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The Dressing Room Part I

Hi, I just have to tell someone what happened to me(Or
maybe what I did). I got a lot of cash for my
eighteenth birthday, so I decided to pamper myself by
going to the mall and buying really nice underwear.
Nothing makes me feel sexier than putting on my Bras
and panties after a shower. Anyway I was in one of the
nicest stores in L.A. and just browsing through
everything when this very erotic looking blonde came
walking in with some guy. I couldn't take my
eyes off her, she was beautiful. He went over and took
a seat in the corner like he was and was ready for the
wait. The blonde came slinking toward me and I was
getting a little embrasssed, because she looked
straight at me and got me a little flustered. She was
actually getting me excited and that was a strange new
feeling for me. I have never thought a woman would
have that kind of effect on me, she was so sensous you had
to notice. I really wanted to speak to her but was
too excited and aroused to respond. I managed a weak
smile, but my heart was starting to race a little and
I was a bit confused by what was happening to me. She
was looking at the bras on the other side of the rack,
and as she got closer to me, I was getting excited to
be so near her. She was beautiful, with dark green
eyes, dark blonde hair and a rich olive complexion,
and she was wearing the thinnest, sexiest top I'd ever
seen in a public place. I couldn't help but look at
her nipples, because they were showing right thru the
material. I looked up and she was looking right at my
breast and that sorta removed some of my guilt. She
looked at me almost like she was flirting with me and
I liked it. As she got directly in front of me my
heart was pounding , and I just couldn't stop staring
at her. Finally she passed by me, I couldn't take
anymore, I grabed some bras and headed for the
dressing room. God! I was actually getting turned
on by this woman, and it was a strange, nice, and
excitng feeling. This was all new, when I showered
with other girls in high school this never happened
before. I got to the dressing room quickly and took
the stall toward the back and apparently I was so
flustered I didn't completely close the curtain. I
had my back turned to the entrance as I removed my
top and bra, but when I picked up the first bra to
try on, I turned toward the front of the booth to use
the mirror and there she was in the booth across from
me. I froze, she was standing there with her top off
and displaying the most beautiful breast. She
was standing at an angle to me and I had a perfect
profile of her breast, and her now fully erect,
nipples, they were beautiful and she was just
standing looking at herself in the mirror. I just
stood there feasting on her beauty. God, this was
weird, but I couldn't stop looking at her. Finally she
turned toward me and looked straight at my breast. I
was dumb struck and didn't know what to do. She smiled and
then started putting on one of the bras she had chosen. She
turned toward the mirror and started fondling or massaging
her breast thru the bra.
Oh god! I was dying she had me so excited I couldn't
think. She was turning me on, I was getting embrassed
and wasn't sure what to do, but I didn't stop
looking. I must have dropped the bra, because the next thing
I knew I was standing there watching her, cupping and
fondling my breast. This was the most exciting thing
I'd ever done. My heart was pounding and I loved it.
She held up a pair of thongs to look at for a second
or two and then she started to removed her spandex
shorts, she was going to try on the panties, as she
turned to face me I was about to lose it.
I wanted to do something, but wasn't sure what. She
was totally shaven, tanned all over, she was so
beautiful and I wanted to feel her skin or something,
but I was certainly too scared. Damm I wish I had
more nerve. She spread her legs and put her hand
directly over self, not trying to hide herself, but I
think teasing me. She started to rub herself and then
slowly, seductively slid her hands up to her breast.
She never took her eyes off my breast, but stood for
another minute fonding and caressing her own tits.
She reached for the panties, and slowly pulled them up
to cover herself. She wiggled a little to get the
panties on, and is was so erotic, I was going out of
my mind. She started to rub herself thru the panties,
like she was trying to position them, but what she was
doing was driving me crazy, and that's exactly what
she wanted to do.
Oh god, I was so turned on and I wanted to be standing
closer to her, maybe hug her or something. She smiled
and lowered her hands back down to her panties.
She slowly removed the panties and then brought her
hand back up to caress and fondel her pussy. As she
stood gently sliding her middle finger up and down
the lips of her pussy, I never stopped looking.
