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A Country Girl Can Survive

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It seems like a long time ago a young girl just out of high school left the rural country life to go to the Big City. I can't even remember her name. She was a naive and innocent maiden that searched out the bright lights of the city. Her best friend and she ended up in suburbia in a small one bedroom apartment. Within 6 months her girlfriend left back for home but she remained and found employment at a pet shop. Times were sparse but it was still better than life in north Kansas. It was about that time when he came into my life. I don't even know what brought him into the shop that day but he had a handsome sophistication about him. Although he was 10+ years older than me, I was drawn to him from the first moment that I saw him. The beginning was all a blur to me but he was so charming as we first started seeing each other. He was everything I dreamed about in someone I wanted to spend my life with. Our first night together was at a beautiful hotel and it was beyond anything I could ever imagine. I sucked his magnificent member for what seemed forever and he didn't even come. He had complete control of his urges the entire time unlike the boys from back home. They would pour their juice down my throat in under a minute in the back seat of their cars. But Lance was an experienced lover and he even went down on me. I had never had my pussy eaten out before. This would be one of many 'firsts' licentious acts that he would show a innocent girl. I screamed until I couldn't scream anymore and had the biggest orgasm I had ever had up until that time. He knew where and when to touch me and when to be gentle and when to be rough. He trained me in the art of love making and I was so eager to learn. He possessed my body and soul and I didn't realize how much he would end up owning every part of me so completely. He was a very successful businessman and before long he had moved me into a loft in the inner city. I didn't need to work as I became a kept woman. Once I was completely dependent on him the real "training" began. From that day on the innocent little farm girl disappeared and Porche was born.

I just happen to be looking for a dog collar that day and I ended up finding a lost puppy. She was a little unsophisticated for my taste but the possibilities were intriguing. I showed her only the slightest of attentions and she would have followed me across the state. I thought there was a beautiful vixen underneath those tattered jeans but it was her country naivety that had my interests peaked. I went to work on my new project. She was like putty in my hands and probably had only know a few sweaty teenagers for her sexual resume. It was almost virgin delight and I do believe she had never had the fine art of cunnilingus performed on her before. Her nectar was as sweet as morning dew and no woman I had ever know had the passion that this neophyte possessed. Her weakness was the lack there of the attention she craved and it was something I was going to exploit. I could withhold it from her or lavish it all over her either way I would use it to get the results that I wanted. And what I wanted was a submissive sexual servant that would do any perversion that I craved. With the many business trips I took, I had a computer with an online web cam installed to keep in touch with Porche. She never realized that the camera was always on. I could observe her day and night and see if she would keep the rules I had laid down for her. It took less time than I thought to transform her into the sexual partner I wanted. The carrot or stick approach worked out mighty well. The carrot was attached to my body and she craved it like no other. The stick was what ever punishment I felt appropriate and I came up with several and each one only increased the control I had over her. She would do whatever I wanted before long.

