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The Beach

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Cynthia sat in her patio, pondering her life as she put down a book by Anaïs Nin. The cold morning sea breeze cut through her chiffon robe and slippers, the chill went through her body, turning her milk white skin into a row of goose pimples. Her long brown curls twirled freely in the wind, reminding her how Stephen once touched her hair. They were to be married, but Stephen left her waiting at the altar.

>From then on Cynthia swore that she would never be hurt again, even if it meant she would be alone forever. From her patio she looked out at the swirling ocean and the white, foaming waves crashing on shore. The waves were like his empty promises, seemingly full of promise but ending up as little more than foam. Stephen was ready to give her the universe in and its wonders, only to give her suffering and pain .

Despite it all, at least I can still laugh at the comical tragedy that is life, Cynthia though as she reached over to the small metal table to her side.

Putting her black clay mug of coffee, she drank bitterly sweet coffee. At least there was one good thing about him, the sex, Cynthia thought. The absolutely divine, ecstatic, mind blowing sex. Her body shuddered even to think about it, as she closed her eyes for a moment and relived the many happy nights they spent together. In a wave all first experiences with Stephen came tumbling back: the first kiss, the first embrace, the first time they had sex, and so much more. Deeply in her heart, Cynthia felt a pang of regret and loss...letting it out with a long sigh. Will I ever again be with someone again who can make me feel as good? Do I deserve love and pleasure? Cynthia opened her eyes the early morning light flooded back into her vision, along with the tide rushing out to sea. As she stared at the ocean, Cynthia thought she saw a nude woman emerging from the foam and froth of the sea.

The woman had long cherry blonde hair, that clung to her wet body, covering her breasts. She could have been Venus coming from the sea, newly born, as she walked out of the foaming water onto the dirty white sand. Her eyes popping out of her head, Cynthia dropped her coffee mug on the patio to stand up.

?Are you all right? What happened to you?? Cynthia ran out to meet the woman. Finally meeting her between the water and her patio, standing in front of the dripping woman, her face twisted in concern.

?No Cynthia, I?m fine. But, are you all right?? the strange woman smiled mysteriously back at Cynthia, batting the wet hair out of her face and away from her plump breasts.

?How did you know my name? Who are you?? Cynthia took a step back, staring cross-eyed at the woman.

The woman stepped forward, closing the distance between them. ?My name is Constance?and I heard your thoughts, you?re very lonely. Is there something that I could do?? Again, she smiled, her ocean green eyes sparkling.

?What do you mean by that? You heard my thoughts??

Cynthia tied to look away from Constance, but she couldn?t. She had seen thousands of women, but never really looked at a woman before, for the first time she saw the gentle curve of her hips, the contradictory hardness and softness of her plump breasts, the wispy hair that that was below her taut stomach that, she turned her back on this woman, closing her eyes, ashamed of her thoughts.

?Why should you be ashamed to be attracted to me?

I?m attracted to you?you called me. You were so lonely... ? Constance stepped up to Cynthia and embraced her, kissing the small of her neck.

Pulling away and then turning again to face this strange woman, Cynthia stared at her with fire in her blue eyes. ?But I?ve always heard that it was wrong to things like that with another woman. I don?t even know how to do it...What are you??

?I?m what you?ve wanted for so long?do you always question your deepest thoughts and desires? Why not just accept them.? Constance again stepped forward, simply looking at Cynthia, smiling gently.

Cynthia?s face was wrought with confusion, but at the same time a longing for something that she hadn?t felt in a long time. Cynthia sighed, and closed her eyes, folding her arms against her chest. As she folded her chest, Constance put her arms around her, gently kissing her cheek blushed cheeks.

Cynthia opened her eyes then unfolded her arms, starting to embrace Constance returning her kiss on the lips. Constance also kissed her, locking her lips with Cynthia?s with passion and love. Suddenly, she stopped, and broke away from Constance, shaking and moaning.

?No, no...I can?t do, I can?t do it...someone may see...?she ran back to her patio, opening her siding glass door, shutting it and then running to her bedroom, slamming the door behind her.

As she shut the door behind her, she turned, screaming as she put her hands out in a defensive manner, her body shaking like a fish dangling on a fisherman?s line. Constance, if that really was her name, was in her bedroom, standing directly in front of her.

?How did you get in here? This can?t be...?Cynthia shook even more violently, moaning in what might have been horror or delight as her hands tried to go for the doorknob. But she couldn?t open the door since she felt an irresistible urge to wildly embrace this woman kiss her and make love to her. Cynthia began to lose her breath, reaching to the tie of her robe and pulling it lose throwing it down on the floor. She embraced Constance, kissing her savagely, biting her bottom lip as she threw her arms around the strange woman. Constance did the same thing exactly, matching the kiss and the embrace with the same ferocity and vigor.

Constance pulled her head back for a moment, and only held Cynthia to her, she smiled and said: ?Now you can live out your fantasies and dreams that you buried and hid deep down in your mind. Love me as you have loved none other in your life, take me Cynthia.

Take me now.?

Cynthia smiled with wild delight as she took Constance?s hand, leading her to her king size bed.

