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He is a handsome tall man...solid to the core. Great heart. Great fingers and great cock! He's kept his woman pleased and received no gripes from the bedroom. She's average height and a little heavy. Very worried about her nakid image and losing the fight against genetics and years of neglect. She tires easily. She's also not as great in the bedroom as she'd like to be. Her man has had to endure her lack of experience and he's done so like the loving man he is. But, tonight, she wants to make it up to him and she's not going to allow herself to fall short.

They had been in a rut - both emotionally and sexually. They planned a weekend away and she was more than ready. The mind helps one be the most sexually satisfying partner they can be. It is MIND over MATTER when it comes to sex. Now, her mind was really focused on HIM and his sexual needs. She knew she'd get hers too...but not before he got his.

They checked into the hotel arm in arm. They'd had a week or so of constant sex and playing but this was the highlight of the week. No kids, dog, phones, email...just them, nakid and each other. She had their goodies packed...some he had no idea she had. Others, he had picked out...or requested be taken. They walked lovingly to their suite...leaving behind them all the worries, frustrations, memories and that rut of a life. As they reached the door, he opened it slowly and led her inside....gently pressing the small of her back as he closed the door behind them. She didn't see him put up the "do not disturb" sign. She placed her bag down on the table and surveyed the room. She started pulling out her treats and he approached her.

"Slut..." he smiled...her breasts took notice.

"Yes Master..?" she cooed back as his warm breath on her neck..

"Why don't you get ready for your soak in the tub?"....he kissed her neck gently.

"Is that an order or request, Master?" she smiled faintly.

"I'll go start filling it up...just as I'm going to do to you." With that, he gave a small pinch to her very erect nipple and left the room.

She took advantage of his absence and began placing her candles throughout the suite. She laid the lighter on the nightstand...she knew he'd light the candles for her. She put in a CD they had made and left the tray out so he would see it...and start it when HE was ready. She neatly placed her toys at the foot of the bed..leaving the bag "accidentally" open enough for him to see what she had that he didn't know about. He quietly entered the room and made eye contact with her. She held her complimentary robe in her hands hiding her special outfit she had ordered for this night. He was tempted to remove it... tell her "NO CLOTHES" but they both new the mystery outfit was there. He wanted to see her in it as much as she wanted him to take if off of her. She instinctively walked towards him. She stopped, thinking he was going to kiss her...he simply put his hand on her back and gently persuaded her into the bathroom. It was dimly lit...and he had even managed to sneak in a candle or two of his own. She smiled, she knew she was very lucky to have a man that knew her so well. She could hear him walking in the other room. The door was left open...Master's unspoken orders. The steamy tub waited as she dipped in, starting with her toes. She heard the CD start...and the rest of her body was engulfed by the warmth of the water, bubbling around her, jets humming and filling every inch of her body with it's warmth. He had given her strict orders that she HAD to touch herself. She had to make herself cum at least once before he'd join her. She had never done it solo. She needed his voice - if nothing else. She laid back. Leaned her head so she could see the ceiling...placed her hands on her nipple that was completely sunken in. She gently coaxed it out of the warm water where the cold air would wake it up. It stood erect and she grabbed it and fondled it with her fingers....rolling it between them. Her other hand found her shaved pussy. She traced the outer lips. She was tempted to repeat that move but mentally she wanted to get wet FAST. So she plunged her finger inside her pussy and began her retreat to ecstasy. She had two fingers inside her before she realized it and her thumb was gently rubbing her clit. She felt something hard...and smiled. She remembered...he had pierced her clit for their anniversary just a few months before. She had not touched it...because he had been taking care of it when needed. This brought images into her head of his cock...also pierced for their anniversary. How proudly he adorned the jewelry she chose for him and how it turned her on when he fucked her. Before she realized it...she was cumming.

He must have been watching, because she felt his breath on her neck, without opening her eyes, she kept cumming...he whispered, "See slut, I told you that you could make yourself cum".

She just moaned...and let out a faint, "Yes, Master".

