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Stormy Night

The storm came in earlier than expected, and Carol ran toward her
apartment beneath a torrent of heavy, freezing rain. She was relieved to
have the week behind her and anticipated a boring weekend alone and
mostly stuck inside. The forecast was for continued weather over the next
two days. Two of her roommates, Brittney and Claire, had left earlier
that morning to beat the weather. Anne was the third roommate and had
also made plans to be gone for the weekend, but Carol wasn't sure when
Anne planned to leave. Carol was dripping wet and freezing when she
entered the apartment. The electricity was out and Carol could see little
in the apartment as the early evening brought approaching darkness. Carol
immediately noticed a faint glow from one of the bedrooms and realized
Anne must still be home.

"Hey," she yelled and stumbled into the living room to drop her bag.

"Powers out" came the reply, and Carol smiled at Anne's ability to
relay the obvious.

"You don't say," she yelled back, smiling. Carol found her way into
her bedroom and asked, "Anymore candles babe?" She began stripping out of
her wet clothes as Anne replied.

"Flashlight and candles in the hall bathroom." Down to her underwear
now, Carol retrieved a candle from the bathroom as Anne exited her room
to meet her in the hall.

"Nice ass, babe."

"Funny sister. It's pretty ugly outside. I thought you would be gone
by now." Carol moved back into her room and lit the candle.

"Flights are all delayed and I decided it would be too much of a
headache. Should've left this morning," she shrugged, trying not to pay
too much attention as Carol threw a silk robe over her underwear. Carol
thought for a moment that Anne had just given her a look, but let the
thought pass. Anne was not quite eighteen and the youngest of the four
roommates. Carol had just turned twenty and hardly knew Anne. They joked
around like friends at times and were just fine with each other as
roommates, but never really became close. Carol realized that she wasn't
actually sure where home was for Anne. She smiled to herself about how
little they knew each other. She felt Anne was hard to read. Carol heard
rumors from the other two roommates that Anne was interested in other
girls, but never paid too much attention to that kind of talk. Yet Carol
was attractive and figured if the rumors were true, maybe Anne was really
looking at her. These thoughts seemed silly and Carol moved towards the
living room feeling more and more exhausted from the hectic week behind

"That's a drag. Now you're stuck here for sure." Carol lit a candle
in the kitchen and wondered what she could find to eat that would be good

"I know, it's just us two. Look, the rain's turning to snow. We're
not going to be able to leave all weekend. Is Steve going to be back

Carol sighed, "Not until next month," pouring milk into a bowl of
cold cereal. "He's due back on the 11th. I seriously can't wait." That
was true. Carol's boyfriend had been out of the country for over a month
now. Carol still spoke to him often, but was really missing the sex now.
She was okay for the first week or two, but masturbated regularly now,
sometimes having phone sex with him. Carol felt some slight
disappointment that Anne was home, because she had intended to take a
bath, put in a video, masturbate for at least an hour, and then go to
sleep. Just the thought of the video and her plan to masturbate made her
nipples harden a little. Carol sipped some wine with her gourmet dinner
of milk and cheerios as Anne began to drink a little wine too. "God, not
much to do with the power out," Carol mused.

"Nope," Anne giggled a little at their situation, "Just read by
candle light"

"Not a bad idea I guess. I'm going to take a bath. Be good babe."

Carol always thought that masturbating in the bath was a bad idea.
Using the shower head felt good, but Carol preferred the feel of her own
wetness. She could reliably cum by sliding her fingers into her moist
slit and essentially finger fucking her pussy. She preferred this method
over toys, even vibrators. A bath made using her own lubrication
impossible. She felt impatient that she couldn't just go out and use the
couch. She could always do it in her room, she supposed, but she knew she
would certainly hold back for fear of being discovered. Carol sipped her
wine as the bath water finished running. Her frustration was killing her
buzz a little as she put the wine on the counter and pulled her panties
down. Carol was definitely model material. Maybe not quite tall enough at
5'8", but slender and well built with firm breasts and a taught ass.
Carol's hair was a sandy blond and her face striking with soft attractive
features and pouty lips. Her breasts were not particularly large, but
defied gravity nicely in the firmness of her youth, with a barely
noticeable tan line, fading now with months passed since she'd been in
the sun, and small pinkish areolas. Her nipples protruted slighlty in an
unaroused state, but stood erect at a third of an inch when she was
turned on. Her complexion was still mildly tanned. Carol slipped into the
bath still feeling frustrated. She resolved to retire to her room after
the bath and muffle her sighs the best she could.