Constance, then Cynthia got on the bed and lay down, to embrace one another, kissing and holding each other close. Cynthia went to Constance?s ear, putting her ear to it and sucking on it. She whispered in Constance?s ear: ?This is just the first thing I?ve always wanted to do??. With her tongue in Constance?s ear, Cynthia slowly moved her hands to Constance?s fine hands and simply held them, grasping them tightly. Constance also moved her hands to Cynthia?s breasts slowly to gently massage them.

Cynthia?s tongue slowly went down her neck licking and kissing every inch of Constance?s wet skin, going down Constance?s arm, down to the elbow and finally to her hand. She sucked on Constance?s hand, pulling it in and out of her mouth, and finally sucking on the individual fingers. Constance closed her eyes, smiling and moaning softly under her breath.

Preoccupied with her own pleasure for the moment, Constance simply laid her hand on Cynthia?s breast, slowly moving as she shuddered in ecstasy.

Cynthia pulled the now moist hand from her mouth, holding it in front of Constance?s oval face. ?Touch me with your hand.? she put Constance?s hand directly above her clit.

Constance did exactly as she was told, as she move her hand down then began to rub Cynthia?s clit, slowly and gently. She did it with some hesitation, very deliberately and slowly, as Cynthia frowned.

?That?s not how I like it this way.?

Cynthia put her hand on Constance?s clit, and began to rub. She rubbed violently and deliberately, making Constance shriek in pleasure, arching her back slightly. Cynthia smiled as Constance cried out, which only added to her own pleasure. Finally, Constance returned her hand to Cynthia?s clit, rubbing it again. This time, Cynthia screamed, still rubbing at the same time, only increasing the speed.

The two of them rubbed each other, moaning and breathing simultaneously, as though they were exact duplicates. Suddenly Constance stopped, pushing Cynthia on her back, she began to rub her clit against as Cynthia rubbed against her. They began to moan and pant in unison, so enraptured by each other.

The two women rubbed against each other faster and faster, wet hair and dry hair flew in all directions as their speed only increased. Finally, the two women let out half a scream and half a moan as they orgasmed at the same time, both their bodies releasing the built tension. Constance pulled away, putting one finger in Cynthia, then another and then next, until her entire hand was inside her. Cynthia?s body shook again, wincing in pain and in pleasure as Constance clinched her hand into a fist, then thrusted forward. After only a moment, Cynthia?s entire body shook as she came again. Cynthia grabbed Constance, pulling her to her, to greedily kissing her. The room smelled of a combination of sweat, sea salt and vaginal tears, the two women embracing and kissing each other.

Constance moved to Cynthia?s side, taking the still shaking woman into her arms and putting her head on her shoulder. ?I know you enjoyed that as much as I did. We have to do that again, and we will?soon.?

Constance smiled and cooed, playing with Cynthia?s hair. ?But, I must go now...?

Cynthia moaned, not in pleasure, but in anguish, clinging to Constance beginning to cry. ?You can?t leave me. You can?t...? Her hands grabbed Constance?s shoulders, holding them down weakly, just as a little girl would cling to her favourite doll as her younger sister might try to tear it out of her hands.

Constance brought her hands to Cynthia?s head, bringing it from her breast as she leaned to kiss her passionately on her lips. ?No, you?ll never be alone again. Just go to the beach?and rub this?? A brilliant ruby cut in a heart, that was surrounded by gold and hung on a glowing silver chain suddenly appeared in Constance?s hand. ?If ever you feel alone, rub this and I will be there. I am yours forever.? Constance kissed Cynthia once more, her lips locking around Cynthia?s, their tongues meeting and touching as they embraced as both their hands moved up and down their backs gently. Constance put the necklace over Cynthia?s neck, the ruby falling to rest between her breasts, a perfect contrast between the pale white skin and the blood red ruby. Slowly and ever so gently Constance broke away from Cynthia, with a tear in her eye. ?Remember, you?ll never be alone again. Come and walk with me to the sea.?

Constance got up from the bed, taking Cynthia?s hand in hers leading her to the door.

They walked out the patio and down the beach, hand in hand, still completely nude. A gentle breeze embraced the two lovers as they reached the shore.

The once clear morning had become a blustery afternoon, black storm clouds still far out to sea slowly making their way over the bay to the shore.

The two women walked until they reached they very edge of the sea, stopping as the waves washed against their long legs. They embraced once more, clinging and kissing each other, as if they both knew it would be the last time they would be together.

Constance?s lips made their way to Cynthia?s quivering ears, kissing and whispering in it.

?Remember me, Cynthia. Dream of me, my love...? They hugged each other tightly, squeezing one another in desperation. This time it was Constance who broke away, starry eyed, clearing her throat, sadly gazing on her lover. ?I am yours forever...? Constance waved and slowly walked into the sea, her head turned to look at Constance tears also clouding her green eyes.

?Be well...? Cynthia grasped the ruby between her breasts with her right hand, a biting pain at her heart. She walked at Constance?s side into the warm sea. They held hands as they went into the froth, tightly gripping each other?s hands deeper and deeper until they no longer held hands. Cynthia winced, turning around and swimming back to the shore. The west wind bit at her, but she was not cold, she was full of warmth and love from the ruby that hung around her neck, singing a love song. Oblivious of her nudity, Cynthia smiled, wrapping her arms around her chest and walking from the sea to go home, full of relief that she would never be alone. She did wonder when she would see her lover from the ocean again and, what would happen when she would call on her?

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