat in the home office, the thoughts, situations, avenues ran through my mind, notes jotted down, draft emails to the 6 men written, amended, re-drafted. I needed a situation, an opening. Thoughts of workmen to do some work on the house, but the house didn?t need any work. I needed to have a situation that wasn?t suspicious or a work that you couldn?t take on or want to do, so repainting the house was out, as was the gardening. Brain cells working overtime, how, what, when, where. Then suddenly, it hit me, like a lightening bolt coming out of the dark rain clouded sky, it hit me. ?Perfect!? I said to myself as I made a note, forming the plan in my mind and then on paper.

Later that day, the plan was formed and as we sat out on the back deck, enjoying a beer together I began to formulate the plan and casually mentioned that the air conditioning unit needed servicing as I felt it wasn?t working correctly and the bills seemed to be on the high side. I smiled inwardly as you agreed that it probably did need a servicing. ?Perfect? I thought as I emptied my bottle and passed the empty to you. I didn?t need to ask for another, you went into the kitchen and reappeared with a full MGD. I raised the bottle to the neighbor as he started the lawnmower. I smiled as I said to you ?Go and put on those shorts, the rose bed needs watering?. You laughed in the knowledge of why I said that and once again, obeyed the request.

A couple of minutes later, you were bending, kneeling and pottering around the rosebush that you had planted last spring. I was both pleased and amazed that it had grown the way it did, but then again, I knew nothing of growing things, with the exception of the growing of my cock in my shorts as I watched the way you opened your legs as you squatted down. My knowledge of the shorts told me that the thin material would be tight against your pussy lips, even might have been tight in-between those luscious lips which only that very morning my tongue had slid up and down until your juices flowed. Those very lips that my hard throbbing cock had slipped in-between as you were on all fours on the living room floor, my hands on your hips, slamming deep and hard into your wet pussy until we both enjoyed the intensity of an orgasm.

Yes, the desired affect was achieved, Tommy, our neighbor was trying not to show that he was looking, but we both knew that he was and who could blame him anyway? The sight he must be seeing must be so distracting for him, the sight of your pussy lips being opened by the thin material, the exposure of your half naked ass cheeks as you moved around, bending over allowing Tommy a vantage view of the back of you. What a shame that the top you wore didn?t really allow him to see your tits. I wanted him to see those and called you over. ?Change that top? I said as I handed you the now empty bottle of beer.

You reappeared with a fresh bottle of beer for me and I smiled as I saw the top you wore. ?Perfect Honey? was all I said. You knew what I wanted you to do and without hesitation, you obeyed the unsaid command. Again, I couldn?t really see the exposure that you were giving Tommy, but I knew through experience that he would have had a full view of your hard nipples as you bent over to pluck a dead petal from one of the roses. You turned to me and smiled and I had no doubt in my mind that your pussy was wet once more. We both enjoyed you flashing, exposing your body to others, we both enjoyed the thoughts of you just bending over, showing your tits, your ass and whenever possible, your pussy. We both enjoyed going shopping, even if nothing was needed, just to have the opportunities to have you showing. It always produced a good sex session once we got back home; it never failed to make you wet or me hard.

I watched as you turned your back to me, virtually facing Tommy who was no more than 5 feet away from you. I watched as you squatted down once more, this would be the ultimate for him, the full view of those lips of yours because just before you turned your back to me, I smiled as I watched you adjust the front of the shorts, I watched as you pulled the material into your pussy lips. I had no doubt that his view was one of pure delight for him, a view of your sex.

?Damn honey? you said to me as you came back to the deck. ?His cock was fucking stiff,? you said as you laughed lighting a cigarette to calm your nerves. Not nerves of the nervous type, but of the excitement type. ?You did well baby slut? I said to you as I looked at your pussy lips that were so clearly visible. ?Come on inside, I want my cock sucking? I said as I stood up, the hardness in my shorts visible.

The plan was formed; all I needed to do know was the logistics of how to get all the guys here at the same time. I wondered how they would all interact with each other for after al, none of them knew each other. That would be for them to sort out though. They all knew what they had to do, or what they were required to do. It was up to them to just do it and get along with each other. Get along with each other and fuck the living daylights out of you. Their instructions were so plain and concise, to take you hard, to fuck you into submission, to take you to heaven and back.

That evening as you were making some dinner, I went into my office and laid out the plans to the 6 guys that on Thursday to arrive around 3pm. Not all at once, that was the difficulty of the plan, but I had it all worked out, perfectly.

Thursday finally arrived and so did two of the 6 guys. This was the part of the plan that would be difficult to implement for I had to be out of the house for it all come to fruition. My plan was hatched and as they arrived with a tool bag, I told you that I had to go to Office Depot to get ink for the printer. ?Fucking printer, just ran out of ink? I exclaimed as I showed them the ac unit and the furnace. ?Honey, make sure the guys have drinks of tea, coffee soda or beer, I won?t be too long?. I wouldn?t be too long either, I wouldn?t even be 5 minutes for my plan was to sneak back in and watch and direct the proceedings. This would also let you know that it was all a plan of mine and that the ?r*pe? wasn?t for real, but it would feel to you as if it was thought, for I had intentions of them to literally rip off your clothes, hold you down and fuck you.