I was staring at her and I didn't care. I realized,
I was standing there with my hand under my skirt
playing with myself. I was so wet it was incredible
and I wanted to be closer to her, but was just too
afraid. She removed the bra and stood looking at me,
almost daring me to come to her. It was a game to her,
and she could win only by getting me over there. I
was wet and ready for the next step, and I didn't
care anymore I wanted to touch her and feel her skin
against mine. This was insane, but I was going
to go to her. Just as I took one step toward her, I
heard someone say "does anyone need any help"? I
panicked and froze in my steps.
The blonde said "No thanks, I'm almost finished.
I couldn't speak, but instead stuck my head out and
shook it to indicate, no. Oh god, I was never so
scared in my life. I just tried to get dressed to get out
of there as fast as I could. When I stepped out of
the stall the blonde blocked my path, and handed me a
note. She said, "Please here's my number, call me, my
name is Sindy and my husband will be going to work in
less than an hour. I want you to come share some wine
with me, and maybe we can finish what we started."
She turned and walked away, I waited a few minutes
trying to collect myself, and then walked out to the cashier.
It was the young lady that came to the door of the
dressing room. She said her name was Karen, and ask if
everything fit okay. I explained I was going to try some of
them on at home and would be back the next day. She said,
she saw me go into the dressing room and wanted to come
help me, but she got busy. She went on to tell me
she was working the next day and if I came in anytime
between 3 and 5 she was never busy then, and would
very much like to help me try on things then, if
I wanted. She was really pretty, small, but had a
perfectly gorgeous body, and very voluptuous for a
small person. Her breast were really nice, very full,
sorta flowed up out of the top she was wearing.
So beautiful, she was probably Mexican, but had no
accent, so maybe she was born here in California. I
Loved looking at her and I think she knew it. She was
really a very sweet person amd now I was kinda sorry that
I got so scared. I thanked her and paid for my purchase
and left. I did call Sindy and it was one of the best
things I ever did. We drank wine and talked for a while,
and when she thought I was relaxed and okay with what she
wanted to do, she made her move. She leaned over and kissed
me, and I swear it was the most exciting minute of my life.
I couldn't believe how much I enjoyed her lips on mine. She
moved slowly at first, she knew this was all new to me and
she was being very kind. As I grew more comfortable, she
didn't hold back, and kissed every inch of my body as she
removed my clothes, piece by piece. She was the most passionate
person I'd ever been with. She sent me to a hold new level
and I loved it. I'll never give up men, but she sent me to
a level no man could ever understand.
The next day I did go back to the store to exchange some
of the things. I'd been so nervous and so very consumed
by Sindy, that I think I missed some signals from
As I'm driving to the store it occured to me, maybe
she wanted me to come back for other reasons. She had
worded her statement very carefully. Since she was so sexy
and cute, well... When I got to the store Karen was there
and working all alone, and there was not one other customers.
Perfect, I said hello, and ask if she had time to help
me and she said of course, "I wouldn't miss the chance."
Now I was sure she was interested. God, she was so cute
and I swear, her dress was sexier and showing more breast
than the one from the day before. I was not going to
take a chance on her getting busy again. I quickly
grabbed some things to try and told her I was ready.
Choosing my words carefully and I was hoping she was
ready. She said go ahead, take the very first stall
and put on what ever you want to try and I'll be right in
to check them. I was nervous, but really wanted to do
this. My heart was racing a little and I liked it, maybe
I was about to find a new friend. I removed my top and
my bra. I had chosen a bra with the lowest cut, with some
lace and it was about as sexy as a bra can get. I put it
on and looked in the mirror, it was hot and should get
some response from Karen. Within a minute she was there
and she didn't hesitate to look at my large fully
displayed breast. It was almost like they were being
served on a platter, an offering to her. She looked
wantonly at them and said, "beautiful, what a nice choice
for you." I could tell she was nervous, but a little excited.
She ask me to turn around, as I did so, she slid her
hands across my back, and said "looks really good
here". She ask if it was comfortable. I told her it
was very much so. She placed her hands on my back again,
and so slowly she moved them to the center and started to
run her fingers along the straps. She ask if I thought
they need to be adjusted. I loved the attention and said,
do what ever you think best. She said lets adjust them a
little and see how you like it. God, I loved what she was
doing so much. She slid her fingers under the strap and
began extending them. I was getting turned on already.