I soon learned that there were rules that I had to adhere too. Three of them to be exact, obedience, obedience, and obedience and if I was the slightest bit derelict in my performance I would be severely punished. Lance would give me unbridled pleasure but I learned it came with a price. Sometimes when I hadn't seen him for a period of time my exuberance could get the best of me and I would express myself in ways that weren't allowed and our sessions would end right there or I would get a ball gag in my mouth. It could be something as simple as asking for him to make me cum or not appreciating the expert loving he was giving me enough. I should say that my part would end. He would tied me to the bed and leave me there, sometimes even overnight or I would be handcuffed in my walk in closet bare ass naked. He call my closet the box and you didn't want to be in the box. Sometimes I would be paddled or he would brutally sodomize me as I was in no position to resist. When he did ass fuck me this way, he would never cum after just one session, sometimes he would come back several times and ravage me over and over until my orifices would be awfully sore before he would finally would fill me with his seed. The very first time we had anal sex I didn't think could ever get use to it. His thick cock would stretch my tightest hole to the breaking point and my groaning would only spur him into a greater frenzy. But my man was obviously enjoying himself and if this gave him pleasure that I was happy to oblige him. I would take it and soon looked forward to the wonderful warmth that would flood my backside when he finally came. If my performance pleased him enough, he would even allow me to climax multiple times as it was all I ever yearned for when we had our private time together. On some special occasions he would eat my pussy which I absolutely loved. Even when I was paddled or spanked his member would swell to epic proportions and I would then be on the receiving end. We both got what we wanted. Some of his exercises were a mystery to me. Having to shave my pussy only in the middle of the bed when it would have been much easier in the shower. Or spending time walking naked around the bedroom in a pair of outlandishly tall high heel spiked shoes for exercise. I could understand the one where I could not ever pleasure myself during the time periods where he was away for business. He wanted me hot and horny for his homecomings. Once after a long week where I had not seen him or even talked to him, I laid down on the bed after a hot bath and my pussy was tingling from the absence of his wonderful cock. I unconsciously began to rub my inner thighs and soon my fingers were rubbing my erect clitoris bringing me to a glorious orgasm. As fate would have it very soon after he surprisingly stopped by after he got back in town and was eager to make love to me. But when his fingers slipped past my wet petals he jerked them back out. He had a look of complete surprise and asked me why I was so slick. I denied it at first and told him I was wet because I had been thinking about him the entire day. He told me he could tell the difference between being excited and being freshly fucked. I soon relented and told him that I had just masturbated early. He tied me spread eagle to the bed and whipped my ass until my cheeks were shiny red and then he jerked off and came on my ass before leaving me there over night. He didn't return until noon the next day and I just couldn't hold it that long and ended up peeing on the mattress. I was severely paddled again for wetting the sheets and for the next couple of weeks I was 'potty' trained. He would wait until I could barely hold it back any longer before taking me in the shower and bending me over and fucking me hard from behind and all the while I knew that if I had an accident, the consequences would be quite dramatic. Only when he finally came and pulled out was I allowed to pee. I failed to control myself just once and as I had an enormous climax. My body went limp after and so did my bladder. He administered the punishment that I deserved. The relief from pissing right after being fuck felt almost as orgasmic and I soon learned to enjoy these perverse sexual escapades in the shower stall. The spankings, the bondage, allowing him to use any and all the orifices I had for whatever he wanted. I was his sex slave. I ended up doing things that I would have never believed possible for a modest country girl. He owned me and I began to do anything he ordered.

My patience was paying off and the submissive vixen was almost ready. After the 'potty' training I felt sure that she would obey anything I requested of her. I actually enjoyed this part of her training and would wait until she really had to go before fucking her in the shower stall. After I would get off then she could squat down in the shower and relief herself. Now I'm not particularly into 'Golden Showers' but one time after we were having an epic fuck session she lost control. I was holding her up off the ground and fucking her hard against the side of the stall. She had her legs wrapped around my midsection when I exploded deep inside her and she came too immediately after. When she finally stopped cumming I felt a warm bathe around the base of my cock. She just couldn't hold it and pissed all over my embedded shaft. I have to admit it felt good but of course I had to chastise her and punish her accordingly. She was becoming a well lubed machine. I finally had a fine tune race car parked in my garage and all I had to do was turn the key to take it for a ride. That's when I started calling her Porche. I took her to my favorite shop and purchased a sexy corset that also had garter snaps. I didn't see her for the whole week and sent her a email on Saturday. I gave her my final instructions and told her to be ready to 'entertain' after midnight. It was time to take this race car to the track.