The other part of the plan was for the other 4 to come around the corner as I came back in through the front door while you were in the kitchen fixing the guys some of whatever they were having. I let the other 4 guys in and that was the sign for the two already there to put the plan into action.

As was usual in the house, and often out of the house too, you wore no panties under the short denim skirt and neither was you wearing a brassiere under the rather sober tee shirt. One of the guys looked at me and I nodded. I watched him unzip his shorts and as you turned you saw the hard cock sticking out. I heard the gasp, just couldn?t see your face as I was still hiding behind the wall. Then you saw the second do the same. I heard you gasp again, a little scream as they grabbed your arms. ?No, no please, no? you said with the shade of fear in your voice. ?Shut it bitch and suck my cock,? the larger of the two said as he grabbed the back of your wonderful red locks.

Your stifled screams continued as you were forced to your knees. The other guy grabbed your wrists and held them behind you as you were forced to take the hard cock in front of your face deep into your mouth. ?Suck my cock you bitch? he growled as you struggled against his hand on the back of your head and the confinement of your wrists in a strong pair of hands. I heard your gasps, as the cock was forced deep and hard in your mouth, I looked at the other guys and gave them the signal to go in and join the fun. The cock pulled out of your mouth and you were bought to your feet again. That is when you saw the other 4 guys come into the room. As you saw them, your eyes opened wide and then another gasp as hands ripped off your tee shirt, exposing your tits to 6 pairs of hands. I watched as hands ran over your body, as they unzipped your skirt, pulling the skirt down to your ankles. You stood there, totally naked, totally available for their use of your body. They picked you up, carried you to the kitchen table, as planned and I was able to gain a better vantage point of the planned assault upon your naked body. Hands held your wrists, hands held your ankles; fingers gripped your hair pulling your head off of the side to the table. You protested, you screamed until a hand stifled it, you struggled, tried to kick out, all to no avail.

Your mouth was forced open, your pussy lips too as a cock slipped into both your mouth and pussy. You struggled, but it was futile as the cock in your pussy slammed in hard, slamming in to the hilt, his balls slapping against your ass. You appeared to relax as the cock in your mouth slid back and forth. Your once squeals turned into moans as you began to suck on the cock. Your hands were placed on hard cocks. I watched as you closed your fingers around them, as you began to stroke them. The cock in your pussy pulled out and I watched as the explosion of cum landed over your stomach and tits. Another cock filled the vacancy in your pussy. You gulped on the cock in your mouth as he sunk it to the hilt, feeling the length and girth filling you. Your hips bucked at the cock in your pussy, wanting to take it all, every single inch of it as you pulled and tugged on the cocks in your hands. You squeezed them as your hips rocked from side to side, a sign that you were going to cum. Your legs shook as the first orgasm ran through your body, unable to stop the orgasm as your juices flowed from your cock filled pussy.

?You bastards? you yelled as the cock from your mouth was removed, his hand a blur on it as he shot his cum all over your face and neck. I smiled as I saw his cum splattering over your face. You went to utter something else, but a cock soon stifled any words you wanted to say.

Another load of white cum hit your stomach as the cock in your pussy was pulled out and hand pumped to its conclusion. ?Three down, three to go? I said to myself as I watched another cock slam deep and hard into your pussy, his hands grabbing your ankles and placing them over his shoulders and slammed deep into you, filling you to the hilt. I saw your face wincing with the brutality of the force of his thrusting. He was intent on fucking you hard, so was the cock in your mouth. His grunts gave way to his orgasm as he pulled out of your mouth and gave your face another splattering of cum. The cock in your pussy was unable to hold on much longer. You screamed at him ?Fuck me, yes, yes, fuck my pussy harder? and then a moan as you came again. He too pulled out and his cum joined the already cum splattered tits and stomach. The last remaining cock slipped easily into you as you wrapped your legs around his waist, your head rolled from side to side as if you were looking for another cock to suck on. The cock in your pussy slammed in and out of your pussy, his balls slapping on your ass as fingers tugged and pulled at your nipples and just before you were able to come again, a cock slipped into your mouth. This, coupled with the hard pounding of the cock to your pussy sent you over the top and I swear that I have never seen you cum that hard before. To watch your whole body shake and tremble as the orgasm hit you was a sight to behold. Just as was the sight of the cock in your pussy being pulled out, his hand stroking, pumping and then shooting his load over your tits and neck.

That is when I made my entrance.

?You did well guys, you did well, my slut bitch got a good fucking? I said with a smile on my face.

The End ? but is it really the end?

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