She continued to slide her fingers around under the straps
and finally she ask me to raise my arms. She moved her
hands along the band to the front and placed them under my
breast, and ask me if the cup was comfortable. I said, "
very." She then placed her fingers in the top of the bra and
ask if it was too tight and I replied, no it feels perfect.
We were both probing and exploring, and we knew it, but it
was exciting and a wonderful feeling. She cupped my breast
again, this time she lifted, and I felt like she was
squeezing them a little. As she was holding my breast,
I felt her tits rubbing against my back, and I loved it.
God, I was getting so turned on. Finally she said, "This
is great, I would like to see you try the matching thong,
shall I go get them? I was more than willing to try anything
she wanted, and told her yes, please.
By the time she got back I had removed my skirt and was
standing there with my feet spread apart, wearing my heels,
stockings, panties and bra. She stopped and looked, long
enough to take it all in, and I think enjoying it very much.
She stood there and casually looked me over, from top to bottom
and then slowly back up. She said, here try these. As she stood
looking, I slid my panties down over my shoes, and started to
pull the thongs on, she said here let me help you. She
stepped forward, to take hold of each side of the thongs and
gently she began to slowly pull them up, never taking her eyes
away from the newly trimmed hair on my pussy. My heart was
pounding and I wanted her, right here and now. I wanted
something more from her and I was going to try to have it.
As she looked up, I put my hands on her shoulders and she
immediately raised her beautiful beaming face toward mine.
So pretty, she had the sexiest most erotic mouth, with pouty
full lips and I couldn't resist. I was going to make a move,
I leaned forward and she raised herself up on her toes to
meet my lips. Oh God, she was as ready as I was. Her mouth
was eager and she was probing with her tongue and pulling
me closer to her. God this had to be the most exciting thing
I'd ever done. My heart was pounding, my mind was racing, it
was all too much too fast, but I was not stopping. Karen
was really turned on, and I thought she was going to suck
the tongue right out of my mouth. She was every bit as
turned on as I was. As we stood there embracing, I could
feel her firm tits pressing against mine and it was so
incredibly wonderful, different and exciting. My heart
had never pounded so fast and I was so full of lust for her.
We were pressing our breast together harder and harder.
Starting to grind our bodies together, as she began running
hers hands all over my butt and my back. It was like a
marathon and neither of us could get there fast enough,
and I was right there with her all the way. I was
breathing harder and very desperate to have more of
her right now, but she pulled away and said I'm sorry,
but I have to go check the floor or somebody will
come back here looking for me. God, I was so turned
on, and I could only nod. I had soaked the thongs, the
wetness from my pussy was soaking right thru them.
It was okay, because I knew I was going to buy them.
God, I wanted to do more with her. She was exciting,
but also so sweet, and wonderful. I wanted her so badly.
I waited a couple more minutes and got most of my
composure back and then slowly got dressed. I went
out to the sales floor and she was with a customer,
so I knew our brief, but incredible encounter was
over. I browsed until she finished with her customer,
and then purchased the bra and panties. When she
picked up the thongs, she could feel the wetness,
she put them to her lips and kissed them. I loved it,
and told her I wanted to return the gesture, but with
her wearing them. She laughed and it felt good, we were
past the probing and discovery stage. We were both
ready to move forward, maybe be more passionate. We
agreed to meet after she got off work. I have to go
to school and will tell you more later. I will
tell you this now, there is a wonderful new world
out there for me, and for you.

Hi, I'm back. Well let me tell you about an exciting
evening. Karen and I agreed to meet after work, and
since she didn't have a car I would drive her home.