He kissed her neck...gently..then nibbled her ear. Then she felt his body sink into the tub with her. She opened her eyes just in time to see his massive rock hard pierced cock sink into the warmth with her. He immediately grabbed her breasts and pulled them above water...they both took a stand. He grabbed a nipple with his teeth and gently tugged. She threw her hands up on the side of the tub and held on tightly. He repeated with the other breast.

He then whispered, "You ARE going to get these massive tits pierced tomorrow, slut." His voice and words made both nipples stand up and salute her Master.

She didn't respond verbally and he didn't like he nibbled a little harder and she knew she had done wrong. Immediately, she said, "Yes Master".

He watched as she returned to her relaxed state...and he dove into her breasts. He tongued, kissed, nibbled and rolled them until they were red and sore. She wasn't allowed to cry out...he had been working hard to toughen them up for the piercing. She knew he was not going to draw blood or rip them off, so she gritted her teeth and took the pain like a great slut. She was lost in the resistance of pain. The music was gone way back in the background. Suddenly, she felt an abrupt plunge right into her pussy. He had strategically found her pussy and plunged several fingers in at one time. His thumb was tickling her clit and the piercing. She moaned. She gripped the side of the tub. He stopped. He slowly...and methodically stood up. He raised her head from it's laid back position and instructed her to open her eyes. There in front of her was his very erect cock. Her hands were right where he had trained her to put them....away. She glanced up at him with a faint, worried, yet excited look. He then moved her head, gently at first and said, "Suck me dry slut!". She couldn't respond in time...her mouth was filled with the head...the thick pulsating shaft of his hard cock found it's way into her mouth even deeper. His hand was gentle as he helped her take it all in her mouth. She was training for this...because Master wanted it.

She wiped from her mind the bad thoughts she was trained to think in her old life...she smelled his manhood...felt his hands on her head...she opened her eyes and could see another piercing at the base and felt the joy of knowing he did that FOR HER. She willingly took more of his shaft in. It touched the back of her throat and she was so proud. He had let her head go and was holding onto his hips. He gently rocked in and out of her mouth. "Slut, use those hands on my balls." She was suppose to reply...but she didn't...she just did as he said. She knew that not replying would result in punishment later...but it was only her second offense that night...punishment wouldn't be too severe. Her hands found his balls and squeezed. She found the sac piercing and fondled it. He loved that. She was tempted to suck on it a little...she knew that removal of his cock from her mouth, without orders, would result in punishment. She wanted to suck his balls so bad. She ignored the orders and began sucking on his sac piercing. She glanced up at him and he had a look of demand. She knew he was counting her offenses too.

She returned to his cock shortly after his balls had begun to tighten. She returned her hands to the tub, assumed the position as ordered and he used his hands to guide her mouth onto his cock again. This time...she met with little resistance. He held her head and began to pump his hips into her mouth. "Slut, I'm going to shoot my load all down your throat!". She was suppose to respond, offense number 4. She wanted to hold his legs for support...that would be offense number 5. She resisted temptation...for two seconds. She grabbed his thighs and pulled them as he pumped in and out of her mouth. He threw his head back, applied pressure to the back of her head and shot his load into her throat. His hips quivered...she accidentally let out a gag...offense number 6. She also let it drip from the sides of her mouth...she hoped he didn't notice or that would be offense number 7. He withdrew his cock quickly...and a string of cum juice trailed as he plunged back into the water. He looked at her and ordered her to kiss him. He wanted to make sure she had swallowed it all...she knew he'd find that she had let some escape...oh well, offense number 7. They kissed and he fondled her pussy. She hadn't gotten to cum again and she knew it wouldn't be her turn until he told her so. He released her mouth from an aggressive kiss where his tongue sought any left over cum. Satisfied she had done well, he climbed out of the tub.

"Get out, slut," he ordered, as he wrapped his body in his robe and left the room.

