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Donna’s Weekend Part Four

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Donna?s Weekend Part Four

The warmth was like heaven to Donna as she stood under the shower of water. She slowly scrubbed with the loufa, finding evidence of her poker night on almost every part of her body. The musky scent of the sticky fluids running across her neck, breasts and legs was replaced by the lavender of the body wash, and she was feeling more human every second.

Life as a fuck toy was harder than she had imagined. Last night was her first time with more than one man at a time. Although she thoroughly enjoyed it, there was a price to be paid for taking multiple cocks multiple times. Must have been at least seven or eight times over the night! As she gently scrubbed her pussy and anus, she suddenly was hit by the realization that for the last two nights she?d been having unprotected sex, and never even thought about using a condom.

?I?ll have to buy them by the case if I make every man use one?? she thought as she turned the handheld water sprayer into her sensitive spot, rinsing dollops of cum onto the shower floor, ?but bareback was sooooo fulfilling!? The thought of not doing more gang bangs never entered her mind. The jets of water danced across her still-sensitive clit, causing her to lean with one hand against the wall to keep from falling over, and erasing any doubt about her status as a slut.

Stepping out of the shower after a long session with the sprayer, she dried with a towel and looked into the closet at the last box. It was sitting there innocently, but she dared not approach it because she had no idea where ?he? was watching from. She had spent some time glancing at the ceiling in several of the rooms, trying not to look obvious, so she could tell which areas were covered and which were safe. After last night, she knows the downstairs would have been littered with cameras and she was expecting a call at any minute asking her to log on to see the new evidence of her depravity. But she was never able to locate a camera and didn?t know what evidence there would be that one was installed.

As she exited the bathroom, still naked except for the towel wrapped around her head, her phone started buzzing on the nightstand. ?Hi? she said as she answered, there was no reason to pretend it wasn?t going to be him.

?Hello, gorgeous!? her tormentor began. ?I hope you didn?t run out of hot water. I think you imbedded a handprint on the tile where you leaned for about seven minutes!?

?Fuck? she muttered, now knowing that her one sanctuary was also a peep show.

?You look great right now, and don?t bother getting dressed? he ordered. ?Today you stay totally nude until it?s time for your last date. Since this might be our last few hours together, I want to drink all of you in. You can open your box at 3:30 and you need to be ready by 4:00. Any questions??

She hesitated for a second, worried about what he would make her do in broad daylight. ?Is there an update to the website??

?Of course, fuck bunny! It?s nice that you asked this time. I?m afraid that you are going to fulfill your end of the bargain and miss hosting more of my little events! You can log in after you finish doing your hair and putting on your face. Over and out.?

The phone predictably died, and she headed back into the bathroom to do as he asked. She put extra mousse into her hair and styled it into a ?wet? look, then put on a little more eye shadow than normal to make her blue eyes pop. Satisfied, she rubbed her favorite body lotion onto her entire body. She started with her breasts and then slowly massaged the lotion onto both legs and up across her bare pussy. A light spray with the same fragrance, and Donna was ready to face whatever lay before her.

At the computer, a quick refresh of the browser brought up ?her? site and she selected the new photos. The first few were just as she remembered: her cock tease at the tables, nipples being pinched as she lap danced on Mark, her standing with her legs apart as fingers brushed up the inside of her thigh. When the ?fun? started, her memory of the events was a little fuzzy because of the tequila shots. But shot after shot of her with multiple partners brought back specific memories of her favorite positions and cocks. David?s was a little wider and longer than any of the others, and filled her aching pussy nicely every time they coupled.

She was leaving a moist spot on the computer chair, as each picture turned her on a little more. The last frame to show was not a picture, but a video. She hit the play button and watched as a short segment of video from each fuck of the night was played. In the corner, a counter clicked off as each different cock pounded her pussy or ass. 5, 6, 7? She was mesmerized by the sight of her taking cock after cock, the sounds each man slamming into one of her holes clearly audible over the music, but barely heard over her grunts and screams. 13, 14, 15? as the numbers flowed by, she realized that each of the men had used her in both holes several times. 22?was the last number as she was held to the wall straddling David?s cock. This she didn?t remember. As he walked away from the wall with her still impaled on his dick, John moved in behind and slipped his cock into her open ass. 23.