It would be over two hours till she got off work,
so I had lots of time. I was too turned on to
concentrate on driving but somehow I made it home
okay. My mom was there waiting for Dad and as soon
as he got home we would have dinner. My Mom was
hott, I mean really hott, she had beautiful blue eyes
and was taller than most women by about two or three
inches and that made her body seem so much shapely
than other women. My Dad knew it too and really
appreciated how she took care of herself and how she
was always so sexy and approachable. I loved my Mom
and would never do anything to hurt her, but I swear
there were times I had thoughts of walking up
to her and kissing her right on the mouth, she was
just that sexy. I was trying to keep thinking about
Karen and how this was going to be a special evening
and I wanted to wear my new panties and bra, so after
giving my Mom a hug, I headed for the laundry room
to wash my new things. I came out of the laundry
room just in time to see my Dad making out with Mom
and feeling up her ass, and I can't tell you how many
times that has happened. They were always at each
other and I thought it was wonderful. We had dinner
and I was off to the bathroom to prepare for the
evening. I soaked and pampered myself for at least
half an hour. I shaved my legs and trimmed the hair
on my pussy. It was shaped like a heart and I wanted
it to look good so karen would like it.
When I left Mom and Dad were no where to be seen, but
I know Dad was on his knees in front of Mom with his
head under her skirt. He loved taking her very
spontaneously and she knew it, so she was always
ready for him, and hoping I think. When I got to the
mall I parked exactly where Karen and I had agreed.
Within ten minutes she was out of the mall and walking
toward me, God she was sexy. She was wearing a short
skirt and it swayed as she walked quickly toward me.
Once inside the car, she looked around to see if there
was anyone that could see us. She leaned over and gave
me a quick kiss. God, she was so cute, as soon as we
were out of the parking lot she laid down on the seat
and started to kiss my thighs. She ran her hand up and
down the length of my leg and finally touched my pussy with
her fingers. This was way fast for me, but I was not
stopping her. No, I loved it and if she kept going I was
going to cum before she ever kissed my pussy. I was so
turned on I didn't even ask her, but drove the less than
ten minutes to my house. I was so turned on , I was ready
to taste her pussy, suck and fondle those gorgeous,
voluptous tits. My parents were not home, and that was
great, because I didn't want any delays in getting my mouth
all over her. Once inside my bedroom, we were all over
each other, like to two animals in heat. I didn't take time
to open her top, but pulled it down off her shoulders
and went directly to her tits, her nipples were beautiful,
very long and rock hard. I sucked her tits as I removed her
clothes. Her panties were soaking wet and Iremembered what
I said to her when she kissed my panties in the store. I
pushed her onto the bed and stood for a minute enjoying her
beauty as I dropped my skirt on the floor and peeledoff my
top. She smiled because she recognized the panties and bra.
I wasted no time but went to my knees in front of her and
started kissing her pussy through her panties. She was so
incredibly wet, but oh so sweet. I removed her panties and
hesitated for a few seconds to admire her beautiful mound,
it was swollen and screaming to be kissed, licked, sucked,
fucked or anything else for that matter. She was so beautiful
lying there, and she was going to be my first taste of a woman.
I buried my face between her legs and tried hard to lick her
dry, but the juices kept flowing as if she was trying to drown
me. It was precious, she was dug her fingers into my hair,
holding my mouth against her pussy and fucking my mouth as
hard as her little body allowed. Suddenly she stopped and
slid off the bed onto the floor in front of me and said I want
to taste me. With that she started to lick and kiss my mouth.
God! She did the cutest things, and it made me want her even
more. After a few minutes of licking herself off my face, she
said okay you, get up on the bed. With me lying flat on my
back in the center of the bed. She started at my feet, a slow
trip up toward my pussy, she was stroking my legs while she
kissed her way toward the wettest part of my body. My very
wet pussy and she was making it wetter with this slow routine
of hers. I couldn't wait, I had my fingers on my pussy by
the time her mouth arrived, but she pushed them aside
and started to lick me. God she knew what to do to me. I
was going crazy with lust and wanted to do more. Suddenly
she turned and placed her pussy directly above my hungry mouth.