She felt a little shameful of what she had done. She quickly washed her face and got out. She dried off and brushed her teeth. She refused to look in the mirror....she still had to keep her mind away from her old thoughts. She put on her special outfit and blew out the candles. Turned the light off and entered the bedroom. He was laying on bed, nakid and propped on piles of pillows in center of the bed. He had a smile on his face. His cock was limp...but she knew it would be hard once she removed the robe. She walked towards him. He motioned her onto the bed...she wanted to remove the robe first...but he shook his head "no". She climbed onto bed beside him and he held her close. His scent, his body, his warmth engulfed her. She felt safe in his arms. He started to kiss her and gently play with her hair. "Can I see that outfit now?" He asked her lovingly. She stood up and very slowly removed her robe...letting it fall to the floor. He smiled really big. He then said, "I have something to go with that" and he pulled out a chain. It was a nipple to nipple non-piercing chain. He had visions of her being on top and it swinging from her nipples. He fondled her nipples and worked on getting them erect. He was successful in getting them on her and she stood proudly to show them off. He had her walk to the foot of the bed.

He was on his knees on the bed, looking her over...smiling. He said, "You DO know that you received 7 offenses tonight, don't you, slut?"

She answered, "Yes Master".

"Well, I must punish you NOW, you do know that don't you, slut?"

"Yes, Master".

"Come here, slut." She approached and put her hands on the bed, spread her legs and waited. He got behind her, pulled her legs apart more and let his fingers graze her pussy. She was dripping already. He smiled...he knew she loved him...and her body was not about to lie about that. He plunged the vibrator into her sopping wet pussy and repeated his plunges as he gave her bare ass 7 smacks with his hand. She was sore in front and and back...but she knew...he'd make her feel all better soon....


She was a trooper and real obedient slut... she turned to her Master and said, "I will do better Master." He plunged the vibrator into her soaked pussy and kissed her deeply.

"Yes, you will slut." His cock was already hard again and pointing at her. She knew what to do...but she waited on his orders. He caught her looking at his cock and whispered, "Why aren't you down on your knees now slut?"

"Because, Master - you haven't told me to."

"Good slut." He gently pushed her back on the bed, in a sitting position. He tugged at the nipple chain and she winched. That was an offense, offense 1 and he's just gotten started. Her ass was still tingling from his hand. He gently persuaded her back and stood looking at her crotchless sexy outfit. He thought briefly about fucking her... then he thought about eating her...but, out of the corner of his eye, he saw a toy. He reached into the bag. She just knew he was going to finally eat her and was somewhat disappointed when he stood back up with the remote clit tickler in hand. He raised her legs and installed it into her pussy. He turned it on HIGH....she fought the urge to move. He turned it down low and told her to stand up.

"You know, you've been a great slut so far tonight?"

"Yes Master." She replied and her voice quivered with the purring her pussy was getting.

"I think that maybe I'll just let you take over from here and climb on top and fuck me." He sat down where she had been sitting and he could feel the heat and wetness she had left behind. His cock stood even more erect. She was dying to just rip the clit toy off and he could read it in her eyes. So he turned it back to high. She thought for a brief moment about just taking his hard cock in her mouth and pleasing him again. She thought about his offer to climb on top....he just looked at her for what seemed to be a half hour. He tossed the remote to the side...undid the straps and pulled it off of her. He pulled her close and lovingly took a deep breath of her scent. His head was just below her breasts. His fingers found her slit and began to play with it again. Her crotch was soaked. He knew she was ready to cum and he wanted to see her breasts bouncing above him. He slid back and pulled her with him.

He lowered her down on his cock and told her, "Ok, you can quit being my slut....lover." She kissed him deeply. They began panting and his cock began pulsating inside her. She moved her hips up and down...she tightened her legs on his cock. He grabbed her ass and held it tightly. She stopped moving. He wanted to savor the moment. His cock throbbed and grew thicker.