I received his email on Saturday. I was to be ready to accommodate my master after midnight and he also had instructions on what I was to wear. Lance had recently purchased a sexy black corset for me. There wasn't alot to it as it didn't fully cover my breast leaving my pink aureoles completely exposed. It ended at my hips fully showing my shaven pussy. The only thing that I could figure it was good for was that the garter attachment would hold up my hose. I was to wear the black seamed hosier along with a pair of high heel spiked shoes and nothing else. Right on time I heard the keys turn the lock to the front door, he came in and was followed by another gentleman. Although I was shocked, I didn't let it show. He introduced me to one of his buddies, James, and asked me to get them a couple of martinis to drink. They both acted so nonchalant that I felt I should try to act the same. After I served them, he had me set on the sofa as they both had seats in the lounge chairs on opposite sides. Their conversation was about the good old days and it was as if I was just a piece of furniture. They soon needed a refill and after I served them Lance told me that he wanted to get a little more comfortable and for me to take his cock out of his pants. I stood directly in front of him and unzipped his fly and pulled his penis out into the fresh air. It wasn't hard but it was getting there. I imagined that James had a perfect view of my backside as I leaned over to accomplish this feat. My master then told me to do the same for James. I can still remember the thrill and the anticipation of reaching into this stranger's trousers to touch his penis in front of my lover. I was trembling with excitement as I unzipped him and reached inside his pants. When I did finally touch it, it was very warm and very very large. I pulled it out ever so slowly even though I wanted to see how big it was immediately. It too was semi-hard but it was the largest, most beautiful cock I had ever seen. It had to be at least 10 inches fully erect. As I stared at it my master told me to show our guest how much I appreciated a good piece of cock and to suck it. I got down on my knees and gently kissed the head of his dick. Before long it began to grow and I engulf this huge hunk of man meat and started sucking him hard. Fully erect, it was much too long for me to accommodate in my mouth. I sucked the top half while stroking the base of his shaft with my right hands. James laid back and I could see that he was thoroughly enjoying the blow job I was giving him. I stared him directly in the eyes as I blew him and he loved it. "James, I do believe Porche is getting excited sucking on that big cock of yours." Lance stated. I could feel my pussy juicing up as my vaginal lips slid against each other while my head bobbed up and down and Lance must have seen my glistening slit. I didn't know if James had intended to cum but I had not been instructed to stop so I sucked for all that I was worth. When he started moaning louder, Lance told me that was enough and then told me to sit on James' lap with my back towards James. I turned around and positioned myself over James' saliva coated cock. He quickly held it upright as I lowered myself down. I felt the enormous head fill my wet slit as I continued covering his love stick with my pussy. Even as wet as we both were, his thick cock took some adjusting as it soon stuffed full my wanting hole. When I got as much of his cock into me as I could, I began to ride him up and down. I continued riding him until I worked all 10 inches up my cunt. His legs were together where as mine were splayed apart given my master a perfect view of his woman taking another man's dick into her pussy. I noticed Lances' cock was fully erect by this time. I must have been pleasing him by doing his bidding even if I wasn't fucking him. The walls of my pussy began to tingle and I concentrated my attentions to my lustful cunt. His cock was nearly fully embedded inside me when he began to fuck me back. I was excited and wanted him to fill me with white hot gism. James grabbed my hips and started thrusting upwards much harder. His grunts told me he was close and I tried to catch up but it was too late. I had sucked him too good. He pulled me down hard against him and groaned loudly and jetted his first wad deep into my womb. He held me so tight that I couldn't move up or down so I ground my pussy back and forth in an attempt to cum with him. I was so close but this little pussy shimmy wasn't going to get me off. Again and again he pumped large amounts of hot cum into me. Big cock, big load. He filled each and every last crevices with man juice and I squirmed as hard as I could. But I just couldn't quite get there. When he finished he slumped back on the chair and lay there panting. Lance had a sly grin on his face and then he instructed me to get up. When I stood up I immediately kept my thighs together as James cum would have poured out all over the carpet as the load he had just produced was mammoth. "Go on, clean our guest up." Lance ordered. Some of his cum had slipped onto his cock. James' dick was still erect and it looked like a vanilla cone in the middle of summer with the ice cream melting down the sides. I got back down on my knees and I could smell the musky aroma before I even got my mouth on to it. I licked and sucked him clean and when I finished his cock was peaceful and at rest once again. Lance called me over and then told me to suck him. I started to get on my knees when he told me to spread my legs and bend over to suck his cock while remaining standing. James' load immediately started pouring out of my pussy. As his load dripped to the floor Lance quipped, "Do you see the mess you made, James?" It must have been quite a sight as I felt semen continue to ooze down my inner thighs. I felt nasty but also sexy and I sucked my Lance with gusto. He must have been very excited after watching James having his way with me because he didn't take long before he exploded into the back of my throat. I swallowed his offering without missing a single drop. When he pulled his sensitive dick out of