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Baby Gets Her Master

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Baby never thought that what she wanted done to her actually was a lifestyle. Then she found what it was really about in chat rooms. After spending time in anonymous chat rooms, after turning down ridiculous dominants replying to her personal ad, she had found her man -she hoped.

Of course, she got lost. Between being in a strange city and nervous as hell, she got her directions turned around. Would he wait? Would he be mad? Would she be on time for the movie they were supposed to see? She took a deep breath and held the steering wheel firmly when she turned into the parking lot at the theater end of the mall.

Was she as pale as she felt? She watched the tall, almost heavyset figure coming towards her mini-van in the mirror attached to her door. It was him: brown hair, blue eyes, a good looking man.

?Baby?? His voice was steady, firm. He rested his hand on the window frame after she rolled the glass all the way down. His fingers were long, fingernails clean, the hand looked strong. ?Hello.?

?Hi, I told you I'd get lost.? Oh God, she thought to herself, could I sound any stupider?

They never went to the movie. They had coffee at a café and then sat in his car and talked for almost three hours. It was better than any first date she had ever had. He knew just the right questions to ask and didn't hold back when she asked hers. They had remarkably similar backgrounds, what he liked, what she liked.

Right from the start the sex was there. He kept slipping it into the conversation catching her unawares, she found herself answering intimate questions before she realized what he had asked. And then, when she blushed he winked. She did hesitate to tell him about her one lesbian affair she had with a good friend. His hand came to her shoulder, he stroked the skin under her ear with a fingertip. ?Baby, tell me.? His eyes took in her little shiver and she did exactly as she was told. That's when she knew it was going to work.

He made her hit herself on the inside of her arm with a crop, her pussy got wet. Her eyes kept going back to the red marks while he told her how he had come to the realization that he wanted to dominate women sexually. He wasn't into 24\7 he didn't want the responsibilities, or the hassle. ?'s centered on the erotic for me.? He tipped her head up so their eyes met. ?I love to feel my hips coming up hard on a hot, well striped ass.? She couldn't help shivering as he drank in her startled reaction to his blatant words with those eyes that had somehow become dark pools. She felt herself falling into them as he continued. ?I love to make women come while they hurt, I love to send them flying and then hold them in my arms when they come back to earth.?

Then it was time to go. he said, ?Come here.? His hand slid from her shoulder to her neck, into her long fine hair. He angled her head and their lips came together. Her mouth opened to his gently probing tongue. He closed his teeth on her lower lip, stopping just short of hurting. Her insides started to melt when he deepened the kiss, flicking the insides of her mouth, cupping her breast, gently rolling her nipple between his thumb and finger. ?Oh baby, you're sweet.? The words were accompanied by light sucking kisses under her ear. ?That's a girl, I like those noises.? Heat flared in her face when she realized she had been making high pitched little oohs and ahhs while he kissed her and gently played with her nipples bringing them to hot, hard peaks of pleasure. She didn't realize he had stopped until he said, ?Have a good ride home baby, drive safe.?

She watched his brake lights come on when he drove from the parking lot. Her nipples were throbbing, her pussy was swollen, aching to be filled. She knew then she had to see him again.

He accelerated onto the interstate, heading north, home. His cock throbbed, he could feel the pre-cum dripping on his thigh. This could really work, he told himself, she was hotter than hell, very submissive and maybe even on the pain slut side -if the things she had told him were true. He wasn't sure if she realized exactly how sexually submissive she was or how much she was going to come to crave a judicious mix of pain and pleasure under his hands. Hands that were itching to feel her ass under them while he brought while he brought pale white cheeks up to the color he admired so much, hot pink. She was a curious mix of needs, a heavy sex drive, like most submissives. But even though she wanted him to do all kinds of nasty things to her she had a shy, innocent quality.

He was convinced he had struck gold,baby, was going to be hot fun, no two ways about it.

The e-mails and chatting just got hotter. He was funny, he liked details, intimate details. When had she first realized that she wanted to be tied up? Exactly how did she masturbate? What did she fantasize about when she did? They were going to get together and go canoeing. Would he want to do something to her? Would she let him? Baby knew she would.

