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The Stripper

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Every Friday nite my boyfriend would go to the strip club with the guys. Then come over to my place. Drunk & horny. Want sex. Then pass out before or during sex. I got fed up with having to try to get his 200lbs of dead weight off of me, so I told him I'd get on top from then on.

That helped from the point I didn't have to get him off of me, but his cock went soft 95% of the time before we finished. I got left horny. So I had to use my dildo or vib to get myself off.

Finally I told him he had to take me to the club with him on Friday nite, or don't bother coming over looking for sex. He did.

His buddies got there first. They got a table right next to the stage. I ended up facing the stage, which made me feel awkard as hell. Most of the girls did nothing for me, but as guys are guys, they yelled & whistled.

Then this girl, I won't mention her name, came out. She spotted me. Did she make me blush or what. Once naked, a lot of her dancing was done right in front of me, with her looking down at me. She had a tongue that belonged in a lizard. It was the longest tongue I had ever seen in a human. Not that I had seen that many human tongues.

She would stand right in front of me. Look at me. Slowly stick it our. Curl it up & down. Wiggle it from side to side. Then slowly pull it in, as if lapping up something. It made me wet as hell. Get goose bumps everywhere. My nipples got harder then they had ever been.

That nite during sex, all I could think of, was that tongue of hers, fucking me. Fucking me. Fucking me. It was the first time I had an orgasm in weeks.

A few weeks went by. My boyfriend went out with the boys. I never asked him where he was going, but figured it was to the club. This Thursday I asked him if he was going there. He said no. So I had a plan.

I wanted to see if what she had done to me that nite, she did to all the girls that were at the club. There were a few there the nite I was there.

I put on a wig. Wore different make-up. Clothes one of my girlfriends left there by mistake. Then headed over to the club.

I sat towards the back. Guys hit on me. Told them to get lost. If they persisted. Told them I had a boyfriend. He was a big guy. Got jeleous as hell. Angry at any guy who tried to hit on me. Would take them outside. Beat the crap out of them, etc, etc. They finally left me alone.

She came out. Did her routine. Never did to any of the girls there that nite, what she did to me. It made me feel sort of special. I was finishing up my drink, when she appeared at my table.

Asked me where my bf was. I tried to get away with not knowing who she was, but was wrong to try. She named who he was. The nite I was there. How embarrased I had looked. But how turned on she had made my with her tongue routine. And that she bet, that nite while my bf & I were having sex, all I could think about was her tongue & what it could do to me. She had me cold.

I admitted I was that girl. That she was right about her tongue & what I was thinking during sex that nite. Also all the other nites during sex.

She told me she was off the next day & that she wanted me to meet her at another place the next nite. I agreed. The though both scared me & excited me, for some reason.

I met her there. It was a lesbian bar. We drank. We danced. We kissed. She stuck that big tongue down my throat. I almost gagged on it. It felt good though. We left & went back to her place.

She had me sit on the couch. Put on some music. Stripped. Then said she was going to give me a lap dance. Said she bet my bf never told me about all the lap dances he had paid for from her & some of the other girls. That pissed me off to no end. That he was out that nite with one of the other dancers, doing what guys like to do. Fuck girls their gf don't know about. I don't know what she was trying to tell me, other then to get me madder by the minute at the bastard.

I got the lap dance. She brushed her nipples across my lips. They were big nipples. The biggest I had seen. Dared me to suck on them. I did & enjoyed it. Then to kiss & suck on her boobs. Again the same. I was changing. Never had I thought of being with another girl for sex, but now I was.

She helped me off with my tops. We played with each other boobs, as she tongue fucked me in my mouth & down my throat. I wanted her to fuck me another place with that tongue of hers.

I stripped the rest of my clothes off. Sat on the couch with legs apart & me holding them up. She knelt in front of me. Teased the hell out of my clit with that tongue. Did the same with my pussy lips. Had them swollen in no time. Spread the lips wide with her fingers. Then stuck that long tongue in me. Used it like it was a cock. I closed my eyes & enjoyed ever second of that kind of sex. We became friends & lovers. Little did my bf know I had a real lover now.

The end.


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