Anne lay on the couch and wondered if Carol had caught her looking.
She thought Carol was easily the hottest of her three roommates. Anne was
young for starting her first year of college, not quite eighteen. She had
been in mainly accelerated classes in high school and never had a lot of
friends, and certainly didn't date much. She had only really begun
showing interest in other girls this year, and so far had had only a few,
largely unsatisfactory sexual experiences. Recently she had begun
fantasizing about Carol, who was a stunning girl, much more womanly and
mature than the girls she had fumbled around with. Anne was far from
unattractive, but til this time had not been able to gain the interest of
any girls she was really interested in. Anne was shorter than Carol,
about 5'4" with straight, dark shoulder length hair and a deep, tan
complexion from using tanning booths. Her eyes were brown and her face
pretty, albeit young looking. She had a trim midsection with fairly large
breasts proportional to her frame. Her pubic hair was very dark and well
trimmed. Her face flushed slightly as she thought of Carol bathing in the
other room.

Anne was day dreaming about Carol when the sound of the bathroom
door jolted her from her revery. She could hear Carol move out of the
bathroom towards her room.

"What are you reading?" came Carol's voice from down the hallway.

"Oh..Uh...nothing. I think I dozed off for a second."

"You're drunk already you lightweight," Carol joked. Carol was in
her room now with a towel wrapped around her still moist body. Anne had
sounded a little out of it, so she thought she could cut loose a little
when she masturbated. She rummaged through her closet looking for her
special little bag of massage oils and other erotica.

"You're not drunk enough, sister" came the joking reply from Anne.
Anne sounded more awake than Carol had hoped for, but she was determined
to relieve herself. She placed a bottle of massage oil on the bedside
table next to the candle and searched through her bag for some
appropriate reading material. Obviously, the video wouldn't work and she
chose a magazine with erotic pictures, placing it on the bed. She turned
to close the door and shout something to Anne when she was surprised
completely by Anne standing at the door.

"Ohh," she startled, dropping her bag to the floor. Two magazines
and a bottle of lotion spilled out as the bag landed.

"I brought you some more wine," Anne said, quickly sizing up the
situation. "I didn't mean...I you go" She offered the
wine to Carol, who took it and then bent down to gather up the items from
the floor.

"Ummm..thanks...I...I guess you caught me," Carol said sheepishly as
she placed the bag in her closet. She turned and looked at Anne who stood
in the doorway appearing both surprised and maybe, she couldn't place it,
maybe aroused. Carol's head was spinning a little from all the wine. She
wasn't sure what to do. She decided she'd better wait for later.

"Let's go sit down," Carol said. "Give me a second to change." Anne
moved back into the living room feeling excited and unsure. She felt
stupid for walking in at that moment, but she was so turned on by what
she saw. Carol had a bag of lotions and erotic magazines. She was about
to masturbate. Anne was flushing and her nipples awoke to attention.
Carol exited her room wearing her silk robe again and sat next to Anne.

"Look. I'm tired. It's been a long week and I'm a little buzzed from
the wine...I..Steve's been gone and sometimes I..."

"You don't have to explain," Anne interrupted. "I shouldn't have.."