It was pouring, heavy fat drops of rain covered her windshield while she waited for him. He showed up in his car, without a canoe on it.

?Hey baby, how are you?? His easy grin slipped across his face when he got into her car. ?A little too wet to be on the water don't you think?? It was natural to lean to him when his hand gently cupped her cheek. Damn, he was a good kisser. How could he make her insides melt by just using his lips? When his teeth softly closed on her neck she couldn't hold back the shiver of desire that swept over her. ?We could just check into a motel for the afternoon.? His knuckle was rubbing her nipple; his eyes met hers with a direct gaze. She bit her lower lip and hesitated just a second before shaking her head yes.

She couldn't separate the feelings in her stomach as she sat waiting for him to come out of the office. Nervousness warred with liquid hot surges emanating from her pussy. They had stopped at a local diner on the way to the motel since it was a little to early in the day to check in. He then stopped at a flower shop to buy her some roses. The rain had stopped but it was still foggy and misty; they had the place to themselves. He had stood behind her while they checked out little gifts. The first time he slipped his hands down her back to cup her ass she had frozen in place.

?Nice ass baby.? His fingers had reached deep, he cupped it, weighed and felt her rounded cheeks by squeezing gently. Her pussy started to wet itself at that moment. She didn't understand it, but she made a decision to enjoy whatever he did to her. She was there to make him happy, to serve him. In the back corner of the store he had reached between her legs from the back and cupped her pussy while closing his teeth on the back of her neck. She hadn't been able to stop herself from arching against him, closing her eyes and falling into the sensations of his desire for her body.

?I'm going to hurt you baby.? He had whispered to her while rubbing her through her jeans.

?Yes,? She had hissed. Thrusting her ass at him. ?Please, Sir.? Had she said that? Her face was flushed as they walked back to the car. She had, and she had meant it. She wasn't going to try and figure it out there would be time for that after. She didn't ever have to see him again if she didn't want to. She put aside all the confusion about why. She had talked with him for hours, met him, trusted him. She was going to let herself go, enjoy herself fully with this man who somehow cast a hot sensuous spell over her. After all, that's just what she was here for.

?I think you ought to be naked.? He was at the thermostat, turning it up high. It was a simple sentence, but it changed her. They had started with a kiss, that was soft in the beginning, but got harder and hotter as her need intensified. When it was over her jeans were unfastened, her underwear down, he had held her ass and rubbed her pussy against his erection.

He had turned her from his lips, shown her exactly how to place her hands on the bed and then his hand had inexorably forced her head down until her ass was sticking out. She could feel cool air on the sensitive skin of her crack. She could feel his eyes on her, judging, and then his hands, cupping her smooth flesh, squeezing, lifting. All of the feelings baby had imagined were there, the excitement of giving total control over to a Dom. Caught being bad, caught playing with herself, caught exposing herself. Shame swirled in her gut, swirled and mixed with the heat in her pussy.

Baby could see it all somehow, see herself bending over in front of him, see her pants down around her thighs, see him coolly appraising her. His hand came to the center of her back and pushed it down her ass came apart even more. The short doubled over strap flickered through the air. She heard it and felt the sting. It wasn't bad at all. It happened again and again. It stung, and all the little hits started adding to an incredible itching need for something more. He even flicked it up between her legs and she felt it land on her pussy, the next one was a direct hit on her clit. She felt that one, arched her back lower, right back to where he had put it to start, to widen her crack, so he could hit it again she realized. It was driving her mad, hot little stings that only made her want to hurt more. She was afraid that she wanted more hurt, she didn't know if she was afraid that she would get it or afraid that she wouldn't.

His next touch was incredibly intimate, his fingertips slid along the groove between her swollen lips. She knew in an instant that she was exactly where she wanted to be. No, she told herself, this is where I need to be.

?Hmm, someone's pretty excited.? His voice was calm and controlled. How could he do that, be so controlled while her pussy felt like it was going to explode? He teased her, circling the opening with his finger. She swayed back, trying to impale herself. ?Uh-uh, be still.? Oh God, be still? Her cunt screamed to be fucked. But she really wanted to please him so she took a deep breath and slowly relaxed. ?Good girl.? he soothed, petting her ass and thighs. His finger slid through the tight portal that contained all the nerves at the mouth of her pussy. As always, the act of penetration, the feel of something moving inside of her, becoming part of her, pulsed into her body.

