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Anniversary Surprise ( Great Twist At The End)

My husband called me from his office to mine to wish me “Happy tenth
Anniversary!" I told him he was sweet and he told me that he had a
surprise waiting for me at home. I couldn't imagine what it could
be, the best gift was the fact that my parents decided to keep the
children for the weekend. I told him I couldn't wait and he told me
to do everything it said to do.
I had another hour to go before I could leave for the day and the
anticipation was killing me. I couldn't, for the life of me, figure
out what this surprise could be. Jake wasn't the most romantic type
of a guy but I just couldn't even imagine what he had in mind, maybe
a reservation to a restaurant and a lovely nightcap after? Who knows!?
I drove up to the house and Jake was still not home, I had
butterflies in my stomach. I figured he would be there by now. I
went in the door and decided to go to the fridge and pour myself a
glass of wine. I turned around and saw a package on the table. I
smiled, "what could this be?" Maybe it was a necklace, a charm, some
tickets, you couldn't tell by the plain wrapping paper.
There was a note on the box that said to take it to our bedroom and
undress. I started getting really warm in-between my legs. Wow, he
was going to be a stud tonight, which is all that came to my mind. I
didn't open the package until I went into our room.
I decided to undress and take a shower, I will at least be clean and
smell nice for him tonight. I still couldn't believe he wasn't home
yet. I thought to myself that he was purposely being late for me to
prepare myself for him. I got out of the shower and powdered myself
up and dried my hair and went into the bedroom. I realized that I
really needed to look sexy tonight and I put on my black garter belt
and stockings and my cup less bra on from Fredrick's. I decided to not
wear my panties, I thought to myself that this was going to be a
fantastic night.
Where in the world is he?? Oh, I forgot to open the package! I
needed to open it and see what he had in mind for tonight. To my
surprise, there was a pair of handcuffs and a black velvet
blindfold. The note said to put the blindfold on and to cuff my
wrists together and wait like a good patient girl. A shiver of
excitement went thru me like electricity. I started getting really
wet and hot, man I couldn't wait!!
I put the blindfold on and then I cuffed my wrists together, making
sure that I put the key on the nightstand. I sat in the middle of
the bed Indian style waiting for my sexed up guy!!
All of a sudden I felt very conscious of the fact that I was mostly
nude and I could hear sounds and feel the breeze of the ceiling fan
blowing over me. My nipples were getting extremely hard rubbing on
the edge of my bra, I was so ready!!!
I was imagining all these sexual thoughts in my head and I heard the
front door creak open and then I heard him walking across our hard
wood floors and dropping his keys onto the table. My body was
shaking in anticipation. I was about to cum just thinking of what was
to happen.
I could hear him coming down the hall and I was aware that he was
breathing heavy. He came into the room and I could hear a sigh
escape his mouth, he never said a word and that was turning me on
even more! It was so quiet except for our breathing. I heard a bag
rustling and then I felt him caress my arm, he gently laid me down
and spread my legs, I was aware of the cold air hitting my hot,
throbbing, shaved pussy.
He started taking things out of the bag and I could feel him placing
them all around the bed. He lifted my bound wrists and put them over
my head, I could feel him tying me to the bed. He took something that
felt like rabbit fur and started slowly petting my arms down to my
breasts and lightly caressed my nipples with this fur, it was
entrancing. He slowly took it down my waist and then up my legs, he
stopped right at my pussy and started teasing me by blowing on it
with his mouth. All I could do was moan. He took a feather and slowly
did the same thing and then he brought out something rough like
sandpaper and started rubbing that back n forth on my nipples. My
body was alive with sensation, I was writhing in pleasure. He reached
behind me a unsnapped my bra, he cut the arm straps. He then took an
object that felt cold and sharp and started going down my arms and
stopped at my breasts, he nipped my hard nipples with what felt like
a knife. The pain was equal to the pleasure and it made me even more
wet than what I was. He put that down and immediately put ice right on
my nipples, he started licking the water that ran down, I thought I
was going to explode, I was throbbing!