my mouth, he told me to clean up with a nice hot bath and to take my time. My pussy was still on fire when I entered the water as I was the only one who hadn't cum this night. The bath felt wonderful and I soaked my meal ticket and fantasized about James' enormous cock. I hope they would want to fuck me some more later on. When I return to the party, Lance bade me sit next to him and whispered to me, "You enjoyed being fucked by James, didn't you?" I didn't have to answer him, the look in my eyes told him everything. He told me to take him back to the bedroom. I did what I was told. I pulled his pants down next to the bed and then sucked him erect. When he was nice and hard I pushed back onto the bed and crawled on top of him. I placed his beautiful cock between my thighs and he entered me. I slowly slid his huge dick deeper and deeper into my fiery furnace and lavished the fullness it afforded me. I was in a world of my own as I savored this magnificent specimen of male cock. It was the center of my world at this moment and I worked my pussy over it. I didn't even notice Lance coming over and standing behind me. He told James to scoot down some. When he got to the point where my knees were still on the edge of bed but my ass was hanging over it. Lance straddle his legs and shoved me down against his chest. My ass was his for the taking and take it he did. He only ran his cock head up and down the crack of my ass a couple of times before stopping at my brown orifice. He pushed and I groaned. He pushed harder and his bulbous head popped through and I screamed. Lance stopped shoving and he told James to start fucking me again. He pumped me with measured strokes and my wet pussy reacted and relaxed my entire backside. Soon after Lance began pumping my ass slowly. It was so tight that I thought I might tear but I soon I was getting accustomed to the feeling of the two opposing sensations. I didn't even have to move as they both did all the work. They picked up the pace and pistoned my cunt and ass faster and faster. Lance almost had all his dick up my ass at this point but he was determined to get all 8 inches into my shit hole. He fucked me like he was punishing me and while this was my first of many DPs the alternating pleasure and pain was as intense as anything I had ever experienced before. My pussy was on fire only to be intermixed with a sudden pang of pain in my ass. Soon I started enjoying this dichotomy and my passion increase ten fold as I approached orgasm. Lance sensed it too and slammed me even harder as he yelled out to James, "FUCK THE LITTLE SLUT HARDER!" They both pounded me like a bitch in heat that I was. It only drove me wilder and my body finally shuttered as wave after wave of climatic bliss radiated out from my pussy. It had been a week since I had an orgasm and I came like the little slut that I was. I screamed and kept on wailing until I passed out and collapsed. I vaguely remember being rocked by the pounding they were still giving me as I sort of came to. I thought I heard some wild animalistic grunts before feeling a sense of warmth permeating my cunt and ass. I don't even remember them pulling out, only waking up the next morning in bed laying on stain sheets. My nether regions were sore but oh so satisfied and I will never forget that night.

James was an old buddy who use to party with me. We would always compete for the girls back in those days. He had a huge package and I wanted him to test drive my new car. I told him about Porche and he couldn't wait to meet her. Once Porche started riding him, I saw the lust in her face and she was enjoying it much more than I thought she would. This girl would have fucked the entire starting line up for the LA Lakers if I wanted her to. When she licked the cum from his shaft and balls I knew that she would do anything that I ordered her to. Later when she climbed on top of him and again was lost in the act of fucking a stranger, I was perplexed by my feelings. I wanted a sex vixen like her to do my bidding and that is exactly what I got but she really liked it and I was a little upset at that. I wanted to punish her for doing exactly what I wanted her to do. I knew exactly how I wanted to administer her punishment. I was going to take it out on her ass. When James got to the edge of the bed, her ass was completely vulnerable. I couldn't wait to shove my rock hard cock into her defenseless ass. The height was perfect and I straddle James legs and positioned my cock on her tightest hole. I pressed forward and made no headway but still she groaned. I shoved harder and watched the head of my cock squeeze past her anal ring. Once it popped in she screamed like a maiden. It made me feel a tiny bit guilty and I paused to let her adjust. Her sphincter was clamped down on my dick and I had James start fucking her again. This relaxed her and the pressure around my cock's head eased up and I shove it in some more. We slowly began to fuck this little whore and she got back into it in a hurry. I wanted every inch of my cock inside her ass and I pounded her unmercifully. But she only became more excited. This slut had two enormous cock inside her and she was steam rolling to a climax. I yelled for James to fuck her harder. I wanted her to have to earn it this night but no amount of pounding was going to keep this nympho from cumming. When she did cum she screamed like a banshee. She came so hard that she past out. I was very impressed. She fell limp as a rag doll but James and I were not quite there. We continued to slam her lifeless body and she shuddered with every stroke. We both came soon after and we poured a massive load into this sleeping beauty. She never came to as we unloaded every last drop into her. When James slid her off of on top of him she lay there leaking white ropey cum out of both her holes. We both stood there for a few minutes, catching our breathes and watching the puddles form on the sheets. When we left James told me she was the hottest girl he had ever seen and cudos to me. Porche had made me proud. She had preformed well and I would check on her tomorrow and treat her like royalty all week.