She began breathing really hard, "I have GOT to cum NOW!" she said. He released her and let her go. He lay watching her tits fight for freedom from the chain. It got him harder and harder. He didn't think he was going to cum. She was on the verge. Her body quivered..her hands pushed her body off of him and she lifted her body off and on his cock. She felt the large cock as it felt like it was going to go completely through her. Then, she noticed the chain swinging and holding her nipples erect. She squeezed him with her pussy and sucked his cum out when she let her's go all over him. He felt it run down his shaft, onto his balls and down his crack. Their juices mixed all over them both. He held her while his cock went limp inside her. Something he begged her to do more often. She didn't need to be begged today. She dozed and he got up to clean up. She lay in her sexy outfit resting. He was very proud of her...she had done amazing things to show her love.

She heard the door to the bathroom shut. She lay still. Waited. Then the water started. She climbed off the bed and began getting things in place. It was her turn to could control the scene and stop or start what she wanted. She had managed to conceal some of the toys and lined them up for easy access on a towel slightly under the bed. She memorized the positions of each toy and set herself back on the bed. She had a glass of red wine in hand when he returned wrapped only in a towel. The music had changed and it was barely noticeable. He climbed onto bed with her, laying on his stomach and looked into her eyes, "I love you very much."

"And I love you too." She sipped her wine and held his hand.

"So, can we get some rest now?" He knew the answer...but had to ask.

"Sure...if that is what you want dear. I know you are tired...being the great Master you are, takes a lot of work." He knew better but made himself comfortable and lay holding her. She finished her wine and as the glass hit the table...she felt his body go limp. He was in the first stage of rest...not quite asleep. She smiled at herself and reached for the first toy. It was handcuffs. She slowly coaxed his wrists into the handcuffs. He moved and as the last one locked...he woke up. She whispered..."shhh! Rest...let me do all the work." He trusted her and before he even thought of closing his eyes, she presented him with a blind fold. He was reluctant but he was respectful. After all...his cock was already parting the towel wrapped around his waist. She kissed him...ran her tongue deep in his throat. Then, abruptly she left the bed. He listened. She raised the music volume. He couldn't hear her movements. She reached his side of the bed and began massaging him. She flipped him over and massaged him from head to toe. He relaxed. She fingered his tight ass. He didn't resist. She teased his sac piercing. He responded accordingly. Then, she turned him back over and left again. She lowered the volume. He heard foot steps. Then the bed moved. Then he heard kissing but felt nothing. He moved his foot and discovered legs...she was on her knees. He moved other foot and found another set of knees. It drove him wild. She had a visitor in the room.

"Hey, can't I get a peek?" He ranted.

"See what lover." She said sweetly.

"I know you got a visitor in here. Who is it? Let me see."

"Now, wait a minute lover. You will get your turn." The strangers voice spoke.

He was just about to remove the blindfold when he felt a body plunge down beside him. He could feel another body laying between him and the body that lay down....the strange body was sort of on top of them both. His VERY erect cock was gently grazing an ass cheek. He moved and wiggled to get closer. He felt a breast at his side. He heard panting and sucking. He then heard a familiar sound. His wife's moan. She was being fondled by another woman! He had to break free and see this. He knew he'd get punished but he didn't care. This was what they had talked about for a very long time and she had kept it a secret. She saw him about to remove the blindfold and a woman's hands stopped him. The next thing he felt was a pussy on his face and another on his cock. He breathed in the scent and didn't recognize it as his wife's pussy. She must have been the wet pussy on his cock...the stranger was on his face. He didn't care. His tongue got to work. It was the first pussy he'd had for the night...he knew that was a difficult choice for his wife to make...his cock or his tongue. In a way, he was glad she chose his cock. He liked this strange pussy on his face. He heard kissing sounds. He could tell they were kissing. He knew they were fondling each other too. He just wanted to see it. He wanted to reach up and play with breasts too. Then...he felt a hand playing with his wife's pussy...fingering her clit. This drove him wild. He bucked and bucked his hips and before he could stop himself he was cumming all inside his wife's pussy. His tongue was shooting in and out of the strangers pussy and she cum all over his face. He took a deep breath as both pussies left his body. He felt the handcuffs go free and then the blind fold came off. His eyes adjusted for a few minutes and in the dimly lit room, he could see another female figure. His wife was standing beside him, "Honey, meet your birthday present." The figure came from the darkness and perched herself on the bed next to him. The woman reached up to his wife's breast and tugged at the chains still in place, "Did you do this?" she spoke. He shook his head yes. "Nice you know I am here to help your wife get naughty, right?"

