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A Price Paid


We walked into the restaurant; it was a little mom and pop looking establishment only very up scale from an operational and décor point of view. A maitre d greeted us as we entered, he was tall dark and handsome as my wife was quick to mention. He asked for her coat and helped her slip out of it. I noticed him take a good hard look at my wife and I figured why shouldn’t he, after all she had on a mid length evening dress with a deep cut down the front and a fully opened back. I later wondered if he had sensed she was naked under the dress, which by the way she was. As we were seated I noticed that the restaurant was very quite with very few guest and of those it appeared they were well into their meals. We immediately ordered our martinis and a very expensive bottle of wine. In looking around the restaurant I noticed a fairly large man in his mid fifties slightly over weight very thick and rough looking. He was shouting orders to his three employees. Of the employees there were two well built young men in their mid twenties and a very cute girl who could not have been much older then nineteen. I told my wife I was hoping the cute young lady was going to be our server. As she looked over to see this young girl I was sneaking looks at, one of the young men came up next to her and asked if we were ready to order. She gave me a big smile as though to say “well we got the young hunk instead” anyway we placed our orders finished our martinis and started working on the bottle of wine. By the time our dinner arrived we ordered an even more expensive bottle of wine and begin to dine. By this time the other customers had finished and we had the restaurant to ourselves. We proceeded to finish off our dinner, the wine and a few after dinner drinks and it was now time for the check and a quite large one it was. As I reached for my wallet I realized I had left it at home in another pair of pants. I flagged down the server and explained what I had done; he went over to the older, thick rough looking guy who was obviously the owner. I could see the owner looking over at us as the server was telling him my story. The owner then shouted to the young girl to get her things it was closing time. She gathered her stuff and walked out the door and one of the young men locked it behind her, put up the closed sign and began closing the blinds. As my wife and I sat there still confused on what was going on and how we were going to handle the bill situation we heard the owner shout something back to the kitchen and out came the chef which was this huge man, well over six feet tall and with hands the size of my head. The owner nodded over at me and the chef came over and stood behind me and put his huge hands on my shoulders. The owner, the maitre d and the two servers all came over to the table and the owner said “fellows seems here this guy (pointing at me) can’t pay his bill so we are going to be nice and let his cute little wife pay it for him.” With that I began to stand up in protest, but was shoved down by this gorilla of a guy. The owner grabbed my wife’s arm and stood her to her feet, not hard to do you see she is only 5 foot 6 inches and weighs 120 pounds, and built like twenty year. I was getting angry and scared, I tried harder to stand and was telling the owner he had better watch himself as the chef pushed down on me with more of his weight and placed his very large hand over my mouth which partly over my nose. I could hardly breathe and felt as if though I was going to pass out. As I slowly gave up struggling I could see the maitre d standing behind my wife with his hand over her mouth, the two servers were each holding an arm as the owner was removing the straps of her dress off her shoulders and sliding it down her arms exposing her firm breast and pink little nipples.
I could not move an inch or say a word as I watched him squeeze her smooth white tits with his thick rough hands. He then slightly bent over and began sucking on my wife’s left nipple, nibbling and pulling at it with his teeth as his other hand was twirling and pinching her right nipple forcing it to become aroused. The servers each reached in with their empty hand and began tugging downward at my wife’s dress until they had it passed her hips and sliding down her bare legs on its way to the floor. With out any panties on they all could see her ass was firm and white in contrast to the dark skin color of the maitre d’s hand which was now grabbing and squeezing her ass cheeks. He soon formed a knife like shape with his hand and slide it down my wife’s tight little crack from behind. I could see the maitre d’s hand probe deeper and deeper up her kroch with his thumb coming to rest on her tail bone as though to prevent him from completely penetrating her nice little shaved pussy form behind. But judging by the way she twitched, it would appear that with each downward stroke the maitre d’s fingers were parting the lips of her moist little slit. I saw her eyes roll back into her head as I noticed the owner who was still standing in front of her had shoved one of his very thick fingers up into her freshly shaved pussy. Now one from the front and one from the back, they were finger fucking the hell out of my wife. As I sat there and watched these guys probing my wife’s pussy over and over again I noticed her body shudder, her legs spread and dangling as with each upward thrusts her feet would come up off the floor. By now the young servers had their hands all over her, touching her naked body everywhere and anywhere they could reach. She stood there completely nude with nothing more then her high heals on as these four guys had their way with her. They banged her, sucked and squeezed her and felt her up for several minutes when suddenly the owner stepped back and said to the young servers “now that we have her juices flowing, take her as you wish” with that the young men wasted no time as they bent my wife’s hard little naked body over the corner of our table. She was bent at the waist with her shapely long legs locked straight and slightly spread, leaving her completely helpless and accessible from front or back for what ever they wished to do. From behind I could see her pussy was wet and slightly red from the previous handy work of these four men. The young man at her front took control of her arms, and as he leaned back her upper body would stretch out flat across the corner of the table causing her left breast to press against the cool smooth surface while leaving her right one protruding downward from her chest, completely exposed for the additional molesting it would surly receive. I have always loved the way my wife’s firm legs and ass looked especially when bent over in high heals and now these guys not only got to share this vision, but it had become obvious I was going to be sharing much more of her with them then just a look. The young server standing behind her, un-did his pants and let them fall to his feet, he stood there holding his stiff prick in his hand and began poking at my wife’s pussy from behind. He would insert the head of his cock about an inch deep into her, pull it out and slid up threw the cheeks of her ass. I watched him do this several times until his