That video lasted a full minute or so, and she watched and listened as the naked woman on the screen was suspended in the air between the two men, her breasts gyrating wildly as they lifted under her arms to propel her up and down. Her feet never even touched the floor and the sound of her voice was hoarse as she just yelled ?Oh, God!? over and over and over and over.

The video had been over for a full minute before she breathed again. The final frame of the video was frozen on the screen with her face in mid-scream, head thrown back and eyes closed.

Fucking unbelievable that this was her. She had talked about it for years, but now it was reality. And she wanted to do it again.

Donna closed down the browser and moved over to the bed to watch television until she could open the box and see what tonight, this afternoon, held for her. She flicked on the TV and the sound of bad fucking rang from the speakers. She tied different channels, but the result was the same. Cheesy music and shots of blonde women taking the gigantic cocks of black men in their face, ass and pussy. Her fingers absentmindedly sought out her wet pussy as she watched the men put their stiff cocks in all three holes over and over again, dumping loads of cum over their faces and into their mouths.

At 3:30 the videos ended and the screen went black. Donna hadn?t been watching the clock as she lay on the bed in a state of bliss, and she jumped immediately to collect the third box from the closet.

?Oh, my? she exclaimed as the heavy box was opened. Inside was a tangle of leather, wires and adult toys. She slowly sorted the items onto the bed, taking in the rich smell of the leather and the smooth lines of the dildos that were attached. Two leather straps with buckles. A ball gag. Yuck. A pair of kick-ass thigh-high leather boots. A larger collection of leather straps that were all connected together with metal rings. The wires were connected into a small box on one of the leather straps. It was big one unit, not separate ones. The instructions at the bottom of the box ended her frustration because after a few minutes of sorting she still had no idea what it was and she had felt she was running out of time.

She held located a smaller loop that was shown in the diagram and held up the tangle of leather. It fell miraculously into place and she now recognized the leather harness that she had seen on plenty of dominatrix videos. ?How did he know I watch those?? she thought. She had watched those alone and only when Dan was out of town, and hadn?t seen one in almost a year. Moving past her questions, she fingered the leather harness, marveling at how supple the leather was, how fine the stitches were. At the end of the harness were two dildos, set in what had to be the crotch of the garment. She examined them closely, because in just a few minutes one would be plunging into her pussy and the other into her ass.

Both dildos were the same size and made of soft latex. They were not straight like a ?white man?s cock?, but both had little kinks in them, which Donna thought was funny since kinky appeared to be the operative word today. There was a bottle of lube in the box, and she liberally applied it to the dildo that would be making a rear entrance. The one in the front would be fine because she was generating a liberal supply herself.

As she stepped into the leg holes of the contraption, the soft leather almost made her cum as it stroked first her calves and then her thighs as she pulled it higher. When the dildos reached their target, she had to carefully work both of them into her at the same time. She got them started, and then tugged vigorously at the harness, pulling both of them to full penetration at the same time. The memories of last nights? double penetrations exploded into her mind as the fullness in both holes drove her to an orgasm and she shook wildly with pleasure.

Recovering her composure, Donna lifted the remainder of the straps. The leather straps criss-crossed her torso, teasing her to pull them tighter and tighter. As she arranged the straps around her ample breasts, she found that there was a small shelf bra that lifted and separated them, forcing her nipples higher and making them look fantastic. A short cable on each bra ended in a small alligator clip and she attached these to her erect nipples, bringing a gasp of pain each time.