"Look, sometimes I masturbate. Tonight I expected to be alone and I
was really in the mood. It's no big deal." Carol had no doubt now that
Anne was excited. She was clearly flushed and looked almost out of
breath. Carol also noticed that Anne looked very attractive, moreso than
she had ever thought before. Anne had this soft, almost anxious beauty,
like someone who had waited a long time to see the one she loves. 'It's
gotta be the wine' Carol thought to herself, feeling more and more
attracted to the breathless Anne, who seemed more shy and more beautiful
with each passing second.

"I know. You should just go ahead. I understand. Or maybe..." Anne
bit her lip at the thought.

"Maybe what," Carol queried.

"Look. I know what it's like. Sometimes you just need to have
relief." Anne said, her voice braking a little at the excitement of the
situation. "You shouldn't let me stop you...I was...uh..I was

"Thinking what?" Carol was intrigued. She felt her heart racing and
was still desperate for release.

"Well...Obviously you can't use the video...I mean, with no power.
And the magazines, I mean...well, what do you look at usually?" Anne
asked. Carol was so aroused that she felt no sense of her privacy being
invaded by the question. 'Where was this going,' she wondered.

" of naked people pretty much," Carol
admitted, herself now feeling out of breath.

"Well...I just saw know, that magazine...and...well
it's mainly naked women...and I thought..."

"Yah it is...I mean...well, what were you thinking?" The magazine
was actually Steve's, but she had used it before. She did enjoy looking
at womens' naked bodies when she masturbated. She didn't consider this
necessarily out of the ordinary, she just thought that women were more
beautiful with their clothes off than men. The soft curves and inviting
skin. Somehow, the sight of another pussy seemed appropriate as she
reverenced her own with the rhythmic penetration of her fingers.

"Well...why don't you look at me,' came Anne's question. The words
hit like a thunderbolt. Carol's heart skipped for a moment and her breath
labored audibly.

"You mean...while I...I mean..."

"I mean I'll take my clothes off," Anne explained. "I would like it
if you lookd at me. I'll pose however you want. You can relieve yourself
that way, I mean, if you want. Haven't you masturbated with a girlfriend
before?" Carol never had, although she knew other girls did with their
friends and had always thought it might be something different and

"Of course, you know, awhile back," Carol lied.

"Come on, it'll be fun. I mean, it's no big deal," Anne said as she
began to unbutton her shirt.

"You're right. No big deal," Carol lied again. "I'll get my massage

When Carol returned to the couch, Anne was slipping off her jeans.
Anne now leaned back on the couch in just her underwear and reached
behind to unclasp her bra.

"Whoa," Carol commanded. "Not so fast. I want to get started and
watch you undress." Carol had left her robe in her bedroom and now laid
on the love seat opposite Anne. She placed all the candles on the coffee
table to provide enough light. She took off her bra, leaned back
comfortably on the love seat, and placed some oil on the middle of her
chest above her breasts. She slowly began to massage the oil into her
breasts and her skin began to drink it up.

"Now, where were we," Carol asked. Anne took the cue and reached
behind herself and unclasped her bra.

Carol began massaging her breasts in earnest. Using both hands, she
pressed and kneaded her breasts, paying careful attention to each
protruding nipple. Using the index finger and thumb of each hand, she
pinched her erect nipples and pulled them away from her, hard enough to
stretch the entire breast, before releasing and letting her breasts fall
back into place. She then pinched again, this time flicking the nipples
rapidly. She kept her eyes directly on Anne who had now removed her bra.
Anne's breasts were gorgeous, firm and rounded, deeply tanned like the
rest of her skin, with small brown areolas and strikingly erect nipples
at nearly a half inch. Anne looked into Carol's eyes now with longing,
clearly pleased to display her body, adding to the excitement with the
"come-fuck-me-now" expression on her face. Anne slowly lowered both hands
to the waistband of her white panties, and then teasingly hesitated,
arching backward and heaving her breasts as her expression begged Carol
to come drink up her body. Carol was now nicely settled in, working her
breasts in perfect rhythm, flicking, pinching, kneading, gasping, rapid
and intense, her body beginning to involuntarily lurch slightly at
irregular intervals. 'God, this is what I needed. I've been waiting for
this.' Carol thought, her pelvis now becoming the center point of her
involuntary movements. 'God, she looks beautiful. She's making me
insane.' Anne now playfully dipped her fingers beneath the waistband of
her panties, invading slightly, then withdrawing, grasping the waistband
to pull it down slightly, then releasing and teasing again as she lightly
caressed the waistband. Carol ached as she watched this maddening show.
Carol's pussy dripped now, saturating her cotton panties, which, drenched
in her wetness, clinged to her lips, outlining clearly a perfect vertical
slit guarded by engored labial flesh. She wanted to see Anne's pussy. At
this thought, Carol increased the rhythmic massage of her tits, bordering
now on abuse as she pressed and pinched the soft flesh of her breasts and