Lance took me out to dinner the next night and the night after. Some shopping, some gifts, lots of attention but no sex. He did tell me that he would see me this weekend and that I would receive a special treat. I hoped it was James or even two Jameses as long as they had nice big dicks. The email arrived Saturday with the time and instructions and I prepared myself for that night. All he wanted me to wear was heels and a dog collar. I couldn't wait, I was so excited. Lance arrived with a friend but it wasn't at all who I expected. He brought a female with him and she was gorgeous. Her named was Linda and she was an old girlfriend. They set down on the sofa and he told me to bring them some drinks. I felt a little embarrassed while I served them drinks then he told me to sit at the other end of the same sofa. I mean I was naked last week too but this was another woman and she was fully clothed. Linda was sitting with her back to my master and his hands were all over her. He kept kissing on the nape of her neck while her eyes were glue on my unclothed body. I was feeling ashamed until Linda started making some comments. "Lance, where did you find her, she's so lovely." commented Linda. "Does she eat pussy?" Lance told her I had never been with another woman before. "Ohhh, I just love virgins." she signed. He hitched up her dress and slipped his hand under the top of her panties. He was fingering her cunt right in front of me. I could tell through the sheer fabric that he was fucking her with his middle digit. Her lids were fluttering as he pleasured her womanhood and he stared directly at me the whole time. She was obviously getting lathered up really well as Lance would pull his glistening finger covered with her sex and place them in her mouth. She greedily sucked them clean. I wanted to suck her creme off his fingers and my pussy was starting to get wet watching them. Lance knew exactly what he was doing. This went on for some time before he whispered something in her ear. She nodded in agreement and my master told me to go and lay down on the bed. They both followed me into the bedroom. While I watched Linda undress, Lance put restraints on my hands and tied them to the top of the bed. She had a buxom figure but was not fat. Her Venus mound had a small triangular patch of pubes and was smooth shaven every where else. Her breast were huge but mostly protruded straight out and not down. She was beautiful and I did want to have sex with her. Linda laid on top of me and her soft breast pressed against mine. She were soft and warm and I enjoyed the forbidden thrill it gave me. She kissed me and our lips became one. My hands were tied over my head and I was in no position to resist and her hands explored my entire body. It was so different from making love to a man. For lack of a better explanation, I would say it was more gentle and measured but the games were only about to begin. She pressed her luscious breast against my mouth and I sucked greedily. Her erect nipples were huge and I was tempted to gently bite them. She didn't linger for long before she started crawling over my torso and moved her pussy up to my mouth. She put a pillow under my head to elevated my face. Her pussy was mere inches from me and gazed upon those slick inner folds that protruded past her outer vaginal lips. They were already engorged with blood as Lance had been working her up just minutes before. I was mesmerized by her pussy and Lance ordered me to eat her. I raised my head and the fragrance of her sex was so intense that it made me feel like I was drugged. The scent of another woman was so forbidden and taboo to me but I wanted to eat her more than ever. I kissed her there tentatively. Then again and again before sticking my tongue inside her pussy. I was french kissing her cunt when she ordered me to lick her. This was my first time to eat pussy and I stroked my tongue the entire length of her vaginal slit. She was very wet and tasted oh so sweet. I licked faster and saw that her breasts were heaving up and down as her breaths came quick and hard. I knew what I was doing to her as having my own pussy eaten was one of the most enjoyable thing a woman can ever enjoy. Her pussy was juicing something fierce as she gently grabbed my head and pulled my face tight against her cunt. "Eat me! Eat me!" she cried out. I licked, I sucked, I did anything I could think of to bring her to climax and her juices began to flow freely. I concentrated on sucking her clitoris and finally she did, "Yes, yes , yes! Aaaaaaaggghhhh!" She came hard and her juices were flowing overtime as she ground her cunt against my mouth. When she finished, Linda released my head and fell forward against the headboard. It didn't take her long to recover