She studied herself in the mirror as she finished. Her breasts looked so good she wanted to bury her own face in them and the rich black against her cream complexion was intoxicating. One tug on a strap on each side of her torso smoothly adjusted the harness to snugness, then a final click of the collar around her neck sealed the deal. The collar locked as she closed it, and there was no key in the box. She was now a prisoner of the suit.

Moving across the room with the two dildos inserted six inches into her was a struggle. Each step caused them to grind against her sensitive channels. She sorted the last few items on the bed. Two leather cuffs with long leather straps. One click and these were locked onto her slim wrists. There was a small box with a power plug and a cable of some other type on one end, and a longer cable that had a connector that matched the one on the side of her harness. But there were no instructions. She assumed those would come later. The leather blindfold needed no instructions.

Donna sat on the edge of the bed and zipped up the piece de resistance of her trousseau, the boots. They fit magnificently. Snug on her trim ankles and muscular calves, then opening to leave a little room as they ended mid thigh. Her phone was beside her and she jumped when it rang.

?You are doing so well, my dear? her tormentor purred. ?I have just a few more instructions for you and then your dates will be here.?

The plural intrigued her.

?I need you to plug the box into the wall, and then place the shorter cable into a USB port on your computer? he instructed. She completed both tasks and waited for more.

?Open your website and click on the ?Chat Now? button. Very good.? Nothing happened, so Donna wasn?t sure what was up next.

?Now connect the last cable to your outfit, making sure that you loop the safety ring over the connector.?

She found the connector easy, but struggled with the safety. Finally it clicked into place.

?Your final step is to stand on your bed, put on your blindfold and your ball gag, and then hook both your straps to the O-ring in the ceiling.?

?An O-ring in my ceiling?? she thought, then remembered who she is dealing with. She complied easily.

?Now kneel.?

The leather straps allowed her bring her hands to just about the top of her head when her knees were on the bed. She could move easily and was fairly comfortable in this position. ?Now comes the part where someone enters the room with whips and torments my tender breasts while the vibrators in the outfit drive her to multiple orgasm? she thought. ?Should be a good afternoon!?

?Donna, this is the last of your adventures. You are now facing the Ghost of Christmas Future. For the next two hours, you will be the featured performer on a Russian website for Sadists and Masochists.?

Her comfort was disappearing quickly.

?Don?t worry my dear. Your identity is well protected. They will have access to full audio and video from my cameras in your bedroom. Your blindfold will keep your face hidden, and they think you are ?Donna? who was kidnapped in New Orleans to be tortured for their pleasure. You will play that part perfectly. Be scared. Cry. Beg through your ball gag. They won?t be able to understand you. They have full control of your intercourse simulator, which is what the outfit you are wearing is called. All the features will be revealed when you experience them. There will be pleasure. There will be pain. The crying and begging will be real. But there will be nothing that endangers your life or your future happiness. I hope you enjoy.?

The room went silent and she assumed he had disconnected from the call. She was actually now more uncomfortable mentally than physically. Not being able to see, having people in another country in charge of whatever she was wearing, not knowing what was going to happen. She was totally under their control, more that she had been the entire weekend. Even when she had four men fucking her, she retained control.

It was the sound of a voice and an accent she could not place that jolted her back to reality.

?Hvello, Doona? the voice said. ?I geet to begin vour nighmare.?

Those were the last words he spoke and for the next fifteen minutes Donna stiffened and curled up, and did cry and beg before his time at the control was passed to another.

The two dildos in her ass and pussy did vibrate. That was the first sensation she felt. They alternated vibrating for several minutes, increasing in intensity until they were almost pulsating. Her pussy and anus clenched around the two intruders as the spasms of an orgasm started to pulse through her body. She was gyrating her pelvis, trying to drive the twin spears of pleasure deeper into her when her body went stiff.

Not from the massive crush of an orgasm, but an electric shock from different contacts on the harness. The shocks caused different muscle groups to spasm, throwing her from side to side and causing her to kneel forward in pain. The torture continued for hours, at least it seemed like that to Donna, who was thrashing in different directions trying to get the suit off of her body. At times he activated all the contacts at once, and Donna felt that her whole body would shatter from the pressure of the tightening muscles. At the height of her pain, as the scream was forcing its way around the gag, the current suddenly stopped and the pulsing of the twin terrors in her bowels began again in earnest.