"Good lord, babe, you're gonna bruise yourself," Anne joked,
continuing to slip her fingers below her waistband playfully.

"You're so beautiful," Carol gasped, sounding out of breath.

"You want to see me, don't you." Anne teased.

"Ye...Ye...Yes. Yes."

This time, Anne's fingers descended beneath her waistband overlying
each hip and her thumb, remaining outside, caught the waistband, and, as
her hands lowered down her side, her descending panties unveiled her
naked flesh. First, as she arched back and brought her legs together to
facilitate easy removal of the panties, Carol could see a perfect strip
of well groomed dark pubic air appear as the panties descended to mid
thigh level. Then, Anne rocked backward, her legs pointing to the
ceiling, displaying completely her ass as the panties were then pushed
above the knees. Finally, as Anne bent her knees and lowered her feet,
allowing the panties to fall with gravity and catch on her feet, she
relaxed her thigh and butt muscles enough that her thighs splayed,
revealing a perfect vertical cleft with soft mounds of tanned flesh
flanking her genital slit. Anne kicked the panties to the floor, then,
easing backward, seeming to melt into the couch, spread her legs wide.
Carol had a full view now. Anne lay on her back, firm, rounded breasts
managing to defy gravity as they protruded upward with erect, defiant
nipples pointing to the ceiling, tan skin of her abdomen with faintly
chiseled abdominal muscles creating a flesh roadmap downwards, pointing
to her pubic mound, now horizontal with the trimmed strip of dark hair
pointing directly at Carol, and, just at the lower border of the hair sat
the hooded, fleshy apex of her now widened slit, which, lay completely
vertical, splaying into halves the fleshy mound between her legs. The
hood and soft flesh on each side of the cleft were slightly pinkish,
becoming more pink as the flesh collected into soft labial lips forming
the borders of the slit, and, as the flesh extended outward, becoming
more brownish-tan, finally blending imperceptibly into the tan flesh of
Anne's thighs.

Carol's pussy was growing impatient.

"God, you look good, sweety," Carol moaned. She now brought her left
hand beneath her own waistband, quickly finding her clitoris with her
index finger. She began to circle the flesh of her clitoris lightly with
her finger.

"Oh no. Let's see it," Anne joked. Carol left her right breast now
briefly, the nipple and flesh on fire from her constant massaging, and
used both hands to quickly discard of her panties. She lay back,
reacquiring her clitoris and right breast as she spread her legs wide for
Anne's viewing pleasure. Anne now had her hands descending to her pelvis,
with her right hand coming from beneath her thight to grasp the outer
portion of her labia. Her left hand descened more directly to pull the
flesh above and to the left of her slit, the combined effect opening her
cleft and revealing her vaginal orifice, engorged and deeply pink minor
labia, and now completely her hooded flesh at the apex of her pussy.
Carol gasped audibly, now bringing her right hand down to her own pussy,
and using her index and middle finger to invade her vaginal opening.
Carol worked vigourously on her clitoris with her left hand while
simultaneously penetrating herself in methodical rhythm with her right
fingers. Her breasts and nipples were still on fire and aching, and she
occasionally would remove her dripping fingers to bring her pussy juices
to her right nipple, pinching and squeezing it, before returning hungrily
to her waiting pussy.

