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Sherri and Karla at the Park

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I found this in Sherri's journal and it brought back memories of that day. It was, to say the least, a really risky thing for her and Karla to do but it turned out for their fun and got a few guys hard (and soft). This is how they told it to us when they came back from the park.

Sherri and Karla came into the apartment laughing their asses off almost with tears in their eyes they were laughing so hard. Karla had a bat in her hands that is used for playing softball. The bats for softball are different in that they are larger all of a sudden than baseball bats and the size is lots bigger at the business end.

They came in and the four of us were wondering what was up and after they got control of themselves they told us.

They had gone to a park that had baseball fields, a pool, tennis courts and lots of stuff like that. They had been dressed as usual in the least that was legal and Sherri and Karla found aplace that they thought they could lay on a blanket and perhaps have a little girl on girl fun together. Well, Sherri was naked and Karla only had on her panties and she was getting Sherri hotter and hotter. Sherri is a yeller and very vocal when she gets really going so that is what attracted attention of some guys playing softball within eats shot. Karla was fisting Sherri thru several orgasms and Sherri was vocalising her pleasure when the guys came into the clearing and found them in this condition. NNed some help ladies one of them had asked. Karla smiled, You will have to ask her, buit I think we are doing fine. One of the guys laughed, Yeh, right a lesbian fucking a lesbian can really get off. Sherri stopped and sat up with Karla's fist still deep in her and look at he guy..And you have something that can take care of me I suppose stud? Sure do lady, make you happy we showed up...Sherri smiled at Karla and Karla slid her hand out of her soaking pussy,,licking it slowly for effect..they all were getting hard just watching. Sherri spread her legs, Well, stud, lets have it, give me the hottest sex I have ever had. They all laughed and he went to the blanket and pulled down his shorts. Sherri and Karla said he had a average size cock and that they both laughed. He got mad, it will do ladies, don't worry..He laid on Sherri and pushed into her pussy that had been well streached by Karlas fisting. Sherri looked up, so is it in yet she said? He was all the way in and she was really not feeling a thing. He humped hard and suddenly shot his load not even a minuet after entering her. He got up, so that was it? Karla was trying to not break up laughing..Sherri sat up, I think that maybe all six of you might get me hot but that was shit. They all stepped up and began plunging into her, each one cumming very fast leaveing Sherri withouit a single orgasm. It was all over in less that 15 min. Sherri laid there, her legs spread and cum leaking out of her. Fuck, that is all the studs have to offer I will stay les baby she said kissing Karla. One of the guys had a bat and Karla focused of it..she took it and took a towel and wiped it clean pouring water from a thermos they had. How about this baby she said to Sherri...Sherri laid back Looks good to me she told Karla and Sherri guided it to her pussy lips. Pretend it is my cock Karla told her. Okay sweeyheart Sherri told her, fuck me karla..please fuck me. Karla pushedd it into Sherri's gaping pussy and it went deep into her. Oh yes, now that is a real cock she moaned. The guys were all watching not believeing their eyes. Karla began kissing Sherri and biting her titties and fucking her with the bat slowly, building he rpassion up higher and higher...suddenly Sherri grabbed the bat and began fucking herself with it, deep long strokes...then the orgasms began, Sherri moaned and hollered thru several...until she laid there satistfied that her pussy would be happy for a while. The men had all been watching...One guy reached to take the bat but Sherri kept her pussy around it holding it with her hands and told him, Leave my lover alone. He goes home with me. They just all started at Karla and Sherri. Come on guys, lets go...and they walked away...Karla began to get up and Sherri grabbed her, No please, make love to me Karla, really make love to me...Karla kissed Sherri and the bat came out of he pussy and then Sherri pulled off Karlas panties and begged her to sit on her face. Karla got over Sherri face and Sherri went wild eating her thru multiple orgasms while Karla did the same for Sherri. Again Karla had her fist buried deep in Sherri;'s pussy but it was giving her all she needed. We all listened to the story and got hard as rocks...Karla came over to me, Well, since I have had Sherri all day now you can3 have me..She pulled off her shorts and panties and pushed me back and sat on my face and I dove into her pussy...she rode my face for a long time and I got all her pussy juice soaking my face. Sherri took the other three guiys for her pleasure and was well fucked after all. Afte Karla had several orgasms on my face she moved around and st on my tool that was hard as a rock. Now lets milk the cum oput of that poor baby., It looks like it is going to pop. It is I told her...she mounted me and somehow, just as I was about to cum she backed off and kept me from it, just on the edge, then she would begin again and back off again. I don't know how long that lasted but at the end Sherri and the guys were watching and Karla sat on my lap, Beg me to make you cume Steve. I asked her to make me cum. No, beg me or your balls will keep their load and not cum all night. I begged her again, not enough she commanded. Finally I was really begging, Please make me cum, please let cum in the beautiful pussy...after lots of this she sat and looked into my eyes, her hips never moved but her pussy began massaging my cock, she leand down and told me to suck her nipples hard..I did and we both had orgasms, she soaked my lap and I shot a heavy load then Sherri was licking opur cum from her from behind...They fell into each others arms and made love on the floor again. Ron got on the phone and soon there were three more couples in the living room, all of us naked and finding where to bury hard cocks. The girls took all that was there and drained the cum from each others pussies and our balls. Another other sports got Sherri and Karla so excited as baseball of softball and Sherri brought home 4 more bats that summer.

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