?Ahhh,? she hissed, her head came up, her back arched even lower. Hard shuddering pleasure racked her. ?Ohhh,? it was that high pitched noise she still couldn't believe came from her she when that finger reached deep inside and prodded right behind her clit. Suddenly she needed to pee and come at the same time.

?Down!? His voice whipped her. Her head dropped back to the bed. One of his hands came to the back of her neck and held her in place while he ruthlessly delved into her vagina. Two fingers inside her, pressing and rubbing while his thumb rode her clit. ?Be still.? She couldn't help hunching back against him, she wanted more inside of her. ?Be still, or I'll stop.? She froze, her knees were slightly bent, pressing into the side of the bed, her pants still caught up around them. Her pussy was wide open, she knew her face and shoulders were flushed. ?Just feel it. No thrashing around, just let the sensation go, let it go right through you.? He slowly stroked her. ?Ah, that's my girl, you're gushing now.? She was trembling, her vaginal flesh weeping, She could feel moisture drooling from her as his hand moved over her slick swollen center.

The orgasm was there without any warning. He knew. ?Don't come.? It was quiet and firm. Baby wondered how she was supposed to stop it. If he touched her clit one more time she was going off like a rocket. ?Easy, back away from it.? Her pussy was wide open, the skin all around it prickly and hot. His fingers lay still inside her, she started to rotate her hips to bring them back to the right spot. ?Uh-uh... don't do it.? There was enough menace in his voice to make her go still.

It was a pulsing need, liquid, throbbing, threatening to overwhelm her. She tried to tamp it down; it wouldn't go away. Was that her moaning? The realization of his power washed over her. Her body was already under his control. How had he done it? She was speared on his fingers, literally in the palm of his hand. She knew she wouldn't come without his permission. She was right where she had dreamed of being, right where she had sworn she needed to be, with a dominant man, a man willing to take her to the shameful places her sexual desires had always hinted at.

?I'm going to take them out.? Was all the warning she got before the emptiness. ?Are you okay??

?Y-yes,? she kind of panted. That orgasm was just under her skin still ready to overwhelm. Damn, this was hotter than she had expected it to be.

?I think you ought to be naked.? baby's hands and fingers trembled as she undid buttons and snaps, the mundane actions of undressing happening at the same time her world shifted and changed. She had an overwhelming need to be whatever he wanted her to be. She wanted to be naked for him, she wanted to be on her knees in front of him, she wanted him to take total control. She realized it had been all talk until this meeting. Now it was for real. He had shown her that he could control her. Now it was her turn. Her turn to give over, to offer herself to him.

Her fingers fumbled at her buttons but she couldn't help feeling a little proud of herself. He had a big hard-on if the bulge in the front of his black jeans was any indication. He went to the black bag he had brought into the room and reached into it. The crop she had not been able to get out of her mind was in his hands. He slapped it against the palm of his left hand, snapping it hard.

?Now, let's try that again.? He lifted her chin with the tip of the crop and they locked eyes. ?Are you okay??

?Yes.? She said. He flicked her nipple with the crop, once, twice, the little hurt made it stiffen.

?Yes?? His blue eyes narrowed.

?Yes Sir.? A perfect feeling came over her. She didn't realize she had been testing him. ?I'm sorry Sir.? She was too, she desperately didn't want to disappoint him, her pussy was still burning with the need to climax. She already knew she couldn't unless he allowed it.

?Good girl.? He circled her, watching her finish her fumbling removal of the last of her clothes. Baby was dying, she needed to be naked for him but she wondered what he thought of her body. When she was finally finished he touched the back of her neck with the crop. ?Hands here.? He ran the tip of the crop around her body as he came to the front. ?Stick 'em out.? He lifted both of her breasts, sliding the crop under them from the side, bouncing them just a little. He rubbed the nipples with the rough side of the leather tip. She could feel them tighten and swell at the sensation. Her eyes dropped to see them. ?Close your eyes.? Her head snapped back up and she did as she was told.