Anne sighed at the beautiful sight. Her legs arched wider and her
breasts heaved as she stared in longing at the beautiful, masturbating

"Here, let me help," Anne said, as she rose from the couch and
approached Carol. Carol seemed uncertain momentarily, but could hardly
protest as she vehemently worked on her pussy and clit. She looked at
Anne with both minor protest and deep longing.

"I've got those, babe," Anne said softly without a hint of joking,
referring to Carol's breasts. She then lay next to Carol and brought her
right hand to Carol's waiting breasts. She captured the nipple quickly,
feeling the moist residue of Carol's pussy juice still bathing the flesh
of the breast, providing a perfect lubricant. Carol moaned as Anne began
to rhythmically work the soft flesh and erect nipple while Carol kept
both her hands busy between her legs.

"Better?" Anne questioned, moving more quickly and working the flesh
of Carol's breast with greater pressure and vigor.

"Uhhh, yes" Carol could only moan louder. Anne pressed her naked
body against Carol's and leaning closer, brought her mouth to Carol's
neck, softly kissing the sweat-bathed skin. Carol turned hungrily toward
Anne and caught Anne's mouth with her own. Anne got the message and began
kissing Carol avidly on the mouth, caressing her tongue and soft lips
with her own tongue as her right hand kneaded and plied Carol's breast.
Carol leaned her head back further to allow Anne to more comfortably kiss
her and work her breasts. Anne now lay on her side, to the right of
Carol, propping herself up on her left arm, leaning over Carol to kiss
her and using her right hand to roam freely between Carol's breasts.
Carol's whole body was bathed in fire. Waves of pleasure emanated from
her pelvis, clit, vagina, breasts, nipples, and mouth. Her body
occasionally lurched in involuntary spasms as her muscles tensed and
released wildly. Her breathing became more rapid and erratic. She could
feel a wellspring of pressure and pleasure rising to new hights as it
spread from her pussy and rushed upward, mingling with the feel of Anne's
hand and mouth as it caressed her flesh. This sensation approached
crescendo as Carol arched her whole body in paroxysmal heaves of
involunatry pleasure. Then, reaching crescendo, her whole body
contracted, her consciousness elevated, her breath held and her senses
peaked, she then exhaled and released.

"Oh....God...Ohhhhhhh......Ohhh," then fell nearly limp into Anne's

"Nice one," Anne said, taking Carol's body against her own. Anne
caressed Carol's face and placed a soft kiss on her lips.

"My God...that was...thank you," Carol stammered, trying to regain
composure. She then returned the kiss to Anne and, sitting up, noticed
Anne's hardened nipples and look of continued longing.

"You look like you enjoyed that, sweety," Carol said, regaining her
breath now. "Still, you didn't get much out of it." Carol had never had
another woman touch her sexually before today. She had never seriously
considered touching another woman sexually. Anne looked almost flawless
as she lay next to Carol and she had been so understanding of Carol's
needs. The sense of relaxation and satiation from her orgasm erased any
inhibition and Carol now stood up, beads of sweat rolling down her

"Turn to your back" she requested. Anne's heart skipped as she
obeyed and rolled onto her back, easing into the love seat with her body
nearly horizontal, defiant young breasts still reaching upward with
rigid, excited nipples, her legs hanging over the side of the seat, knees
still close together. Carol laid her entire nude and glistening body on
top of Anne and kissed her deeply. Carol could feel Anne's erect nipples
pressing into the flesh of her own breasts as she kissed Anne's mouth,
penetrating inward with her tongue. Anne moaned as Carol caressed her
cheek with one hand while holding the back of her head with the other.
Carol continued to kiss her passionately, softly touching her face,
tongues entertwined, Anne's breasts heaving upward into her soft,
sweat-drenched body. The two lay kissing for several minutes and Anne's
body was aching for more. Her pussy burned, a cauldron of moistened
flesh, dripping her juices onto the fabric below. Her clitoris was erect
and and almost uncomfortable, desperate for touch. Anne spread her knees
apart, and Carol's body slid into the void now, her glistening abdomen
rubbing against Anne's open pussy. Carol could now feel Anne's strip of
pubic hair against the bare skin of her pelvis. She was shocked to feel
the warmth and dripping wetness of Anne's pussy lips touch her skin. Anne
lay almost spread eagle now with Carol's body bisecting her splayed legs.
Carol broke away from the ravenous kissing and began to slide downward,
moistened skin gliding frictionless between the two bodies.

