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Shoppers Orgasm

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It was just after Christmas when Cher flew out to Denver for a Shopping Trip. As Cher arrived in Denver, she could see the snow fly. She thought to herself, I just left the snow and wondered why I?m in Denver in January. But soon the thoughts of sales of 75% off ran through her head.

The next day was the big day, so it was early to bed, early to rise, shop like hell so you don?t have to make up lies. It was still snowing the next day, but the malls were warm and all the shops were open. As the day wore on, many trips to the car were made to unload all the goods from her arms.

After returning from dropping off another load, she walked by a Bra stand that caught her eye. She stopped because the sign said Playtex 4.99. She couldn?t believe the price and flagged the first clerk she saw and inquired about the sign. The clerk quickly confirmed the price and Cher standing in disbelief, asked again and the clerk replied that the sign was right.

Cher leaned back her head and very loudly said ?Orgasm Shopping? which was heard through out the floor. Cher then began looking for her size and as she began she noticed many shoppers were on the move towards her Playtex Stand. It wasn?t long before a crowd had gathered. Cher was grabbing her size plus one lower and higher just to make sure.

After holding an armful, she looked around for a dressing room and caught the eye of one of the ladies who had come to the stand. This lady just looked at Cher and smiled which Cher smiled back and laughed. The store clerk now seeing the crowd looked at Cher and asked her if she?d like a job. Cher laughed once again and couldn?t believe the crowd that had gathered.

She then went looking for a dressing room to make sure of the size. She had walked in the wrong direction and when she arrived at the dressing room, no rooms were available. The lady who had smiled was waiting in the hall for the next room. Cher realizing that the crowd had put her in line and she said to this lady I shouldn?t have said a thing.

The lady laughed and said now we have to wait. Just after saying so, a door opened up and a room became available. The lady headed for the door and after she arrived, she looked back at Cher and waved her to the room. Cher moved forward and when she got to the door, the lady said let?s just share.

Both moved into the Dressing Room and began removing their clothes and just after the lady removed her Bra, Cher?s eyes went wide open and she gazed at her breasts. They looked so large, soft and her nipples were hard. Cher couldn?t look away and had stopped removing her clothes and then the ladies eyes noticed Cher?s glare.

Cher quickly realized she was staring and continued removing her clothes until her breasts were exposed. Cher began removing a Bra and out of the corner of her eye, she noticed that the lady was looking at her breasts. Cher then looked back at the lady?s breasts once again and when she noticed Cher?s look, she asked if you would like to touch them.

Cher was shocked and so curious that she reached over and placed her hand on one. The lady did not flinch or move and Cher began to message her breast until her hand went over her hard nipple where she gently squeezed. The lady then let out a very soft sigh of relief which invited more.

Cher then moved both hands to her breasts and began messaging both breasts. She felt them more firmly all around too which the lady had tilted her head back while enjoying Cher?s touch. Cher?s pussy began to tingle and she wanted to do more, but she didn?t have the courage. Then suddenly she felt a hand on her breast which felt so good.

The lady began messaging Cher?s breasts softly at first until she sensed Cher?s enjoyment and continued firmly with both hands. She then began twisting Cher?s nipples when Cher gave out a whisper moan. The lady then leaned over and began kissing Cher?s breasts. She first began licking them down and up and all around until she came to her nipple and used her tongue all around her nipple harder and harder.

Cher then had fell back and leaned back up against the wall as the lady was lightly devouring her breasts. As Cher?s delight grew, she realized she could not cry out and could only whisper. Then Cher felt a hand on the inside of her leg, messaging and moving slowly upwards towards her pussy which was aching. With her breasts still being sucked and the lady?s hand arriving at her pussy she moaned softly.

The lady?s hand had quickly began messaging Cher?s pussy and soon Cher?s panties had been removed. Just after her panties were down, the lady kneeled down in front of Cher and moved her tongue to Cher?s pussy. She began licking all around to Cher?s delight. The feeling was so erotic, right in the dressing room, that Cher wanted to scream out.

She couldn?t and began softly thrusting her hips towards the tongue that was giving her such delight. The lady feeling Cher?s thrusts reached around Cher with one hand and grabbed Cher?s ass so that she could pull her tongue deep into Cher?s already wet hot hole. She then licked straight up to Cher?s clit, where she began licking it harder and harder and in a circular motion.

As the desire to cum grew greater, Cher began thrusting her hips into her face in a slow and fucking style pace. Sensing this the lady then moved her other hand to Cher?s pussy where she place 2 fingers deep into Cher?s hot wet hole.

While pulling Cher into her face with one hand, 2 fingers fucking Cher?s Pussy and her clit being licked and sucked she exploded. The lady then looked up into Cher?s eyes and said that this was a Shopper?s Orgasm! Cher laughed and sighed in relief, she then pulled the lady up and backed her up into the wall.

She couldn?t wait to taste her breasts and began sucking the lady?s breasts, her nipples were still hard and as Cher licked and sucked her breasts, she felt fingers back on her pussy. While sucking, holding, feeling and licking her breasts, Cher?s clit was being rubbed harder and harder until she squirted all over the Dressing Room floor.

Cher then dropped to the floor on her knees and moved her tongue towards the ladies shaved pussy. She began licking softly, but firmly until she heard the lady sighing and thrusting as Cher had done before. Cher was excited at the pleasure she was giving this lady.

Cher reached around her with both hands and grabbing her ass, pulled the lady towards her tongue. She began licking the lady?s clit harder and harder until she almost screamed. Her legs were shaking in excitement until she whispered out a scream. Shortly after her scream she had cum. Cher stood back up and leaned back up against a wall. Both then looked into each other?s eyes and shortly they nodded at each other and almost at the same time, both said ?Shoppers Orgasm?.


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