"Oh yes...and you are off to a great start." He smiled....his face was still wet from the strangers juice.

"I need you to be her Master again. Will you?"

He gladly agreed and the fun began. What a surprise! As Master, he got to watch his wife please another woman and was not wasting one second. He jumped to his knees and looked at his wife. She had a look of panic mixed with a hint of excitement. "I will have this slut doing us both"!

"Ok, slut, give this strange beauty a deep kiss." He grabbed a chair and began stroking his cock that was hard again.

"That's let me see you climb on top of her and suck her tits before you eat her pussy." The slut did as she was told...forgetting that she had already committed two offenses...she had forgotten to answer, "Yes Master" each time.

He took mental notes and she knew he would too. She climbed on top of the stranger and began sucking and fondling her breasts. Her nipples were more erect than her own. Her body was a bit younger and more petite. She was afraid she'd hurt her laying on top of her so she carefully held her weight off of her. Before he could bark anymore orders, the stranger had taken over and was pushing his wifes head to her pussy. She held it there and he barked for her to eat. He then walked over to the stranger and placed his cock inside the stranger's mouth. He fucked the strange mouth. Then he placed himself behind his slut and rammed his cock into her from behind. Her pussy was soaked again. He watched as the stranger was just about to cum. He helped his wife fondle the strangers clit. His cock was riding her and bucking her around. Each time, her head and tongue would plunge into the strange pussy. He felt her nose touch his hand when his cock pushed into her pussy....his hand was fondling a strangers clit and his wife was eating her out. He was so hard he couldn't cum. He kept pumping and pumping his balls tightened and he just knew he was going to cum and couldn't. The stranger was fondling her nipples. He looked down and watched. He relaxed the abrupt thrusting and suddenly, he was shooting another load inside his wife's pussy. The stranger was about to cum too and began squeezing his wife's head with her legs.

His slut tried to stop. "No take it all," he said, pushing her head back down into the wet pussy. He listened to the sounds...sounds only familiar between he and his slut for many years. He was getting hard again as he listened. He stood by the bed and watched. He secretly wanted to help his slut lap up the strangers juices. Within a few seconds...the stranger was screaming and his slut was doing her best to lap it all up. She was gagging and trying to pull away. He counted the offenses...and smiled. This time...he was really going to enjoy punishing his slut. His cock spit out another wad and she stopped lapping up the strangers juices. His slut lay on her back...face covered in stranger juice. He raced to her and kissed her...tasting the juices he was introduced to earlier.

He raised up and watched the stranger climb from bed and take his seat. He knew she wanted to watch...and he was more than ready to give her a show. He lowered himself to his sluts pussy and began licking. He could taste his and her juices mixed together. The stranger had taken a position allowing him to watch her fuck herself with a vibrator barely humming. He was so turned on he couldn't concentrate on licking his slut's pussy. He fondled her piercing closing his eyes to the stranger, his ears were all he needed. He felt his slut's pussy beginning to send fresh juices to the surface. He pulled her to the edge of the bed and got on his knees all in one single motion. He stretched her legs up in the air and trailed his tongue down into her tight hole. Juices leaked from his sluts pussy and he let them fall down to his tongue into the crack of her tight ass. He rimmed her with this tongue and hummed lightly. She was pulling away and he squeezed tighter. He added to the offenses. Just as he thought of the offenses...he decided it was a good time to punish her. So he stopped abruptly, her legs slammed to the floor and he grabbed her hips and turned her over. Her legs instinctively fell to ground in a kneeling position over the end of the bed. She thought was going to fuck her from behind and waited. The next thing she felt was a crack at her ass. His hand met with power this time. She let out an instinctive yell. He put his hand on her back to hold her in position.

