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The Therapy

"Good morning Sandra. How are we today?"
Doctor Lara Richardson entered the confines of the padded room, and smiled at the woman sitting
across the small table. She was tied loosely to the chair with light restraints, more as a matter of precaution
than anything else. Her gaze was vacant and lost, but Dr. Richardson's seemed hopeful, as if she were
expecting something.
She quickly sat on the chair facing the table and opened the folder she had been carrying with her. She
sifted through Sandra's dossier, and laid out several pages on the table. Then she reached into the pocket of
her white overcoat and took out a pen and a long cylindrical object, presumably a miniature flashlight. The
patient barely acknowledge her presence.
"Well, Sandra. I've been studying your case for some time. I understand that you've been through a lot,
and don't really want to be here. I can sympathize, but I must also tell you that I alone was responsible for
bringing you here. We could take care of you privately, in my own clinic, with a minimum of fuss. It's
important for me to be honest with you."
She took notice of her patient's expression of frustration, no doubt a result of the lack of recent
memories leading to her arrival here. Nevertheless, she decided to be as open as she could.
"I'm very enthusiastic about several new techniques I've developed, and I can assure you that you will
soon be back on your feet, as autonomous and eager to be a part of society as you were before you came
"I... don't... belong here." Sandra managed. She was still under the influence of the tranquilizer used to
facilitate her transfer here.
"Yes. Well, we'll have to work on that. You have to accept yourself as you are before you are
discharged Sandra. It's a vital part of your treatment. Do you know why you are here?"
Sandra moaned, shaking her head left to right. Dr. Richardson nodded somberly, noting how the patient
had suppressed her emotions. "It's alright. I can tell you. You are here because you were unable to reconcile
your innermost drives with the social pressures and expectations around you."
Sandra looked up, even more confused than before. "What... pressures?"
Dr. Richardson paused for a moment, wondering if it was wise to bring up the subject this early in the
therapy. She opted for an early confrontation, since the subject had brought it up. "Your feelings towards
other women, of course. The impact it would have on your life. The fact that you had secretly lusted after
women for so long, forcing your subconscious to constantly play out scenarios that your conscious self
would not acknowledge..."
The confusion was suddenly replaced by genuine denial, Sandra shaking her head negatively. "That...
can't be! I've never..." Frustrated by her lack of coordination, unable to clearly articulate, Sandra began to
struggle in her chair. The patient's mind was coming out of it's dulled state. Rejection was expected.
"Sandra, listen to me. I know this is a difficult time. We will work together on this. I'll help you get in
touch with those feelings, and you won't live a self-imposed lie anymore." It was important to stress the fact
that she was here to help, so the trusting relationship between patient-doctor could be established.
Sandra continued to struggle with her bonds, confused and angry. Lara chose to see this as a hopeful
sign, having at least confronted the reason for the patient's residence here. She scribbled a few notes on
paper while her patient tried to get off the chair, and then called out to her as she picked up the miniature
flashlight. When she had Sandra's attention, she lifted the device, pointed it towards her, and activated it.
Lara saw the reflection of a red light pulsating in Sandra's eyes, and her patient ceased her futile struggle,
relaxing at once. Lara smiled to herself, noting the woman's satisfactory responses to the hypnotic
suggestions implanted earlier. Then she shut off the light, and spoke in a soft tone.
"Now Sandra, I want you to tell me about the fantasies you've been having."
The patient, totally subjugated by the stroboscopic flashes that had instantly put her under a hypnotized
state, responded with an even softer, calmer voice. "What... fantasies?"
"You don't have to worry, Sandra" Lara reassured her, "Your subconscious self has resurfaced. You
need not be afraid. You can speak honestly and openly, without fear or shame. I want you to confide in me.
Tell me of your girlfriends. Of the women you work with. Of how you yearn to touch them. To caress their
skin. To let them ravish you..."
Sandra empty eyes blinked momentarily, as if confusion had seeped deep inside her mind.
"Tell me, Sandra," Lara prompted, speaking gently, trying to sound as sweet and affectionate as possible,
"Tell me what it would feel like to touch them, to feel them rubbing, naked against your skin, to kiss them,
to feel their soft lips against your own, to feel their hot tongues licking your body... tell me what you think it
would feel like..."
Sandra's breathing quickened. Lara smiled as her suggestions began to have the desired effect. In this
peculiar state, any number of experiences (real or imagined to the subject) could be lived or re-lived.
Presently, the woman sitting before Lara was shifting in her chair, her hospital gown becoming drenched in
her sweat, her nipples hardening, her knees parting instinctively, her breath now coming out in rasping
"Not supposed to... not sure why I'm..."