"God you kiss nicely, sister," Carol breathed. "You've earned this."
Carol's face slid midline down Anne's body, splitting the cleavage of her
breasts, tracing her abdomen with her tongue, both hands grasping Anne's
breasts and finding their target in her rigid nipples. Carol slid to her
knees now with her face coming to rest just at Anne's pussy, her eyes
directly even with Anne's erect clitoris. Anne's flesh was flushed and
red, her cleft saturated with beads of pussy juice, both labia glistening
and brightly reflecting the candle light from behind. Her labia were
fuller and more engorged than when Carol had seen them earlier. Carol
stroked Anne's breasts with her arms outstretched, and began to caress
both inner thighs with her tongue. Anne moaned and quivered. Carol could
taste the salty sweat of Anne's thighs become the acidic-slightly sour
taste of her pussy drippings as she moved inward with her tongue. It
tasted beautiful. She barely grazed the flesh of Anne's pussy lips when
Anne quivered again, bucking her ass completely off the chair, then,
regaining control, returning her pussy to Carol's waiting mouth. Carol
dove in hungrily now, her tongue splitting Anne's cleft, bathed in her
wetness, and then tracing the slit upwards to find purchase in the erect
flesh of her clitoris. Anne nearly screamed and bucked again, the muscles
of her legs so taught that her whole pelvis and lower back lifted off the
chair. Carol abandoned Anne's breasts as her hands moved now between
Anne's legs. Anne, breathing rapidly between moans, began massaging her
own breasts, quickly finding her nipples between her thumbs and
forefingers. Carol was free to open Anne up completely. Grasping the
flesh of both labia, Carol split Anne's slit wide to unveil her vaginal
orifice and better free her clitoris from the adjacent moistened flesh.
Carol now worked on Anne's unfettered clitoris, flicking and pressing
with her tongue. Her whole face was buried now in Anne's cleft as beads
of vaginal fluid now collected on Carol's mouth and cheeks. Carol would
intermittently take the clitoris and uppr labia completely into her
mouth, sucking inward while simultaneuosly pressing the flesh with her
tongue, then release to drive the flesh back out again. Anne was writhing
and moaning loudly. Carol then used one hand alone to splay the labial
flesh while her second hand was then freed to insert two fingers into
Anne's vaginal orifice. Carol penetrated deeply the moistened walls and
Anne screamed in pleasure, lifting and writhing involuntarily, then
relaxing her muscles and lowering her pussy back into Carol's face. Carol
penetrated Anne's pussy rhythmically and caressed her clitoris with her
tongue. Bolts of lightening shot upward into Anne's consciousness,
filling her with mounting pleasure until she screamed and arched
completely backward, her pussy and ass lifted a full foot of the chair,
her consciousness briefly overcome with the force of her orgasm.

"Now that was a nice one," Carol joked as Anne's body relaxed into
the lovechair. Carol pulled her fingers from Anne's vagina and laid next
to her, both bodies drenched in sweat. She used her hand to turn Anne
face to hers, Anne's eyes still closed from the climax, and placed a
gentle kiss on her lips. Anne opened her eyes, caressed Carol's cheek,
and returned the kiss.

"What should we do for the rest of the weekend," Anne joked. They
both laughed.

End of Story

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