He knelt down and whispered, "That my slut, gets you an extra to the 10 you earned."

"Yes, Master", she choked out.

"Slut, tell me what you did to earn these," he said as he smacked her for the yell.

"No Master, I can't recall." She gritted her teeth. She knew he would add 2 for forgetting when she did wrong.

"Slut, tell our guest how many you have now." He waited in the ready position to send another tingling sensation to his sluts ass.

"Master and Mistress, I now have 11 left." She added quickly and prayed she was right. Her pussy was aching for his tongue again. He hadn't finished her as he usually did and she was in more pain to cum than from the lashing on her bare ass.

"Poor slut. Does your Master always treat you to a spanking?" the Mistress asked as she approached the bed and sat in front of her.

"Only when I need it, Mistress." She said and her words were muffled by the strangers legs now wide open and inches from her mouth. She was so afraid of what was about to happen. She knew that with every smack to her ass she would grit her teeth and if she was ordered to eat the strangers pussy...she would bite.

"I think your Master has done well with you." She inched closer.

"Yes, Mistress." She muttered from between her legs.

Smack! She got another and her face was plunged into the waiting pussy. He hands were under the strangers legs. She instinctively tried to pull them away and ended up with them wrapped around the spreading thighs in front of her. Her ass stung. She felt another. Only 9 to go she told herself. She was still just touching the pussy with her nose and lips.

"Master, slut here is not giving me any of her tongue." She sounded like a child.

Smack! He issued that one a little harder and her face was forced into the waiting and wet pussy. She took a deep breath and began lapping her tongue around. She felt his hand move from her back. Where did he go? She didn't look for him. She just wanted the rest of the smacks to be over. Smack! She felt his hand again on the other side of her ass. She kept her tongue moving. Her jaws were sore...her lips were chapped and she just had to endure it a few more minutes. Smack! 7 to go she told herself. Forgetting what she was doing...but moving her tongue instinctively. Her ass was very sore. Master then reached his hand under her belly to hold her ass in the air. Her face was ripped from the pussy and she felt a fresh hand smack her ass, twice, back to back. Only 5 now, she thought. Two more smacks were issued, back to back. She knew for sure her ass was red by now. Only 3 to go. She braced herself. Master whispered in her ear, "you can trade the last three."

She thought briefly. She knew that trading would mean - he would make her watch as he fucked the mistress. She was not sure which was more of a punishment. She felt her Master rubbing her ass. He gently spoke, "I am not sure you can take the last three on that pretty ass, my slut."

She heard the buzzing of a vibrator. Mistress was sitting in the chair again. She was driven wild by the display of affection and dominance before her. She gritted her teeth and squeezed out the words, "Master, I prefer not to trade at this time."

Without words, he smacked her ass again. This was a little harder than any that night. He wanted to fuck the stranger...and her not trading was essentially saying "NO" to the Master. He dished out the next smack...again...a little harder and with a message only he and she knew about. The last one was the hardest. He made sure she knew he was displeased with her choice. He smacked her ass so hard his hand felt like it was burning. He then knelt behind her and shoved his hard cock into her pussy from behind. He jerked it out and positioned her on the bed on her back. He climbed on top and put just the tip of his hard cock into her pussy. She looked up at him with the most loving look. His heart melted. He loved this woman who was a good slut for him. They both had forgotten they had a visitor. He shoved his hard cock into his wife and began thrusting about. He sucked on her tits and kissed her deeply. He could taste the strangers pussy juices. At that moment he remembered the stranger but didn't hunt for her. He kept pounding his wife until they both were screaming. He was the first to he began to slow his thrusts...her body stiffened and she squeezed him into her. Her body quivered and he felt her juices warm his softening shaft. It trickled down her ass. He lay still for a few minutes. The he rolled over catching a glimpse of the she finished herself off with her vibrator. He lay holding his wife and began to doze. She was just about to doze when she felt another body join them in bed. The stranger gently lay down and whispered to them..."What an amazing show. You ARE a surprise...or two."

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