"*Shhhh*, Sandra. Focus on the experience. Look at how erotic the sight of you and another woman can
be. Feel you consciousness leave your body, Sandra. Look down as you see yourself in the arms of a
woman. See how she kisses you, with a passion unmatched by any man in you have ever met. See her hand,
feel it as she is stroking you between the legs, gently parting your lips, slowly pushing a finger inside your
wet cunt..."
Sandra began to moan. Her barriers crumbled as Lara became more explicit in her descriptions. The
patient's mind was unable to resist the suggestions, incapable of not reacting to the stimuli. Lara's voice,
always soothing, always leading her in the right direction, telling her how to feel, telling her it was alright to
experience such pleasures with another woman...
"You can feel it now, Sandra, building up inside you. You can't hold on much longer. She's caressing
your clit, holding you near as her fingers work magic on your sweet little pussy. You've never felt anything
like it... you're completely consumed by the love of this strange woman, looking into your eyes with longing
passion... her fingers are moving faster... you're almost there now... you can feel it ... slowly... slowly..."
The orgasm was intense. Sandra moaned loudly, shaking against the restraints. She was in the throes of
delicious and forbidden agony, her mind consumed by an image of taboo lust. She felt her body quiver, wave
after wave of pleasure crashing into her, and then she grew limp, what little consciousness that remained
fleeing out of her body.
Lara sat before her, a satisfied look on her face. She jotted down her conclusions in the session report:
*Subject responding wonderfully to implanted suggestions. Subconscious properly stimulated. Sexual
responses beyond expected norms. Standard conditioning can now begin.*
Lara came in for the daily sessions at 10 o'clock every morning. During the third night spent in the
institute, Sandra had been put in heavy restraints, following an episode during the night in which she had
demonstrated violent and angry behavior. Not altogether unexpected.
Sandra was lying down on her bed, strapped down and unable to move.
"Good morning Sandra. I'm sorry we'll have to conduct the session like this. I normally prefer to talk to
my patients face to face, openly. But since your actions during the night necessitated..."
"Necessitated?!! What am I doing here?! WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME?!" Sandra struggled, but
could not escape the bonds that kept her tied to the hospital bed. Lara took a chair and sat next to her,
taking the time to cross her legs. She smiled warmly at her patient.
"Please," urged Dr. Richardson, "screaming will not help."
"The hell it won't!! I'm being held here against my will! You're performing experiments..." her voice
trailed off, unable to finish.
*She won't admit to what I've done to her-that would mean confronting the therapy session-
confronting the physical pleasure she has felt*. Lara mused, smiling. *Good.*
"Yes, let's talk about yesterday's session. Under a suggestive state, you achieved..."
"You... YOU DRUGGED ME!!" the young woman screamed.
" achieved," Lara continued "sexual climax through the contemplation of erotic lesbian imagery.
Specifically, imagery that was buried in your subconscious."
Sandra stopped struggling suddenly, as if Lara's suggestion had taken the fight out of her. To the
psychiatrist's trained eye, she saw momentary confusion, which was soon replaced by fury.
"Bullshit! You're the bitch whose messing with my head! You put those images there!"
The doctor's smile was thin, with a trace of arrogance. "Me? I will have you know that even if I did,
your reaction to them was quite exceptional. Your climax was long, and each time resulted in loss of
consciousness." She paused, her hand caressing her knee in suggestive fashion. "No matter my opinion or
sexual orientation, you must admit this is rather interesting, don't you think?"
Predictably, the subject exploded in sobs. "I was drugged! I don't know what happened! I'm not a
lesbian-please stop doing this to me! Let me go!!"
For a moment, Dr. Richardson's heart tightened in the face of her patient's distress, but she concentrated
on the objective. Though Sandra was fearful (or even hostile) in the face of Lara's therapy, the doctor was
convinced it was for the best-Sandra herself would soon thank her for it.
A quick injection in Sandra's arm went unnoticed as she was racked by hysterical weeping. Soon, she lay
asleep. Lara caressed her lovingly, her hand resting softly on the girl's forehead before fondling her breasts
through the patient gown she wore.
"Don't worry my little Sandra" she promised. "I'll make sure you're alright."
She logged into her report: *Subject has difficulties coming to terms with sexual fantasies-holds a lot
of repressed anger and rage. Feelings of depression brought about by confrontation of these feelings
during sessions, despite success in sexual response treatments.*
The next phase of treatment involved a rather technical approach. Dr. Richardson was eager to begin,
since a lot of Sandra's progress would depend on it. Many of the various steps had been developed by
Richardson herself, notably the stroboscopic sequences that would alter Sandra's behavior. In addition, she
had engineered a breakthrough involving stimulation of certain parts of the brain and injections of solutions
that worked in connection with electrical current to achieve a desired condition.
