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Tuppeware Party-And More

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One of the reasons Twila didn't like going to church with her husband, Robbie, was she didn't like many of the women who went there.

"Kind of strange. A church, where everyone should love everyone, and yet, these women, it seems like the church is the last thing they have time for," she complained to her husband.

Carol, one of the women Twila despised, Twila had known for years, going back to her senior year in high school. "Twila is a year younger than me, she is 38," Carol told her husband,"and unless she has changed, she never met a man she never liked," she laughed.

Twila told Robbie of the stories of Carol getting gang banged by six guys underneath the bleachers of the football field during a homecoming football game.

"The band, our best band ever at the time, and actually since then too, was on the field. All eyes was on this state championship band. She took four guys, one of them was a boyfriend of one of the cheerleaders and let all of them fuck her," Carol explained to her husband.

"Now she is a tuppeware manager and Sunday School teacher? I am sorry, I have trouble with that," she laughed.

To make matters worse, she was the teacher of the class she and Robbie were members of, and Carol hated going to Sunday School for that reason.

This bothered Carol, and she would call when Robbie and Twila missed and tell them how she missed them. She would run cookies by and home made rolls, just to try to get the two more comfortable with her, still Twila

remained skeptical.

Carol is about 5-8, very nice legs, D cup tits, flowing long brown hair, and a smile that could light up the darkest of rooms and she knew how to "siwng that ass," according to Twila.

Twila, also between 5-7 and 5-8, long reddish brown hair to her shoulders and c cup tits, also a bright white smile, finaly gave in and attended two or three weeks in a row with Robbie, and was getting more comfortable. She and Robbie even went to lunch at a Western Sizzlin with Carol and her husband, John, after church one Sunday afternoon.

The two ladies recalled experiences in high school, careful not to bring up that one homecoming football game, and talking about old teachers.

Carol asked Twila to host a tuppeware party in a couple weeks. "Just invite 25 people, usually about 12-13 show up, we have a blast," Carol laughed. "I am not pushy, just invite as many women friends as you can think of," she suggested.

Reluctantly, Twila agreed to a Friday night in two weeks, a week end her husband had to be gone to a business trip in Austin, Texas.

Friday morning, she began baking cookies, making punch, and finger foods. She had invited 12 women, three had called to say they couldn't make it. One or two ordered something, saying they couldn't make it on Friday night. Twila's best friend, Joan, would be there, as well as Joan's sister, Jenni, and Jenni's friend, Tammi.

Turned out that was it, and of course, Carol.

Carol showed all the tuppeware displays, and all the new items and suprsingly, had a huge volume party, well over a thousand dollars.

When Tammi and Jenni left, Joan and Carol, as well as Twila, kiked off their sandals and began cleaning up after the party. Joan was the same age as Carol, and a little shorter, but huge tits, like 42 d's, or so Twila thought.

As they were finishing, Twila made the comment, "this blouse has to go it's too hot, I am going to change into some shorts and a tee shirt,I'll be right back," she explained to her guests.

The three drank some punch left over and as they were drinking it Joan said, "I have something that will kick this punch up a notch," she laughed, pulling a bottle of liquor from her purse.

Even before the liquor was added to the punch, Twila was beginning to loosen up to Carol, and was actually enjoying listening to her stories, and noticed how pretty the tuppeware lady really was.

After a couple cups of the liquor laced punch, all three ladies loosened up a little. Twila, had put on a tight t-shirt with no bra, a pair of cut off shorts, very short, of course no panties, she had been burning up in the Oklahoma heat all day, and was loosening up the most Carol had ever seen.

"Gosh, that's good," Carol said after taking another drink, "that reminds me of that party when I graduated at Mr. Quinn's house," Twila explained.

"We went over there about 9:00 that night, me, Jim Robberts, Gayle Knight, and Sue Borlin, and Mr.and Mrs. Quinn fixed us up some chiken wings and chips and punch," she continued.

"Mrs. Quinn was uncomfortable. She was double our age, about 38 or 39, maybe just 35-36, I can't remember, but she was burning up!. She changed, into a little bitti halter and some really short shorts, I will never forget cause she bent over once and Mr.Quinn caught Jim staring at her ass cheeks," she laughed.

"You like that Jim?," he asked,laughing and turning Jim nine shades of red.

