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The Inquisitor (Chapter 14) (Now were back on track)

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The left her chambers and made their way through the castle toward the Queen's tower. The princess became aware of a strange sensation filling her. She felt filled with warmth. Though her stomach should have sloshed from all of the milk she had drunk, she felt strangely light and safe.

They hurried and soon found themselves in the courtyard. Normally deserted or filled with soldiers, they were surprised to find a good many ladies of the court there as well. All were resplendent, in fine shimmering gown, all striking beauties in their own right.

Each bore a red gem at the neck, and in the torchlight, they gave off an eerie glow. The ladies were silent as the princess and the maid entered, but she could feel their eyes burning holes in them. She even heard a low hiss from one as she passed.

At last, they entered the Queen's golden tower, and began to climb the great marble stair which wound up into the darkness above. As they climbed, they passed a small arrow notch, through which the dark tower could be seen. Though black and foreboding, a bright blue light spilled from beneath the eave of the highest turret.

They hurried on, past more strange runes and marking lining the tower's inner wall. At last they reached the top, where before them stood a massive stone archway. Set into it was an equally massive door, deep rich wood, dark and red, dramatically carved with intertwined figures.

As she beheld the door, the princess could make out both animal and human shapes, all writhing together. The carving itself seemed to pulsate with sexual energy.

Chrysanthemum the maid drew herself up to her full height, and knocked soundly on the thick wood. Its percussion could be heard bounding within. As the princess looked from the door to the maid, she could see Chrysanthemum's shoulders thrown back, jaw set, eyes defiant.

All at once, the door opened with a whoosh, swept aside as by a great wind. Within, soft blue light flickered about the stone walls of the antechamber. The maid took the princess's hand, and led her through the first series of rooms, each more luxurious than the last.

At last the chambers emptied into the Queens vast bed chambers. Everywhere was gold, precious gems, sumptuous fabrics and pillows, surrounding the biggest bed the princess had ever seen. It could easily accommodate at least twenty people, and was layered in huge pillows and silks.

From lanterns hung round the room, lovely blue light spilled from heavy stained glass portals. The princess turned round and round, gazing in wide wonder at the opulence of the chamber, her eyes drinking in glorious riches. At last her gaze returned to the massive bed, where her eyes found the Queen.

The Queen reclined at the head of the bed, resting against a mountain of pillow against the towering bedstead. She lay with her back against them, her arms stretched out across their tops. Her blonde tresses were loose, and they spilled down 'round her face and shoulders in great looping curls. Her face shown in the light; her eyes sparkling. Her eyes and lashes were flecked with gold, and the anxious princess found her extremely attractive.

She wore the most beautiful garment the princess had ever seen. Though styled similar to a laced bodice or corset, it fit snugly against the skin, almost as if painted on. It shimmered in the light, at times appearing blue, at times a light red.

It was nearly transparent, the Queens smooth skin shining brightly through, her dark and erect nipples standing out against the tight fabric. It came from over the shoulders down into a deep V, crisscrossed with gossamer golden threads, reining the Queen's large breasts together, barely contained. It appeared to the princess as if they may pop the laces altogether.

Beneath her wonderful breasts, the garment slid tight against her midriff, down to where it would normally attach to the skirting. Instead, it arched high up onto the thigh, and plunged down to a small strip, sliding between the Queen's legs.

In truth, her large breasts made the garment so tight, that it cut sharply into the Queen's cleft, showing a tantalizing peek of her soft pink lips. Though the princess was fearful, the sight of the Queen in her sensuous garment awoke a spark of desire deep within.

"Ah, welcome my dears." she cooed, brilliant smile dazzling them both. "It has been a busy day, and I am glad for your company." From her bed, she bade them come forward, till they stood before her at the foot of the giant bed.

"My dear Chrysanthemum." she began. "Has she been cleaned and prepared.?

"Yes, my Queen." bowed the maid.

"And has she learned her lessons well... have you taught her all?" asked the Queen.

"Yes, my Queen. She is indeed worthy." Chrysanthemum replied softly.

"Very well..." said the Queen. "We shall see. Remove her dress, Chrystanthemum. Bid her stand before as she has done for your master."

The maid did as she was told, unlacing her dress, sliding it down to reveal the princess's naked and smooth skin. The princess stood tall, her breasts slowly rising and falling, the light playing across her bright skin.

The Queen ravished her with her eyes, gobbling up her breasts with their hard reddened tips, the soft silky skin above her sex, the curves of her sides. A wicked smile crossed her lips as she looked her up and down.

"Now, my dear..." said the Queen, addressing the princess. "Do for me as you have been shown. Pleasure yourself as when the Inquisitor's chimes sound!"

And as she spoke, the chimes resounded throughout the chamber. The deep vibrations thrummed through the princess's body, their tones so much more intense here than in her own chambers. At once, her loins responded, with a sudden force that shocked the princess.

She began to pleasure herself before the Queen, her hands sliding down to play with her nipples, pinching and twisting and plucking, soft at first, but then stronger, until they stood out hard and swollen.

As one of her hands remained playing with her nipples, her other slid down to find herself wet with anticipation. Her fingers played about her slick button, and until they could not resist sliding into herself.

"Very good, my love..." whispered the maid, her own eyes watching the princess hungrily. The entire room hummed with the deep chimes, and all within were held in a dark sexual sway. The maid could feel herself growing aroused, watching the princess play before the Queen.