The pulsing of the dildos, timed just as it was, caught her as her entire weight was being carried by the straps attached to the O-ring. She hung there lifelessly, the muscles in her pelvis continuing their thrumming timed to the vibrations coming from inside. The dildos cycled down to a slower, lighter pace, finally ending with Donna breathing heavily, beads of sweat dampening the edges of her hair.

For a full minute or so, nothing happened and Donna slowly recovered.

?Downa? said a female voice said. ?Velcome to my vorld.?

The next sensation she felt was a tingle in her breasts. ?The nipple clamps!?

For the next few minutes she was in ecstasy as the tingle in her nipples cycled. She couldn?t see her breasts, but she imagined that they were being pulled, teased, twisted and licked constantly. The pleasure was unimaginable and she sat up, pushing her breasts forward, as if trying to get the clamps closer to her nipples.

As the tingling subsided and disappeared, Donna relaxed again into a kneeling position, looking hopefully toward the computer for the next level of pleasure. She was rewarded. The tingling began again, this time in her pussy as contacts on either side of her clit began an electric dance around her most sensitive spot. For at least ten full minutes there was no let up. Without a physical contact, the muscles of her vagina began to convulse as the pulsing current created in her an almost torrential gush of fluids from the constant orgasms.

When the session was finally over she was exhausted from the extreme pleasure. Her arms ached from pulling on the straps supporting her, an automatic response to the lack of control she had in her lower body.

For the next 90 minutes the torture continued. Sometimes with pleasure, sometimes with pain. At times a combination of the two as the sick bastard at the other end of the controls got off on causing Donna to alternately beg and cry.

She learned that the dildos not only vibrated, they moved. When they rotated, the kinky angles gave her great pleasure as they cycled inside her body. They got longer and shorter, like a little jackhammer inside her pussy, pounding mercilessly and without tiring. But the feature of the dildos that she dreaded the most was that they expanded. Inside her pussy the effect was uncomfortable, but manageable. Like taking the thickest cock imaginable and fucking it for hours. But in her ass, the stretching of the membranes of her bowels was painful, and she screamed and shook and begged for five minutes as one of her masters slowly brought the evil toy to its maximum size inside her, then activated the rotation on the dildo in her pussy. The combination of pain and pleasure was truly sadistic.

When she thought she could not take any more and was about to pass out, she heard a familiar voice on the computer.

?Donna? he said.?You know that I love you and would never stand to let you be hurt. My gift to you is your pleasure and then you are free. Thank you very much for your cooperation. Your release is granted.?

With those words all the pleasure-making aspects of her suit were activated slowly, so that she felt the intense pain and frustration melt away. Tiny tingles in her nipples, slow rotation of the dildos, pulses of joy across her clit, they all combined to bring her to a last immense, mind-altering orgasm. She had no idea that she had any energy left, but her body responded to the stimulus and she gyrated her pelvis into the pleasure, pulled with all her might on the straps to bring her body to the height of focus on the feelings inside her. As the last convulsions of the orgasm drained from her body, the locks on her wrists and neck snapped open, and she fell exhausted onto the bed.

When Donna pulled herself from the bed two hours later she stripped the harness from her body, dropping it in the middle of the floor as she headed to the shower. A long, hot soak later she felt somewhat human again. A cup of hot tea and a bit of supper later, she felt even better. She was surprised that she was not furious over what she had gone through this afternoon. The pain was real, but it did not erase the memories of the intense, incredible, unsurpassed pleasure that the suit brought. Of the three ?dates? she had this weekend, she honestly would have to pick the suit to do again.

?Does that make me a sicko?? she wondered out loud. Not knowing if ?he? was still watching and listening.

Nobody answered.


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