She was not slowing down and within a few minutes juices were
flowing from both of us. It was only a few more minutes till
we were both cumming. It seemed like I was never
going to finish and Karen kept herelf tight against
my mouth, so I think she was as starved as I was. After
hugging, kissing and holding each other for a few more
minutes my better judgement returned and we decided to get
dressed. I did something I always wanted to do, I dressed
Karen. She let me dress her completely, from her bra and
panties to her skirt and top. It to me was very erotic and
I was going to be doing more of that for sure. We were dressed
and sitting in the kitchen having snacks when my parents came
home. I introduced them to Karen and I swear my mother had an
instant attraction to Karen. It was like she was flirting
with her. I wasn't jealouse, but I was shocked to see my Mom
act that way. She never did that with any of my friends from
high school, maybe it was because we were younger then. She
didn't even do that with my Father, maybe she sensed someting
I didn't know about, or maybe Karen just instantly like her
more than expected. After my Mom went into her bedroom, Karen
said to me you have a great mom, she's beautiful and really
sexy. I knew then something was probably going to happen
between the two of them. While we were driving to Karen's
house, I remembered my father was going out of town on
business for the week-end, a hunting trip, I think. So
I invited Karen to spend Saturday night with me and she
quickly agreed. I was dying to see if anything would happen
with my Mother and her. Maybe there was a reason I was always having
these inclinations to kiss my Mom.
After dropping Karen off, I got back home to find my mother sitting
in the living room watching TV. When I told her Karen was staying over Saturday night, she sat up, and said really, that will be nice. Yes,
I think so too, she is all excited about being around you and getting
to know you better. I was getting excited just thinking about all
that could happen. We'll see.

It was only Thursday and I was counting the hours
until I would be in bed with Karen for a whole
night. We had already decided on a movie
for this evening and I met her at work and we saw the
movie at the mall. She was always really aggressive
and I loved it, because I was a bit of a coward,
so we were a really good fit. There was not many
people in the early showing, so we held hands and
played with each other a little. We talked about
her job and how it was so easy for her to meet
women. I ask her if she had ever been with Sindy,
and she said no, but admitted she did try, and
Sindy was just not interested. She went on to
say she knew Sindy had met several people
in the dressing room, because she was in the store
often and she always took an extra long time when
someone cute was in there with her. She told me
she had a steady boyfriend up until about two months
ago and she just got tired of the same boring things
all the time. His sex was always the same and not
always satisfying for her. She just felt he was too
selfish, and she thought she should date other guys,
so she broke it off. Interestingly she was not
unhappy about it, but rather relieved about not being
connected anymore. During the drive home we talked
about Saturday and Karen ask if My Mom was going to be
home or if she was going with my Dad. I told her that
my Mom was going to be home and was looking forward
to her spending the night. Karen was quite for a
couple of seconds and then said I think your Mom is
so beautiful and I'm looking forward to being around
her. I told her my Mom had made the same comment
about her and that really brought a glow. Strange,
I was not jealous, but getting a bit turned on to
what could happen between them.
Saturday morning took for ever to come, but I took
advantage when it did arrive. I slept really late,
and when I finally got up I went into the kitchen,
and my Mom was there making pizza dough. God, she
was beautiful and at 37 years old she had a great
body and was probably at her sexual peak. She had
been busy, she'd alrady gone for a petticure and a
manicure. She had three big pizza doughs ready
and was standing there kneading them. She said she
was taking a chance that Karen would like pizza.
When I brought my high school friends over they always
ask for my mom's Pizza. They loved it, and I told her
I was sure Karen would too. My Mom was as eager as I was
to have Karen sleeping over, and this was very exciting.
This could turn out to be excatly what I wanted to see
happen, this was going to be more fun than I originally
thought. Karen was working until 6 pm and I was sitting
in the parking lot waiting for her when she came thru the
door. God she was sexy, I mean unusually so, and she
worked at it with every step she took. It was like she
wanted to turn you on and then was willing to do something
about it. She was wearing extra tall heels, a very short
skirt and a silk top withabout twenty buttons, and I swear
eight of them were open. She was wearing a demi bra and
showing lots of breast. She certainly didn't spend the day
with all those buttons open, maybe she opened a couple extra
ones for me. She was absoutely gorgeous and my mother
was going to have to react to her.
She jumped into the car and as soon as we were out of
the parking lot she leaned over and kissed me full on
the mouth. God she was brave, but so much fun, and I
was anxious to get home. I was just dying to see how
far she and my Mom would go with exploring each other
like I was so sure they were going to.