"Yes, my dear. That's lovely." purred the Queen, her voice deep and throaty. The princess could see the Queen's own nipples had grown quite hard under their strange garment, and the tiny restraint 'twixt the Queen's thighs had grown exceedingly wet.

"Now more! Slide them in! Fill yourself up!" she cried, her eyes hungrily watching as the princess ferociously pleasured herself.

Peals of thunder began to growl outside, as the princess stood before the Queen, fingers deep inside, her eyes locked with the Queen's. Throughout the castle, the ladies in waiting became frenzied, quickly pairing off and heading for their quarters. Some found their husbands or lovers along the way, others whomever they came across, guiding them to their beds.

At last the princess threw her head back, her body coursing with a deep orgasm.

"Yesss..." hissed the Queen. "Yes!"

Her eyes sparkled in the light, and outside the thunder grew closer. The princess stood as before, her skin now wet with sweat, legs unsteady.

"You may bring her into the bed now, Chrysanthemum." purred the Queen, her shining eyes searching the maid. She watched as the maid guided the princess up onto the great bed.

"And remove your skirting as well. I want to be able to touch you. But, hear me, Chrysanthemum..." she continued to the maid. "Remove not your bodice or corset. You shall not loose your breasts again in my presence."

She did as commanded, removing her dresses until her long legs and excited sex shone bright against the silken sheets of the Queen's bed, her great breasts still tightly constrained within their corset prison.

The two subjects drew near to their Queen, their hands sliding from place to place, seeking out pleasure upon the Queen. Soon the tightly stretched lacings had indeed popped, allowing the Queen's massive round breasts to burst free.

The princess and the maid each took a nipple into their mouths, and their tongues lashed and suckled against her swollen nipples. Much to the princess's surprise, milk issued from the Queen's breasts as well, though it was terribly hot, and not nearly as sweet as the maid's.

The maid however sucked ferociously at the Queen's breast, milk jetting into her open and waiting mouth, while the princess began to kiss down the Queen's belly. When she reached the Queen's thighs, she pushed them apart, pulling strong at the cloth covering her sweet crescent.

Once free of its sharp bond, the princess found the Queen wet and receptive. Her mouth locked onto the Queen, her tongue exploring her. She could hear the Queen's moans deepen as she lashed at her with her mouth and tongue. She was smooth below, just as the princess was now, and her tongue found purchase upon the Queen's secret button, sucking and drawing it into her mouth again and again.

From time to time, the princess would peek up to see what else was transpiring in the great bed. Presently, the maid was on her hands and knees facing away from the Queen, bucking back hard against some unseen device the Queen was ramming home. Her face was contorted into a mask of sheer pleasure as she rode against it again and again. With her other hand, the Queen was fiercely pinching one of her own nipples.

"Aaaaa.... Aaaaa!" cried the Queen, her moans low and breathy. As the thunder outside grew closer, the princess began to slide fingers in and out of the Queen's wet opening, all the while her mouth locked around her smooth button. "More!" cried the Queen. "Oh give me more!"

The princess obliged her, sliding one finger after another into the Queen. Before long, her whole hand slid deep inside the Queen, her walls tight and quivering around her wrist.

"Yes, my loves! Keep on!" wailed the Queen, the thunder outside crashing as if in the very room. "OH YES! GIVE ME MORE!"

The Queen released the maid from the thrusting device, and bade her come round and lend her own fingers behind. The maid complied, sliding in behind the Queen, and adding a few fingers to the Queen's bucking ass. The Queen screamed in pleasure as the very air began to crackle with energy.

The princess could feel the Queen's thrusts hard around her hand, and was shocked when the Queen bade her give the other hand as well. The princess let go with her mouth to cast a questioning look up at the writhing Queen.

"Do it!" she commanded, her long blond tresses flying as she rode the princess's hand. The princess brought her other hand to the Queen's sopping opening, and to her surprise, slid it slowly inside the Queen.

The princess was aghast as she saw the Queen stretch to easily accommodate the new arrival, both hands disappearing into her pumping frame.

The thunder crashed without, so loud as to shatter stone. All at once, the opening strongly tightened around the princess's hands, and the Queen was taken in an earth-shaking climax.

The princess cried out as the Queen's wet interior gripped her ferociously tight, as if to break her bones. The climax stretched out longer and loud around the princess's hands, with the maid's many fingers still inserted behind.

At long last, the Queen's hold released, and allowed the princess and the maid to withdraw their members. The princess' face and hands shone with the Queen's wetness, and her jaw hung open at what she had just witnessed.

Presently, the peals of thunder subsided as the Queen lay breathless on the giant bed, drenched in sweat. The princess and the maid found themselves nearly exhausted, and could barely crawl to collapse beside her. The Queen brought her arms around each of them, and they all lay quiet for a time.

After a while, he Queen kissed the maid sweetly, whispering, "I know why you deny me, my Sister..."

"What you believe I have stolen from you. But you have taught your student well. Far better than any before her. Though YOU resist me, your apprentice pleasures me with your own tricks."

The maid looked up at the Queen, great tears silently slipping down her cheeks. She opened her mouth to speak, but held them to herself like a blanket. The two shared a long moment between them, which the princess understood not.

Suddenly, they broke their gazes. The princess could almost hear an audible crack as they looked away, but consigned it to imagination.

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