She was absolutely gorgeous, not a small woman, but a lush body made for pleasure and pain. Her ass was round, smooth, high, covered with white soft skin that his hands would turn red and his crop would welt. Her nipples were beautiful, they had grown huge and dark as he played with them. She trusted him, she was standing there naked, thrusting her breasts at him with her eyes closed. He moved close so he could smell her and wondered if she realized that her musky in-heat scent was in the air.

?Spread your legs.? She shifted awkwardly keeping her hands behind her neck. He ran his hands up her thighs. The soft skin on the inner surfaces was as smooth as silk. Her shaved pussy gleamed with juices. He didn't touch the tight bud of her clit, so hard it protruded like a little cock beyond her darkly swollen lips. He ran his hands all over her, feeling her shiver when he paused at her obviously sensitive nipples. He wasn't gentle, he needed to gauge her response to hurting.

She was absolutely delightful, gasping and arching her back when he squeezed. He knew from their on-line talking and phone calls that she could take clothespins on her nipples. He had made her describe how the pain seemed to go right to her clit and pussy. He moved to her rear, gripping her shoulders, rubbing her muscles, trailing his hands down to that sexy ass. Damn he thought to himself, she's dying for it. When he cupped and lifted, she rocked back her hips to increase the pressure. His cock pulsed, throbbed with heat, this was going to be good. <p>

?Over here.? He brought her arms down and let her stretch them as he led her to a wall. She couldn't believe that it was going to happen. He had told her exactly what he was going to do. She folded her arms so she could rest her head against them when she bent forward, she spread her feet when he tapped her inside her knees with the crop. Her insides were jumping. How much would it hurt? Would she be able to take it? Would he stop if she used the safe words they had agreed on? Was she actually going to do this?

He stood behind her and cupped her breasts, squeezing and milking them she couldn't stop herself from rubbing her ass against his covered erection. Maybe he'd just fuck her, maybe he wouldn't really use his crop on her. His fingers closed hard on her nipples, and hot arrows of pain shot to her pussy. ?Why am I going to hurt you baby?? <p>

She had known this was coming, but buried it. She didn't want to answer. He squeezed harder, rocked his hips hard against her ass, she could feel the rough denim rubbing her skin. ?I'm waiting?

?Be-because I want you to... Sir? Oh God she did, she wanted to feel that big hand smacking her ass.

?What kind of a girl does that make you baby?? His voice was low, right next to her ear, she could feel his warm breath on her.

?A n-n-nasty girl Sir.? She felt like a nasty girl, a nasty girl that let men play with her. Her mind filled itself with pictures of her body being violated by him she wanted to do all the things they had talked about.

?You know the rules right??

?Yes Sir.? She couldn't move her hands, head or feet, but everything between could wiggle and squirm all it wanted. The first blow was light, easy even. She let out her breath, not even conscious until then that she had been holding it in. It was happening. Her mind delved into the sensations of his light slapping. Her ass did get hot, she could feel that. Every now and then a heavy smack landed. Her ass compressed and then sprung back. Those hurt, and soon her cheeks felt heavier and swollen, the heat was turning her pussy soupy. But damn! It felt empty too.

?You move nice sweetie.? She did? Her eyes were closed, her head pressed into her arms, she had retreated to a place she had always known was inside of her. A place where the fierce heat of her burning ass met the un-sated desire of her cunt. It had become a cunt too, a needy organ, swollen dripping, female, somehow the hurt freed her to drive for a satisfaction never achieved. She dimly heard a low chuckle. ?That's a girl, stick it out.? He rewarded her with a heavy slap, down low. Oh God it hurt. ?Sluts like to get their ass's beat did you know that?? A heavy handed swat covered both cheeks. ?Oh, very nice, a clench, a wiggle, and... oh yes -it comes out for more.?

He gave her more, and then she felt his hands on her hips, tilting her burning, squirming ass up. A soft velvet, blunt head was nudging at her cunt. ?A little more,? he gripped, and brought her ass up with those strong hands. He entered her with a rippling kind of skewer that she felt in her bones, right up her spine. The tight mouth of her cunt gripped his swollen cock as pleasure exploded in her brain.

