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The Day The Doctor Was Out

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1st time lesbian and couple

My name is Mellisa. I'm a 39 year old female mother, recently divorced and just moved into a new state new town. Trying to leave behind a mess of a marrige. Anyway the town I moved into is a quaint little town where you could get to know everyone by sight in a short time.After getting settled in a 3 room rental house and getting everything changed over from Florida address and life style i started to relax and settle into my new life.Having 2 kids is a real dampener on the love life and trying to find a man to be responsive w/o him getting laid!

I changed over to a new Dr that I found in area that had some great recomendation on net.Ive been in to see him a few times and find him a great guy and not to bad looking at that. his staff was very helpful and just plain nice and making you feel at home and not a number.he has a Nurse that works therethat is as sweet as sweet can be.Now let me be clear about this im a straight arrow and love men.well back to the nurse she was 41 long dark hair with a very holsome way about her,she had a body I would die for and she must put hours in the gym maintaining it.What I found interesting about her was her pale blue eyes that pierced you soul when she looked at you.she would send chills throughout my 1st couple visits I was a little uncofortable but then I started to look back and found myself thinking about her(i need allergy shots once a week)her name was Mandy and she was the Dr's wife of 20 years.Mandy alway seamed to dress the part of a nurse as in skirt w/white hosery.Over the past 3 months we began to chat when time aloud.One day I inquired about local Gyms and she turned me onto a gym that she went to..well to shorten the story up a little I joined and had been going about a month when i saw her was 5am! she came in in her workout close which where outstanding to look at she had on skin tight stretch pant with a jog bra/top to match both pants and top were extreamly snug on her hard body.I was in the back and I dont think she saw me.I wathed her do streches and then mouth the oliptical machine an proceed to do a workout that would kill an a pro athlete.As I watched her I watched her muscles work and begin to sweat.Mandy had mutiple tattos on her back and her top showcased them but with my eyes i could not make out the details other than it was a colotful dragon.I found myself strarting to fantasize about what it would feel like to touch her and to run my fingers over her sweaty body feeling her tight body under my touch..well i got lost in the moment and was broght back to reality by hearing Mandy say my name..I looked up into thoses eyes and stamered a little finally saying hi we chatted a little about gym and this and that. I caught Mandy scanning my body as I sat in adductor nmachine.It was then that I relised i really had been into my fantasy for I felt a dampness in my crotch.Let me say that when im aroused and during climaxes im a very wet girl.i tried to undo self from machine and close legs but I thing she noticed what i feared(i was wearing light grey workout pants w/o panties)well we wound up coversation and i said i was on way to shower and goto work,she said she was doing the same. We walked are way to shower room and my mind was in a wurlwind we enetered and got undressed and used large shower stall w/6 shower heads.Many was magnificant her Breast were large C cup and ful and as firm as any 40 year old I have ever seen.Mandy was shaven clean and this is where I got caught looking.She just said to me "I find it easier to shave then to do up keep all the time" I said i didnt care for the itching.Mandy told me of aloe formula she used and that if you keep it clean shaven it did not itch. We finished showering and i studied her w/every chance i got.Many nipples were rock hard and large enought to hang a key ring on her ass begged to be we got dressed i noticed something that shocked me a little...she put on her skirt and panthose with the crotch removed w/o panties...I was again turned on..We aprted ways and told her I'd see her tomorrow for injection and my physical for insurance policy i was getting.The rest of the morning at work was so long..all i wanted to do was go home and to masterbate about Mandy..I could not wait and went to ladies room to relive to pressure that had built up inside the stall I lifted my skirt and pulled my soaked panies off and proceded to rub my clit which was engorged with blood and throbing with anticapation..I was touching clit for no more than 15 sec and I had a mind numbing climax thank god they were privite rooms cause i let out a loud of they day was as bad as morning..I got home finding out my mom was keeping the kids overnight from a note she left..I was so excited and was of to bed with my favorite toy I had, mr POCKET ROCKET by time I went to bed I really thought I had dehydrated myself ha ha.I woke up early in am and proceded about my day antisipating my appointment a 5 pm.The day flew by and jumped into the shower and went the mile down the road to the Dr office..there was a few people ahead of me and me being last patient I waited finally Many came and collected me and bought me into room for the usual questions and test.As Mandy performed them I could feel a familure dampening and Mandy being so close to me was not helping the situation.Mandy ask the usual questions and then started ask some ones that i dont think were on the list she asked if I was sexually active and when was last time I told her I was not active and last time was over a year ago....I got a hmm with that answer she then ask me last time I had materbated..I blushed and started to protest but she said w/test they were going to do it was important..I said last night I had..a smile crept accrros her face and she said she had also and not to be embarassed about it, it was natural and health.she told me to get undressed and to put gown on and Dr would be in soon.I undressed and put on gown and could not stop thinking of her and was worried when dr did pelvic exam he would notice my wettness..