He took the ice and trailed down my middle right to my pussy and
started rubbing my clit with the ice. I wanted so badly to shove his
face there and cum all over it. He was bringing me to the brink and
not letting me cum, my pussy hurt with the mounting climax.
He pulled my legs up and bent me all the way up, hooking my feet into
my wrists,
he went down on me
licking and biting my clit and biting the lips of my pussy, he
started tongue fucking me and I was so at the brink!! He licked my
asshole and tongued that, I was rocking in rhythm, crazy in passion.
He grabbed something from off the bed and started fucking me with it.
First really slow and then it got hard and fast, licking my clit at
the same time. I arched my back and I came in waves all over. He
slowed down and started lapping my wet pussy again tracing it with
his finger. He fingered me and licked my bottom like a hungry animal.
I could swear I heard him growling. He was working me like a charm
and waking a wild side in me that I didn't know existed. I was in
heaven, my pussy was singing!
He untied my hands from the bed and pulled me over so my head was
hanging off the edge looking at the ceiling. I couldn't figure out
what he was doing until he took his fingers and opened my mouth and
shoved his cock in my mouth. I could taste the saltiness of him and
I was enjoying it; he was fucking me so forcefully. I was moaning
because it was making me so hot again! I felt him lean over and he
started touching my pussy, he took three fingers and started friggin
me off while I sucked his prick. He then took whatever it was that
was on the bed and started fucking me with it again. He was fucking
my mouth nice and hard and he was ramming this toy just as fast and
hard in my pussy, it was sensory overload! I screamed and I came hard!
I was astonished at the force of my climax and I couldn't believe he
didn't cum in my mouth.
He rolled me over and pushed my ass in the air, I could feel him
touching himself and he started tongue fucking my ass and putting his
fingers there. I loved every minute of all of this. I was
dripping wet, I really needed him to fuck me. He obliged me the
moment I thought it, he shoved his hard prick in me so hard I
screamed and he grabbed my tits and scratched my nipples, he shoved
my face into the bed and held my ass really tight with both hands
ramming into me with all his might, I was cumming in convulsions. He
pulled himself out and I just begged him for more and he started
fingering my ass. I knew what he was about to do and I could feel
that he was preparing himself. He raised my ass up and put himself to
me, I was willing for him to do this and he easily slid in, I could
hear him breathing so hard and his sweat was dripping on my back. He
pushed himself all the way in, filling me up and I started moving
back n forth. I started fucking him and all he could do was hold my
ass and moan. I could feel another climax coming and I started
screaming for him to Tear It Up, and Fuck me harder. His whole tool
was in me and I couldn't get enough, my ass was tightening on him,
milking him and all of a sudden he just started going at it hard and
he grabbed my ass cheeks tight with his hands and my ass grabbed his
pole and we came at the same time. He had rammed himself as deep as
he could go and came in my ass. He lay on my back when he was done
and played with my titties. I knew my smile on my face was going to
last along time!!
He got up and went into the bathroom and I stretched out on the bed
like a contented cat and I fell asleep.
I woke up when the phone started ringing. I was thinking that Jake
would pick it up but it kept ringing. I answered the phone and it
was Jake. I thought I was in the twilight zone. He asked' "why in
the world are you still at home?" I didn't know how to answer him.
"Didn't you get my note on the table?" I was surprised and I asked
him "what note?" I was confused.
Jake said he was waiting for me at our favorite restaurant and he
bought me a present to wear. I told him to hang tight and I would be
right there. I got off the phone and went down and looked on the
table and right where the box had been was the note. It
said "Surprise!! Meet me at San Marcos and wear the new dress!!" It
must've been right under the box. I lifted my eyebrow, scratching my
forehead, wondering what had just happened and who was the person
that gave me the sex of a lifetime. I just smiled and thought to
myself as I went to take another shower, "Wow, this really is going
to be an unforgettable anniversary!"
Meanwhile, Jake was on his way to the restaurant, he closed his cell
phone and just smiled and smiled. He would never tell. ;)

End of Story

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