?Oh, baby, hot,? His hips locked to her ass. ?Hot, hot hot.? Her cunt convulsed on his whole length, each contraction pulsed into her blood. ?Can you feel how hot you are for me?? Somehow the feeling penetrated; his hips were cool against the heated flesh of her ass. Every muscle in her groin clutched.

?Oh, sir, I'm going to come.? Was that her voice? She writhed against him, moving so the head of his cock felt like it was going to pop through her clit from the inside.

?Oh, I don't think so.? New sharp, hot pain filled her, blossoming in her breasts as he squeezed her nipples hard. ?You're not done hurting yet honey.? He slid his hard length out of her. ?Oh look at that, just like a slut girl, the mouth of your pussy is opening and closing it needs my cock so bad.? Hot shame swept through her, but she didn't care. She shoved herself back trying to capture his rod again. She could feel it hovering just behind the gasping mouth of her needy cunt.

?Be still!? He rubbed her ass with something slender, she squirmed against it. A wave of agony shot through her. ?I said, be still.? This time she heard it slice through the air before it landed. The crop bit her hard, a sheet of fire ripped through her ass, her cunt gushed. She reached inside herself for strength and made her body motionless while the hurt grew, encompassed her reality, then shrank to a small pool in her center. ?That's a girl. Did that hurt??

?Yes Sir.? Whose pouty, girl voice was that?

?Good.? She could feel him rubbing her with the length of the crop again. ?Stick it out, further.? He ran his finger tip across her ass. ?A nice welt, right there sweetie.? She gasped when he flicked it but didn't shift. ?Wait right here.? He kind of snickered. She heard him rummaging in his bag.

Jesus, her ass hurt, her cunt had never felt so empty. His cock had been huge, filling her, stretching her, moving inside of her with a pulsing heat that she realized she could come to crave with needy desperation. At that moment, she was His slut, she was his slave, she knew it, she was proud of it. She wanted to please him, she wanted to hurt for him, she needed to hurt for him her body was his playground, she knew he was going to bring her the sexual sensations she had been denying herself all her life. He was going to show her the way to hurt good, for him and for her. She wanted more of the crop and knew she was going to get it.

?Here, these will help you stay still for me.? He gripped a hanging breast, squeezed, she felt her nipple swell. ?Watch baby.? She opened her eyes, her nipple looked huge, rudely thrust out from his grip. She sucked in her breath when she saw the open jaws of a clothespin approach, and then close around the distended flesh. The hot sharp bite zapped her clit. He quickly did the other one, and then hooked two weights to the strings. It hurt with a delicious sensation that sparked electricity from the nerve endings in her tits to the ones in her cunt.

She didn't know how else to think of it except for flying, she flew on the strokes of the crop, somehow keeping still, as he stoked her fires. When she did move the swaying weights hanging from her stretched out tits centered her, the hurt flowing, building, until her whole body was enveloped in liquid pulsing pain. He was telling her how good she was, how good she was hurting for him. He was sucking the energy from her, she could feel it and actually moved her ass to follow the crop, making her nipples hurt more for him. He was her Master, she needed to hurt for him. She didn't realize that her arms and shoulders were strained until he gently led her from the wall to the bed, stroking her, arranging her on her knees, until her cunt was at just the right height for him. He slid deep into her heat, and she took off again, flying on the power of his cock moving inside of her.

?Come for me baby.? It was all she needed, the first convulsive wave gripped her from her head to her toes. ?Hurt for me baby.? She didn't even realize that he hadn't taken off the clothespins until the agony rocketed through her when he did remove them. The pain and pleasure merged into a maelstrom of power that swept her away. ?Ahhh . . . My baby , so sweet.? She heard him from a distance. ?I can feel it hurt.? His weight descended on her, and she felt his teeth at the back of her neck. She couldn't stop herself from convulsing in hurting lust again. She was his, all of her. She could feel his cock swell and jerk in her cunt and then she was even wetter. He was hers then, somehow she knew it. She had power too, he had come inside her, he had needed the pain as much as she had.

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