"Mrs. Quinn laughed and pulled a bottle of something off the bar and poured it in the punch and added some ice, with Mr. Quinn asking, 'you sure you want to add that much?' Soon, we were all laughing and giggling," Carol was really enjoying telling this story and Twila and Joan, they were crossing their legs, for some reason, getting wet between their legs as Carol continued the story.

"Mrs. Quinn, after several drinks told us just to call her Marge. And call him Joe was her instructions. Then she asked Sue if she was a virgin, catching us all off guard, and if not for the booze, we would have been uncomfortable, but Sue said, no, I lost it after a basketball game one night and told us who it was, I don't remember now," Carol said laughing.

"How about you Joe? You fucked any high school girls? She winked at him when she asked."

Joe explained that not long ago, working at the local grocery store he was asked to deliver a load of groceries to a lady who's husband had left town for family business and her car wouldn't start, so she called the manager and he decided to deliver her some hamburger meat,buns, beer and chips and asked Joe to drive his car over there.

"When I got there, I looked at her car and someone had unhooked the line from the battery to the alternator, so I finally found some tools in her husbands garage and fixed the problem. She invited me back in to wash my hands and when I came back in she was topless and said nothing, but came and undid my belt and unzipped my pants and one thing led to another and my first one was a married one, but wow, she was awesome," he laughed, the alcohol having a definite effect on him.

To make the story shorter, Carol explained that "Joe" and "Marge" kept kissing and groping and rubbing each other and then when they were in a deep kiss Marge, who was sitting by Sue reached out and ran her hands across her breasts, through her shirt and when Sue didn't resist, they broke their kiss and undressed her, and in minutes, in lust, partly drunk, three teenagers and Mr. and Mrs. Quinn were all naked, these two adults consuming with desire, were having sex with all us teenagers.

"None of was were virgins and we had a blast, we were there until three in the morning," Carol laughed.

For whatever reason, to this day Twila can't tell anyone why, she asked, "so, did "Mr. Quinn, did he just fuck the ladies and the ladies fuck him and Mrs. Quinn fuck Jim or did the ladies all have sex with each other too?"

Carol was stunned, yet aroused, that her tuppeware hostess had asked her this. Joan, she sat on the edge of her chair, legs close together for she had been squirming the last 15 minutes hearing Carol talk about her party at the Quinns, and she smiled.

"Well, let's just say, three women naked, two men naked, we did a lot of touching at first then Sue, well, she made the first move and licked all our pussies first and then the orgie got a lot better cause Jim and Joe regained their hardness instantly, seeing these females kissing and eating each others pussy. And Marge, she had this huge dildo, she used it on Sue and I, and oh my God, I will never forget how I came!," she laughed.

The tuppeware part had been fun for Twila, but now she was horny as hell, and enjoying the hell out of Joan and Carol and now Carol asked the pointed question.

"Was that the only time you have been with a woman?," Joan asked, and the top button, actually the top two had come unbuttoned, and she was showing a lot of clevage, and Twila was squirming, just hoping the other two women didn't see how wet she was.

Moving closer to Joan on the couch, Carol whispered in her ear, "No, and I think you two want to get naked, right here,right now."

Dammed. How did she know that,Twila asked herself. How did she know she could get us so turned on?

Carol carefully unbuttoned Joan's shirt, with no resistance. She kissed Joan on the cheek first, then her lips, and Joan,slowly returned the kiss, very soft at first, then more passionately.

At the end of that kiss Joan turned to Twila, who for reasons unknown, had moved closer to her and kissed her, and ran her hands down the front of her t shirt, and Twila raised her arms, and Joan removed her shirt and soon, all three women were naked and had made their way to the bedroom. In Carol's purse was a dildo, just like the one "Marge" had used on her and Sue years ago.

Twila had never,ever been with a female, Joan only once, and Carol, well, she was the teacher and with two beauties naked on the floor and in the bedroom, her tongue got a lot of exercise, eating both ladies pussy several times.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, God!," Twila screamed, "God, lick me, lick me you bitch," she screamed. Carol made her cum hard seven, maybe eight times before she got Joan to cum with her tongue, although she brought the young friend of Twila's to climax with her fingers.

The tuppeware and party and more, was very much worth all the trouble and already Joan has plans to "host" one and Twila has already booked another.

"I went to buy tuppeware and got my pussy licked better than any time in my life," Joan laughed. "That made it all worth while."

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