as she turned to my master and asked him, "Now fuck me." Lance was already undressed and his cock was more than erect after watching the two of us. He scooted over my body and took her from behind. I watched as his rock hard rod entered her slick cunt and he began to fuck her hard right away. Lance asked her if I had done a good job and Linda told him that I was going to make a fine cunt lapper one day. They talked about me as if I wasn't there the entire time he fucked her. My pussy was aching as he gave her what I needed. "Oh baby, make me cum again." Linda cried. He ordered me to suck on her clit as he fucked her even faster. I did what I was told and tried to suck on her engorged clitoris as it moved back and forth. His balls would slap the underside of my chin as he pounded this slut even harder. She screamed for him to fuck her even faster. He was pounding her rapid fire and then he let out a groan from deep inside and slammed her pussy so hard that he shoved her several inches past my mouth. He must have been really turned on to cum so quickly. His cock was embedded balls deep and he couldn't get another centimeter of his cock inside her. All I could see was the very base of his shaft. I had never been this close before and could actually see the under side of his shaft pulsating as I knew his hot cum was jetting into her cunt. Every grunt followed another squirt and he pumped more and more semen into her. I knew she was feeling the warmth flood her womb as I had many times before. She grabbed my head again and pulled my mouth up to her and yelled, "Don't stop!" I began to suck again and Linda was humping my face and screaming something unintelligible. I lapped and sucked her clit until her body began to twitch as she came for the second time tonight. The lucky bitch! Her pussy spasms finally started to slow down and once she finished he pulled his cock out of her cunt and laid down on the bed. Linda also slumped down over me except her ass was still only inches above me. She was breathing heavily and I was staring directly at her puffy engorged vaginal lips. Very quickly I saw a small white bead forming deep inside her glistening slit. It grew slowly bigger until gravity pulled it down. Lance's cum was starting to seep out and her pussy smelled like male seed. The aroma of their cum permeated my nostrils and the entire room smelled of sex. She lifted her torso up and off the bed. Linda position her cunt directly above my mouth and told me, "Eat our cum!" Now her juices mingled with Lance's seed and that sex cocktail began to trickle out of her freshly fucked pussy. I extended my tongue and received the first drop eagerly. Lance had given her a massive load and it just kept coming. The trickle turned into a torrent and I swallowed as fast as I could as it poured into my opened mouth. Their mixture was especially sweet and I drank everything she had to give. Finally only one last long strand dangled out of her pussy and I raised my face to devour it until my mouth covered her wet hole completely. I lapped her pussy so not to miss anything that still might be trapped inside her. She eventually fell next to Lance after I had cleaned her up. They spooned together in the afterglow. My hands were still bound and my pussy was on fire. I needed to be fucked in the worst way. Several minutes tick by before I could contain myself no longer. I knew better but I was nearly hysterical by this point. "Please, please, I need somebody to fuck me!" I begged. They both opened their eyes and looked at me. I thought I heard Lance say something like 'she needs a lesson' then Linda said, "I'll do her." She rolled over and turned me over onto my stomach. Slap! She spanked my bottom and ordered me to get on my knees. I got up on my knees and elbows as my hands were still bound. I felt her hands roaming around my backside. They ran down my inner thighs and she kneaded my ass cheeks. Soon she began to tenderly kiss and lick me everywhere except my pussy. She was damn well taking her time and was teasing me to the point of desperation. Finally she began to kiss my sensitive petals. I could feel her tongue darting along my sensitive folds. She knew what she was doing and I'm sure she had done this many times before. The tip of her tongue touched my hot little button and it was like a static shock. I flinched ever so slightly and then another hard slap on my right cheek. "Hold still!" she ordered. She put her tongue back on my clit and began to swirl it around my tender button. It was as if an electric charge radiated out to every sexual node through out my entire body. After a few seconds I felt her spread my ass cheeks apart and her tongue licked across my clit and entered my honey hole. She extended her tongue deep