The first week saw an intensive number of scheduled stroboscopic behavior modification sessions
(SBMS). Lara was able to note some progress, as she tapped in Sandra's unconscious. The young woman
was responding to treatment with surprising speed. Within a number of sessions, Lara was able to note that
her patient would respond unknowingly to sexual stimuli of a lesbian nature. Proportionally, her socially
imposed interest on men declined. By the end of the first week of SBMS, Lara noticed Sandra blushing
momentarily whenever she paid the girl a compliment. The body was responding properly, but it was a far
cry from conscious realization.
Now onto the mind.
"It's me Sandra. Do you recognize my voice?"
A slight pause. "Yes."
The girl was in a hypnotized state again. Lara had placed various tiny electrodes upon the patient's
forehead. With the combination of an induced hypnotic state, an injection of chemicals designed to alter
various reactions deep inside the brain and direct electrical stimulation, the doctor had undertaken the final
stages of behavior modification. She tried to ignore her own deep sense of arousal-it was easy for her to
feel for her patients, whom she helped to cope with feelings that ultimately mirrored her own. Sandra would
soon understand, and both would be free to enjoy unrestrained sexual passion...
*No... not yet. Keep your mind on the business at hand. *
She stood next to her subject, who sat rigidly upright on a chair, her vacant eyes wide open, totally
unaware of the world around her. Except for the soft voice of Dr. Richardson, which she had grown to trust.
"Sandra, I'm here now. I want to talk to you about your therapy. I'm pleased with your progress so far.
I know your subconscious now fully accepts the truth of your sexual orientation."
Sandra shifted in her seat, her expression becoming lustful. The mere suggestion of her newfound lesbian
proclivities was sufficient to arouse her.
"Now we have to work on your conscious self." Continued Dr. Richardson ever so softly. "The two
must not be in conflict."
Sandra was moaning now, squirming on her chair, her panties becoming moist. Lara could smell the
strong odor of her patient's lubrications, and smiled. She got up, and walked slowly over to the woman,
whose eyes blinked to life and settled upon her.
"I've given this a lot of though, Sandra, and I think the best approach would be for you to experience
sexual intercourse with another woman in order to help your body make the transition from a forced
heterosexual mindset to full acceptance of lesbian love."
Sandra was mesmerized by the voice of her doctor, by the woman's body coming ever closer. The
electrodes were sending current directly into her brain, adjusting her mental responses and altering her
thought patterns. As if commanded by her beloved doctor, her hand naturally went to her pussy, and she
began to rub her fingers over the hospital gown and through her panties, the touch sending delightful waves
of pleasure in her body.
Lara smiled. "Good, my dear. Now we can begin the session proper." She paused momentarily, as her
hands rose to unbutton her uniform, and continued. "I'll serve as surrogate subject for the experiment. I've
had a lot of experience in this kind of encounter, so don't worry. I want you to feel very at ease."
Her hands parted the folds of her dress, revealing her naked bosom. Despite Sandra's hypnotic trance,
her eyes grew wide at the sight of the two beautiful milky-white orbs. The top of the dress fell to the floor
and Sandra's breath became shallow as her gaze came upon the soft nipples. Still sitting in her chair, her
hand began rubbing faster through the thin fabric of her gown, her pussy burning with desire. The mere sight
of her beloved doctor's naked breasts was enough to captivate her and channel her emerging lesbian libido.
Sara licked her lips as Lara came closer, lecturing matter-of-factly.
"It has been postulated that the inborn desires and lesbian proclivities of women are deeply rooted in the
female psyche-and find a first outlet in the joys of breastfeeding. The female child is nurtured by her
mother, who can experience a state of arousal from the sensations of her child's lips gently suckling on her
Lara put her hand behind Sandra's head and gently pulled her to her breast. The young woman, totally
mesmerized, responded eagerly, and her tongue gently came out of her mouth, brushing against the nipple of
her lovely doctor.
"Ohhhh. Yes... very good Sandra. I see you're responding quite well to the therapy."
The woman barely heard the comment, totally immersed in the strange, erotic act she was performing
upon her master. She used the tip of her tongue to tease the nipple, feeling it grow hard between her lips. A
part of her, a drowning voice deep in the recesses of her mind, seemed alarmed by all this. But her beautiful
doctor knew what was wrong with her... was helping her come to terms with the feelings inside her.
Negative responses, denials, frustration and fear vanished as imperceptible currents of electricity danced
inside her brain, destroying established neural pathways while strange substances stimulated the growth of
new ones. Everything Lara said was true... everything she felt *was* true... and she wanted to make love to
Lara more than anything else in the world.
