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Daddy n me part 1

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It was about 10 am when I woke up. I stretched as I walked downstairs. I knew Daddy wouldn’t be home when I got up. As I grabbed some cereal for breakfast I noticed a note on the table.

“Babygirl, I need to run some errands, when I get home I promise we will spend some quality time together since I haven't been home much. I want you to shower, put on your collar, and then put on the new outfit I got you by the time I get home. The outfit is in my closet on the floor in a gift box.

Love Daddy”

I smiled as I sat down to eat. After eating and cleaning my dishes I hopped in the shower. As I washed my body and hair I thought about when I first met Daddy. I had just been kicked out of my home and was only on the streets for two days. I was sitting in a coffee shop drinking a cup of hot chocolate. That’s when I heard a voice say “Do you mind if I sit here?” “No not at all.” I replied without even looking up. “Are you ok? You look awfully tired. ” He asked. I looked at him and said “Yea I’m fine. I’m just having a hard time. I got kicked out of my house by my mother and her boyfriend. ” “Do you have anywhere to go? Maybe a friends or relatives?” He asked. “No. All my relatives live far away and I don’t feel comfortable asking a friend if I could crash. Plus I don’t have any work experience so I cant get a job. ” As I said this I began to cry. “Well if you are willing to do housework you can stay with me for a bit. ” He said. I nodded enthused that someone was being so kind to me with out even knowing me.

On the drive to his place he introduced himself as Jim. I told him my name was Duckie. We got back to his place and he showed me around then took me to a spare bedroom which would be mine. “This will be your room. Just make yourself at home. ” He said. I looked around as I sat on the bed. It was a very nice room. He sat on the bed next to me and held my hand. “Thank you so much!” I said as I hugged him and began to cry tears of joy. I could tell he was surprised that I hugged him, but he hugged me back. I laid my head on his chest as he stroked my hair. “Would you like anything? A drink, something to eat, I could run you a bath. ” He asked. “A bath would be great. ” He got up and walked into the bathroom that was connected to his room. “I hope you don’t mind the only tub is in my bathroom. ” He said. “No that’s fine. ” I followed him bringing some of the few items of clothing I had. I set them on the sink counter. He started running the water then walked out not fully closing the door.

I undressed and slowly got in the tub, getting used to the warm water and relaxing. It felt so good. I quietly started humming the tune to 'pride and joy'. It always made me smile and feel a bit better. He walked by the door to grab something from his dresser. On his way back he looked in and saw me naked in the tub. I locked eyes with him and he quickly looked away. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to be rude. ” He quickly apologized. “It’s ok. I doubt that you’ve never seen a woman naked before. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. The human body is a wonderful thing. ” I reassured him. “That’s true. But there is no need for me to make you uncomfortable. ” He said as he began to turn away. “Uncomfortable? Why would I be? You took me in with out asking anything in return. I am in debt to you. ” I retorted.

He stood in the door way a moment thinking. He turned and asked “Why did you get kicked out in the first place? If you don’t mind me asking. ” “I got into an argument with my mother. Her boyfriend had been hitting on me, so I told her. She didn’t believe me though. She took his side seeing as he makes the money and I do tend to go for older men. ” I said as I began to wash myself. He walked into the bathroom and sat on a stool next to the bathtub. I could tell he was staring at my naked body. I didn’t care. He was good looking, nice, caring and took me in off the streets. I handed him the wash cloth, leaned forward and asked “Could you get my back?” He just froze. I looked back at him and grinned. “Please?” He reached out and started gently washing my back, from my shoulders to my waist. Out of the corner of my eye I could see he was getting hard.

After he finished I got out of the tub. He just sat that there staring at my wet naked body. I grabbed a towel he had set out for me and began drying off. “Are you just gonna sit there with a hard dick or are you gonna do something about it?” I laughed. I took his hand and smiled. He smiled back and got up. He kissed me and bit my lower lip gently. Then he guided me into his room and on to his bed. I lay on his bed as he began to lick my pussy. He put a finger in me as he licked and sucked on my clit. Within minutes I was moaning loud as he fingered and licked my tight pussy. I had never felt so good before. Soon my back was arching and I was cumming on his tongue and finger.

He climbed on the bed and kissed me. I was never one for kissing but I enjoyed it with him. His dick was as hard as a rock. I spread my legs as he slid it in my wet pussy. “God you are so fucking tight!” he said to me as he began to fuck me. He fucked me hard while I screamed in delight. With each thrust he made I met his hips with mine. This went on for a good fifteen minutes before he pulled out and came on my stomach. He laid down next to me and held me close, stroking my hair as I held his other hand in mine.