into my wet slit and licked the entire length, lapping at the nectar that I was depositing there. No one had ever eaten my pussy like Linda was. "Oh, her pussy is so sweet." Linda informed Lance. She returned once again and her tongue probed deep inside me as her nose pressed against my anus. She began to drink from my fountain as my juices were now almost a raging torrent. Then she licked up my entire slit and continued out and over my asshole. It surprised me and I instinctively jerked away and I actually let out a tiny squeal. There was an immediate slap, followed by orders to hold still again. She spread my ass cheeks as wide as she could and her delicate tongue tip swirled around my tightest hole. My ass was so sensitive but soon the sensation became more and more comfortable. Then she dropped back down and swirled her tongue around my clit the same way. She alternated clit to ass and soon this perverted act was driving me crazy. She didn't stay on my clit long enough for me to reach orgasm but my ultimate climax was growing in intensity by the minute. I was actually enjoying the rim job she was giving me when I felt her tongue slip inside my ass. It was a complete shock and while I held perfectly still, I had to let out a small squeal. I heard Lance tell her to tongue fuck my ass and to get it ready for him. She plunged her tongue in as far as she could. I soon relaxed as she fucked my ass with her tongue. This woman had no boundrys that she wouldn't cross. She returned to my clit after a few minutes and really began to eat me out. She brought me to the point that I had been wanting this entire night. My climax was like a bomb going off and my whole body shook like a magnitude 10.0 earthquake. As wave after wave of orgasmic bliss racked my inner core, my legs grew weak and I collapsed to the mattress. I vaguely remember being pulled back up on my knees and having Lance force my legs apart as he placed his legs inside of mine. Linda was beside me facing the other way as Lance rubbed the head of his cock up and down the crack of my ass. I guess she didn't want to miss seeing him skewer my tight butt. I felt him positioning his dick at the entrance to my brown button while she spread my ass apart. "Fuck her! Fuck the disobiedenant slut!" Linda yelled. He shoved and I screamed. Linda had done a good job back there but this was no soft delicate tongue, this was rock hard man's cock. Lance pressed as far as he could before my anal sphincter kept him from shoving the whole enchilada fully up my ass. I figured he only got about half of his cock inside my ass before his shafted got stuck from lack of lubricate. Then he began to fuck me hard. The pain from each stroke caused me to scream and each scream cause Linda to spank my cheeks in punishment. The sharp slaps on my behind started to fill me with excitement as they were not half as bad as the huge cock that was wedged in my ass. I continued to groan as Lance was making no progress. "Ugh, ugh ugh!" I cried out with each shove. I heard Linda ask him if he wanted her to get him some lube. He told her that it wouldn't be neccessary and that's when he he pulled out and sheer relief ran over my body. Then he proceeded to shoved his nasty dick into my pussy. He pounded me hard for several quick strokes. His cock felt so good that I didn't care that he had just pulled it out of my ass. I was a total slut by this time and he could have alternately fucked me like this for the entire night until I came but that wasn't his goal. He just wanted to cover his shaft with my slimey pussy juices and then he told Linda to spread my cheeks as far apart as she could. She pulled my cheeks apart until it felt like I was giving birth. "Please, master, please." I begged. Lance didn't waste any time and he shoved his cock back up my butt with incredible force. He rammed every millimeter of cock that he had into my ass until he was balls deep. I couldn't even scream as it knocked the breath out of me. Time stood still as the three of us were spellbound by this single awesome stroke. The intense pain wasn't even subsiding as I finally caught my breath and screamed out, "Aagghhhh!" I couldn't see what they were both viewing but Linda whispered in amazement, "Damn." It felt like a bus had just backed into my ass and then he withdrew about half of his 8 inches but immediately reinserted it. All I could do was squirm. Lance never gave me a break as he pounded me like he was fucking my pussy. He was completely into it and Linda was getting into it also. "Fuck her ass good." she encouraged. Lance didn't need any encouragement as he pounded my backside into oblivion. He had his hands under my hips which allowed him to fully plunge his thick dagger all the way in. Linda had her hands