Finally the door opened and in came Mandy.she apologised and said Dr had emergency and was going to have to reschedual.I really need this dont today I told her and she said that look this is exam ive seen done a thousand time.If it was ok with me she would do it and her husband would sign of on it.I agreed and she asked me to drop gown and expose breast..she asked me if I did breast wexams on self for which I nodded she felt my breast my nipples stiffend and got all puffy and sensitive she made me jump a few time and mentioned that I had sensitive breasts and nipples i said with embaressment a thank you and what came out next shocked the shit out of me..I said you think there sensitive you should see clit..I was mortifide..Mandy blushed and said good for me she finished 90%of exam and told me she would do pelvic exam now and for me to lie back..she gentally opened my legs and noticed to took her advice and shaved..I heard a sigh and a very nice and asked if I used aloe she mentioned..Mandy touched me and I leaped as if I had beed electrocuted...Wow she exclamied you are a sensitve one..she mentioned this was going to be tough w/me being in this state and asked if she could try something to relax me...I said sure not really knowing what was about to happen till I felt her hot wet tongue lick my pussy,I let out a huge sigh and pushed self into her face.with that she started to lick me and suck me I climaxed Quick and loud!she never missed a beat..I realized where we were and she told me it was ok everyone was gone and doors were locked..she lifted face up and looked into my eyes and smile her face had a wet sheen with my juices covering her face.she said to me I was as wet as she imagined like yesterday in Gym I blushed and I said oh you noticed she nodded and said that she masterbated all night thinking about me..I confided that I also had a fufilling night..she looked back down at me and said I dont think your quiet relaxed enough yet...this time she used her fingers and her tongue in unison teasing me bringing me to brink then she would ease up till I was back from brink..she next lifted my legs and bent them back so I could hold them..she then started to do slow diliberate licks and suck to my ingourged clit now throbing with the intisapation of another climax i felt brewing..i was was close oh so close when I felt her lick my ass I yelped with pleasure ass she lick it she next inserted a finger into my tight ass while she got my clit inbetween her lips and suckled on it ...I couldnt stop it I came and came hard screaming my hips bucking under her relentless obsession on my clitone after another climaxs ripped thru my body as she suck my clit and worked my ass finally when I thought i would pass out lol i did well i think..I was shot i couldnt body was charged and awash with a feeling Ive never experinced..I couldnt talk for a few min and just sat there breathing trying to understand what had just happened..Mandy looked up at me and said WOW!! now that was interesting..I questioned her and she said i had squirted ! and produced the most tasty necter she has ever had.I told her that was the most amazin experence I have ever had..she smiled and said likewiseshe kissed her way up my tummy to my breast and licked and sucked them gently I cooed and held her head she moved up to my mouth and we kissed lightly then passionatly..I could taste my juices and they were good..Mandy stood up and started to leave ...I grabbed her hand and said oh no no no now its my turn to repay favor she said no that it was ok and her pleasure to please me and she got as much out of it as I did ..I shook my finger at her in a no and then a come her motion..mandy moved to me till she was between my legs which wrapped around her as i kissed her deeply and long my hands exploring her unzipping her top exposing a braless set of tits.I moved her to the table and started to undress here till she was nude except for her hose with crotch cut out she was so wet that here hose were soaked at tops from her..I touched her like in my fantasy .then I tasted her sucking and licking her nipples to rock hadrdness she moaned loudly..i asked her to roll over and explre her back touching and licking and kissing over her painted back...I worked my way to her ass and kissed it and felt it..i moved her to egde so she was bent over table with ass up and out.I sat in rolling chair and lowered it down to the right level and proceeded to lick my way into her i flicked my tongue over her tight little asshole and watched her jump as I had.while I licked i moistened finger with her juices and inserted a finger into her and worked it in and out while my thumb rubbed her clit it wasnt long before she was screaming out my name telling me she was cumming.I wiorked it faster while she came her back muscles working as she she recovered I rolled her over and started at the top again and worked down to her pussy which was soaked to say the least..I licked her labiasand sucked them teasing her tasting her as I worked in and out sucking her clitorus to the brink of another climax before backing off Mandy begged me to let her cum pleading with me..her wish was my command I started to lick and suckle her as she had done me tasting her juices coat my face and tongue..Mandy got out the words finger my ass Mellisa finger my before i worked my finger in and out my pace quickening as she came closer to brink....finally there was a silence her body stiffened and arched up in air higher and higher as if she was levitating...I continued to suck when she crossed over into bliss.....wave after wave hit her now I was licking and sucking her licking up her juices trying to increase her climax...finally the waves subsided and she pulled me ontop of her and held me tight as we kissed she touched my fsace after awhile and asked if that was my 1st time I nodded yes she purred and asked me what I thought about a 3 some with her husband the Dr I said that would be great she smiled back at me and said he also was interested..I mentioned to bad he wasnt her to watch Mandy ask if I would have liked that..I said at this point yea...again the smile..she called out his name and he stepped throu the door with a totally spent cock in his hands ..I laughed and said you should have come in sooner i needed the protien he shook his head and joined us as we recovered after a bit he said lets go get some dinner..I called mom and asked her if she could keep kids for the night............

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