“Will you keep me?” I asked him. “What do you mean?” he said. “I want you to keep me, to own me, take care of me. I will fuck you when you want. I will clean your house. Just keep me and love me. Please. ” I begged. Without hesitation he said “Yes. ”

I looked at him smiling and kissed him. “Could I call you daddy?” I asked as I blushed.

“Yes babygirl. I’d like that. ” He replied and kissed my forehead.

After I got out of the shower I dried off and put on my collar. It was black leather with little hearts cuts out. I love wearing it.. He bought it for me as a gift a month after he took me in. Once I had it on I walked into Daddy’s room and looked in his closet for my new outfit. It was in a gift box on the bottom shelf. I took it out and sat on the bed as I opened it. It was a custom leather body harness. I was so excited. Daddy knew I had wanted one. I put it on and stood in front of the mirror. I heard a car pull into the drive way so I ran downstairs and peeked out the window. Daddy walked into the house and I ran to him and gave him a hug and kiss. “Hi Daddy!” “Hey Babygirl. Don’t you look sexy in your new outfit. ” He hugged me and kissed my forehead. I doted on him as we walked into the kitchen.

“Front and center Babygirl. ” I stood straight with my hand to my sides as Daddy looked me over. He felt my legs to make sure I shaved. Looked down my cleavage, but I don’t know why. I think he does it so I get excited and he can make sure I control myself. Then he kneeled down and felt my pussy to make sure it was smooth. "Good girl. That’s my good slut. ” He said as he gently kissed my pussy lips. As he said that I quivered almost cumming just from those words. I loved it when he said I’m a good girl or called me names, and he knew it. “Ok Baby relax. ” He said and I relaxed my stance. “Today we are going to go in the den and play. Understood?” “Yes Daddy. ” “Good. I'll come get you in ten minutes. ” He playfully smacked my ass and walked down into the den. I was unsure why Daddy told me he would get me in 10 minutes, but I was too excited to ponder the reasons.

Ten minutes went by and Daddy came upstairs and handed me a blindfold. I put it on and he guided me into the den. He put a ball-gag on me then helped me onto a table and told me to lay on my stomach. As I did I could tell there were alot of ropes under me. I could feel Daddy pulling on them and tieing them tight around my body. Within a few minutes I was bound tight with my hands behind my back and my legs tied so my pussy was open to play with. Daddy hoisted me up off the table. I felt something cold enter my pussy, then it began to open and spread wider. I could feel Daddy's breath on my lips. It made me so wet knowing he was so close and inspecting me. He closed the device and pulled it out. I heard a few foot steps then felt something pinch my nipples, but it was different than usual. This time it was heavy and pulled hard. He must have put weights on my nipple clamps. Then Daddy pushed something into my pussy. I felt it start to vibrate and I quivered in delight. He began to fuck me with the toy. Every couple of thrusts he spanked my ass. I felt like I was in heaven. Once I was on the verge of cumming he stopped. I heard him walk away from me and into another room. He left me to calm down and lose the urge to cum.

After what seemed like an eternity I heard him walk back in the room. Daddy took out my ball-gag out and put a bottle of water up to my mouth. I drink some then he pulled it away. He put the ball-gag back in and lowered me down to the table. Then he untied me, turned me over onto my back and took off my nipple clamps.I laid there waiting for orders or Daddy to move me. He spread my legs and began to eat my pussy. Daddy always said I tasted like honey. He lapped at me and sucked on my clit. Then gently inserted his tongue into me. I began to moan slightly. As soon as I did he stopped. He always loved to tease me.

Daddy pulled me closer to the edge of the table and tied my legs up and apart. I felt something cup my pussy. He began to pump it and it sucked on my pussy tight. With every pump I became so much more aroused. Daddy made sure to release the pressure every 10 minutes and every time he did he gently licked my clit. After he did this the fifth time he slowly pushed his cock into me. I instantly started to moan. My pussy was so much more sensitive. He began to thrust into me slowly, but deep. It wasn't long before my back was arching and I was cumming. Daddy kept fucking me and started playing with my tits. Then he started moving faster and his hands became more aggressive and rough with my tits. I came time after time. I've never been good at holding back my orgasms. He must have fucked me for an hour before he pulled out and came on my stomach.

After he caught his breath, he licked my cum from my pussy and untied me. He helped me off the table and took off my blindfold and ball-gag. "Go take a shower and get cleaned up baby" "Yes Daddy, thank you." I gave him a big hug and a kiss. I ran upstairs and hopped in the shower real quick to rinse off my sweat and Daddy's cum. Once I was done I dried off and ran back downstairs and saw Daddy on the couch. "Come here baby, lets watch a movie." I walked over and laid in his arms. I couldn't have imagined a better way to spend time with him.

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