spreading my cheeks. I could hear her spitting on his shaft. It wasn't much but I appreciated any help I could get. He was ripping me apart. He took his sweet time and told me to shut the fuck up but I couldn't as the pressure in my anus was so intense. I bit into the pillow and just lay there and continued to scream. Lance pulled back out and shoved his cock back into my cunt. Linda commented that my ass wasn't so tight anymore. The breeze from the air-condition air felt soothing inside my raw gaped ass. He began to fuck me even faster. Where as his strokes in my ass were longer and measured, in my pussy they were coming shorter and faster. He was preparing to cum. I heard Linda tell him that she was getting so hot and she needed him to fuck her pussy and she wanted him to fuck her right now. What a little bitch I thought, she was getting off to watching him destroy my ass and now she wanted him to finish her off. He told her 'later' as he wanted to drop a load into my tight ass. I was really enjoying my pussy being fucked but alas it wasn't to last. He ordered her to spread my ass again and I felt his enormous head positioned against my anal ring. Once again he shoved it up to the hilt. Maybe my ass was getting numb or maybe my pussy juices provided enough lubrication but this time I only groaned. He pounded me like he had just done to my cunt, short and fast. He was going to cum soon and I was so relieved. Linda began yelling things like 'plow that little farm girl's ass', and I could sense she was getting more and more turned on watching me get my butt blasted. She released my cheeks and I glanced over my shoulder and saw her hands go down to her croutch area. The slut was frigging herself. Then Linda announced that her pussy was getting so fucking wet and she scampered to the top of the bed and untie my hands. She moved her cunt in front of my face and ordered me to eat her. Her cunt was dripping wet and I ate her between strokes as my mouth was being shoved forward each time Lance drove all 8 inches into my defenseless asshole. You would think by now my ass would be loosen up but his thick rod was still incrediable tight inside me. Linda was so turned on after watching me being sodomized that her cunt was pouring out her juices and it was only a matter of time before she would cum again. She was moaning and he was grunting and I was getting slammed and still groaning. She grabbed my face and held it tightly against her pussy. I was actually being fucked by them both. Linda pressed her pussy hard against my mouth while Lance fucked me hard from behind. It was like two dogs fighting over a piece of meat and I was the meat. Something just had to give. "I'm going to cum baby." she announced. Lance started pounding me even faster and then she started wailing and her dam finally broke. Her body spasmed as she came and I could have sworn that she was pissing her juices into my mouth. I sucked as fast as I could. She had an epic climax and it ended when she finally released my head and slumped back onto the headboard. I heard him begin to grunt loudly and he drove his cock deep in my ass one last time. My ass was raw but it was still sensitive and I could feel his shaft pulsating as he flooded his seed deep into my bowels. It almost felt like some of the many enemas he had given me as he deposited a massive load into his personal cum dumpster. He came forever before he gave my ass a couple of final strokes and pour the last of his load deep inside my butt before collapsing on top of me. I fell forward onto Linda's tummy and I saw her soft breasts heaving up and down as she lay there exhausted too. I had been completely used by them both. Tonight I had my ass eaten out and I had eaten pussy for the first time and knew that I had found something new sexually that I would be doing from now on. I had only cum once tonight but it was one of the best orgasms I had ever had and now it was all over. Or so I thought. They would revive within the hour and their appetites were unsatiable. They would both use and fuck me all night long but I did get to cum three more times before morning. I never would have believe two people could have such a sexual appetite. I would end up submiting to any sexual act that my Lance would order me to, no matter how bizaar or repulsive and exciting. The little farm girl disappeared forever that night and Porche took her place. Linda and James and lots of others would visit many times down the road and my master would always be there to supervise. I was his and he was mine and he would share me with lots of his friends in the cuming years. There wasn't anything that I wouldn't do for him but those stories are for another time.

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