I was perfectly willing to turn her loose on my Mom,
and I was going to sit back and enjoy the show.
Mom was standing at the door when we arrived, and
Karen started to smile, this was too much.
It's like these two knew they were going to have their
way with each other. Karen had a small bag and I
purposely carried it, because I wanted her arms and
hands to be free to do whatever. Mom instantly
hugged her, firmly and a little longer than one would
expect from someone that didn't know a person real
well. Karen didn't back away, it was what she wanted.
My mom was wearing a dress. A flowing full
fabric, but a very thin dress. No slip and she was
unbuttoned to about the third button and showing lots
of gorgeous breast.
Karen didn't miss it either. She was soaking it all
in and my mom was such a flirt she was loving it, she
was getting the reaction she wanted.
These two were busy lusting over each other's breast
and they didn't care what I was doing.
I announced I was taking Karen's bag to my room, and
would be back in a couple of minutes. I don't think
they even heard me. I took my time, because I wanted
them to have their moments of excitement and lust.
When I got back Karen and I sat at the counter and
watched mom knead the dough for the last time before
it went into the oven. Mom was amazing she was not
missing any chance to make Karen want her, so she
held her arms a little closer together as she worked
dough. Her breast looked like they were going to come
right out of her dress, and she had absoutely
tits, so Karen was not looking away. She had her eyes
on them. She never took her eyes off my mom and in
she leaned forward for a closer look and because she
was so
petite, and sat at just the right height for her
breast to
rest on her folded arms at the counters edge, and she
was practically coming out of her top.
God, did they even know I was there? It was okay
this was exciting for me. My heart was pounding with
the possibilties I could hardly stand it, My mom
knew I wanted her and this was was going to be how I
to enjoy her.
Mom finished with the dough, but I don't know how she
knew she was finished. She was so caught up in looking
at Karen's lusious tits. Anyway, she invited Karen to
wash her hands and put the toppings she wanted on one
of the doughs. Karen jumped right up, was eager to do
anything my mom wanted. God this was incredible. I
laughed to myself and jokingly thought, we might
not make it to dinner. After Karen got her pizza
together, and they in the oven, we went to the bedroom
while they baked.
Karen wanted to take a shower and I think she wanted a
cold shower after what she and my mom had been doing
to each other, AND ME.
I stayed in the room and watched her while she
I was really turned on by the time she finished. I was
sitting there with a towel waiting to dry her. She
an incredibly perfect little body, small butt, small
waist and nice large full breast with nipples that got
longer as they hot hard. God, she was so sexy!
I wrapped her in the towel and we kissed passionately,
long, deep and very wet. She was on fire with pure
raw unbridled lust, and I really wanted her, but there
was no way I was going to let her cum, not yet.
I was enjoying all of this with my mom too much and
was not about to interfere with her seduction of
Karen or Karen's of my mom. I wanted this seduction
to happen and I wanted it to run it's course I know
my mom was anxious for Karen to come back in the
kitchen, but no, not yet.
Karen was probably hoping my mom would come in the
bedroom, no, not yet. Karen said I'm sorry but
your mom is driving me crazy, she's so beautiful, so
exciting, and everything she does makes me want her.
She really has me completely turned on for her.
I am just so turned on I'm not sure what to do. I
told her it was okay and she could do what ever
she wanted to do with my mom. She looked at me in
disbelieve, and said are you serious? Yes, I'm
serious. I'm so happy it's you she wants, and
it is obvious she wants you, so I want her to have
you, but I don't want her to know that I'm helping
you get her. I explained I was going to help her
get ready, and maybe we could really turn my mom on.
We decided on the same skirt and blouse since my mom
seemed to like them so much. It was almost the same
outfit, but we included the heels and added some white
knee high stockings, with new panties and no bra.
I brushed her hair and added a small ribbon. We
applied some make up with lots of a deep red
lipstick, a very thick layer.