Lara's breathing quickened. She gently guided her pupil's mouth to her other breast, smiling in blissful
contentment, knowing that her patient's enthusiasm would only grow as her current behavior became an
integral part of her sexual being. Sandra suckled at her breast, immersed in the sensations, her fingers rising,
caressing the soft skin as she continued to lick. The doctor smiled, urging her on with loving murmurs, her
hands stroking her charge's hair gently.
Finally, Sandra's head lifted, and her tear-filled eyes gazed into Lara's. "I... want... you" was all she
could say, but the burning desire evident in her stare would have been enough. Lara nodded, and began to
carefully remove the small electrodes while the young woman sat obediently. Seconds later, they were gone,
and Lara's hands gently grasped her patient's shoulders. The young woman rose up from the chair as if lifted
by angels, totally mesmerized by the sweet, smiling face of the beautiful woman before her. Her very will
was now transformed, and the object of her desire forever altered. Her heart was thundering rapidly as her
eyes gazed upon the flawless features, the gentle curves, the entrancing lips... their faces drew closer to one
another, their hands roaming softly over each other...
The kiss was both soft and passionate, Lara letting her pupil take the initiative. Sandra began by letting
her tongue run over her mistress' lips, and then pressed her lips to Lara's, her mouth open, her tongue
eagerly exploring Lara's delicate mouth. The sheer eroticism of the act was lighting a fire inside Sandra, and
her head began to spin. She threw herself in the embrace, her body pressing against Lara's as if trying to
merge with her, the intense desire pushing her over the edge. The doctor's treatment had not only altered
Sandra's sexual orientation, but intensified her responses to sexual intercourse. Lara felt herself being
ravished, her slave unable to contain her lust, and lost herself in the moment. She was only dimly aware of
Sandra's growing orgasm, herself in the throes of lustful exhilaration brought upon by the ministrations of
her pupil... and the realization that she had become a sexual goddess to her.
Their hands had not yet explored their wet pussies, their tongues had not yet tasted female cum, and
already both shook with the intense agony of orgasm. Each held the other, locked in a desperate embrace,
clinging to each other for dear life, their lips locked in a ferocious kiss, their bodies quivering in an intense
climax. For long minutes they stood, stifled moans testifying to the sensuous pleasure they felt for each
other, the tremendous orgasmic energies released from their physical forms and permeating their
surroundings with the delicious scent of carnal desire. They fell upon the bed, intertwined, their hands slowly
roaming over their burning skin, removing loose clothes. Lara was blissfully aware of her pupil's newfound
eager lust, Sandra not hesitating to lavish her with soft kisses as she worker her way downwards, hungry for
a taste she now knew was what she had always wanted and needed. She took a moment to tease Lara's erect
nipples, biting in the softness of the milky-white mounts. Lara moaned approvingly, while Sandra continued
her sensual exploration of the female body. Her tongue danced its way down her doctor wet pussy, which
she began to lick as if it were the most natural thing in the world... as if she had relished in this wondrous,
delicate, gratifying passion since the dawn of her sexuality. Long standing memories of heterosexuality were
washed away as she sucked on Lara's clit, her lips drenched in the doctor's juices, the taste of female cum
on her probing tongue. Even as she continued to lick and suck, oblivious to the screams of lustful agony
coming from her sweet mistress, she felt her body tensing up, waves of pleasure rising, coming ever closer,
threatening to wash her off a cliff... and abyss... a deep chasm she desperately wanted to drown into...
She screamed, she howled, she shook as the cascading torrent of emotions and sensations ripped her
psyche apart. When they subsided, she was whole once more. The way Lara wanted her to be. The was she
was meant to be. She was aware of her sweet doctor's embrace, of her delicate touch, of her gentle fingers,
probing her pussy, rubbing her clit, of her sweet lips, sucking her earlobe, her soft voice whispering in her
*"You are mine, Sandra. You are my assistant... my lover... you will abandon your old life and come to
me... forever."*
Sandra gazed into Lara's eyes, smiling, and answered with a lascivious kiss.
"Good morning, Beatrice. How are you today?"
The dazed woman looked up, her thoughts a jumbled blur. Two women in labcoats sat on metal chairs, a
few feet away from her. She tried to sit up, but found that restraints kept her tied to her own chair. Her
confused eyes roamed about. She could tell she was in what appeared to be a psychiatric ward, but could not
remember how she got there, or why she was here.
"I'm doctor Lara Richardson." said one of the women. "This is my assistant, miss Sandra Rosen."
She paused, while both smiled.
"We're here to help you."


End of Story

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