dick and her ass crack were slightly wet, then in one full size stroke he crammed his cock deep into my wife’s helpless little slit. I could hear her moan as his strokes became harder and harder until suddenly her moans turned to a gagging sound as the other young server had freed his cock form his pants and was now feeding into my wife’s mouth. His hand began pulling down on the back of her head forcing her mouth deep onto his rod. His other hand was squeezing and tugging on her right nipple as he was thoughly fucking her face. I had no choice but to sit there and watch as these two young guys pumped my wife full of cock for a solid ten minutes. Finally the young server with his dick in her mouth tossed his head back, as he held her head tight, thrusted forward with all his might and shoved his cock balls deep into her mouth and emptied his load. When he stepped back and his cum coated cock slipped slowly from her mouth you could hear her take a much needed breathe. And even while the other young server was still pumping her hard from behind, her head fell forward exhausted from the assault her mouth had just endured. The maitre d then stepped up to my wife’s face, un-zipped his pants and pulled out a very long cock, easily nine to ten inches long. He lifted her head to face his prick and you could see a small string of cum drizzling down from her lips. He rubbed his dick on her cum covered lips until they parted which allowed him access to slid his entire shaft into her mouth and down her throat for the next round of face fucking she was about to receive. The server working her over from behind slipped his wet dick out of her pussy and lined up the head of it with her squeaky clean little pink asshole. He slowly but steadily applied pressure until the head of his cock popped into her ass which caused her to scream. She began moaning as he continued to slide it in deeper and deeper. I could hear his balls slapping against the cheeks of her ass as he pounded away feverously in my wife’s tight little hole. He didn’t last long in her tight little ass fore it was only a matter of minutes and he was filling her ass full of cum. Until now I had not noticed but that thick rough looking owner had removed all his clothes and was playing with himself. He was standing there stroking a very fat and very hard cock easily as large around as a coke bottle. He shouted to his servers “take some chair cushions; stack them on the floor and bend our little guest over them.” With that the maitre d slid his cock out of her mouth and the three of them lifted my wife over to the cushions and laid her down on her stomach with her ass propped up high in the air. The maitre d quickly sat down on the floor in front of her face with his legs spread and took a hold of my wife’s head and slipped her mouth back onto his cock. The owner straddled over her from behind and pointed his coke bottle size cock at her ass then began to squat. As he squatted down, his grossly large tool slowly disappeared into my wife’s freshly fucked ass. While he was penetrating and stretching her ass like no other you could see cum from the last guy oozing out around the owners fat meat. He bobbed up and down pinning her now stretched out little ass against the cushions until he could not hold on any longer. He squatted down with all his weight forcing her ass cheeks to spread out flat and wide allowing his thick cock maximum penetration as he pumped my wife’s ass full of his cum. As he slowly climbed off of my wife’s ass I looked at her used little naked body laying there exhausted, bent over the cushions with her asshole stretched open and cum filled to the rim and the maitre d’s cock still in her mouth. For the moment it appeared our bill was nearly paid and her ravishing would soon be over. But just as that thought occurred; the owner shouted “this should do fine for the wine and the service, however for the food, the chef still needs to get his.” With that, the owner and the two servers come over to relieve the chef who had been keeping an eye on me as if though there is something I would or could do now after they have all had their way with my wife. The maitre d helps my wife up and while standing behind her, leans back against the table, pulls her back towards him and slips his cock up into her ass while both are standing upright. As he is standing there grinding her ass the giant chef unleashes the largest hunk of meat I think any of us have ever seen. It had to be twelve plus inches long and as large around as the owner’s thick fat prick. He strokes it until its good and hard then pulls my wife’s face down and tries to get it up into her mouth. After a few attempts he realizes it’s not going to fit and lifts my wife’s head back up and the maitre d reaches around from behind grabs a hold of her tits and continues pumping her ass. The chef takes his huge erect cock and positions it front of my wife’s freshly fucked pussy. She is standing up sandwiched between them as his massive hunk of meat begins to penetrate her smooth shaved pussy. They soon have her impaled on their cocks while suspended in mid air. She is being lifted and then dropped back down onto their pricks, up, and down until the chef’s monster cock was completely imbedded into her once tight little hole. I watch them fuck her like this for several minutes and thought they were going to split her in two. With each drop I could see the wet little pink rim of her asshole settle all the way down to the bottom of that long nine inch rod of throbbing meat. And because of the way the chef has her legs spread and held up over his huge arms, all of us had a very clear view of his massive size cock filling her hairless little pussy. The chef’s cock was so hard you could see the veins along his thick massive shaft bulging like they are going to bust out of the skin. You could tell he was getting ready to blow his load fore you could see the massive veins in his rock hard cock swelling up preparing to explode. And with one final pump their cocks erupted, one shooting his jizz far up into my wife’s ass while the chef sprayed his cum places deep up in her pussy that have never been reached before. As they lifted her up of their cocks, a quart of cum dripped from between her legs. They laid her on the table used, wet and exhausted. One of the servers handed me her dress as the other one delivered us her coat and said “hope you come back soon”. I didn’t bother dressing her; I merely threw her coat over her shoulders and walked her to the car. We didn’t say a word for the short drive back to the hotel, but when we arrived I walked her to the bed and went to draw her bath. Before I could go she grabbed my hand and asked me if I would be upset if she confessed to having had several orgasms as these five men used her for their pleasure. She told me she lost count of her orgasms after the first five. Somehow this started to excite me and my erection was proof. So not only did this open up a whole new line of kinky dialogue and play in our sex life, but right then and there I got undresses, climbed on my already well fucked and exhausted wife and proceeded to fuck all three of her stretched out, cum filled holes through out the night……

End of Story

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