Oh my God, this was going to send my mother over the
top. Karen knew she was hott, she was beaming, and
anxious for my mom to see her. She was absolutely
beautiful, her tits were voluptous, and with another
three buttons open on her top she was almost fully
exposed, but so was my mom when she was doing the
pizza dough. I'm telling you she was positively
radiant, and I wanted her so badly right now, but
this was about my mom and Karen. I was so anxious
to see my mom's reaction. Karen was really eager to
be around my mom, and because of some of the feelings
I've had for my mom, I understood.
I let her go in first, I wanted to watch my mom's
face when she saw Karen. It was so exciting, my mom
lost it, she went right over the edge, she walked
straight over to Karen, took her face between her
hands and said, God, your beautiful and I want some
of that lipstick. She kissed her fullly on the lips,
blotting Karen's lipstick onto her lips. God she was
really hot for Karen and who wouldn't have been. It
was not a long wet kiss, but she made her statement,
and Karen loved it so much, she was practically
giddy. The two of them were making me wet, my heart
was racing with the anticipation of what could happen
before this night was over.
Mom had shifted everything from the kitchen to the
dining room and she'd made a beautiful romantic
setting on the table. The mood was complete with
candles, wine, music, dim lights and flowers.
Ohhh my god, she's going after her right now. she's
going to seduce her right here, she's going to take
her right in front of me.
At first I was hurt, but then I realized my mom knows
how I feel about her, because she has the same
for me. Since we know we can't do anything about our
feelings, she is going to do it thru Karen and I am
suppose to enjoy them enjoying each other.
Am I completely crazy, or is my mom crazy?
Oh God, Now I really wanted this to happen. My heart
was pounding and my blood was rushing, I'd never been
this excited in my life. I couldn't hear anything or
Our dining room table is purposely small(no leaf) and
it's a very intimate setting since my parents are
always dining and seducing each other right here in
this room.
We were seated with my mom sitting across from me and
Karen in the middle to my right.
It didn't take long with them flirting, tempting and
teasing each other and I saw my mom's hand go under
the table. Karen moved forward to the edge of her
chair and there was no mistaken, she had her hand on
Karen's leg. Knowing that she was so close to having
her, My mom was burning up with desire. This was
unbelieveable, I was sitting here watching my mom
about to seduce my friend. Oh god, I was so turned
maybe my mom is a lot smarter than I realize. As we
ate the conversation was minimal, somewhat confusing,
aimless, but nobody cared. We all seem to be getting
what we wanted. It was obvious Mom was playing with
Karen's leg, because Karen was not able to sit still,
she was also turned slightly in her chair and had now
moved forward, way forward on the seat, encouraging
my mom. My Mom must have her hand all the way to the
top of Karen's stockings by now. Believe me she was
not holding back because I was sitting there, if
anything being more aggresive. She continued to look
directly at Karen's almost completely exposed tits.
I noticed mom had left undone a fourth button and her
tits were all but pouring out of her top when she
purposely leaned forward. Karen was not missing an
opportunity to look. They both were very bold in
their pursuit of each other, like they wanted no
misunderstanding about their intentions. This was
pure, raw, lust, nothing more.
We were all enjoying lots of tits, and God how I
loved it. They had me so turned on, I couldn't think,
and I couldn't take any more. My heart was pounding in
my ears and I was afraid I was going to black out.
Everything was in high gear, rushing now, a blur, I
couldn't sit still any longer.
I announced that I had a headache and was going to lie
down. They heard me, but they were so turned on and in
to each other they gave me only a slight
acknowledgement. I poured them some more wine and
took the little bit that was left for myself, and went
upstairs. I had no intention of going in the bedroom,
there was no way I'd miss this.
It was now a matter of who would make the first move.
I watched as they both moved their chairs closer
together and my mother leaned over and kissed Karen.
Tenderly at first, and then rather quickly the passion
was pouring out of both of them, and I'm sure very wet
and with lots of tongue.
Mom stood up to open her top so Karen could to see all
of her tits. Karen got out of her chair and started
to caress my mom's tits, she held my mom's left tit
with both hands, placed in her mouth and started to
suck. It was beautiful, my mom stroking Karen's hair
and holding her breast, now feeding her tit to Karen.
Finally my mom pulled her tit from Karen's mouth and
started kissing her again, so tender and not so
hurried. It was beautiful, my mom started working
her way down Karen's body, she dropped to her knees.
It was obvious, it was her turn she wanted to suck
something. She started to unbutton the few remaining
buttons on Karen's top. Karen cupped her breast in
her hands and offer them to my Mom. My mom was in
heaven as Karen swayed gently back and forth switching
her from one one tit to the other. This lasted for a
few minutes then my mom took Karen by the hand and
led her to the sofa directly below me. Oh my God,
I was going to see everything from just a few feet
away. After placing Karen on the sofa, she finished
disrobing while Karen spread the lips of her own pussy
and began to slide her finger between her lips, and
watching my mom's every move. My Mom knelt down next
to the sofa and put her left hand behind Karen's head
and with her right hand she placed her tit in Karen's
mouth. While Karen was busy sucking my Mom slid her
right hand over Karen's body.
Eventually down into her panties. My mom was
no longer in a rush, but going to savour this hott
beautiful, young woman. I was dripping juices onto
the floor, my fingers were dripping my own juices, I
wanted to join them so badly, but no this was not
me. My mom slid her fingers into Karen's panties
and I could hear Karen moan as my mom' fingers began
to spread the lips of her pussy, she opened her lips
and entered her pussy.
My mom was talking to her, tellling her how wet and
wonderful her pussy was and what she wanted to do to
her. Karen was still sucking, she was starting to
her hips up toward my mom's fingers. Her moaning was
getting louder. God, this was too much. I stood and
started to undress. My heart was pounding, this was
more exciting than any of the times I knelt here and
masturbated while watching my parents fucking and
sucking on this very same sofa.
Karen was getting louder and my mom kept talking to
Suddenly my mom gave Karens panties a quick jerk and
they were gone. She was lying there with only her
bunched up around her waist.
Karen stopped sucking my mom's tit and reached up to
pull my mom's mouth to hers. She was kissing her so
passionately and making a lot of noise. Oh God, I
was really dripping a lot juice. I was still turned
on from when I watched Karen showering before dinner.
Karen looked up and saw me. She smiled and reached
to find my mom's pussy. My mom groaned and now things
could not wait any longer, she pulled Karen from the
sofa onto the floor down. She moved quickly to get her
mouth on Karen's pussy and was going absouteley crazy
with nothing but pure, unbrideled animal lust.
Kissing, sucking, licking the tender swollen pussy of
my friend. Karen was screaming.
With all the noise she was making, Mom had to know I
could hear them, but she didn't stop. This was too
long coming and for sure Karen was not going to last
Oh God, when Karen let out another scream, I knew it
was almost over. Karen quickly rolled my mom over and
tried to 69 with her, but she was too short. Karen
without hesitation move to where she could have my
mom's pussy in her mouth and started to suck. Mom was
really screaming, louder than Karen, like she wanted
to hear. I had two fingers deep in my pussy and was
right where I wanted to be, and I was not going to
Karen continued to have her way with my mom, she kept
driving her to the edge and then stopping. Finally
Karen must have gotten my mom's clit between her teeth
and with both hands on my mom's ass she was not going
to let go. My mom was almost out of control bucking
and fucking Karen's mouth in a way I never thought
One last scream and my mom was still, she took hold of
the back of Karen's head with both her hands started
to slowly fuck her mouth. It was precious, so
beautiful I couldn't hold back any longer and started
rapidly stroking my pussy until I was cumming.
Finally my Mom relaxed her hold on Karen's head and
Karen moved up to kiss her on the mouth, and then
rested her head on my mom's beast. They were finished,
they had successfully seduced each other and they both
seemed very satisfied with what they'd done. I went
in the bedroom and got a big blanket, as I was going
down the stairs I decided some things we do in life
are just totally alright. As I covered them with the
blanket, my mom opened her eyes and I couldn't resist,
I leaned over, and said thanks mom. I kissed her fully
on the mouth, long, wet, and with a little tongue.
Karen was watching, so I kissed her just as long, wet,
and through. I thought to myself, life is good, and
I left them to enjoy each other.

Contributed by Solina

Parts three and four are cuming soon.

End of Story

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